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China Business Law Journal - October 2021

Volume 12, Issue 9

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In this issue

Understanding and applying articles of CISG

By Xu Zhihe and Li Tingwei, SHIAC

How courts view responsibility of private fund managers

By Jiang Mingze and Yang Qiuci, Shihui Law Office

Priced to please

By Luna Jin

While several practice areas have been particularly active this year, Chinese law firms are actively optimising their billing arrangements to meet the rising demand for high-quality services in a legal market where fee structures are still dominated by businesses


Must creditors review external guarantee disclosures?

By Yao Xiaomin and Xue Yuan, Lantai Partners

An inconvenient moment of truth

By Vandana Chatlani

How accountable should lawyers be for our climate woes?


Technology IP protection on the rise

By Frank Liu, Shanghai Pacific Legal

Collection and use of personal information by corporate apps

By Wei Jie, Tiantai Law Firm

Stepping up

By Avery Chen

Senior lawyers from local and national firms analyse service demand and competition in Guangzhou’s legal market


Obtaining asset preservation in mainland China and Hong Kong

By John Zhou and Zhou Yinlin, East & Concord Partners

How financial institutions reorganise via creditor committees?

By Wang Zhenxiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng

Guidelines for national carbon emissions trading

By Zhao Shujie, East & Concord Partners

China’s personal information protection regime is complete

By Li Chunyi, Zhongzi Law Office

Burning ambition

By Luna Jin

Can China's desire to be a truly global dispute resolution centre be realised?


Professional sports deserve professional arbitration system

By Fu Xiangyu, Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Centre

Decentralised autonomous organisations

By Andrew Godwin
China Business Law Journal

Change is in the air

China Business Law Journal – October 2021

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