Greater expectations


The challenges of the pandemic may continue, and resolve continues to be tested, but in the face of adversity it is often wise to hold close greater expectations – to count blessings and look to the issues where progress may be possible, or where achievements can be recognised. Even as the shadow of the pandemic recedes slowly around the world, hope can be nurtured and expectations can return to green shoots and growth.

Greater expectations CBLJ 2204Looking to one issue that may finally defeat a decade-long stagnation, there is great interest in the draft regulations on offshore listing that may allow US regulators to access audit working papers of China concept stocks, a move perceived by many as a light at the end of the tunnel for such stocks facing a collective delisting crisis.

In Towards the light, we explore the long struggle over audit review that has finally led to this potential milestone, although uncertainty still awaits US-listed Chinese companies.

Protection of intellectual property is becoming more complicated with technological advancement and the stepping-up of data regulation worldwide. In Next-gen IP protection, three renowned law firms offer suggestions on remaining compliant yet competitive in a new tech-centric landscape.

Crisis and uncertainty often underline the value of excellent lawyers. The best seem to have an innate ability to steer clients through legal mires with inevitable success. What are their secrets? In 5 keywords for becoming an elite lawyer, we reach out to recently crowned winners of our A-List 2021 to answer this very question.

On the reverse side of this coin, behind every high-profile, high-stakes listing, acquisition or restructuring is the hard work and expertise of in-house counsel, whose irreplaceable contributions deserve higher market recognition. After months of intensive market surveys and research, China Business Law Journal’s editorial team unveils the winning teams and individuals of the In-house Counsel Awards 2021-22.

In addition to the highest accolades for both team and individual, the awards are divided into a number of detailed categories of practice areas and industry sectors, breaking new ground with the addition of Trade secrets, Cloud services and others categories reflecting new market developments.

Much can be accomplished with a combination of outstanding external and internal legal counsel, but excelling in the delicate and important role that bridges the two is an art that requires considerable practice.

In The art of bridge-building, Hang Dongxia, secretary to the board of directors of Shanghai Huarui Bank, shares her experienced insights on how in-house counsel can develop winning relationships and work successfully with external lawyers.