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ACC survey affirms that GCs are taking on a more proactive role in the ESG evolution

Within the epicentre

China’s legal teams demonstrate indispensable value

markets of choicevideo

Chinese companies find challenges and opportunities in capital markets landscape fraught with uncertainty

Establishing a charity in Hong Kong (Part II), Diane Fan
Cross-border investment guide & law firm directory
Press release - China Business Law Journal


Rescinding termination agreement due to material misunderstanding

By Xie Yang and Han Ying, Zhilin Law Firm

Determining ‘material changes in objective circumstances’ of a company

By Xaio Jianji and Yin Songmao, ETR Law Firm

Regulatory framework, trends of insurance investment in equity

By Deng Weifang and Zhang Chu'ao, Merits & Tree Law Offices
Observations on the arbitrability of anti-monopoly disputes, Ryan Fang, Simon Shi

Observations on the arbitrability of anti-monopoly disputes

By Ryan Fang and Simon Shi, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Different court approaches to bankruptcy claim objections, Wang Zhenxiang

Different court approaches to bankruptcy claim objections

By Wang Zhenxiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng

IP due diligence and management during investment

By Wu Yixing, DOCVIT Law Firm
Case review: gifts of equity v equity transfer without consideration, Gong Jiong

Case review: gifts of equity v equity transfer without consideration

By Gong Jiong, Leaqual Law Firm
Protecting ‘new forms’ of labourers in Guangdong, Shaw Zhao, Mia Wang

Protecting the rights of ‘new form’ labourers in Guangdong

By Shaw Zhao and Mia Wang, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Liability for information disclosure by independent directors, Arrow Zhang

Liability for information disclosure by independent directors

By Arrow Zhang, Grandway Law Offices


Validity of arbitration agreements under designated agents

The validity of arbitration agreements involving persons without, or with limited, civil capacity, are becoming an increasing focus of arbitration institutions and tribunals

Understanding payment process for HKIAC arbitrations

It is important to understand this payment process, the consequences of failing to pay, and the refund process in the event of withdrawing from arbitration

Applying denial of legal personality in arbitration

There is still no unified understanding of whether the claim of 'denial of legal personality' could be arbitrated


China Business Law Awards (Regional Awards) 2022

China Business Law Journal identify the leading “branch office” and “homegrown” law firms across different regions

Steering the ESG shift

For general counsel, embracing responsible governance may not be easy, but it is the right thing to do, writes Mike Madden, global board chair of the Association of Corporate Counsel

Within the epicentre

In the face of overwhelming macroeconomic complications, China’s in-house counsel, at the very heart of the problems, are finding their expertise and services immensely valued

Bright future

Why the new Futures and Derivatives Law is a boost for China towards aligning with international practice?

Trade route revival

China’s rise as a global investor has had a massive impact on countries around the world as they seek to diversify their sources of foreign direct investment (FDI)

Markets of choice

Chinese companies are finding both challenges and opportunities amid shakeups in capital markets at home and abroad

Matching the pieces

Tupperware legal director on how best to select and work with external counsel

Watching the watchers

New roles of intermediaries place them under the microscope of capital market regulation

In-house specialty

Top in-house counsel and external lawyers were quizzed to determine what skillsets are behind their successes in two very different legal roles


What a tangled Web

How do legal professionals deal with novel issues in the metaverse?

Against the clock

In an exclusive interview, the chairman of the Philippine Competition Commission shares his key priorities to ensure a clean slate for a new chair and set of commissioners

Jersey an attractive option for Asia’s crypto fund managers

By Chris Griffin and Tom Katsaros, Carey Olsen

Tax benefits have been known to draw digital asset managers in Singapore to structure their funds in Jersey and the latest developments offer even greater advantages

Malaysia’s top 100 lawyers 2022

Following an extensive nomination process, Asia Business Law Journal unveils its top performers of the country’s legal profession

Philippines business law firm directory 2022

One of the most comprehensive resources for general counsel, foreign law firms and anyone else seeking expert legal advice in the Philippine

AI step-through

Artificial Intelligence promises an exciting future and tremendous growth, provided that legal professionals able to navigate their business in this novel environment

A comparison of patent regimes

As innovation advances modern enterprises, Asian countries are competing to offer businesses maximum patent protection to secure their intelligence capital

Incentivisation of green technologies in India

By Manisha Singh and Pradeep Kumar Kamal, LexOrbis

The global climate pledge has fuelled the country’s ambition to adopt environmentally friendly technology, and everyone is invited to join

Korea Outbound Investment Guide 2022

Expert lawyers in some of the most exciting economies around the Asia-Pacific and Africa provide practical advice to Korean in-house counsel and senior management on managing their investments in these jurisdictions

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