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China Business Law Journal - April 2014

Volume 5, Issue 4



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In this issue

Amendments mean trademark protection enters a new era

By Wang Yadong, Hu Cuiqin, Run Ming Law Office

Challenges faced with service of process by post to defendants abroad

By Blake Yang, Martin Hu & Partners
Sammi Huang is a partner and Summer Xiong is a lawyer at Chang Tsi & Partners

Addition of punitive damage system in Trademark Law a breakthrough

By Sammi Huang, Summer Xiong, Chang Tsi & Partners
China Business Law Journal Feb 2016

Making our mark

IP red flags

Multinationals fear crackdown via antitrust law

Requirements and procedures for listings on the new third board

By Xiao Zhigang, Zhen Qinggui, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm

Head to head: A comparison of Indian and Chinese trademark law

A comparison of trademark law in China and India

China Business Law Journal – April 2014

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