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Like never before, the turnstyle of law firm exits and entries provides a barometer for regional business

Feel your way

Intricate IP landscape requires companies to tread lightly at home and abroad

New Company Law's tax impactvideo

Three major amendments to new Company Law in taxation

By Wu Jiayu and Li Tong, Blossom & Credit Law Firm 
Legal visionaries share firm leadership secrets

Law firm managers shed light on essential leadership in a negative market


100 young elite lawyers for China market

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Three major amendments to new Company Law in taxation

By Wu Jiayu and Li Tong, Blossom & Credit Law Firm 

Design patent protection of graphical user interface

By Frank Liu and Ding Xiaodi, Shanghai Pacific Legal
Private Enterprises Compliance Reform

Impact of new Criminal Law on private enterprise compliance

By Wang Weining and Chen Yujie, Starrise Law Firm
Company Law Revisions

Changes in shareholder rights under new Company Law

By Luan Jia, DOCVIT Law Firm
SEHK guidance sufficiency operations

SEHK’s guidance on sufficiency of operations

By Rossana Chu, YYC Legal
Personal Loan Regulations

Comprehensive new regulations target personal loan business

By Guang Zhenming, Joint-Win Partners
Interim Measures in Investment Arbitration Practice

Arbitral interim measure applications for witness protection

By Yang Xueyu and Dang Hongwei, Hui Zhong Law Firm
Reviewing Labour Dispatch Agreements

Key points for reviewing labour dispatch agreements

By Xiao Jianji and Chen Jing, TR Law Firm


Risk of unfair competition in platform data capture

By Chen Jing and Meng Xiaodi, Commerce & Finance Law Offices

Safeguarding innovation with IP litigation

By Luo Rui and Zhang Yue, Han Kun Law Offices


Generative AI: EU’s framework for classifying risks

By Ma Weiyang and Wang Ze, Lianggao Law Firm

Regulations governing training material for generative AI

By Estella Chen, Zhao Minxi, and Chao Xin, Han Kun Law Offices


Domestic institutions applying UNCITRAL rules in China

UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, adopted in 1976 by the UN General Assembly, are widely accepted and serve as standard rules in global commercial contracts

Handling multiple laws and jurisdictions chosen by arbitration parties

In recent years, Chinese arbitration institutions have experienced a rise in the number of foreign-related commercial arbitration cases

How objecting to validity of arbitration agreement affects procedure

In an arbitration procedure, objection to the validity of the arbitration agreement is a form of objection to the arbitration jurisdiction


Leading the way

Great leadership is irreplaceable, especially in tough market conditions, guiding law firms and young talent through adversity

Feel your way

GCs, IP partners discuss navigating economic, regulatory complexities for Chinese and foreign companies

Risky landing

Senior in-house counsel at China Power International analyse risks for overseas energy power plant investments, and delve into defence strategies

In-house Counsel Awards 2024

After extensive market research, we unveil the winners of the In-house Counsel Awards 2024

On the move

Elections, political tensions, accelerated regulation and shifting sands of opportunity are some of the factors influencing law firm movements in the region

Peer power

Legal team leaders from Caocao, China Power, Shaeffler, SAIC-GM and Taikang share their outlooks for 2024

The A-List 2023-24: Rising Stars

When helping clients navigate a complex legal landscape, young elite lawyers have brought fresh ideas and innovative approaches to the table

Brains trust: Adjudicating private fund e-contracts

The use of electronic contracts in private fund transactions is rising, yet the criteria for adjudicating these contracts lack clarity

Back from the brink

China's increasingly mature bankruptcy regime has become a reliable tool for market self-correction


Under the microscope

A comparison of evolving legal frameworks that are helping to shape the massive life sciences industries in China and India

Drive toward driverless

With autonomous vehicles now a reality, we look at the latest legal developments in Japan and Thailand governing safety, liability and control

Indonesia’s top lawyers

Amid prolonged economic geopolitical uncertainty, Indonesia remains attractive for foreign investment

Making marks

Reforms and upgrades to trademark and IP regulation around the world have continued apace

INTA’s APAC factor

INTA's chief in Asia-Pacific discusses the big issues and notable developments for IP in the region

War of words: combatting trade infringement

By Peter Jiang and Xiaobo Bao, C&M Law Office

In early 2016, the authors found 31 stores infringing on the trademarks of Subway, a client of the authors’ firm since 1998

Energy laws update

As countries work towards transforming their power grids we focus on the efforts of two nations to regulate and navigate these changes

Digital assets businesses in the BVI – practical considerations

By Peter Vas, Spencer West

BVI is a top destination for digital asset ventures, providing cost-effective solutions for cryptocurrency trading and blockchain enterprises

Singapore A-List: Top 100 lawyers

Asia Business Law Journal reveals the leading talent in Singapore’s legal profession

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