Hand in hand


As the saying goes: “No man is an island”. The COVID-19 pandemic, starting off in a city in China, has now spread across continents because of the interconnectedness of human activities. To defeat the virus, joint efforts are needed from every individual, company and organization, and every country around the globe.

ChinaChina seems to have survived the darkest days of the pandemic and is fighting its way back to normalcy. The fight against the virus has been a joint effort of the whole of society.

Our cover story, Firm response, chronicles the sense of social responsibility shown by law firms and their lawyers in the nation’s hour of need – not only donating cash and supplies to the severely affected areas, but also using their professional knowledge to provide legal services to hospitals and companies on the frontline of the battle.

Apart from law firms, major companies in China and their legal departments also took the lead in the fight against the pandemic by leveraging their industry strengths and strong organizational capabilities. We profile 12 well-known
companies, from fast food chain McDonald’s to mobile giant Xiaomi, which have spared no effort to help those in need.

China Business Law Journal also joined the effort with a humble donation of RMB100,000 (US$14,150) to Shanghai Charity Foundation and Huashan Hospital, to help people on the frontline against this pandemic. Many law firms and corporations have extended their helping hands as well. Together, hand in hand, we all united, and contributed to keeping the nation safe.

Individually we have worked at home, connected via APPs, sharing data and video conferencing – it’s the new way of how companies work due to the pandemic. Businesses are now faced with new concerns such as how to protect the businesses from cyberattack and data breaches. Companies are wondering whether cybersecurity risks are higher with employees working from home? In Home and safe, Jim Fitzsimmons, the director of cyber consulting at Control Risks, gives readers a guide to navigating the risks of this new work model, and offers his insights.

With the economic downturn brought on by the pandemic and associated trade tensions, what opportunities and challenges do enterprises face in intellectual property protection? tIPping point explores these concerns seeks advice from senior corporate counsel and practitioners on the trends of IP protection beneath the macro changes.

Finally, in this challenging time, managing a legal team is a test of a general counsel’s wisdom. What makes a good legal team? How should they adapt to change and partner the business? Wisdom in management compiles experiences from six GCs in different industries and details how they have risen to their challenges.