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China Business Law Journal - November 2015

Volume 6, Issue 10



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In this issue
Exclusion clause article

Exclusion clause cases

UAE perspective on latent building defects

By Scott Lambert and Niall Clancy, Al Tamimi & Company

Key points on the market access negative list system

By Sue Zhang and Tony Zhao, PacGate Law Group

Swiss regime on corporate names revised

By Thomas Kriza and Jonas Gassmann, VISCHER

Strategic investment in A-share companies by foreign investors

By Zhang Yichi, East & Concord Partners

Compulsory licensing in India and the ‘big pharma’ debate

By Neha Mittal & Divya Srinivasan, LexOrbis

Neutralizing default risk

Cross-border financing challenges

Building the future

China’s regional infrastructure efforts

María Lucía Belliz, Argentina

Paths to formalize employment relationships in Argentina

By María Lucía Belliz, Argentina Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship

We’re watching you!

Antitrust regulators step up surveillance

Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers

China poised for green light on individual overseas investments

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers

Determining whether a design alteration is patent infringement

By Jiang Fengtao and Ding Sha, Hengdu Law Offices

China Business Law Journal November 2015

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