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Priced to please

By Luna Jin
Our annual billing rates survey reveals Chinese law firms’ fees

Testing the wind

Law firms stress the importance of compliance and risk management for reshaping business

Lawyering 2.0

Technology adoption among established law firms has for ages been a slow ascent, but things are different in China. Legal tech companies here are leading innovation and are taking a more direct and homegrown approach than their global peers

In-house Counsel Awards 2020

China Business Law Journal reveals the country’s leading in-house lawyers and corporate legal teams

Rising Stars 2021

CBLJ presents a list of the country’s top up-and-coming legal talent

Future tense

In uncertain times, there are still plenty of opportunities for international law firms in China. The key is agility and adaptation.

Reviving a heartland

The once booming industrial and manufacturing hub of northeast China has been weathered by economic decline, but government revitalization plans are creating new opportunities for businesses. How should law firms prepare to tap the region’s full potential?

When the going gets tough

China’s legal services market is navigating a tumultuous period of change. Our annual survey looks at how firms are performing, and what strategies they have in place to see them through the storm

Beyond the ‘mega’ era

What does the future hold for China’s asset management industry?

The point of return

If legal tools of bankruptcy are properly applied, there are chances for companies to survive and start again

Tipping Point

Intellectual property protection faces new challenges as the world readjusts to a post-pandemic reality and its associated trade tensions

China Business Law Awards 2020

We launched the “Golden League” award this year to reflect the market situation, and to encourage the firms on the list, and their peers, to improve their overall quality and level of service

Rising stars: China’s young elite lawyers 2020

After extensive editorial research, China Business Law Journal has compiled a list of China's young elite lawyers. Charlie Wu reports

Deals of the year 2019

CBLJ selects outstanding China-related deals and cases in 2019

The winners are…

Results of our inaugural awards for outstanding in-house counsel

The A-List 2019: China’s elite lawyers

CBLJ presents a list of top private practice lawyers for China-related business


As competition heats up, how will law firms avoid low-cost chaos?

Arbitration evolution

Internationalizing China's dispute resolution system

Grand design

What legal services will Greater Bay Area require?


Law firms in China are evolving and transforming

Legal eagles

What are the qualities required for a capable in-house counsel?


Shanghai's tech exchange board to rival NASDAQ

The internet IP of things

By Helen Gu, Sina Corporation

Maintaining an edge

By Grace Kwok, TINAVI Medical Technologies

Internal, external and global

By Meline Huang, Goldpac Limited

Protection and compliance

By Peter Su, Tsinghua Tongfang

Nurture innovation

By Eric Xie, Golden Concord Holdings

The smart warrior

Fighting clever over IP in China

Pooling resources

New regulations prompt resurgence of M&A in China

China Business Law Awards 2019

CBLJ presents the law firms that stand out with their performance in the past year

Deals of the Year 2018

CBLJ selects outstanding China-related deals and cases in 2018, applauding remarkable legal efforts

Survey of Chinese law firms’ billing rates in 2018

Fees rise but quality, professionalism count more

The A-List 2018: China’s elite lawyers

CBLJ presents a list of top private practice lawyers for China-related business

Family wealth management

Managing your own personal dynasty

Nature of perpetual bonds

How much do you really know about perpetual bonds?

Yin v Yang

Mediation can help turn conflict into consensus

Levelling up

It’s a critical moment for China to further open up

Into the storm

Overseas regulators are buffeting Chinese investment

New wave

Offshore jurisdictions are riding the tide of fintech

Guided growth

New rules are shaping the development of PE/VC funds

Capital makes port

China’s capital markets are further integrated with the world

IP protection in China

China is prioritizing a network of strong and effective new IP protection mechanisms

Runny money

Why asset securitization is an effective new financing tool in China

China Business Law Awards 2017-18

CBLJ presents the law firms that stand out with their performance in the past year

Deals of the Year 2017

Legal efforts in outstanding deals and cases

Survey of law firm billing rates in China

PRC law firms reveal their hourly billing rates for the first time in this unique report on legal fees

The A-List 2017: China’s top 100 lawyers

CBLJ presents a list of top private practice lawyers for China-related business

In the pipeline

Long-term implications of China's Belt and Road initiative and a new regional legal landscape

En garde!

Battles for intellectual property are turning fierce in China

A common language

A universal arbitration framework can help connect Belt and Road markets

Fintech revolution

Rapid development of fintech brings new legal challenges

Money rules

PE/VC fund managers face more tough rules on investment

Tangled web

Challenges to IP protection in internet era

From the top

IP legal and judicial updates in PRC

China Business Law Awards 2016

Well done to all our winners in 2016!

Deals of the Year 2016

The very best deals showcasing Chinese economic activities in a global market

The A-List: China’s Top 100 Lawyers

China's top 100 lawyers

China in check

Should arbitration accede to Western norms?

M&A: Hot & Cold

M&A challenges facing domestic and foreign investors

Steady hand on the tiller

Regulators seek to calm fickle economic climate

Tough times

International firms in China refuse to give up

Changing tack

New aims of PRC law firms

Embracing a new self

Corporate counsel need to reshape their role

Balancing act

Tighter China regulation tests PE/VC investors

Midas magic

Securities that turn assets to gold

Play it again

Is China singing a new tune on IP?

Panacea or problem?

Are legal reforms the right prescription for health sectors?

China Business Law Awards 2015

China Business Law Awards 2015

Deals of the year 2015

Gems with the most sparkle in 2015

Building the future

China’s regional infrastructure efforts

We’re watching you!

Antitrust regulators step up surveillance

Sparks fly

Slowdown ignites fears of a new wave of disputes

Changing horizons

How businesses should adapt to the new normal

Forced moves

How law firms survive the current climate

Investors beware

Avoid getting entangled in the PE regulatory web

Capital connections

PRC regulators stimulate new links with new ideas

Raw deals

China's mining and energy challenges

China Business Law Awards 2014

China Business Law Awards 2014

Deals of the year 2014

Great ideas that took flight in 2014

Time to open up

Will foreign hospital ownership succeed?

Hunting the hunter

Regulators target inbound investors



Deals of the year 2020

China-top-lawyers-2020-200 elite lawyers from PRC and foreign law firms

The A-List 2020

The A-List: Who are the elite lawyers being recognised by clients for China-related business?

Rising Stars 2021

CBLJ presents a list of the country’s top up-and-coming legal talent



How financial institutions reorganise via creditor committees?

By Wang Zhenxiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng

Skipping bids and listing: how non-compliance affects property service providers

By Li Jing and Li Jumei, Grandway Law Offices

Biosafety Law: China’s new, stricter controls

By Zhou Hanshuo and Wang Xiaoyun, Jingtian & Gongcheng



Priced to please

By Luna Jin

Our annual billing rates survey reveals Chinese law firms’ fees


An inconvenient moment of truth

By Vandana Chatlani

How accountable should lawyers be for our climate woes?


Stepping up

By Avery chen

Senior lawyers from local and national firms analyse service demand and competition in Guangzhou’s legal market



Guidelines for national carbon emissions trading

By Zhao Shujie, East & Concord Partners

China’s personal information protection regime is complete

By Li Chunyi, Zhongzi Law Office

How courts view responsibility of private fund managers

By Jiang Mingze and Yang Qiuci, Shihui Law Office



Decentralised autonomous organisations

By Andrew Godwin