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KICA teams up with SIAC 

The Korea In-House Counsel Association (KICA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) to promote international arbitration as a preferred method of dispute resolution

Not happy

Amazon isn’t smiling about the Reliance-Future deal, arguing that it will call into question the enforcement of contracts

How to draft effective arbitration clauses

By Jiang Fengtao, Hengdu Law Firm

Choosing a venue for arbitration

By Denning Jin, Han Kun Law Offices
The concept of venue has a relatively confusing “twin brother”, that is, the seat of arbitration.

Arbitration: Six shades of wisdom

Interviews with leaders of six arbitration centres

The road to broader engagement

Arbitration gives parties greater flexibility for the efficient resolution of their international disputes

Deal highlights

Learning to fly

Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam learn value of sound business law

All about action

Lawyers explain why Singapore excels at arbitration, and just about everything else


Panorama of commercial banks in supply chain finance, 商业银行供应链金融业务全景透视, Yao Xiaomin is a partner and Cai Min, Lantai Partners

Panorama of commercial banks in supply chain finance

By Yao Xiaomin and Cai Min, Lantai Partners

Singapore SPAC framework and opportunities

By Raymond Tong and Hoon Chi Tern, Rajah & Tann



legal tech

Siri Hal Jarvis & Associates

We peer into the undefined future of legal tech and explore how AI is already reshaping the business of law. Just how long will it be before Jarvis makes partner?