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Insights from corporate counsel

The corporate straight and narrow

Proper governance is a milestone on corporate China’s road to modernised management. Its practical significance – and classic governance missteps – are broken down...

Look before you leap

Geopolitical tensions have by no means doused Chinese enterprises’ enthusiasm for outbound direct investment. However, they are required to be more selective with their...

Call to action

Case study: How Junzheng Logistics removed itself from US sanction list

Safety first

Dajia counsel on new risks in security provision regulation

Calculated Risks

Aaron Shao, Abbott’s Greater China legal head, unpacks the role of counsel in the critical task of risk assessment and offers advice and strategies on how to excel in this challenging job


Building compliance culture

Du Jin, general counsel and assistant president at Shenzhen-listed Hytera Communications, offers some insights

Are you available?

Under China’s new data regulatory framework, how should companies use publicly available personal information in a compliant manner?

Rebuilding the faith

Compliance chief plots your survival in property sector

Matching the pieces

Tupperware legal director breaks down effective liaison with lawyers

The art of bridge-building

Huarui Bank's counsel reveals how to work with external lawyers

Step up your legal game

Top GC reveals how to successfully apply project management

Data crunch time

Sina Group’s GC unpacks core issues of data compliance

Between rocks and hard places

Managing conflicting cross-border data access requests

NFTs and the IP Conundrum

Digitally fluent GC shares NFT-related legal dilemmas

Creative defences

Legal director of Huayi Brothers shares IP protection tips under new law

Sea change

Regulatory wave heightens personal data compliance requirements for internet platforms

Testing the wind

Law firms stress the importance of compliance and risk management for reshaping business

By the numbers

ACC's global survey maps the changing roles of in-house counsel

Compliance anxiety

In-house leaders reveal how to keep up with tectonic regulatory shifts

Buckle up

CRRC’s top counsel explains how to ensure overseas compliance

GC confidential

What qualities do effective general counsel need to be assets to their companies? We asked two prominent GCs for their candia personal views on where you need to be to have your legal department working at optimum for your company and its people

Continual vigilance

Controlling legal risk goes beyond the legal department, and in-house counsel need a pragmatic approach, without letting perfection be the enemy of progress. Prominent counsel Peter Zhang offers advice from his decades of experience 

How to be a successful in-house counsel

In-house award winners share must-have skills for successful GCs

Learning on the fly

Minsheng Financial Leasing’s senior counsel, Fiona Sun, shares how business aviation has become a silver lining in the hard-hit sector

In-house Counsel Awards 2020

China Business Law Journal reveals the country’s leading in-house lawyers and corporate legal teams


Gerard Sanders, the AIIB's general counsel, looks back at the bank's first five years, including its innovations through covid-19, as he prepares to leave the position

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