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China Business Law Journal - June 2011

Volume 2, Issue 6

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In this issue
Insurance funds to invest in land reserve projects (part 1), 保险资金投资土地储备项目(一), Wang Jihong and Gao Lei, V&T Law Firm

Insurance funds to invest in land reserve projects (part 2)

By Wang Jihong and Gao Lei, V&T Law Firm
踏着探戈舞步的中国资本 Tango in the dark

Tango in the dark

Despite political tension and cultural misunderstanding, Chinese investment in Latin America is moving beyond natural resources and up the value chain By Alfred Romann

盛冕 博雷道盛 上海代表处 合伙人 Michael Sheng Partner Blake Dawson Jeff Lynn 博雷道盛 墨尔本办公室 高级律师 Senior Associate Blake Dawson

Mining and the environment

By Michael Sheng and Jeff Lynn, Blake Dawson
Manisha Singh Nair Partner Lex Orbis Intellectual Property Practice

Double Coin gets protection in India

By Manisha Singh Nair, Lex Orbis

Brazil offers both opportunity and complexity

By Francisco Soler Caballero, Garrigues
Nathan Powell 合伙人 Partner Ogier, Hong Kong

Glencore uses Jersey company as listing vehicle

By Nathan Powell, Ogier
许江晖 胡光律师事务所合伙人 Kevin Xu Partner Martin Hu & Partners 陆怡红 胡光律师事务所资深律师 Yvonne Lu Senior Associate Martin Hu & Partners

Capital contributions to FIEs in the form of equity

By Kevin Xu and Yvonne Lu, Martin Hu & Partners
潘燕峰 耀良律师事务所 高级顾问 Charles Pan Senior Consultant Yao Liang Law Offices陆曜松 耀良律师事务所 律师 Will Lu Associate Yao Liang Law Offices

The gathering of evidence in arbitration

By Charles Pan and Will Lu, Yao Liang Law Offices
周斌 铸成律师事务所 高级律师 Robin Zhou Senior Attorney Chang Tsi & Partners金恩汀 铸成律师事务所 外籍律师 Angela Kim Foreign Counsel Chang Tsi & Partners

The fair use of registered trademarks

By Robin Zhou and Angela Kim, Chang Tsi & Partners
拉美国家的商机简析 Latin America, country by country

Latin America, country by country

There are plenty of reasons for law firms to expand their Latin America-China practices, and many have done so.

Peter Dachs 税务部联席主管 Co-head of tax department Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Budget changes the taxation of cross-border transactions

By Peter Dachs, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs
Nikita Lalla 合伙人 Director Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Jonty Sacks 见习律师 Candidate Attorney Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Public-sector construction tenders open to bidders from abroad

By Nikita Lalla and Jonty Sacks, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

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