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China Business Law Journal - March 2015

Volume 6, Issue 3



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In this issue

China and Hong Kong: nowhere to hide for US tax evaders

By Roman Ipfling, DMS Offshore Investment Services Cayman Islands

Significant issues in determination and notarisation of online evidence

By Jiang Fengtao and Yang Cunji, Hengdu Law Offices

Foreign infusion

Game on

Familiarise your team with US corporate governance

Understanding Dubai’s user-friendly rules for establishing a business

By Samer Qudah, Al Tamimi & Company

Focus on asset-backed securitisation, acquisitions in bankruptcy protection

By Wu Jian and Guo Shujing, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm

Raw deals

China's mining and energy challenges

Tips for variety television shows on utilising the Copyright Law

By Wang Yadong and Lu Lei, Run Ming Law Office

How to handle IP transfers in anonymous purchases

By Ken Li, Chang Tsi & Partners

More clarification on validity of foreign-related arbitration clauses

By Arthur Dong, AnJie Law Firm
Backdating documents

Non-compete clauses

Regulation aimed at accelerating development of auto industry

By Maria Lucia Belliz, Argentina Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship
Dong Chundao is a partner at Allbright Law Offices in Shanghai

Seeking recourse against an employee for economic loss

By Dong Chundao, AllBright Law Offices

M&A of domestic engineering design enterprises by foreign counterparts

By Han Yanyuan and Luo Jia, East & Concord Partners

Rulings run counter to spirit of the insurance contract

By Xu Dang and Luo Huichao, Dacheng Law Offices
Christoph Niederer is a partner and the head of Zurich Tax Department, and Fiona Gao Yue is an associate of China Desk at VISCHER.

Switzerland: enhanced tax transparency according to international standards

By Christoph Niederer and Fiona Gao Yue, VISCHER

China Business Law Journal – March 2015

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