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We look back at the most significant transactions and disputes of last year

Unchartered frontiers

Blockchain platform founder analyses NFT realities in China


Top GC reveals how to successfully apply project management


Will efforts to recognise and enforce foreign judgments in China overcome the clashes of the past?

Shanghai, Shenzhen self-regulatory rules for bankruptcy, reorganisation Wang Zhenxiang
Protecting corporate business data under IP legal norms

80 young elite lawyers for China market

China Business Law Directory 2021
Press release - China Business Law Journal


Risks borne by investors from fixed-return clauses

By Li Weiming, Tiantai Law Firm

Employer’s burden of proof in false reimbursement disputes

By Tracy Liu and Larry Lian, Jingtian & Gongcheng

Common legal issues in listing domestic design institutes

By Yuan Yueyun, Grandway Law Offices

Rights to benefit from equity under debt-to-equity schemes

By Matthew Ching and Zhang Dong, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Asset management challenges in the era of fintech

Asset management challenges of the fintech era

By Li Kailun, Merits & Tree Law Offices
Regulatory approval of soaring digital therapeutics

Analysis of regulatory policy for approval of digital therapeutics

By Jane Zhang and Dai Jingyu, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Anti-monopoly review of pay-for-delay agreements

Anti-monopoly review of pay-for-delay agreements

By Li Qin, Zhilin Law Firm

Compliance and liability for violations of Export Control Law

By Jia Xiaoning and Ning Jing, AllBright Law Offices

NFTs and the IP Conundrum


Creative defences


Sea change


Administrative agreement types and arbitrability

The type and scope of an administrative agreement will determine whether arbitration can be used to resolve disputes that arise from it.

Arbitrating commercial tenancy contract disputes

Considering that commercial real estate still carries the important function of promoting commercial and economic development, effective prevention of risks arising from commercial tenancy contracts – with proper resolution of related disputes – is crucial for safeguarding economic operation and promoting commercial development.

Dispute resolution risks for overseas investment

By Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (SHIAC)


Step up your legal game

A top China GC reveals how to boost your in-house work efficiency with project management methods

Unchartered frontiers

The founder of a blockchain platform explains how Chinese companies are exploring NFT applications under uncertain regulatory realities, and cuts through the hype and misconceptions about the sector

When worlds collide

By Edward Chin

When different judicial systems clash on disputes involving foreign commercial judgments recognised and enforced in mainland China the outcomes have always been tricky, even under the confines of bilateral treaties

Constant calibration

Top corporate legal minds explain how they are assessing and adjusting their annual development strategies in these uncertain times

DAOism: a new kind of faith

By Andrew Godwin

The idea for a decentralised autonomous organisation, where the rules are baked into its code with no management structure or board of directors, has emerged with the rise of blockchain technology. Andrew Godwin examines its legal status and the future that it may shape from the contemporary discussions

Rising Stars 2022

These young elite lawyers have already impressed their clients and peers with their precise legal expertise, acute business acumen, professionalism and strong sense of ethics

Needs of the many

With a state-led "common prosperity" philanthropy campaign well underway, what options do private enterprises have? Jasmine Wen reports

Hard talk

Our sister publication Asia Business Law Journal’s survey gets the real opinions of regional in-house counsel when it comes to legal services from law firms, and they’re not pulling any punches

Data crunch time

Helen Gu, general counsel of Weibo’s principal shareholder Sina Group, urges enterprises to take a more proactive approach to data governance


Indonesia’s top 100 lawyers 2022

After experiencing its first economic contraction in two decades, Indonesia’s strong rebound was interrupted by the spreading delta variant of covid-19 in 2021

A comparison of M&A regulatory updates

Global M&A activity has climbed sharply since last year, creating opportunities in emerging markets like India and the Philippines, which have relaxed and liberalised their investment policies

Pressing need for regulating cryptocurrencies

By Abhishek Malhotra and Bagmisikha Puhan, TMT Law Practice

Different approaches to cryptocurrencies across jurisdictions cause disparity in the understanding and classification of digital assets

Metaverse opens quagmire of Indian IP issues

By Manisha Singh, Dheeraj Kapoor, and Simrat Kaur, LexOrbis

Many unforeseen issues that entail comprehensive changes to global law will emerge as the Metaverse unfolds further, with Intellectual Property Law in India front and centre

Sri Lanka’s top lawyers

Following an extensive nomination process, Asia Business Law Journal unveils its top performers of the country’s legal profession

Taxation era for Indonesia’s digital financial world

By Freddy Karyadi and Anastasia Irawati

The rapid development of crypto-asset trading and transactions in the country has enticed the government to impose a tax on the commodity

A comparison of trademark frameworks

Safeguarding trademarks poses real challenges as the virtual world collides with the real one, but opportunities abound for those who are quick to adapt

IP protection in Germany for Japanese companies

By Peter Reckenthäler and Gottfried Schüll, Cohausz & Florack

In late 2021, a German-Japanese symposium attended by 400 international guests was held at the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO)

Japan outbound investment back on track

By Masako Takahata, Japan In-house Lawyers Association (JILA)

The pandemic has pushed Japan from its reign as the world’s largest investor. As the global recovery rolls out, the country is ready to take back its position through various investments in the infrastructure sector and renewable energy projects

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