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Riding out the storm

Onward and upward

The road ahead

Buckle up

Change is in the air

Turning the tide

Healing and recovery

Upstream voyage

Hand in hand

A hard battle

Fire tests gold

10 years: Has it been that long?

It seems like yesterday to us in many respects, but China Business Law Journal is 10 years old!

Hidden gems

We are proud to present the inaugural CBLJ In-house Counsel Awards in this issue

Cost of keeping clients

This issue features our annual report on Chinese law firms’ legal services fees

Value for money

Countless ties

Uncertain prospects

Shared future

Funds compliance

IP leaps forward

IP protection in China; Environmental protection; Investment into Africa

Money matters

Securitization, Investment in Africa and Anti-bribery compliance

Loyalty to law

Antitrust regulations, Cybersecurity Law and interview with UN legal counsel

Accolades and challenges

Compliance, legaltech, and Deals of the year 2017

Legal competition

First billing rates report of PRC law firms; China's A-List 100 Lawyers; Green finance development

Knowledge battle

Connecting the world

New horizons

A new life

New challenges

Facing up to conflict

The value of knowledge

New look

On guard

Health check

The road ahead

Turning a corner

IP evolutions

New levels

Spring has sprung!

Looking forward

Firm foundations

On the uptick

Hunting season

Game on

Room to improve

A winning year

A new year beckons

A wide world

Old becomes new

Bridge building

To your health!


Guiding lights

Turning corners

One step ahead

New beginnings

Changing times

Ins and outs

United we stand

Ladies first

Money for nothing

Loads of money

And why not?

Lending a hand



Rising Stars 2023

100 young elite lawyers for China market


The A-List 2022

After thorough editorial survey and research, China Business Law Journal presents the elite lawyers in China’s legal market

China Deals of the year 2022

Deals of the year 2022

The most exciting China-related legal transactions and disputes of 2022


Fending off LNG trade risks

Fending off LNG trade risks with ‘back-to-back’ clauses

By Wang Jihong and Liang Danni, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Copyright Protection for Pop Music Arrangements

Can pop music arrangements be protected by copyright?

By Bai Xiaoyang, Wan Rui Law Firm
China proposal review

Proposal review: When shareholders and directors collide

By Wang Yuanyuan and Shi Cheng, Grandway Law Offices 


Moving with purpose

Winners of Rising Stars 2023 share secrets to their swift success

The corporate straight and narrow

Hang Dongxia, vice chairman of Juneyao Medical, explores the key issues and classic missteps in achieving good corporate governance

China tech-savvy legal systems

A battle of wits

China is emerging as a leader in legal technology as it reforms and modernises judicial framework


Resolving foreign shareholder withdrawal

Resolving foreign shareholder withdrawal from Sino-foreign JVs

By Sun Shaosong and Niu Yue, Guantao Law Firm
Jurisdictional conflicts in foreign-related litigation

Guideline clarifies conflicts of jurisdiction in cross-border litigation

By Guo Shuai and Xing Jingyu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Risks and precautions for nominee loans

By Guang Zhenming, Joint-Win Partners

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