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DAOism: a new kind of faith

By Andrew Godwin

Needs of the many

NFTs and the IP Conundrum

Digitally fluent GC shares NFT-related legal dilemmas

An inconvenient moment of truth

By Vandana Chatlani
How accountable should lawyers be for our climate woes?

Finding the finance

ABS market seeks alternative financing avenues

New frontiers

As Chinese financial markets become more sophisticated, companies are eyeing new possibilities to unlock value

Gender in justice

Women lawyers across Asia share their personal stories of success, strategy and struggle for a more inclusive legal profession

IP profit v human loss

With covid-19 vaccines rolling out, the question of compulsory licensing weighs up IPR profit and protection against public health and access

Harbouring ambitions

Hong Kong's new limited partnership fund regime lures offshore clients

Are you being watched?

Governments adopting trace-and-track apps to prevent the spread of this coronavirus have raised questions about the ‘right balance’ between crisis response and privacy considerations

New challenges of medical sourcing in China

What are the risks for global buyers sourcing medical equipment in China?

Home and safe?

Are companies facing higher cybersecurity risks with most employees working from home?

Dollars in the details?

The lack of details on the new Foreign Investment Law may present problems

In the hot seat

Interview with Milton Cheng, Baker McKenzie’s new global chair

Arbitration: Six shades of wisdom

Interviews with leaders of six arbitration centres

More than half the sky

Senior women lawyers share personal stories of challenges and success

The gameplan

China deploys reforms to buoy its economy

Connecting the dots

How legaltech can help in-house counsel

The draft amendment to patent examination guidelines

By Duan Xiaoling and Sun Zhanhua, Wanhuida Peksung IP Group

Foreign favours

Legal experts analyze the new Foreign Investment Law and how it will impact foreign investors in China

Straight and narrow

Avoiding the long arm of US enforcement

Enter the dragon

Reform of Hong Kong listing rules welcomes new economy companies

New year, more compliance

Existing challenges and new regulations in the Year of the Pig

Lean to green

China's market-oriented approach to green regulation

Data overdrive

Hot issues in data security and management in China

Shared justice

Common ADR mechanism connects Belt and Road countries

Testing the defences

Key cybersecurity requirements for WFOE private fund managers

China’s pollution war

Technology can help China enhance environmental law enforcement

Green and mean

As authorities step up law enforcement for protection of the environment, manufacturers are advised to prepare themselves for better compliance

Resisting temptation

Practical tips for anti-bribery compliance in the corruption-averse China

Compliance alerts

Chinese companies must watch rising US regulatory pressure

China’s Green Lanterns

Opportunities and risks with growth of green finance

Navigating abroad

Experienced corporate counsel share insights into topical outbound investment issues

In the interest of fairness

Cherie Blair QC's thoughts on global standards for rules-based commerce

Solutions: ABS

How the fast-growing asset-backed securitization model in China may help open new channels for financing

Knowledge is power

Functions of reputational due diligence

The D&O defence

What does D&O insurance mean to multinationals?

One in a million

Tips on how to stand out from the regular in-house crowd

Rise of the replicants

Will predictive coding take your job?

New dawn

Rooster heralds year of uncertainty for corporate counsel

One step forward

Foreign investment regulation further liberalized

Building blocks

Infrastructure development in China

Eagle eyes

Compliance tips for US-listed Chinese companies

Under the microscope

The safe way to do internal probes

Sealing approval

In-house experience for overseas deals

Cancer at the core

How to minimize insider fraud risks

Special brew

In-house counsel views on internal communication

Monkey business

In-house counsel warn of compliance risks in 2016

Neutralizing default risk

Cross-border financing challenges

Competition law across the river

HK Competition Ordinance analysis

Two-step acquisition

In-house experience for JV investment

New pitch

Compliance risks from the revised advertising law

Good judgment

Exclusive: HK Justice Secretary on SAR's new arbitration edge

Foreign infusion

Draft law's impact on foreign investment

Staying on top

In-house advice for Year of the Goat

The big build

Can China infrastructure lure investors?

Time to transform?

A look at corporate restructuring

Building compromise

China ADR has never been busier

Placing your trust

Comparison of confidential investor havens

Quid pro quo

IP risks when employees leave

Protecting who?

Flaws in Environmental Protection Law

IP red flags

Multinationals fear crackdown via antitrust law

On target?

Five-year report card on AML’s effectiveness

Elements of protection

Leaps forward in privacy regulation

A tight rein

In-house counsel predictions for Year of the Horse

Party pill for all ills?

Key issues from policy manifesto

Watch IT!

Are your secrets safe? Is your system secure?

Trust in HK

Changes to trust law have mainland appeal

Stitched up: the J&J case

The J&J judgment explained

High stakes

Risk, reward with dispute resolution in China

In-house outside the box

A new corporate counsel’s view

PE metamorphosis

Surviving the transformation of private equity

Protection meets competition

How do China’s laws compare?

Get ready!

Is your firm up to speed on new tax obligations?

Net gains

Analysing the Tencent v Qihoo judgment

Dancing in unison

First co-ordinated steps to confront IP infringers

Watch what you tweet

Social media and disclosure

What’s up in 2013?

Hopes and fears of in-house counsel in the Year of the Snake

The exit

Strategies for debt and winding up a company

Resolution revolution

Don't settle for less

Ladies in justice

Gender agendas in the legal profession

Stopping the rot

Corruption and compliance across three major jurisdictions

Prepare for conflict

A new judicial interpretation aims to encourage civil anti-monopoly litigation

Tax targets

Tax authorities will be taking more stringent measures to intensify inspection efforts

Healthy competition: China v India

Is China succeeding with IP protection?

New rules for arbitration game

Changing the game of arbitration

Public private equity

By Robin Weir

Another brick in the wall

By Alice Gartland

Which arbitration rules are right for you?

New rules governing arbitration in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and at the International Chamber of Commerce have changed the game. Which rules are right for you? 

Dancing breezily along: dreams of China’s capital markets lawyers

ChiNext and the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Board have given many law firms their first experience of the securities market. But could stiff competition and high professional standards put an end to their dreams of dancing breezily through this market? By Raymond Yang

IP comes under the spotlight as China strives for innovation

A focus on innovation in the new five-year plan follows a year of legal change in intellectual property. By Colin Galloway

Tighter control, more freedom

To accompany our review of the leading deals of 2010, we asked our readers to identify the key legal issues that will face business in the coming months. By Robin Weir

Social insurance law progressive but lacks teeth

The new PRC Social Insurance Law sends a positive signal, but faces many hurdles in implementation. By Matthew Durham, senior consultant, Barlow Lyde & Gilbert, Shanghai

Real estate funds grow despite new controls on residential property

The development of real estate funds in China has gathered momentum in 2010, and more are in the pipeline

Paradise lost?

Foreign partnerships



China Business Law Awards 2022

China Business Law Journal reveals the law firms that have excelled in the past year

Artboard 1 copy 2video

What does it take to be a top lawyer?

We asked some of our elite A-list lawyers to provide us with keywords that others might use to rise to the top of their game

In-house Counsel Awards revealed

After months of intensive market surveys and research, China Business Law Journal's editorial team unveils our In-house Counsel Award winners


Telecom foreign funding reform and its capital market impact, Zhang Dan

Telecom foreign funding reform and its capital market impact

By Zhang Dan, AnJie & BB Law Firm
Notes for debtors filing for bankruptcy protection, Wang Zhenxiang

Notes for debtors filing for bankruptcy protection

By Wang Zhenxiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Risk and compliance in layoffs at internet companies, Shaw Zhao, He Yanling

Risk and compliance in layoffs at internet companies

By Shaw Zhao and He Yanling, Jingtian & Gongcheng


Watching the watchers

Watching the watchers


In-house specialty

Ethics for AI

Ethics for AI


Liability for securities intermediaries under new interpretations

Liability for securities intermediaries under new interpretations

By Eric Liu and Deng Xiaoming, Han Kun Law Offices
Invalidity of contracts for violating ‘public order and good morals’

Invalidity of contracts for violating ‘public order and good morals’

By Chen Zhuo and Yin Yutong, Tian Yuan Law Firm
Company law amendments provide improved protection

Company law amendments provide improved protection

By Chen Zhuo and Liu Xiaoyan, Tian Yuan Law Firm

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