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China Business Law Journal - October 2020

Volume 11, Issue 9

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In this issue
Mo Huan, Partner, Jia Yuan Law Offices

Jia Yuan adds IP specialist

INTA Etienne-Sanz-de-Acedo-INTA

In crisis lies opportunity

INTA's CEO shares his bold plan to revive flagship event in virtual sphere

Mary shen Google Legal operation

Google leegle

Google's head of legal operations, technology and strategy gives exclusive insights into what she sees as the future for in-house teams

Synergy between DR lawyers and in-house counsel, Li Tao

Synergy between DR lawyers and in-house counsel

By Li Tao, Dentons
Wang Gongjing, Langfang Arbitration Commission, Wang Zhengzhi, Global-law Law Firm

Exploring new models of regional IP arbitration

By Wang Gongjing, Langfang Arbitration Commission ; Wang Zhengzhi, Global-law Law Firm
JunHe’s elects new leadership

JunHe elects new leadership

It’s ‘wise to be wary’ with foreign investment in Algeria, Wang Jihong and Chen Dingduo

It’s ‘wise to be wary’ with foreign investment in Algeria

By Wang Jihong and Chen Dingduo, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Out of the shadows, 月明星稀?

Out of the shadows

How are regional law firms in North China differentiating themselves from firms in the capital to secure business?

Chen Yuxuan, Li Mingtao, Yuanhe Partners

Issues needing attention within Export Control Law

By Chen Yuxuan and Li Mingtao, Yuanhe Partners
Changes in trade secret protection, Nancy Qu

Changes in trade secret protection 

By Nancy Qu, Beijing Gaowo Law Firm
China Business Law Journal

Healing and recovery

Frank Liu, Sandy Shan, Tiantai Law Firm

Evidence fixation in intellectual property cases

By Frank Liu and Sandy Shan, Tiantai Law Firm. 
Forces of evolution, dispute resolution

Force for change

Irresistible forces of change are reforming the way dispute resolution is practised, but will this be enough to change the sector in China?

China Business Law Journal – October 2020

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