Safeguarding IP and creating robust management systems can pose some of the greatest challenges to the legal head of a multinational clean energy firm. Hanergy’s senior inhouse counsel Pei Rui shares this and more with Richard Li

The global Hanergy headquarters lie in a green, expansive compound in Beijing. This is the office of Pei Rui.

Yet while the Hanergy campus may provide a soothing respite from the chaos of the Chinese capital, the market is anything but. Intellectual property awareness remains low, and Pei, vice director of the IP department of Hanergy Holding Group’s legal affairs centre, faces pressures from all sides.

Guardian at the gate-Pei Rui

Patent protection sees its first snag from within. “The great majority of people in China, from the sales and technical support to senior management, have only the vaguest conception of patents,” Pei says. “Everyone knows that it’s an important issue, but no one is clear on why it’s important or what can and should be done. A typical perspective is that patents and technology are essentially the same.”

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