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China Business Law Journal - July/August 2015

Volume 6, Issue 7



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In this issue

Intellectual property and 3D printing: A clash in the rising

By Manisha Singh and Zoya Nafis, LexOrbis
Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers

Approval threshold significantly lowered in NDRC outbound investment rules

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers

Changing horizons

How businesses should adapt to the new normal

Wang Yadong is the executive partner and Han Yufeng is a senior IP counsel at Run Ming Law Office

Resolving potential conundrums in trademark disputes over film titles

By Wang Yadong and Han Yufeng, Run Ming Law Firm.

DIFC: Guardian lion standing watch over Dubai’s financial sector

By Dragan Gasic, Al Tamimi & Company

Money laundering: New reporting duties for Swiss company shareholders

By Jana Essebier and Fiona Gao Yue, VISCHER

New business in ancient lands

MENA investment

Forced moves

How law firms survive the current climate

China Business Law Journal – July/August 2015

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