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China Business Law Journal - September 2021

Volume 12, Issue 8

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In this issue

Capital reserve investment and risk prevention in REEITs

By Ren Guobing and Yi Yi, Jingtian & Gongcheng

Deal highlights

Yao Xiaomin-Partner and Wang Yao-associate-Lantai-Partners-兰台律师事务所合伙人姚晓敏-律师王瑶

Commercial banks and protection of personal information

By Yao Xiaomin and Wang Yao, Lantai Partners

Investing in real estate companies through reorganisation

By Wang Zhenxiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng

HKIAC option to fast-track arbitrations

By Hu Sicen, HKIAC

Putting zip in your Zoom

By John Miers

China Business Law Journal – September 2021

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