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China Business Law Journal - November 2022

Volume 13, Issue 10

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In this issue

Effectively exercising bill bearer rights in recourse disputes

By Wang Zhengqian, Tiantai Law Firm

Arbitrating the quality of goods in international trade

The arbitration tackles a typical issue in international commercial transactions: the determination of the quality of goods

How to amicably terminate a pharmaceutical BD project

By Aaron Gu and Zhu Min, Han Kun Law Offices

Success stress

Stressful competition behind the hustle of Guangdong’s legal landscape

Taking the plunge

Taking the plunge

As global uncertainty disrupts the legal workforce, Asian law firms see attrition as young lawyers switch to in-house and other lanes

Transforming S&T achievements

Transforming S&T achievements into companies for domestic listing

By Wang Yan and Zhao Lihua, Grandway Law Offices

Reforming Japan’s ‘spinach rule’ for today’s VUCA market

By Zhao Rong, Labour Consulting (LABOURS)
Third-party electronic notary platforms

Role of third-party electronic notary platforms in preserving evidence

By Chen Xue’er, Guangzhou Business School Law School, and Jeffrey Quan, ETR Law Firm
Going the distance, Yiru Sun

Going the distance

Yiru Sun, the new senior partner of Hylands Law Firm, shares unique insights from her years of practice, research results and future plans to continue developing in the capital markets field

China Business Law Journal – November 2022

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