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China Business Law Journal - September 2015

Volume 6, Issue 8



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In this issue

A potential blind spot on the validity of arbitration agreements

By Michael Wang, Martin Hu & Partners

Schindler: Opting-out with tailor-made mandatory public offer duty?

By Gian-Andrea Caprez and Fiona Gao, VISCHER

Backdating documents

Financing methods available to New Third Board listed enterprises

By Jiang Shengyang and Tang Yu, AnJie Law Firm

Tax issues when exiting a company adopting a VIE structure

By Amy Deng Hua, Attorney at Law PacGate Law Group
María Lucía Belliz, Argentina

Settling in Argentina

By María Lucía Belliz, Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship

Secure patents

How to protect your innovations in China

Some things to keep in mind in PPP project compliance review

By Liu Xiaojun and Xing Limiao, AllBright Law Offices

Using IP audits to make the most of your IP assets

By Manisha Singh and Raashi Jain, LexOrbis

Two-step acquisition

In-house experience for JV investment

Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers

New rules may further relax overseas investment restrictions

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers

New approach for securities disputes

The recent stock market volatility has drawn listed companies’ attention to securities disputes as a possible solution, with regulators recognizing Shenzhen’s innovative dispute practice

New guidance on security companies’ online and externally accessed data systems

By Cao Chunfen, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm

Recent developments in protecting the copyrights of musical works

By Wang Yadong and Lu Lei, Run Ming Law Office

Should the registration of defensive marks be treated with tolerance?

By Jiang Fengtao and Zhang Yu, Hengdu Law Offices

Issues to note when a parent absorbs a wholly owned subsidiary by merger

By Zhang Meiying, East & Concord Partners

China Business Law Journal September 2015

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