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China Business Law Journal - March 2014

Volume 5, Issue 3



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In this issue

Australia’s Heavy Vehicle National Law slides smoothly into first gear

By Michael Sheng, Shane Bosma, David Morgans, Ashurst in Brisbane

Switzerland enjoys strong position as a traditional arbitration centre

By Christian Oetiker and Wu Fan, VISCHER


Sun Jian, Zhong Yin Law Firm

Two methods for carrying out restructuring and back door listing

By Jonathan Sun, Zhong Yin Law Firm

Resolving differences of opinion on OEM trademark infringement

By David Lee, Chang Tsi & Partners

Prevention and control of risk in energy performance contracting

By Wang Jihong, Grandway Law Offices
China Business Law Journal

Picking and choosing

Wang Wei and Zheng Qinggui, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm (2)

Recordal work for private funds begins under CSRC oversight

By Wang Wei, Zheng Qinggui, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm

Elements of protection

Leaps forward in privacy regulation

Summary and positive significance of Company Law amendments

By Michael Gu, AnJie Law Firm

Relaxation in telecoms sectors for foreign investors in Shanghai FTZ

By David Yu, Lawrence An, Llinks Law Offices

Is this the golden age of film and television acquisitions in China?

By Liu Yumei, Lu Qian, t Concord & Partners
Vincent Mu is a senior associate at Martin Hu & Partners

Can disputes without a foreign element be arbitrated outside china?

By Vincent Mu, Martin Hu & Partners

Making maximum mileage out of India’s Patents Act

By G Deepak Sriniwas, LexOrbis

Determining ‘distinctiveness’ in the OneTouch trademark cancellation case

By Wang Yadong, Lu Lei, Run Ming Law Office

Framework and procedure for company reconstruction

By Nick Tsilimidos, L Papaphilippou & Co in Cyprus
001c cherry

Cherry picking

Selecting the juiciest deals in Western Europe

China Business Law Journal – March 2014

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