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China Business Law Journal - November 2021

Volume 12, Issue 10

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In this issue

Claiming share repurchase and cash compensation in VAM

By Xie Yang and Tian Cheng, Zhilin Law Firm

Theft of company business opportunities by directors or management

By Ji Chaoyi and Suo Shiyu, East & Concord Partners

Resolving illegal guarantee and fund occupation in reorganisations

By Wang Zhenxiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng
China Business Law Journal

Forward motion


Cross-border medical data compliance in new era of regulation

By Zhou Hanshuo, Jingtian & Gongcheng

Is guaranteed minimum income in private placements effective?

By Liu Shanqiao, ETR Law Firm

Horizontal competition in IPOs and ‘relevant market’ in anti-monopoly

By Pan Bo, Grandway Law Offices

Compliance for NFTs and digital collectibles in China

By Zhang Feng, V&T Law Firm

Using equity transactions to transfer control of state-owned land

By Yao Xiaomin and Wang Chengtao, Lantai Partners

Evergrande and some financing options for companies in distress

By Zhu Xi and Feng Yuduo, DOCVIT Law Firm

NFTs and the IP Conundrum

Digitally fluent GC shares NFT-related legal dilemmas


Between rocks and hard places

Managing conflicting cross-border data access requests


Use of reorganisation service trusts in bankruptcy

By Ren Guobing and Lin Shulan, Jingtian & Gongcheng

Holding IP infringers jointly and severally liable

By Frank Liu, Shanghai Pacific Legal

Beware of ‘commercial defamation’ when defending IP rights

By Li Jialin, Tiantai Law Firm

Past, present and future of bankruptcy administrators

By Zhang Jie, Tian Yuan Law Firm
Agents ad litem

Legal thought


Refining the rescue

How far is China from completing its restructuring and insolvency regime?

China Business Law Journal – November 2021

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