SCCA and JILA share initiatives in virtual meeting

SCCA and JILA share initiatives
(Top row from left): Nobuko Yoshitake, Bryan Yeo, Hideyuki Sakamoto; (middle row): Yuko Mukuo, Reenita Crasta, Chiyokazu Shindo; (bottom row): Kana Tsumura, Masako Takahata, Daniel Choo

The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA) held a virtual meeting with the president and senior board members of the Japan In-House Lawyers Association (JILA) on 31 January to learn more about each other’s initiatives.

“We are grateful that the key representatives from the JILA took the time to meet us. It gave us the opportunity to share and learn from our respective initiatives and programmes,” the SCCA’s co-presidents Daniel Choo and Renita Sophia Crasta told Asia Business Law Journal.

“There are also similarities between the JILA and the SCCA, and we look forward to having more collaboration in the near future.”

Bryan Yeo, the SCCA’s executive director, added that the meeting helped both organisations better understand the roles and dynamics in relation to the diverse work practices and cultures of in-house counsel.

“Both the SCCA and the JILA agreed to have more such enriching exchanges of ideas and collaborations, and jointly see the advantage of forging a deeper, meaningful partnership,” said Yeo.

Representatives from JILA included president Hideyuki Sakamoto, vice president Masako Takahata, along with members Nobuko Yoshitake, Yuko Mukuo, Chiyokazu Shindo and Kana Tsumura.