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Reimagining INTA

Etienne Sanz de AcedoClick here to watch the full-length video The Confucian ideal of turning crisis into opportunity is not as easy as it sounds, but...

Hainan’s legal market white-hot under free port plan

Hainan has seen 81 new law firms set up office since the province liberalized its legal services sector in October last year, according to...

Election day fireworks

Renowned legal professor Lawrence Douglas discusses the possibility of a constitutional crisis if Donald Trump should lose the US presidential election, but refuse to go

Vanquishing viral enemies

Senior in-house counsel share their ideas and practical solutions on fighting cybersecurity and data privacy challenges

Left without remedy

Creditors are in need of a credible mechanism for the resolution of covid-19-related distress until the suspension of the corporate insolvency resolution process is in place


A wealth of advice

Acclaimed financial lawyer David Liu shares his career stories

Complex asset disposal in mass economic crime cases

By Wang Dan, Long An Law Firm
Mass economic crime, with illegal fundraising as a typical form, affects a large group of non-specific victims and features broad involvement, substantial destruction and difficult disposal of assets

Practical issues of lawsuits confirming bankruptcy claims

By Xu Yu and Sun Hao, Hylands Law Firm
The lawsuit confirming bankruptcy claims is the final procedure in which the debtor and creditor raise objections to the determination of claims by the administrator in bankruptcy proceedings.

Management of legal compliance during a pandemic

By Zhang Ting, DOCVIT Law Firm

Surviving a ‘new normal’

India Business Law Journal teamed up with prominent arbitrator Ashok Sharma and a stellar panel of GCs to debate how in-house legal teams should rise to the unprecedented challenges facing Indian companies in a post-lockdown environment