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China Business Law Journal - September 2013

Volume 4, Issue 8



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In this issue

Revised eligibility criteria for investor immigration permits

By Nick Tsilimidos, L Papaphilippou & Co

Winds of change: a look at some recent FDI reforms in India

By Santosh Pai and Vikas Kumar, D H Law Associates

High stakes

Risk, reward with dispute resolution in China

Grey goods and falsified labels can be a matter of life or death

By Karen Kitchen, DM Kisch

Sino-Swiss free trade agreement: how China stands to benefit

By Felix Egli and Wu Fan, VISCHER

Focus on recent developments in securitisation of commercial property

By Zhang Xianzhong, AnJie Law Firm
Wang Yadong and Lu Lei, Run Ming Law Office.

Well-known trademarks protection returns to original legislative intent

By Wang Yadong and Lu Lei, Run Ming Law Office

Stitched up: the J&J case

The J&J judgment explained

Wang Jihong is the executive partner at Grandway Law Offices and Gao Lei also works for the firm

Chaos evident in the levy of business tax on BT projects

By Wang Jihong and Gao Lei, Grandway Law Offices
Ye Wen is a partner and Zuo Kun is a lawyer at Concord & Partners

Assessing the legal risks involved in PE companies’ M&A deals

By Ye Wen and Zuo Kun, Concord & Partners

Experiencing first-hand the linking of litigation and mediation

By Vincent Mu and Daniel Qian, Martin Hu & Partners
Backdating documents

Without prejudice

China Business Law Journal – September 2013

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