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October 2021

  • Can China’s desire to be a truly global dispute resolution centre be realised?
  • Our annual billing rates survey reveals Chinese law firms’ fees

September 2021

  • Regulatory wave heightens personal data compliance requirements for internet platforms
  • Reinvigorating outbound investment

July/August 2021

  • China woos world with asset management riches
  • CRRC’s top counsel explains how to ensure overseas compliance

June 2021

  • The taming of tech: Tighter regulatory leash for China’s big data bearers
  • Time for in-house teams to break out of their silos

May 2021

  • Star struck: Choosing the right venue for a stellar capital market listing
  • China Business Law Awards identify top regional law firms

April 2021

  • Market SPACulation: Can Chinese companies ride an Asia SPAC listing wave as US tide turns?
  • China Business Law Awards 2021

March 2021

  • Annual survey of Chinese law firm billing rates
  • Senior counsel charts highs and lows of aviation finance

February 2021

  • Solving the IP puzzle: Do law changes go far enough?
  • CBLJ In-House Counsel Awards recognise top GCs and legal teams

December 2020/January 2021

  • Deals of the Year 2020
  • AIIB’s outgoing GC on bank’s first five years and covid response

November 2020

  • The A-List:We reveal our 200 elite lawyers from PRC and foreign law firms
  • Covid-19 vaccine pits IP rights against universal access

October 2020

  • Will China embrace reforms in dispute resolution?
  • Google’s head of legal ops on the future of in-house teams
  • The road ahead for law firms in North China

September 2020

  • China’s outward investment back in vogue
  • International firms need agility to survive uncertainty
  • Kickstarting legal in northeast’s industrial heartland
  • HK eyes slice of global asset management pie

July/August 2020

  • China Business Law Journal market survey of PRC firms
  • In-house counsel coping strategies for a tough year
  • International GCs on legal team evolutions
  • Lexicon: The notion of justice

June 2020

  • Key compliance issues for the asset management industry
  • Q&A: David Liu on the growth and future of China’s legal professiona
  • Privacy, cybersecurity challenges of trace-and-track apps

May 2020

  • Bankruptcy offers escape hatch for companies, entrepreneurs
  • Navigating compliance when sourcing PPE from China
  • Businesses make a dash for home bourses
  • Lexicon: Pandemics

April 2020

  • Firm Response
  • Cybersecurity risks posed by a remote workforce
  • IP challenges and opportunities in a new era
  • Six GCs share their wisdom and strategies

March 2020

  • Remote Controls
  • China Business Law Awards 2020
  • Three top-tier GCs share their views
  • Lexicon: Culture in the courtroom

February 2020

  • Flight of the black swan: A dark year ahead for China legal, but there are positives
  • China and US enhance protection of trade secrets
  • Rising stars 2020: China’s young elite lawyers

December 2019/January 2020

  • 10 years: A decade of covering China’s legal market
  • Deals of the year 2019
  • FIL analysis: Is there enough detail?
  • Lexicon: Chinese legal pioneers

October 2019

  • As competition heats up, how will law firms avoid low-cost chaos?
  • How law firms tailor services for Hangzhou’s fast development

September 2019

  • Internationalizing China’s dispute resolution system
  • Women lawyers share their challenges and success
  • Exclusive interview with ADB’s outgoing general counsel
  • Geopolitical risks impact Chinese outbound investment

July/August 2019

  • What legal services will Greater Bay Area require?
  • Changing of the guard for newly compliant SOEs
  • Law firms in China are evolving and transformin
  • Gameplan strategy to score goals for the economy

June 2019

  • Antitrust authorities close in on infringers
  • What are the qualities for a capable in-house counsel?
  • Legaltech can help in-house counsel centralize data
  • BRI and China’s International Commercial Courts

May 2019

  • Shanghai’s tech exchange board to rival NASDAQ
  • Chinese investors need far-sighted overseas IP strategy
  • Prominent in-house counsel discuss work challenges
  • Lexicon: Commissions of inquiry

April 2019

  • Fighting clever over IP in China
  • Foreign Investment Law under microscope
  • Our innaugural CBLJ Forum in Beijing
  • Lexicon: Expert evidence

March 2019

  • Market rides fresh wave of M&A activity
  • Avoiding the long arm of US enforcement
  • How to lock in your data compliance
  • Lexicon: Choice of court

February 2019

  • Are you a China Business Law Awards winner?
  • 2019 beings ‘the era of compliance’
  • Significance of seat of arbitration
  • Lexicon: Amicus Curiae

December 2018/January 2019

  • HK market lures bullish issuers from Mainland, US
  • Deals of the year 2018
  • Prevention of ‘sham arbitration’
  • Lexicon: Summary judgment

November 2018

  • Fees rise but quality, professionalism count more
  • The A-List: Elite lawyers for China-related business
  • Market-oriented approach to green regulation
  • Lexicon: Invalidity

October 2018

  • Digital guru brings you up to speed
  • How much do you really know about perpetual bonds?
  • Family wealth: Managing your own personal dynasty
  • Lexicon: Written amendments

September 2018

  • Mediation can help turn conflict into consensus
  • MNC in-house counsel must adapt to a more turbulent world
  • Common ADR mechanism connects BRI countries

July/August 2018

  • Overseas regulators are buffeting Chinese investment
  • It’s a critical moment for China to further open up
  • New trends and challenges facing corporate counsel
  • Domestic and foreign law firms strive to develop

June 2018

  • New rules are shaping the development of PE/VC funds
  • Offshore jurisdictions are riding the tide of fintech
  • Key cybersecurity requirements for WFOE private fund managers

May 2018

  • China’s capital markets are further integrated with the world
  • How to comply with EU’s GDPR and China’s Cybersecurity Law
  • Technology in China’s environmental law enformcement

April 2018

  • IP PROTECTION: The dragon lifts its game
  • Africa series focuses on east of the continent
  • China strengthens environment law enforcement

March 2018

  • Securitization favoured for liquidity
  • Africa-China co-operation to be further strengthened
  • Practical tips for anti-bribery compliance
  • Lexicon: Choice of court

February 2018

  • What are the key compliance issues in the new year
  • Exclusive interview with the UN’s top legal figure
  • China Business Law Awards
  • Lexicon: Bank resolution

December 2017/January 2018

  • Deals of the year 2017
  • Chinese companies must watch rising US regulatory pressure
  • How AI is reshaping the legal services sector

November 2017

  • What rates are top PRC law firms charging?
  • The A-List: Top 100 lawyers for China-related business
  • Opportunities and risks with growth of green finance
  • Lexicon: International commercial courts

October 2017

  • How to ensure IP infringers get the point
  • Belt and Road: Final in the series focuses on the long-term legacy

September 2017

  • A universal arbitration framework and Belt and Road markets
  • Technology: Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Cherie Blair QC: Globalization and rule-based commerce

July/August 2017

  • How machines may shape the future of legal work
  • Corporate counsel shoulder greater responsibilities
  • A question of quality: New focuses of regulatory evolution
  • The Belt and Road: What’s shovel ready?

June 2017

  • Offshore treasure: Ground rules have changed in the popular old havens
  • Tech evolution: Intense competition in Asia-Pacific fintech race

May 2017

  • Fintech revolution
  • PE/VC fund managers face more tough rules on investment
  • Reputational due diligence
  • Lexicon: Force Majeure

April 2017

  • Challenges to IP protection in internet era
  • The Belt and Road: First in a special series on this initiative
  • New regulations and cases facilitate stronger IP protection
  • Overseas IP issues facing Chinese companies

March 2017

  • Bankruptcy reorganization may give dying companies new lease of life
  • China’s exporters and the battle against global trade protectionism

February 2017

  • Rooster heralds year of uncertainty for corporate counsel
  • China Business Law Awards 2016
  • Implications of the Common Reporting Standard system for Chinese entities

December 2016/January 2017

  • Deals of the year 2016
  • Investors are facing increasingly complex global antitrust enforcement
  • China’s reform on foreign investment regulation

November 2016

  • The A-List: China’s Top 100 Lawyers
  • Chinese exporters face uncertainty amid increasing trade frictions
  • Building blocks: Infrastructure development in China

October 2016

  • CHINA IN CHECK: Should arbitration accede to Western norms?
  • Melding spear and shield: Interview with GC of online lending platform

September 2016

  • CHINA IN CHECK: Should arbitration accede to Western norms?
  • Melding spear and shield: Interview with GC of online lending platform

July/August 2016

  • Steady hand on the tiller: Regulators seek to calm fickle economic climate
  • Corporate counsel need to reshape their role
  • Changing tack: Chinese law firms travel in new directions

June 2016

  • Balance Act: Tighter China regulation tests PE/VC investors
  • Performance artistry: Former GC shares insights about in-house counsel value

May 2016

  • Midas magic: Securities that turn assets to gold
  • Deal Shield: Insurance against cross-border M&A risk
  • Under the microscope: Internal investigations

April 2016

  • Play it again: Is China singing a new tune on IP?
  • Sealing approval: In-house experience for overseas deals
  • IP world tour: Snapshots of overseas protection

March 2016

  • Panacea or problem: Are legal reforms the right prescription for health sectors?
  • Power hungry: China’s global energy footprints

February 2016

  • Monkey business: In-house counsel warn of compliance risks in 2016
  • Brightest beacons: China Business Law Awards 2015

December 2015/January 2016

  • Deals of the year: Gems with the most sparkle in 2015
  • Eastern stars: New Silk Road brings China and CEE closer
  • Bookmarks for compliance: How minimize legal risks

November 2015

  • We’re watching you: Antitrust regulators step up surveillance
  • Building the future: China’s regional infrastructure efforts
  • Profile: Hanergy’s IP head discusses work challenges
  • Lexicon: Exclusion clauses

October 2015

  • Sparks fly: Slowdown ignites fears of a new wave of disputes
  • Opportune road: Transacting wisely in South America
  • Finding balance: Sony Mobile’s China GC shares experience
  • Lexicon: Exclusion clauses

September 2015

  • Striking gold? The risks and rewards of domestic M&A
  • Opportunity flows: Chinese ASEAN investment mounts
  • Secure patents: How to protect your innovations in China

July/August 2015

  • Changing horizons: How businesses should adapt to the new normal
  • Forced moves: How law firms survive the current climate
  • Navigating a tougher field: Voices from in-house groups

June 2015

  • Investors beware: Avoid getting entangled in the PE regulatory web
  • Gateway to experience: Find the right entrance to Europe

May 2015

  • Capital connections: PRC regulators stimulate new links with new ideas
  • Offshore bound: Risks and rewards for sailing offshore
  • High flyer: US Department of Commerce’s general counsel

April 2015

  • TM China: Brand managers bear all on IP
  • EXCLUSIVE: HK Justice Secretary on SAR’s new arbitration edge
  • Global reach: IP challenges abroad for Chinese investors

March 2015

  • Raw deals: China’s mining and energy challenges
  • Game on: Familiarise your team with US corporate governance
  • Foreign infusion: Draft law’s impact on foreign investment

February 2015

  • Staying on top: In-house advice for Year of the Goat
  • Simply the best: China Business Law Awards 2014
  • Trends: Inside view on Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect
  • Lexicon: Virtual signings

December 2014/January 2015

  • Deals of the year: Great ideas that took flight in 2014
  • Tax facts: Experts explore some savvy strategies
  • Dispute Digest: Resolving Chinese outbound disputes
  • Lexicon: Secondments

November 2014

  • The big build: Can China infrastructure lure investors?
  • Time to open up: Will foreign hospital ownership succeed?
  • Africa always: China invests in a long-term relationship
  • Lexicon: Cross-cultural communications

October 2014

  • Compromise building: China ADR has never been busier
  • Revving and ready: Companies in hot pursuit of outbound M&A
  • Time to transform? A look at corporate restructuring

September 2014

  • Hunting the hunter: Regulators target inbound investors
  • Hot and cold: Forecast on investment in US and Canada
  • Placing your trust: Comparison of confidential investor havens

July/August 2014

  • Game changers: Old hands review new reforms
  • Latam goals: Is China still the go-to player for Latin America?
  • Quid pro quo: Overcoming IP risks when employees leave
  • Lexicon: Novation

June 2014

  • Capital confusion: Lawyers question PE/VC reforms
  • Gateway to experience: Find the right entrance to Europe
  • Protecting who? Flaws in Environmental Protection Law
  • Lexicon: Contingency fees

May 2014

  • IP red flags: Multinationals fear crackdown via antitrust law
  • Head to head: A comparison of Chinese, Indian trademark law
  • World of difference: Pitfalls for IP owners heading abroad

April 2014

  • On stronger tides: Wave of reforms to lift capital markets
  • Safe outposts: Compliant havens for offshore investment
  • On target? 5-year report card on AML’s effectiveness
  • Lexicon: Terminating a retainer

March 2014

  • What lies beneath? China miners delve deeper, search further
  • Cherry picking: Selecting the juiciest deals in Western Europe

February 2014

  • Our winners! The inaugural China Business Law Awards
  • A tight rein: In-house counsel predictions for Year of the Horse
  • Global enforcers: Steering clear of proactive regulators

December 2013/January 2014

  • Deals of the year: Stars that shone in 2013
  • Roads less travelled: Better directions for African investment
  • Party pill for all ills? Key issues in plenum’s reform manifesto
  • Lexicon: Secondments

November 2013

  • Leap of faith: Perils and rewards of jumping into the China market
  • Here be dragons: Outbound entrepreneurs beware the risks
  • Watch IT! Are your secrets safe? Is your system secure?

October 2013

  • Balance of power: Traditional mining dominates but the future’s renewable
  • On your marks! Trademark Law amendments under microscope

September 2013

  • The middle man:: HK’s Secretary for Justice has China mission
  • High stakes: Risk and reward with dispute resolution in China

July/August 2013

  • Checking the pulse of China’s legal markets
  • Conjuring success: Middle class magic for M&A in China
  • In-house outside the box: A new corporate counsel’s view

June 2013

  • PE metamorphosis: Surviving the transformation of private equity
  • In perspective: Expert views on Labour Contract Law changes

May 2013

  • Capital navigations: A compass for China’s complex capital markets
  • Adapt and survive: Offshore centres lift their game
  • Get ready! Is your firm up to speed on new tax obligations?

April 2013

  • Dancing in unison: First co-ordinated steps to confront IP infringers
  • Swimming in the big pool: IP in the international arena
  • Net gains: Analysing the Tencent v Qihoo judgment

March 2013

  • Old world, smart money: Chinese investment’s new face in Western Europe
  • Open and transparent? Antitrust enforcement
  • Watch what you tweet: Social media and disclosure

February 2013

  • What’s up in 2013? Hopes and fears of in-house counsel in the Year of the Snake
  • Dispute Digest: Insights from our new ADR forum
  • Profile: A man for many seasons

December 2012/January 2013

  • Deals of the year: The best-laid plans of 2012
  • A fine romance: China’s relationship with Africa
  • FIEs: MOFCOM issues rules on equity as capital contribution

November 2012

  • Outbound in full sail: Investors head for foreign shores
  • Surviving the winter: Legal tips for PE/VC funds
  • The exit: Strategies for debt and winding up a company
  • Lexicon: Governing law or proper law?

October 2012

  • Let’s get together: The fine art of law firm matchmaking
  • Merge surge: Can foreigners ride the M&A wave?
  • Want to CEE more? Trends in central and eastern Europe
  • Lexicon: Company or enterprise?

September 2012

  • Ladies in justice: Gender agendas in the legal profession
  • Resolution revolution: Don’t settle for less
  • Major miners: New trends in mining and energy
  • Lexicon: Terms and conditions

July/August 2012

  • Snapshot: The big picture on the legal markets
  • Stopping the rot: Anti-corruption laws at home and abroad
  • American pie: Fancy a slice?
  • Lexicon: Transfer or assign?

June 2012

  • Prepare for conflict: Civil anti-monopoly litigation is on the rise
  • Latin America: where’s the party and who’s paying?
  • MNCs in China: are you properly insured?

May 2012

  • Rewiring the markets: Bourses power up regulation
  • In the driver’s seat: Sinopec’s general counsel
  • Are you the tax inspector’s next target?
  • Lexicon: Law or equity?

April 2012

  • Culling the copycats: Is China succeeding with IP protection?
  • Manna from the havens
  • Healthy competition: China v India

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