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China Business Law Journal - April 2018

Volume 9, Issue 4

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In this issue

Determining MT Sanchi’s compensation

By Victoria Wei, V&T Law Firm

Green and mean

As authorities step up law enforcement for protection of the environment, manufacturers are advised to prepare themselves for better compliance


Proving copyright ownership in trademark disputes

By Wu Xiangrong, Wanhuida Peksung IP Group

IP leaps forward

IP protection in China; Environmental protection; Investment into Africa

Collective labour disputes involving strikes

By Yvonne Lu, MHP Law Firm

Disputes over fundraising failures of PE funds

By Liu Hui, Boss & Young

IP protection in China

China is prioritizing a network of strong and effective new IP protection mechanisms


Conflicts over business names and trademark rights in China

By Shi Yakai, Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency

Developing trusts under harsh regulation in China

By Wu Yang, Merits & Tree Law Offices
Jiang Fengtao Hengdu Law Firm

Ice broken on IPOs involving ‘three-type shareholders’

By Jiang Fengtao and Ruan Lanquan, Hengdu Law Firm
朱璟 ZHU JING 天达共和律师事务所 律师 Associate East & Concord Partners

Foreign investment restrictions in P2P lending intermediaries

By Zhu Jing, East & Concord Partners

New regulations on enforcement settlements, guarantees

By Cheng Bing and Zhao Qian, AnJie Law Firm
穆耸 MU SONG 中伦律师事务所 合伙人 Partner

Land for home rental, commercial conversion

By Mu Song, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Agents ad litem


What is the legal source of the duty of confidentiality and what are its boundaries

Labour issues in acquisitions, restructurings in China

By Zhang Ming, Grandway Law Offices

Rising in the East

The second of our series on Africa focuses on countries in the continent's east

Quan Kaiming AllBright LawOffices

Trends in Shanghai administrative penalty cases 2016-2017

By Quan Kaiming, AllBright Law Offices

China Business Law Journal – April 2018

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