SCCA moves office to Maxwell Chambers

From left: Wan Kwong Weng (the SCCA’s vice president), Daniel Choo, Lucien Wong, Renita Sophia Crasta

The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA) has moved its office to Maxwell Chambers from its previous location at Riverside Point joining other prestigious organisations and key local institutions.

The SCCA now sits alongside the Law Society of Singapore, the Singapore International Arbitration Centre and the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Singapore’s attorney general and the SCCA patron, Lucien Wong, attended the opening ceremony on 3 February, as well as representatives across Singapore’s legal fraternity including from the Ministry of Law, academic institutions, past and present board members, and other esteemed guests.

“The situating of the SCCA at Maxwell Chambers suites, with the support of the Ministry of Law of Singapore, signifies the important regard for the SCCA in the legal ecosystem and the recognition of in-house counsels as an integral part of the legal fraternity,” said Wong in his opening remarks.

“The move indeed marks a milestone for the SCCA as it is now closer to the other legal institutions.”

SCCA moves office to Maxwell Chambers attendees
The attendees of the opening ceremony

The SCCA’s co-presidents, Daniel Choo and Renita Sophia Crasta, also shared that the SCCA has planned to bring more value to its members. This year, the association will organise two new flagship events, the APAC Legal Congress in May and the Corporate Counsel Summit in August, which will be held in conjunction with Singapore Convention Week.