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markets of choicevideo

Chinese companies find challenges and opportunities in capital markets landscape fraught with uncertainty

Matching the pieces, Nancy Wei

Tupperware legal director breaks down effective liaison with lawyers

Bright future

New Futures and Derivatives Law brings world stage closer


China explores resource investments in Central Asia and the Greater Middle East


After months of intensive surveys, we reveal the winners of our In-house Counsel Awards 2021-22

Cross-border investment guide & law firm directory
Press release - China Business Law Journal


Compliance of market players in infrastructure investment

By Liu Fei and Yan Gangbo, AllBright Law Offices

Saudi Arabia engineering investment 101: type of business entity

By Wang Jihong and Tang Hongwei, Zhong Lun Law Firm

Key due diligence issues for gas M&A

By Lucia Yang, East & Concord Partners
Impact of draft stability law on insurance risk disposal

Impact of draft stability law on insurance risk disposal

By Yao Xiaomin and Cai Min, Lantai Partners
Bridging ‘criminal non-prosecution’ and corporate compliance

Bridging ‘criminal non-prosecution’ and corporate compliance

By Jeffrey Quan and Wu Zhenyu, ETR Law Firm
Anti-monopoly regulations on resale price maintenance

Anti-monopoly regulations on resale price maintenance

By Ryan Fang and Simon Shi, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Main legal issues of equity family trusts

Main legal issues of equity family trusts

By Ouyang Fangfei, Merits & Tree Law Offices
Establishing a charity in Hong Kong (Part I)

Establishing a charity in Hong Kong (Part I)

By Diane Fan, LC Lawyers
Liability limitation and protection of founders in venture capital financing

Liability limitation and protection of founders in venture capital financing

By Cai Zongxiu and Zhu Honglei, AnJie & BB Law Firm

NFTs and the IP Conundrum


Creative defences


Enforcement of foreign-related civil, commercial judgments: Part I

By Zhang Yang and Liu Fang, Tiantai Law Firm

Having judgments of courts in foreign jurisdictions recognised and enforced in mainland China requires conformity to stringent legal conditions


Arbitrability for intra-company disputes

Intra-company disputes are usually resolved by courts in China, but the absence of special procedural rules in the Civil Procedure Law leads to time-consuming and laborious settlements

Arbitration case study of aviation tech dispute

In this case, the claimant company specialises in aviation-related technology and the respondent supplies general technical service

Arbitrating financial leasing transactions in the energy sector

New energy projects tend to require a large amount of capital for development and construction, and that makes them a natural match for financial leasing, which is easier to apply for than bank loans


Bright future

Why the new Futures and Derivatives Law is a boost for China towards aligning with international practice?

Trade route revival

China’s rise as a global investor has had a massive impact on countries around the world as they seek to diversify their sources of foreign direct investment (FDI)

Markets of choice

Chinese companies are finding both challenges and opportunities amid shakeups in capital markets at home and abroad

Matching the pieces

Tupperware legal director on how best to select and work with external counsel

Watching the watchers

New roles of intermediaries place them under the microscope of capital market regulation

In-house specialty

Top in-house counsel and external lawyers were quizzed to determine what skillsets are behind their successes in two very different legal roles

Ethics for AI

Tao Fuwu, Chief Legal Officer of Coudwalk Group, one of the “four AI dragons in china”, shares his views on current legal and compliance requirements on AI ethics

China Business Law Awards 2022

China Business Law Journal reveals the law firms that have excelled in the past year

What does it take to be a top lawyer?

Our A-List lawyers share strategies for success


ESOP fables

Amid intensifying competition, enterprises grant shares to formidable knights in exchange for loyalty

Overview of entry strategies for India market

By Ravi Singhania, Dipak Rao, and Gunjan Gupta, Singhania & Partners

India has become a favoured destination, not only for foreign investment but also for doing business, and enduring foreign exchange management laws freely permit investment in almost all sectors

Debt restructuring in the BVI and Cayman Islands

By Han Wenhao, Harneys

Financial turmoil from the pandemic pushes global companies to restructure their debt cross-border, where advanced regimes in offshore jurisdictions provide viable options

A comparison of data protection laws

Despite the varied and complex socioeconomic and political landscapes, many Asian jurisdictions are taking giant strides in strengthening personal data safeguards

Recent developments in Hong Kong’s arbitration landscapes

By Ng Jern-Fei QC, Danny Tang, and John CK Chan, Temple Chambers

A pro-arbitration approach has solidified Hong Kong’s status as a leading arbitration hub and centre of legal excellence

Japan’s top 100 lawyers 2022

Following an extensive nomination process, Asia Business Law Journal unveils its top performers of the country’s legal profession

Data Dojo

Data protection laws are evolving rapidly as the world becomes more digitalised, and Japan is working hard to keep its sword sharp

Maintaining momentum

Massive infrastructure development and liberalisation of overseas investment have boosted the Philippines’ competitiveness, but the pandemic has changed everything. What will a newly elected government mean for business-related legal reform?

Indonesia’s Future Legal Leaders

Asia Business Law Journal identifies 50 up-and-coming lawyers in Indonesia who are poised for further success

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