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Based on research conducted by China Business Law Journal, the following are the elite lawyers for China practice (including practitioners of Chinese law and international lawyers committed to China-related businesses), and their key practice areas. Click here to read the full report.

Detailed biographies and contact information, where provided, were written by the lawyers themselves and have not been independently verified.

View the lists of China’s Elite Lawyers (PRC Firms), China’s Elite Lawyers (Foreign Firms).






The A-List is based on extensive research conducted by China Business Law Journal. To identify the elite lawyers for the Chinese market, we turned to thousands of in-house counsel in China and around the world, partners at Chinese and international law firms, as well as professionals in other organisations, and asked them to tell us which lawyers should make the cut.

The final list that we have produced reflects the nominations received combined with the China Business Law Journal editorial team’s years of collective experience in documenting and analysing China’s legal market.

All private practice lawyers for the China market were automatically eligible for inclusion in the nomination process, and there were no fees or any other requirements for entry into that process. The names and photographs of all A-List lawyers are published on the pages that follow.
In addition, each A-List lawyer was given the opportunity to include their biography and contact details, for which a publishing fee was charged.

It is important to note that while the compilation of the A-List was based solely on independent editorial research, the biographies and contact details that appear alongside many of the listings have been written by the winning lawyers and the content has not been independently verified by China Business Law Journal.

Bai Wei 白维
Bai Wei

Jingtian & Gongcheng
Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Capital markets; M&A; Foreign direct investment
Bai-Xiaoli 白小莉
Bai Xiaoli

Senior Partner

电话 Tel: +86 186 1229 6630
电邮 Email: baixiaoli@dtlawyers.com.cn

Key practice areas: Competition & antitrust; Intellectual property; Dispute resolution

白小莉律师系道可特律师事务所高级合伙人、北京办公室管委会委员和全国知识产权专业委员会主任。在知识产权、数据保护等领域先后获得多个国际法律专业评级机构的推荐,包括Legal 500亚太数据保护领先律师、2021年度LEGALBAND客户首选:知识产权多面手15强等奖项。






Bai Xiaoli is a senior partner a member of the Beijing Office Management Committee, and the director of the National Intellectual Property Professional Committee at DOCVIT Law Firm. She was recommended by several international legal professional rating agencies in the areas of intellectual property, data protection and others, including Legal 500 Asia Pacific Leading Lawyer for Data Protection, LEGALBAND Top 15 Intellectual Property generalists in 2021 and other awards.

In the area of civil and commercial litigation, Bai has handled a variety of disputes including loans, insurance, company equity, construction, house purchase, sale and lease. With her rich practical experience and strong business ability, she is proficient in resolving all kinds of disputes in civil and commercial matters in a comprehensive and effective manner, and is particularly good at handling difficult and complex cases with certain influence.

Bai has extensive experience and unique insights in intellectual property litigation, especially in copyright, trademark and unfair competition and dispute resolution. She has handled many trademark infringement, copyright infringement and unfair competition disputes, which ultimately achieved good results and won her clients’ praise.

Bai has a broad vision and the ability to solve problems in an all-round way. She is popular and has a great reputation in dispute resolution, intellectual property, digital economy and other business fields.

Bao Fangzhou 鲍方舟
Bao Fangzhou

Senior Partner
AllBright Law Offices
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; M&A
Cao Huijie 曹会杰
Cao Huijie

Managing Partner
Grandall Law Firm
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Banking & finance; Environment; Energy & natural resources
Chai Jie 柴杰
Chai Jie

Senior Partner
Tian Yuan Law Firm
Key practice areas: M&A; Power & energy; Cross-border investment; Infrastructure
Spring-Chang 苍雨春
Spring Chang

创始合伙人 ,北京
Founding Partner
Chang Tsi & Partners

电话 Tel: +86 10 8836 9999
电邮 Email: springchang@changtsi.com

Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Intellectual property; Antitrust & competition; Dispute resolution

苍雨春是铸成律师事务所创始合伙人和知识产权业务负责人。在创办铸成所前,苍雨春曾在美国 Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu 律师事务所、国家计划委员会、中国国际贸易促进委员会专利商标事务所工作。苍雨春是北京市律协评选出的北京市优秀律师,且连续多年在Chambers亚太区排名中被评为“中国知识产权一等律师”,在知识产权领域能获此殊荣的仅两名律师。此外,她还分别入选了World Trademark Review和World IP Review的全球领袖榜单。


Named the World’s Leading Intellectual Property Lawyer by Chambers & Partners, Spring Chang has advised and represented numerous world-leading firms in a wide array of business sectors such as electronics, consumer, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, apparel and jewelry.

Thanks to her creative approach and high efficiency in over two decades of practice, Chang has earned an international reputation and many publications appreciate her “great judgment” and “wealth of experience in serving well-known multinationals”.

Chang has been widely recognised as one of the most influential IP lawyers in China by leading legal media as she always provides clients with tailored legal solutions in a rapidly changing Chinese market. She has also been invited by renowned legal associations and institutions worldwide to share her extensive know-how in trademark and design patent law.

Armstrong Chen 陈胜
Armstrong Chen

Senior Partner
Dentons China
Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Corporate & commercial; Litigation
Chen-Jing 陈静
Chen Jing

高级合伙人 ,北京
Senior Partner
Lantai Partners

电话 Tel: +86 186 1122 9153
电邮 Email: chenjingitc@lantai.cn

Key practice areas: International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Cross-border investment; Import/export legal compliance


陈静凭借专业的法律服务及综合表现,入选2022 年度《亚洲法律杂志》ALB China十五佳女律师榜单。她于2020年3月被国际著名评级机构LEGALBAND评为客户首选:中国女律师15强,其还于同年获得《商法》“The A-List”中国100名法律精英榜单推荐。


Since the publication of her first book on a WTO anti-dumping agreement in 2001, Chen Jing, the leading partner of the international team at Lantai Partners, has been devoted to continuing and in-depth research on international trade, WTO legal system, international investment, competition law, financial regulation and other legal fields, paying attention to the application of theoretical research to the practical settlement of disputes in the above fields and has achieved many ideal results for clients.

Chen was ranked as one of the top 15 female lawyers in 2022 ALB China for her professional legal services and overall performance. In March 2020, she was named by LEGALBAND as one of the top 15 female Lawyers in China and was also recommended by China Business Law Journal’s A-List in the same year.

Chen Jing was also ranked as a famous international trade lawyer by LEGALBAND for six consecutive years from 2016 to 2021, and her team, the international team of Lantai Partners, was awarded the China Business Law Awards in 2016 and 2020, respectively. In addition, Chen also serves as an arbitrator of Beihai Arbitration Court, an arbitrator of Dongguan Arbitration Commission, an external mentor of Beijing Foreign Studies University, entrepreneurial mentor of China University of Political Science and Law, lecturing expert of Qingdao Lawyer College and expert of dispute resolution lawyer of Zhongrong International Trust.

Summit-Chen 陈峰
Summit Chen

Director, Senior Partner
Dentons China

电话 Tel: +86 21 5878 5888
电邮 Email: chen.feng@dentons.cn

Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Banking & finance; Dispute resolution; Private equity, venture capital & funds




陈峰的主要荣誉包括:2021年司法部授予“全国优秀律师”荣誉称号;中华全国律师协会授予“2011-2014全国优秀律师”荣誉称号;上海律师协会授予“第四届东方大律师”及“2011-2015上海市优秀律师”“2015-2018上海市优秀律师”荣誉称号;《商法》2021年度中国市场“The A-List法律精英”榜单;2021、2022年连续被钱伯斯(Chambers and Partners)评为“公司/商事”领域业界贤达;2019、2020年连续被钱伯斯(Chambers and Partners)评为“公司/商事”领域上榜律师;2020、2022年被The Legal 500评为“公司并购”领域推荐律师;2020、2021年被LEGALBAND评为“建设工程”领域推荐律师;2019、2020、2022年被IFLR1000评为“公司并购”领域推荐律师”;2018年度《亚洲法律杂志》(ALB)中国十五佳诉讼律师”;2016、2018年《商法》年度杰出交易奖。

Summit Chen is a first-class lawyer, vice-chair of the China Advisory Committee and board member of Dentons China. Chen is also the director and senior partner of the Shanghai office of Dentons China and vice president of the Shanghai Bar Association. Chen has 20 years of practice experience.

Chen has rich professional theoretical knowledge and practical experience in law and economics, and provides legal service for both domestics and overseas commercial undertakings. His practice focuses on corporate, finance, construction engineering, infrastructure and energy, and major difficult commercial dispute resolution.

Chen is also the deputy to the 15th Shanghai People’s Congress, vice president of the “Belt and Road” Legal Research Committee of Shanghai Law Society, vice president of Case Law Research Association of Shanghai Law Society, distinguished professor at Lawyer’s College of ECUPSL, part-time master tutor at Fudan University Law School, part-time master tutor at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, arbitrator at CIETAC, arbitrator at SHIAC, arbitrator at Shanghai Arbitration Commission, independent director of JP Morgan Securities (China), etc.

Chen’s major honours and awards include: “National Outstanding Lawyer” by Ministry of Justice in 2021; “2011-2014 National Outstanding Lawyer” by All China Lawyers Association; “The Oriental Best Lawyer”, “2011-2015 Shanghai Outstanding Lawyer”, “2015-2018 Shanghai Outstanding Lawyer” by Shanghai Bar Association; “The A-List China’s Elite 100 Lawyers” by China Business Law Journal in 2021; Chambers “Eminent Practitioners” for Corporate/Commercial in 2021 and 2022; Chambers “Ranked Lawyer” for Corporate/Commercial in 2019 and 2020; The Legal 500 “Recommended Attorney” for Corporate and M&A in 2020 and 2022; LEGALBAND “Leading lawyer” for Construction in 2020 and 2021; IFLR1000 “Leading lawyer” for Corporate and M&A in 2019, 2020, 2022; ALB 2018 “Top 15 Litigation Lawyers of China”; and China Business Law Journal “Deals of the Year” in 2016 and 2018.

Chen-Wei 陈伟
Chen Wei


电话 Tel: +86 10 8553 7988
电邮 Email: chenwei@junhe.com

Key practice areas: M&A; PE investment; ICT and communication infrastructure; Overseas listing

陈伟于2004 年加入君合律师事务所,现在君合所北京总部执业,已有超过19年从业经历。





Having worked with a “China magic circle” law firm for 19 years, Chen Wei has rich experience in the areas of M&A, PE/VC investment and capital market. Chen also has extensive industry knowledge in the sectors of TMT (especially ICT and communication infrastructure such as datacenter, cloud services and satellite services), energy, financial services and life science.

Chen has represented many multinational companies, PE and buy-out funds and SOEs in a variety of industries including telecom/Internet, energy, real estate, financial services, pharmaceutical, medical device, aviation, mining, automobile and manufacturing.

Chen has handled a great deal of high-profile and complex projects. Her structure design and drafting strength as well as good business sense make her services valuable to her clients.

Chen has established herself as an innovative attorney while serving clients in challenging projects. She was creative and diligent in guiding a multinational company to smoothly and successfully close a share deal in China in RMB currency in mid-2011, when the relevant regulations were confusing as they had only been recently established.

In recent years, Chen has represented various clients to invest in, buy out or operate communication infrastructure projects (such as datacenter, cloud services, satellite services and network resources) and renewable energy projects. By providing full service covering aspects of investment, acquisition, financing, construction and operation in these areas, she has been recognised as a leading legal profession in the communication infrastructure industry.

Chen Xiangyong 陈向勇
Chen Xiangyong

Director, Manging Director
Wang Jing & Co
Key practice areas: Shipping; International trade; Environment & off-shore projects; Finance & insurance
Chen-Yaoquan 陈耀权
Chen Yaoquan

Partner, Head of Shenzhen Office
TianTong Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 139 1194 6996
电邮 Email: chenyaoquan@tiantonglaw.com

Key practice areas: Commercial litigation; Arbitration



陈耀权担任中国法学会律师法学研究会常务理事、深圳仲裁委仲裁员以及中国海事仲裁委员会仲裁员,多次荣获钱伯斯(Chambers & Partners)争议解决领域领先律师、亚洲法律杂志(ALB)“中国十佳诉讼律师”、LEGALBAND中国顶级律师排行榜争议解决领域顶级律师等荣誉称号。

Chen Yaoquan has a successful legal career spanning more than 20 years. He has represented more than 120 civil and commercial cases before the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) and developed unique and diverse hands-on experience in high-profile cases. Many such cases represented by him have played a leading role in filling the legal gaps, and have been subsequently included in SPC’s guide books on judicial business like The Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China Gazette and The Civil Trial Guidance and Reference. He is especially well-versed in dealing with civil and commercial disputes involving guarantee, corporate affairs, finance, securities, negotiable documents and contracts, having participated in the formulation and revision of a number of judicial interpretations at the invitation of SPC.

As the business principal and team leader of TianTong Law Firm’s practice of litigation, Chen has established and improved the team working model and case process management system, which are highly instrumental in providing efficient and excellent legal services for clients.

Chen is the executive director of the Lawyers’ Law Institute of China Law Society, and an arbitrator of Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration and China Maritime Arbitration Commission. He has won many accolades, including “Leading Lawyer in Dispute Resolution” (Chambers & Partners), “China Top 10 Litigators” (ALB), and “Top lawyer in Dispute Resolution” (LEGALBAND China Top Ranked Lawyers).

Chen-Zhuo 陈卓
Chen Zhuo

Tian Yuan Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 138 1041 7260
电邮 Email: chenzhuo@tylaw.com.cn

Key practice areas: Equity dispute; State-owned asset transfer dispute; Real estate dispute; Financial and asset management dispute




Chen Zhuo is a partner at Tian Yuan Law Firm and works in the dispute resolution department. He has 15 years of career experience in civil and commercial litigation and arbitration and has extensive experience in handling disputes over company equity, state-owned asset transfers, real estate, financial and asset management and other similar cases. Chen graduated from Peking University and joined Tian Yuan Law Firm in 2007. He is admitted to practice in China.

Chen is skilled at handling civil and commercial litigation cases heard by the Supreme People’s Court and the Higher People’s Courts in various provinces. In recent years, he has won several cases heard by the SPC involving amounts ranging from hundreds of millions to billions in RMB. He has also acted as an attorney in a number of arbitration cases heard by CIETAC and BIAC, and has acted as an expert witness on PRC law in several cases in the High Court of Hong Kong and HKIAC. Chen’s team is currently one of the most experienced lawyer teams in China settling disputes over securities margin trading.

Chen is a member of the Company Law Committee and the Youth Working Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association.

Cheng Xiaofeng 程晓峰
Cheng Xiaofeng

Jingtian & Gongcheng
Key practice areas: Competition & antitrust; Data protection; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Dai-Lingyun 戴凌云
Dai Lingyun

Commerce & Finance Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 21 6019 2600
电邮 Email: dailingyun@tongshang.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private client



Dai Lingyun graduated from Tsinghua University (LLB) and the University of Hong Kong (LLM). He has been practicing law since 2008 and now is a partner at Commerce & Finance Law Offices, and a mentor of the graduate students at East China University of Political Science and Law.

Dai specialises in M&A, PE/VC, domestic and overseas listing, funds formation and filing, as well as other legal practice areas. He has extensive experience in transactions. He participated in or led hundreds of transactions, and has top-notch capabilities in project management and deal facilitation. He has been widely praised and recognised by many first-tier investment institutions, listed companies, industrial groups and unicorn clients. He has undertaken projects in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to innovative pharma/medical device, enterprise service, intelligent manufacturing, semiconductor, new energy, driverless car and automobiles.

Ding Jidong 丁继栋
Ding Jidong

Fangda Partners
Beijing/Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Technology, media and telecommunications
Aaron-Dong 董允
Aaron Dong

Joint-Win Partners

电话 Tel: +86 134 0215 3172
电邮 Email: dongyun@joint-win.com

主要执业领域:民商事诉讼及争议解决;资本金融 ;行政法及政府事务
Key practice areas: Civil and commercial litigation & dispute resolution; Capital finance; Administrative law & government affairs





Aaron Dong, partner at the Shanghai office of Joint-Win Law Firm and director of its equity business centre, graduated from Fudan University with a master’s degree. Currently, he is mainly engaged in corporate finance, equity investment and financing, as well as commercial dispute settlement.

During his more than 20 years of legal work experience, Dong has worked as a judge, a public lawyer and a legal director of a corporate group before becoming a practicing lawyer with composite legal background and solid legal skills. In particular, he has been engaged in judicial work in court for more than a decade, and has presided over more than 1,000 civil and commercial cases of various kinds. He has been awarded third-class personal merit citation of the national court system for his outstanding performance.

Since becoming a practicing lawyer, Aaron Dong has devoted himself to the field of corporate and financial law, and provided professional legal services for dozens of large enterprises and listed companies, including PetroChina and Shanghai Guijiu. Dong is rigorous and meticulous in his work and spares no efforts with each case that he handles. For example, in a complex commercial arbitration involving equity investment, by quoting cases in the communique of the Supreme People’s Court and referring to authoritative academic works, he presented an agency opinion of more than 30,000 words in total, fully preparing himself on both defensive and offensive sides. Eventually, he secure a victory after up to two years’ seesaw battle, and saved the client from economic losses worth hundreds of millions in RMB. As a lawyer, he has been highly recognised and praised by clients for both his excellent professional capability and sound professional ethics.

John-Dong 董润青
John Dong

Baohua Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 6121 2979 808/+86 134 8208 5192
电邮 Email: john.dong@baohualaw.com

Key practice areas: Labour & employment




董润青在2012年至2020年曾获得钱伯斯、Legal 500、Legalband的亚洲劳动法领先律师或推荐律师等。


John Dong has extensive experience in labour law, commercial-related civil litigation, corporate policy establishment, and the like.

Dong has long engaged in the practical and theoretical regimes of labour and employment law, providing legal services to many multinational corporations and large-scale state-owned corporations such as Carrefour, General Motors, General Electrics, Bank of Communications, Johnson & Johnson and so on. Services provided to those corporations include Chinese and English legal consultancy, legal document reviews, collective bargaining and litigations. Dong also has wide experience in helping companies deal with international commercial disputes involving labour or employment.

Dong has a bachelor’s degree in law of the East China University of Political Science and Law, majoring in international economic law, and has a master’s degree in law from Vanderbilt Law School in the US. He is qualified in New York State and the PRC.

Dong has published quite a few legal articles, some of which were embodied by core legal journals such as “Heibei Law Science”. Dong has also authored publications such as “Case Analysis on Latest PRC Labour Contract Law (Chinese – English version) ”, “2012 China Labour Law Yearbook (Chinese – English version) ” and “HR Legal Counsel”, which have been highly complimented.

Dong was selected as Asia’s Leading Lawyer or recommended lawyer of Employment from 2012 to 2020 by Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, Legalband, etc.

He practises at Baohua Law Firm, which was founded by Dong Baohua, the vice president of the Social Law Studies Institute of China Law Society and vice president of the China Labour Law Research Association. Baohua Law Firm has assembled a lot of domestic first-class labour lawyers to provide all kinds of legal services in the area of labour law to clients from different countries. From 2012 to 2022, Baohua Law Firm was widely regarded as the top law firm in the field of labour and employment law in China by Chambers & Partners, and was ranked as Band 1 in the field of labour law in China by Chambers & Partners from 2015 to 2022.

Du Ning 杜宁
Du Ning

Haiwen & Partners
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Fan-Xiangyu 范相玉
Fan Xiangyu

Tahota Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 8586 5151
电邮 Email: xiangyu.fan@tahota.com

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Criminal defense; Dispute resolution; Corporate law





范相玉代理大疆创新科技的专利无效案件(案号:5W109789)入选“2016年度专利复审无效十大案件”;代理LG Display与日本某株式会社专利权属纠纷案([2016]京73民初1155号)被评为“北京知识产权法院5周年经典案例”;代理中微(上海)半导体公司处理其与美国VEECO公司专利侵权案获得“2017年上海知识产权十大典型案件”;代理的中冶建筑研究总院与富凯公司的“有压热闷钢渣处理设备及工艺”系列发明专利侵权纠纷案,获得多件胜诉判决。


Boasting technical knowledge in numerous fields, Fan Xiangyu once served as a patent examiner at the China National Intellectual Property Administration.

Fan specialises in IP non-litigation and litigation matters; criminal cases; representation in civil and commercial litigation cases, including dispute resolution involving patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyright, and unfair competition; patent application, invalidation, and re-examination and trademark-related cases; as well as criminal defense and criminal risk avoidance.

Fan has years of experience in providing trade-secret-related legal services, achieving strong results in many cases on proprietary technical and commercial information he has handled, in particular numerous cases where he found success by leveraging his knowledge in chemical engineering.

Fan represented SZ DJI Technology in a patent invalidation case (Case No. 5W109789), selected as one of the “Top Ten Patent Re-Examination and Invalidation Cases in 2016”; represented LG Display in its patent ownership dispute with a Japanese joint-stock company, chosen as one of the “Model Cases on the 5th Anniversary of Beijing Intellectual Property Court”; and represented Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment China in a patent infringement dispute with the US company Veeco, named a “Top Ten Model IP Case in Shanghai in 2017.”

Fan has represented clients in many high-profile patent cases. Among them was Sogou’s RMB260 million lawsuit against Baidu over patent infringement and invalidation, in which he successfully helped Sogou defend the validity of many of the patents under dispute. He represented Meizu in a standard-essential patent infringement and invalidation case with Qualcomm, where he built a strong case for the invalidation of Qualcomm’s patents, helping Meizu gain the initiative in the subsequent patent licensing negotiations.

Feng-Yao 冯瑶
Feng Yao

Special Counsel
Sunland Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6595 8667
电邮 Email: yao_feng@sunlandlaw.com

Key practice areas: International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Antitrust & competition; Foreign direct investment






Feng Yao worked in the Department of Treaty and the Law of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China as a governmental counsel from 1997 to 1999, and then worked as the director of the Anti-Dumping Office from 1999 to 2001. Feng worked at Covington’s Washington DC Office from 2002 to 2003. In 2004 she joined Broad & Bright as one of the founding member.

Feng focuses on antitrust laws, international trade and FDI areas in her practice. She has served as the attorney for hundreds of filings to SAMR/MOFCOM regarding concentration of undertakings, and has provided legal service in various international trade disputes for companies and government agencies in China, South Korea, Japan, the US, tbe EU and Russia. At the same time, she has rich experience in customs affairs, WTO, international trade dispute and FDI areas.

Feng has represented clients in many significant deals, and has rich experience in competition law. Since 1 August 2008, MOFCOM/SAMR has cleared over 4,500 fillings to date, hundreds of which have been represented by her team, one of the domestic teams that has handled most cases in China. Feng has been ranked Band 1 lawyer in the industry by Chambers for consecutively 12 years since 2008. Feng’s high-quality service has won recognition from clients and legal professionals. She has been recognised by many prestigious legal-ranking publications. The major awards that Feng has received include: “Chambers Asia-Pacific: Asia’s Leading Lawyer in Competition/Antitrust 2022”, “GCR – 2022 Awards – Merger Control Matter of the Year”, and “Chambers and Partners: Yao Feng – Leading Lawyer in Competition/Antitrust (PRC Firms) Band 1, 2022”.

In addition to the merger review, Feng and her team have provided consulting service for various antitrust issues, including representing the client to deal with the investigations initiated by NDRC. Feng and her team also have extensive experience in providing consulting service to international companies for antitrust compliance issues under the Anti-Monopoly Law.

Bill-Gao 高锖
Bill Gao

Senior Partner
Landing Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 136 0161 4215
电邮 Email: qiang.gao@landinglawyer.com

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Licensing & franchising; Commercial litigation; Dispute resolution



Bill Gao is the head of the intellectual property department of Landing Law Offices, one of the managing partners of Landing, identified by China Business Law Journal as one of China’s elite lawyers in 2021, and named as one of ALB China’s Client Choices Lawyers in 2022. He has been practicing law for more than 12 years, with extensive theoretical and practical experience in intellectual property rights, unfair competition, international civil and commercial disputes, and non-litigation fields. His clients are mainly in telecommunications, media, entertainment, and technologies.

Gao began his legal career at the Shanghai office of Dentons China after he graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law in 2010. Up to now, he has handled more than 200 litigation and arbitration cases related to intellectual property rights and unfair competition for domestic and overseas clients, involving trademarks, patents, copyright, trade-secrets protection, domain names, franchises, and technology transfer and development disputes, as well as other contract and infringement cases.

Gary-Gao 高俊
Gary Gao

Zhong Lun Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 6061 3575
电邮 Email: gaojun@zhonglun.com

Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Arbitration & ADR; Compliance; Commercial litigation

高俊是中伦律师事务所的合伙人,也是事务所合规部门负责人。高俊律师自1990年进入法院工作,曾担任刑事法官。1995年,高俊取得中国律师资格并开始执业。高俊自2020年至今,连续多年被The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 评为“领先律师:监管与合规”;自2018年至今,连续多年在国际权威法律评级机构Chambers & Partners公布的《钱伯斯亚太指南》榜单中的“公司调查/反腐败”领域获得推荐。高俊律师还先后荣获《亚洲法律概况》2022年度合规领域卓越律师、《商法》(China Business Law Journal)“2020年度杰出交易”、China Law & Practice(《中国法律商务》)“2017年度合规律师”大奖。此外,高俊还入选《商法》授予的“The A-List 法律精英”2019榜单,获得亚洲法律杂志(ALB)“2016 ALB Client Choice Top 20 Lawyer(2016年客户首选20强律师)”荣誉称号,被钱伯斯亚太评为2013年亚洲领先商业律师并在“争议解决”领域获得推荐。



Gary Gao is a partner and the head of compliance and regulatory department of Zhong Lun Law Firm. He obtained an LLM in the UK and his working languages are English and Chinese. He has practiced law for 25 years, making him an experienced lawyer. Before admitted to the PRC Bar in 1995, he had worked as a criminal judge in a district court in Shanghai since 1990. Gao has been consecutively recommended as the Leading Individual in Compliance & Regulatory by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific since 2020 in Corporate Investigation/Anti-bribery by Chambers Asia-Pacific since 2018. Besides, Gao was honored as the 2022 Distinguished Practitioner in Regulatory by Asialaw Profiles, “Deal of the Year 2020” and “The A-List – China’s Elite 100 Lawyers 2019” by China Business Law Journal, the 2017 “Regulatory & Compliance Lawyer of the Year” by China Law & Practice, the 2016 “Client Choice Top 20 Lawyer” by ALB and the “Asia’s Leading Lawyers for Business of Dispute Resolution” recommended by Chambers Asia-Pacific 2013.

Having more than two decades of work experience in compliance and international dispute resolution provides Gao with an intimate and thorough understanding of corporate operation, a firm grasp on the international business skills and traps in the negotiations and a rich experience for dealing with company compliance. He has assisted numerous multinational enterprises, institutions and large domestic enterprises in different industries to deal with comprehensive compliance issues, including handling the cross-border governmental investigations, defending clients in criminal proceedings, preparation and dealing with related disputes, conducting internal compliance investigation regarding management staff, initiating the criminal procedure and dealing with the employment therefore as well as providing compliance training services to their management, employees and business partners etc.

Additionally, Gao is an experienced and skilled litigator capable of handling complex, cross-border litigation as well as sophisticated commercial disputes. He has rich experience in foreign arbitration, litigation, mediation and negotiation, is familiar with the strategic planning of dispute resolution in multiple jurisdictions, the application of the law (especially those relating to the application of the common law), the collection, screening and rules of proof of cross-border evidence. In particular, Gao is good at dealing with disputes involving corporate equity, partnership private equity investment, procurement contracts, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, insurance claims, etc.

Gao Lei 高磊
Gao Lei

V&T law firm
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Dispute resolution; Investment & financing
Gao-Meili 高美丽
Gao Meili

Senior Partner
Dentons China

电话 Tel: +86 10 5813 7019
电邮 Email: meili.gao@dentons.cn

Key practice areas: Bankruptcy, restructuring & liquidation; Corporate and M&A; Real estate and construction; Dispute resolution



由于在债务重组及破产业务方面的突出表现,高美丽获选2018年间ALB China 十五佳女律师,荣登2020年度《商法》中国市场“The A–List 法律精英”榜单,入选The Legal 500 2021亚太地区反垄断与竞争法、公司与并购推荐律师,The Legal 500 2022亚太地区破产重组、税务领域特别推荐律师,2022年度LEGALBAND债务重组榜单中国律师特别推荐榜15强。

Gao Meili, senior partner at the Beijing headquarter of Dentons China, joined the firm in 2003. She is currently the head of the bankruptcy reorganisation and liquidation group at Dentons headquarters, the leader of the global reorganisation, insolvency and bankruptcy professional group of Dentons China, a member of the advisory committee of Dentons China, a member of the International Bankruptcy Law Association, supervisor of the Beijing Bankruptcy Law Society, a member of the 11th Beijing Youth Federation Member of the Standing Committee and a member of the 6th Youth Federation Committee of Dongcheng District. She is a project writer of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the State Council, qualified as an independent director, and served as a special consultant for the risk disposal of local governments. In 2021, she published the book Judgment Rules for Bankruptcy Litigation and Legal Practices of Administrator.

Gao successfully undertook the reorganisation of Spearhead Integrated Marketing Communication Group (300071), reorganisation of Chongqing Energy Investment Group and 15 other affiliated companies, the reorganisation of Sichuan Chemical (000155), the reorganisation of Henan Yinge Industrial Investment (600069), the merger and reorganisation of Shandong Tianxin Group and its affiliated companies, the reorganisation of Zouping County Sanli Group and its affiliated companies, the reorganisation of Henan Zhongpin Food Industry and its affiliated companies and many other major bankruptcy reorganisation or debt resolution cases of listed companies, large state-owned enterprises, and groups. She has rich experience in debt resolution and bankruptcy business.

Due to her outstanding performance in the debt restructuring and bankruptcy field, she was selected as one of the Top 15 female lawyers in ALB China 2018, was recgnised in the “The A-List” by China Business Law Journal in 2020, was selected as a recommended lawyer for the antitrust and competition law, corporation and merger in the Asia Pacific region by The Legal 500 in 2021, a recommended lawyer for bankruptcy restructuring and tax in the Asia Pacific region by The Legal 500 in 2022, and Top 15 Chinese Lawyers in the 2022 list of LEGALBAND Debt Restructuring Special Recommendation List.

Gao-Ping 高苹
Gao Ping

AnJie Broad Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 8567 5906
电邮 Email: gaoping@anjielaw.com

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Corporate & commercial; Commercial litigation; Dispute resolution



除被《商法》评为“100位中国业务优秀律师”(The A-List法律精英)外,高苹还多次被LEGALBAND、Legal 500、ALB、Benchmark Litigation等评为争议解决领域领先律师。

Gao Ping has 30 years of legal experience and is a founding partner of AnJie Broad Law Firm, an arbitrator of various arbitration institutions including the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), and a former expert judge of an intermediate court in Beijing for commercial trials.

Gao specialises in dispute resolution of major and difficult commercial cases and has served clients including state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, and multinational companies. With her deep experience in judicial practice, Gao excels in analysing the risks of cases and predicting the development of cases objectively, so as to provide clients with effective dispute resolution schemes.

In addition to being named to China’s Elite 100 Lawyers (PRC Firms) of The A-List by China Business Law Journal, Gao has also been named a leading lawyer in the field of dispute resolution by LEGALBAND, Legal 500, ALB, Benchmark Litigation and others.

Gao Wei 高巍
Gao Wei

Haiwen & Partners
Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Gao-Xiang 高翔
Gao Xiang

AllBright Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 21 6263 8383 / +86 150 2124 7609
电邮 Email: gaoxiang@allbrightlaw.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Corporate & commercial; Intellectual property; Dispute resolution


Gao Xiang represents and advises many well-known Chinese and foreign clients, including Fortune 500 multinationals, on a variety of IP, dispute resolution and corporate matters. Gao specialises in complex IP litigation, with a focus on patent infringement, including matters in relation to standard-essential patents (SEPs), misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark infringements and unfair competition.

Gao has a wide range of experience in R&D and technology collaboration, IP licensing, IP acquisition and management, commercial transactions and collaboration, open source software (OSS) and other non-contentious and transactional matters. He has also been representing many clients in complex contract, corporate and commercial litigations and arbitrations. His practice covers diverse industries including telecommunications, semiconductors, electronics, software, industrial engineering and automation, and the automotive industry.

Gao Yifeng 高移风
Gao Yifeng

Global Law Office
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Insurance & reinsurance; Shipping; Dispute resolution
Guan Jian 管健
Guan Jian

Senior Partner
Globe-law Law Firm
Beijing/Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Compliance; International trade & bilateral investment treaties
Guan Jianjun 管建军
Guan Jianjun

Grandall Law Firm
Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Guo-Xiaoming 郭小明
Guo Xiaoming

Senior Partner
Commerce & Finance Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 755 8351 7570
电邮 Email: guoxiaoming@tongshang.com

Key practice areas: Compliance; Intellectual property; Technology, media and telecommunications; Dispute resolution



Guo Xiaoming was the vice president and general counsel of ZTE Corporation, and led and handled a series of major compliance incidents, including scoring six consecutive victories in the US 337 investigation, the EU anti-dumping investigation and US export control case.

Guo provides legal compliance services for many leading enterprises, establishing their corporate compliance systems, and improving their capacity for legal compliance management, export control evaluation, data protection, and anti-bribery. He has handled hundreds of complex commercial disputes involving equity investment, technology development, trade secret infringement, patent infringement, and other fields on behalf of many well-known enterprises. Guo’s clients consider him a legal expert with a business mind because he always provides comprehensive litigation and arbitration strategies and integrates enterprise operation and risk control into his analysis. Guo is an arbitrator of Shenzhen International Arbitration Court, the president of Pengcheng Legal Compliance Research Institute and a member of the Shenzhen Compliance Professional Committee.

Hong-Liang 洪亮
Hong Liang

Founding Partner
Zhihe Partners

电话 Tel: +86 21 6107 1599
电邮 Email: hongliang@zhihepartners.com

Key practice areas: Commercial law and capital markets; State-owned rnterprises; Real estate and infrastructure; Government legal services




Hong Liang is the founding partner of Zhihe Partners. His main practice areas are commercial law, state-owned enterprises, real estate and infrastructure construction, as well as government public legal services. He has extensive experience in the above areas as well as in capital market, corporate compliance, data security and dispute resolution.

Hong graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), and obtained a master degree in Business Administration from Fudan University. He completed his undergraduate study at East China University of Political Science and Law. Hong used to work for the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He serves as an arbitrator at the Shanghai Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and Shanghai Arbitration Commission, concurrently serving as deputy director of Corporate Compliance Professional Committee of China Bar Association, and director of Government Legal Advisory Research Committee of Shanghai Bar Association. He is a part-time professor of East China University of Political Science and Law, and Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. Hong is a member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Youth Federation, and concurrently serves as its secretary-general.

Hong has been ranked by Chambers and Partners in the area of corporate/commercial for many times, and was selected into the first batch of international law talent pool of the Ministry of Justice and Shanghai International Law Firm legal talent pool. Hong provided legal services in the largest urban renewal project in a downtown area in mainland China, demonstrating his proficiency at using various financial instruments in infrastructure and construction projects. In the area of dispute litigation, Hong represented many cases in the Supreme People’s Court, and received favourable judgments in the lawsuits.

Hu Gaochong 胡高崇
Hu Gaochong

Senior Partner
Zhonglun W&D Law Firm
Key practice areas: Compliance; Labour & employment; Litigation; Dispute resolution
Frank-Huang 黄福龙
Frank Huang

Guantao Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 755 2598 0899
电邮 Email: huangfl@guantao.com

Key practice areas: Insurance & reinsurance; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Shipping; Dispute resolution

黄福龙先后在广州、上海、深圳工作,现为观韬中茂律师事务所深圳办公室执行合伙人,擅长商事争议解决业务,主要处理投融资、基金、保险、海商领域的高额复杂纠纷。黄福龙曾受邀担任《国际比较法律指南2018-海商法》(Shipping Law 2018 of the International Comparative Legal Guide)中国章节作者,该书由英国伦敦波罗的海航交所、波罗的海航运公会、GLG联合出版。

黄福龙亦曾受邀担任《保险争端法律评论》(The Insurance Dispute Law Review)中国章节作者,该书由英国伦敦Law Business Research Limited出版。在私募基金领域,黄福龙曾多次协助首个案件失利的基金管理人,在后续相同事实背景的仲裁案件中取得反败为胜的结果,为管理人减少巨额损失;亦曾成功协助投资人通过持有人大会更换基金管理人,并获得中基协认可,成为中国国内基金历史上首次成功案例,为此后同类案件提供了范本先例。




Frank Huang has worked in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen and now is the executive partner in the Shenzhen office of Guantao Law Firm. He specialises in commercial dispute resolution, especially high-value and complex cases in the areas of investment and financing, funds, insurance and maritime.

Huang was invited to be the author of the China chapter of Shipping Law 2018 of the International Comparative Legal Guide, jointly published by the Baltic Exchange, the Baltic and International Maritime Council, and GLG in London. He was also invited to be the author of the China chapter of the Insurance Dispute Law Review, published by Law Business Research in London.

In the private equity sector, Huang has helped a lot of fund managers to reverse their first verdicts and win subsequent arbitration cases under the same factual background, reducing substantial losses; he has also successfully assisted investors to change their fund managers through the holders’ general meeting, which was recognised by the Asset Management Association of China and became the first successful case in the history of funds in China, providing a precedent for similar cases later on.

Huang is familiar with cross-border business. In 2016, he was selected as one of the leading foreign-related lawyers of the All China Lawyers Association and was selected to study international commercial arbitration in London; in 2018, Huang was selected as one of the 1,000 foreign-related lawyers of the Ministry of Justice.

Huang is a keen participant in social and public service and holds social positions such as deputy director of the Cross-border Dispute Resolution Law Committee of the Guangdong Lawyers Association, director of the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Law Committee of the Shenzhen Lawyers Association, director of the International and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Centre of the Futian District Lawyers Working Committee of the Shenzhen Lawyers Association, and director of the Hong Kong and Macau Law Research Association of the Shenzhen Law Society.

Clients describe Huang as experienced, responsible, meticulous and trustworthy, as well as being able to give clear, accurate, creative but practical professional advice to his clients.

Huang Hui 黄晖
Huang Hui

Wanhuida Intellectual Property
Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Licensing & franchising; Antitrust & competition; Dispute resolution
Huang-Peng 黄鹏
Huang Peng

East & Concord Partners

电话 Tel: +86 571 8501 7011
电邮 Email: huangpeng@east-concord.com

Key practice areas: Corporate and M&A; Private equity and industrial funds; Cross-border dispute resolution

黄鹏是天达共和律师事务所投资并购领域和涉外业务资深合伙人。钱伯斯评价黄鹏“精通国内上市和相关投资业务”“为律所带来了私募股权融资、并购等各类非争议性领域的突出能力。”LEGALBAND评价他“善于精准抓住关键要点,抽丝剥茧,协助客户逐一攻克交易中的瓶颈与难题”。The Legal 500评价“黄鹏是杭州乃至浙江省为数不多的具有丰富国际经验,能流利使用英语的并购律师之一。”

黄鹏获得诸多世界知名机构授予的奖项:2020、2021、2022年连续被钱伯斯评为亚太“公司/商事:东部沿海:浙江”第二级别律师(BAND 2);2022年、2020年分别被The Legal 500在“地区分布:浙江杭州”及“私募股权”两个领域评为推荐律师;2022年荣登LEGALBAND年度风云榜:创新律师15强;2021年荣登LEGALBAND年度风云榜:交易律师15强;2020年被中国并购公会评为年度最佳并购律师。他代理的苏宁体育A轮融资被《商法》评为2018年度杰出交易;在华锐风电和美国超导系列纠纷(该案被《商法》评为2018年度杰出交易)中代表美国超导。


Huang Peng is a senior partner at East & Concord Partners in the field of investment and M&A as well as foreign-related business. Chambers and Partners commented that Huang “is proficient in domestic listings and related investment matters”, and “contributed outstanding abilities to law firms in various non-controversial areas such as private equity financing, mergers and acquisitions”. LEGALBAND commented that Huang “excelled in grasping key points accurately to assist clients in breaking through bottlenecks and solving problems in different transactions”. The Legal 500 commented that Huang “is one of the few M&A lawyers in Hangzhou or even Zhejiang Province who has extensive international experience and can work fluently in English”.

Huang has won awards from many world-renowned institutions, including: awarded Asia Pacific “Corporate/Commercial: East Coast: Zhejiang:Band 2 Lawyer” by Chambers and Partners in 2020, 2021 and 2022 consecutively; listed as a Recommended Lawyer by the Legal 500 in two areas of “Regional Coverage: Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province” and “Private Equity” in 2020 and 2022; won the award “Power List: Top 15 Innovative Lawyers” granted by LEGALBAND in 2022; won the award “Power List: Top 15 Transaction Lawyers” granted by LEGALBAND In 2021; awarded the Best Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer of the Year by China Mergers & Acquisitions Association in 2020; Suning Sports’ series A financing represented by Huang was rated as one of the Deals of the Year 2018 by China Business Law Journal; and represented American Superconductor Corp in a series of disputes against Sinovel Wind Group, which was also rated as one of the Deals of the Year 2018 by China Business Law Journal.

In addition, Huang is an independent director at Tanac Automation, a practice supervisor at Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School, a practice supervisor at “The Belt and Road” Foreign-related Legal Talent Innovation Experimental Class of Zhejiang International Studies University, a distinguished lawyer at the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Huzhou Branch, and the director of the Foreign-related Legal Service Research Centre of the Gongshu Branch of Hangzhou Lawyers Association.

Ramon-Huang 黄春林
Ramon Huang

Senior Partner
Hui Ye Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 5237 0950
电邮 Email: ramon.huang@huiyelaw.com

Key practice areas: Data protection; Technology, media and telecommunications



黄春林应邀参加上百次网络安全、数据合规及电子商务相关的学术研讨会、立法论证会、执法调研会等,并发表主题演讲或专题论文,出版专著《网络与数据法律实务——法律适用与合规落地》(人民法院出版社)。黄春林深谙网络与数据、新兴科技、电子商务及文化传媒领域的法律环境、政策背景、监管尺度及司法口径, 并与相关主管部门与司法机构建立了畅通的沟通机制。


Ramon Huang specialises in network and data compliance, e-commerce, consumer rights protection and marketing compliance. He has nearly 20 years of experience in legal practice.

Since practicing, Huang has handled a large number of projects/cases with industry benchmarking significance, and has served the world-renowned internet, emerging technology, consumer retail, biomedicine, automobile transportation and other areas’ enterprises. In recent years, Huang has been recommended as a leading lawyer in the industry by third-party international rating agencies many times.

Huang has been invited to attend hundreds of academic seminars, legislative argumentation meetings, law enforcement research meetings, etc. relating to cybersecurity, data compliance and e-commerce, delivered keynote speeches or monographs, and published the monograph Network and Data Law Practice – Application of Law and Implementation of Compliance (People’s Court Press). Huang is well-versed in the legal environment, policy background, regulatory practice and judicial practice in the fields of network and data, emerging technologies, e-commerce, culture and media, and has established a smooth communication mechanism with relevant competent authorities and judicial institutions.

Huang has deep business and technology insight, broad industry ecological outlook and rich project implementation experience, can quickly understand clients’ business needs and technical models, assist clients in innovating business models and optimizing technology paths, and thus provide the personalized legal solutions of “business/technology – law – technology/business” to help clients create and maintain competitive advantages.

Huang Tao 黄滔
Huang Tao

Senior Partner, Managing Partner of Dispute Resolution Group
King & Wood Mallesons
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Litigation; Dispute resolution
Huang-Wei 黄伟
Huang Wei

Managing Partner
Tian Yuan Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 5776 3888
电邮 Email: hwei@tylaw.com.cn

Key practice areas: Antitrust & competition


黄伟已连续七年被《钱伯斯》评为中国“竞争法/反垄断领域”卓越律师,连续八年被《商法》评为“100位中国业务优秀律师”(The A-List法律精英),被《LEGALBAND》连续七年评为“反垄断与竞争法”领域第一梯队律师,被《ALB》评为“中国15佳诉讼律师”,被China Law & Practice(中国法律商务)分别评为2020年及2022年中国竞争法年度杰出律师。


Huang Wei is the managing partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm, deputy director and general secretary at the Anti-Monopoly and Anti-Unfair Competition Professional Committee of the All China Lawyers Association, an arbitrator at China International Economic & Trade Association, and the First China Expert at the International Chamber of Commerce Commission on Competition.

Huang has been listed as a leading lawyer in “Competition & Antitrust” by Chambers & Partner for seven consecutive years, “The A List (China’s Top 100 Lawyers)” by China Business Law Journal for eight consecutive years, “Band 1 in Antitrust & Competition” by LEGALBAND for seven consecutive years, “China Top 15 Litigators” by Asia Legal Business, and awarded Competition Lawyer of the Year 2020 and 2022 by China Law & Practice.

Huang has long been dedicated to antitrust practice, including antitrust litigation, investigation, merger filing, and antitrust compliance, etc. Huang has represented clients in a series of China’s landmark antitrust lawsuits, which among others, include the first antitrust dispute heard by the Supreme People’s Court (Qihoo 360 v Tencent, winning the case representing Tencent), the first judicial review of administrative penalty decision on vertical price agreement (Hainan Yutai Case), the first case on arbitrability of antitrust dispute in China, the “choose one from two” antitrust litigation between JD and Alibaba, and the antitrust litigation between Qualcomm and Apple. Huang has assisted clients in a number of antitrust investigations, such as the LCD Panel case, the Moutai Wuliangye case, the Qualcomm case, the world’s three major chip companies, and three globally leading music labels, etc. Regarding merger filing, Huang advised clients from a broad range of industries, such as automotive, semiconductor, consumer electronics, wireless communication, pharmaceutical, chemical, and energy. Huang has also provided competition compliance service to dozens of multinational enterprises and large SOEs as well.

Ji-Chaoyi 纪超一
Ji Chaoyi

Managing Partner
East & Concord Partners

电话 Tel: +86 10 6510 7096
电邮 Email: jichaoyi@east-concord.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Litigation; Commercial litigation; Dispute resolution

天达共和律师事务所合伙人,北京办公室管理合伙人,争议解决部负责人,中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会仲裁员,亚太经合组织网上争议解决(APEC ODR)中立专家,担任北京市朝阳区律师协会国际业务研究会秘书长、青工委副主任,入选北京市律师协会涉外律师才人库,并自2018年至今连续担任世界银行Doing Business项目专家对北京市营商环境评分。纪超一同时担任A股上市公司独立董事。


纪超一连续多年被钱伯斯(Chambers & Partners)出版的《钱伯斯环球指南》、《钱伯斯亚太法律指南》及《钱伯斯中国指南》评为仲裁领域领先律师之一,被《法律500强》(The Legal 500)亚太地区榜单评为诉讼领域“明日之星”、中国榜单的仲裁和诉讼领域推荐律师,被《商法》(China Business Law Journal)评为“中国100 位法律精英”之一,被《亚太法律》(Asialaw) 评为“中国争议解决领域可与之合作的最高评级律师”之一,被LEGALBAND评为仲裁领域顶尖律师之一。

Ji Chaoyi is a Beijing-based managing partner and head of the dispute resolution department at East & Concord Partners. Ji serves as a listed CIETAC arbitrator, a neutral of APEC Online Dispute Resolution Service, secretary general of International Business Research Committee of Beijing Chaoyang District Lawyers Association, associate director of Young Lawyers Working Committee of Beijing Chaoyang District Lawyers Association, and has been selected into the foreign-related lawyer pool of Beijing Lawyers Association. Ji is also an independent director of listed companies in the Chinese stock market.

Ji’s practice focuses on commercial litigation and arbitration. He has represented many Fortune 500 companies such as the Coca-Cola, IBM, Honeywell, GE, Hitachi, Ameropa, ConocoPhillips, China CITIC Bank, Carrefour and world-leading enterprises including China National Building Materials and Equipment Import & Export Corporation, Tishman Speyer, DXC, Garrett Motion, Beijing Holding Group, CCB international, China Tower and China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings, etc. Jia handled a breadth of disputes and litigations from areas of finance, investment, equity acquisitions, international trade, mechanical equipment, software engineering projects, energy projects, real estate projects, and the automobile industry before all levels of Chinese courts including the Supreme People’s Court and in arbitration before ICC, CIETAC, BAC, SHIAC etc.. In addition, Ji serves as legal counsel for China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings, and Beijing Enterprises Holding.

For many years, Ji has been recommended by Chambers and Partners in Chambers Global, Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide and Chambers Greater China Region Guide as a leading lawyer of arbitration, recommended by The Legal 500 Asia-Pacific Guide as Next Generation Partner in litigation, recommended by The Legal 500 China Guide as a recommended lawyer in both arbitration and litigation, recommended by Asialaw as the highest rated lawyer to work within PRC dispute resolution Client Service Excellence Ratings, included in China Business Law Journal‘s A-List as one of the top 100 PRC lawyers, and recognized by LEGALBAND as a top lawyer of arbitration.

David Jia 贾红卫
David Jia

Senior Partner
Long An Law Firm
Key practice areas: International commercial dispute resolution; Contract law; Corporate law; M&A and reorganisation
Jia-Weiheng 贾维恒
Jia Weiheng

Han Kun Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 21 6080 0396
电邮 Email: weiheng.jia@hankunlaw.com

Key practice areas: M&A; Corporate compliance; Antitrust & competition; Labour & employment





Jia Weiheng is licensed to practice law in China, New York State, and before the US federal courts. In his over 20 years of practice, Jia has focused on cross-border M&A, regulatory compliance, as well as labour and employment. He is one of the few lawyers in China who can truly practice law in Chinese, Japanese, and English languages.

Jia has represented clients on numerous deals involving M&A, formation and dissolution of joint ventures, and disposal of assets, of which more than half involved PRC SOEs.

Jia has substantial experience in advising on regulatory and compliance matters covering a variety of issues, including anti-bribery, anti-monopoly, as well as data security and protection.

In labour and employment law practice, Jia is particularly known for his experience in mass layoffs by leading a number of high-profile redundancy cases, some involving over thousands of employees.

James Jiang 江海
James Jiang

Yuanda China Law Firm
Key practice areas: Compliance; Corporate governance; Dispute resolution
Charles-Li 李朝应
Charles Li

Han Kun Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 10 8525 5518
电邮 Email: charles.li@hankunlaw.com

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Foreign direct investment


李朝应连续多年被钱伯斯、the Legal 500、IFLR1000、ALB、Asialaw Profiles和China Law and Practice等国际知名法律评级机构评为私募股权和风险投资、公司并购、资本市场、电信媒体和科技(TMT)以及医疗领域的顶级中国律师。

Charles Li has been working at Han Kun Law Offices since January 2005.

He specialises in public and private financings (equity and debt), mergers and acquisitions, incorporation and corporate restructuring, foreign direct investment, and intellectual property protection. Li is knowledgeable about PRC industry policies, corporate structure, capital operation, financial planning, and investment and project management. Li has represented many Chinese and international companies on a wide variety of cross-border transactions in different industries such as telecommunications, internet, information technology, energy, clean technology, consumer goods, healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

Li is consistently recognised as a leading authority in China for venture capital and private equity, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets transactions, TMT, and healthcare by leading global legal directories such as Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500, IFLR1000, Asian Legal Business, Asialaw Profiles, and China Law and Practice.

David Li 李寿双
David Li

Senior Partner
Dentons China
Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Trust & fund
Li-Hongji 李洪积
Li Hongji

Senior Partner
Commerce & Finance Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 10 6563 7181
电邮 Email: lihongji@tongshang.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Litigation; Commercial litigation; Dispute resolution




Li Hongji is the head of dispute resolution department of Commerce & Finance Law Offices. Widely regarded as a leading expert in arbitration and litigation, Li focuses on international trade, corporate, finance, real estate, and maritime. In 30 years, Li has handled extensive high-profile and influential cases, of which the most majority have ended up with 100% satisfaction from clients. As an attorney, Li has represented approximately 1,000 cases. As an arbitrator, he has tried hundreds of commercial disputes. He has been consecutively acknowledged as a leading lawyer by world renowned legal ranking institutions.

Li is appraised for resolving complex legal disputes, having handled a number of significant cases. He specialises at finding out the internal logic amongst intricate evidence and facts, and clarifing entangled legal relationships. On such basis, Li makes a full demonstration of reasoning, formulates a reasonable plan, and puts it into motion. He is able to grasp the key issues in dispute and development of the case, thus ultimately bringing satisfactory results to clients. In such fashion, Li leads a winning-

oriented team.

Li is active not only as an attorney but also as an arbitrator. He is a paneled arbitrator in multiple major arbitration commissions. He can pinpoint issues in disputes with accuracy, clarify important details, grasp public policies and laws, and attentively apply rule of evidence, so as to maintain professionalism, impartiality and independence. Throughout the years he has tried over 300 cases, with around 30 cases to process each year. He is appointed as the presiding arbitrator/sole arbitrator in most cases he tried. His diligence, expertise and insight has gained him high recognition from parties at dispute as well as the legal community.

Jenny-Li 李筠怡
Jenny Li

合伙人 ,北京
Merits & Tree Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 10 5650 0983
电邮 Email: junyi.li@meritsandtree.com

Key practice areas: Investment, financing and M&A; Capital markets; Investment funds



李筠怡的荣誉奖项包括获评为2022与2023年IFLR 1000 Rising Star Partner(私募股权与并购);以及获得The Legal 500亚太地区2023特别推荐(私募股权)。


Jenny Li is a partner in the corporate/M&A and capital markets teams at Merits & Tree Law Offices. Her primary practice areas include merger and acquisition, private equity/venture capital investments, capital markets and general corporate matters, in which she has over 15 years of experience. She has a wealth of diverse experience in providing clients with effective solutions and strategic planning in complicated transactions, with her knowledge and expertise in a wide array of industries, including TMT, healthcare and life science, new energy, consumer goods and retail, etc.

Her clients include leading Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Ant Group, Zoomlion and well-known investment institutions such as CICC Capital, China Merchants Healthcare, Hony Capital, as well as fast-grown start-ups, such as Hua Kong Tsingjiao, Bytestream and Huisen Global. She also participated in a variety of capital markets transactions, follow-on offerings and public company M&A deals.

She is currently a member of the healthcare and life science industry committee of Merits & Tree, playing an active role in advising biotech companies, investors and other practitioners in the life science sector in certain transactions and compliance issues.

She has been highly recognised by many clients and was awarded 2022/2023 IFLR 1000 Rising Star Partner (Private Equity, M&A), and recommended by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2023 (Private Equity).

Before joining Merits & Tree, Jenny worked at Fangda Partners as counsel and another highly recognised PRC firm as partner. She was also the legal director for investment and M&A of a public smart device company, and the legal director of an international entertainment and media group. She graduated from Tsinghua University with both an LLB and LLM, and graduated from NYU with an LLM in Corporate Law.

Li-Lan 李岚
Li Lan

Senior Partner
Jincheng Tongda & Neal

电话 Tel: +86 755 2223 5518
电邮 Email: lilan@jtn.com

Key practice areas: Compliance; International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Joint ventures; Dispute resolution

李岚长期专注于国际商事仲裁、投资仲裁、跨境诉讼和跨境合规调查等领域。李岚在协助中国企业处理出海相关贸易、投资与合规法律事务以及协助外国企业在中国进行商业活动和解决争议方面也具有丰富经验。李岚还担任模拟投资仲裁(FDI Moot)全球赛题审核委员会的委员和中国人民大学法学院的兼职研究生实务导师。

Li Lan focuses his practice on international commercial arbitration, investment arbitration, cross-border litigation, and cross-border compliance investigation. He also has extensive experience in assisting Chinese companies dealing with trade, investment, and compliance-related legal matters in going global and foreign companies in doing business and resolving disputes in China. He is a committee member of the FDI Moot Global Case Review Board and an adjunct professor at the School of Law at Renmin University of China.

Li-Tianhang 李天航
Li Tianhang

Senior Partner
Hui Ye Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 5237 0950
电邮 Email: tianhang.li@huiyelaw.com

Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Data protection; E-commerce, fintech, blockchain & cryptos; Criminal defence of economic crimes





Li Tianhang holds LLB and LLM degrees from East China University of Political Science and Law. He is an external supervisor for LLM students from East China University of Political Science and Law, the director of Hui Ye Network and Data Law Committee, and a researcher of Centre for Cyberspace Governance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Li’s practice areas include cybersecurity and data compliance, criminal compliance and criminal defense, and anti-fraud investigation.

Based on his experience in criminal justice and administrative regulatory enforcement gained during the work in Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, as to the fields of cybersecurity and data compliance, criminal compliance, and anti-fraud investigation, he has developed insight into the calibre of criminal justice discretionary standards and administrative regulatory enforcement, and can always provide solutions that balance legal risks and costs for clients that are leading companies in the fields of telecommunications, internet, finance, life sciences, automotive, manufacturing, transportation, e-commerce, etc. Li has successfully eliminated various criminal and administrative legal risks and avoided/recovered economic losses for the clients, and are appreciated by them.

In the field of cybersecurity and data compliance, as the director of Hui Ye Network and Data Law Committee, Li leads the team to provide legal services for dozens of domestically and internationally reputable enterprises. Also, as the main co-ordinator, he has led the Hui Ye Network and Data Law team to undertake and represent dozens of compliance cases/projects with wide influence in the industry. In the field of anti-fraud investigation, he has provided legal services for leading multinational enterprises, domestic and foreign listed companies, large state-owned enterprises, unicorns, as well as specialised, refined, innovative and new enterprises. In the area of criminal compliance, he has provided compliance solutions for many well-known internet and new technology and financial enterprises, carried out compliance reform of criminal cases, and avoided and reduced criminal legal risks.

Li is highly praised and affirmed by clients and other professionals in his fields of practice.

Li-Yanhong 李艳红
Li Yanhong

Zhong Lv Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 139 3515 7720
电邮 Email: lyhbwy@126.com

Key practice areas: Energy & natural resources; Environment; Compliance; Corporate commercial businesses




Li Yanhong is asenior partner and the director of Zhong Lv Law Firm. During her practice career, she has long been engaged in legal research and practice in the fields of energy and natural resources, environment, compliance, and corporate and commercial business. She has extensive experience in investment transfer of mining rights, M&A and environmental protection.

Looking back on her 20-plus years of experience, Li has advised large energy companies on complex deals such as China Resources Coal, Jinneng Holdings, Lu’an Chemical, Gemeng International, and Sinopec. For M&A, she has led a number of major restructuring projects in the energy field, such as market-oriented debt-to-equity swap and energy company restructuring.

Li has also undertaken more than 100 litigation cases, many of high profile, including: a dispute over an equity transfer contract of an energy company in Shandong, a minority shareholder suing a coal company for damage to the company’s interests, a dispute over the termination of a contract by China Resources Company, and many other disputes complex legal relationships, and major social impacts. In these cases, Li has recovered significant economic losses for clients, for which she has earned unanimous praise.

In addition, Li provided in-depth and professional legal services for Shanxi Energy Revolution in terms of policy consultation, legislation, and investment. Since 2017, she organised four sessions of the Jinyang Energy Legal Summit Forum, inviting experts from the energy and legal sectors from all over the country to discuss the transformation of the resource-based economy and the energy revolution from multiple perspectives. Typical topics of the forum include: Energy Revolution, Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises under the Background of Carbon Neutrality. With her comprehensive knowledge structure and profound practical experience, Li enjoys the unanimous approval of peers and clients.

Li-Yunbo 李云波
Li Yunbo

Director, Senior Partner
JunZeJun Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 10 6652 3325
电邮 Email: liyunbo@junzejun.com

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Bankruptcy & insolvency; Dispute resolution; Investment & financing



李云波曾参与中国东方资产管理公司数十个资产包向外资转让项目、中粮集团有限公司以破产重整方式重组伊斯兰国际信托项目,曾作为发行人法律顾问,协助中国银行发行人民币 600 亿元次级债券,并为中国银行境外分行发行债券的多个项目提供法律顾问服务。

李云波曾荣获The Legal 500 2023年亚太榜单-金融、争议解决(诉讼和仲裁)领域推荐律师和ALB 2020年度亚洲交易律师。同时,李云波律师牵头主办的多个项目数度荣获《商法》、《亚洲法律杂志》(ALB)、亚洲金融(FinanceAsia)、国际金融法律评论 (IFLR)、中国法律商务(China Law & Practice)、企业法务联盟(In-House Community)等媒体颁发的杰出交易大奖。

Li Yunbo’s main practice areas are commercial banking, asset management, non-performing financial asset disposal, financial institution reorganization and bankruptcy reorganisation, bond financing and other legal affairs.

Li has worked in the Bank of China for many years and engaged in legal and asset preservation work successively. He specialises in the law and practice of commercial banks and asset management and has rich experience and unique insights into the daily business of commercial banks and the handling of non-performing assets by financial institutions. Li received a master of laws degree from the China University of Political Science and a doctor of finance degree from Renmin University of China.

Li has participated in dozens of asset transfer projects of China Orient Asset Management and COFCO reorganising Islamic international trust projects through bankruptcy reorganisation, served as the issuer’s PRC legal counsel to assist Bank of China in issuing RMB60 billion subordinated bonds and provided legal advisory services for multiple projects of bonds issued by overseas branches of the Bank of China.

Li was ranked in “The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2023 Edition – Finance, Dispute Resolution (Litigation and Arbitration): Recommended Lawyers” and awarded as the “ALB Dealmakers of Asia 2020”. Moreover, a number of projects led by Li have been awarded as outstanding transactions by media like China Business Law Journal, Asia Legal Business (ALB), Finance Asia, IFLR, China Law & Practice and In-House Community.

Li Zhao 李昭
Li Zhao

Global Law Office
Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Labour & employment; Restructuring & insolvency; Dispute resolution
Darren-Liang 梁宏俊
Darren Liang

Shihui Partners

电话 Tel: +86 21 2043 7566/+86 138 1765 2019
电邮 Email: lianghj@shihuilaw.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Healthcare & life sciences



梁宏俊荣膺《亚洲法律杂志》评选的“2022 ALB China十五佳长三角地区律师新星”,连续多年获评《商法》The A-list百位中国业务优秀律师,被评为“2021年度LEGALBAND客户首选:新锐合伙人15强”,被界面新闻评为“界面金榜100强”2020年度新锐律师,连续多年被著名法律评级机构Legal Band评为“中国顶级律所排行榜”资本市场领域顶级律师,2022年入选专业评级机构DAWKINS评选的首届“资本市场客户指南:中国顶级律师排行榜”,还曾入选Legal Band评选的“2016年度中国律界俊杰三十强”榜单。梁宏俊被清科集团旗下沙丘大学、东沙湖基金小镇聘请为法律课程导师,同时具备上市公司独立董事资格。

Darren Liang is a co-founder of Shihui Partners’ Shanghai office. He specialises in legal services related to capital markets, restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, PE/VC, with extensive experience in a wide range of industries including integrated circuits and semiconductors, life sciences and healthcare, new energy resources, intelligent manufacturing, SaaS, high-tech, and consumer goods.

Liang was named among “ALB China 2022 Top 15 Rising Lawyers in Yangtze River Delta” by Asian Legal Business China, “The A-List: China’s Elite 100 Lawyers” by China Business Law Journal, “Client Choice: Top 15 Rising Partners” by Legalband, “Jiemian 2022 Best Lawyers: Rising Lawyers” by Jiemian News, “Top Ranked Lawyers” for capital markets by Legalband and Dawkins, and “2016 Legalband China 30 under 30” by Legalband. He is a legal course tutor at Sandhill College (under Zero2IPO Group) and Sandlake Fund Town, and qualified as an independent director of an A-share listed company.

Liang holds a bachelor of science degree in micro-electronics and a juris master degree from Fudan University. He worked in Han Kun Law Offices and Llinks Law Offices before joining Shihui.

Liang has excellent expertise in advising clients on complex transactions involving unique structures and contractual arrangements designed to comply with legal requirements in the public market. His landmark deal list includes: (1) representing issuer in MicroPort EP’s IPO on the STAR Market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the first medical device company approved for listing on the STAR Market by meeting the Fifth Set of Listing Criteria; (2) representing JD Logistics (02618.HK) in its acquisition of Deppon Logistics (603056.SH), a notable M&A deal in the public market amounting to about RMB10 billion (USD1.4 billion), by far the largest acquisition deal in the express industry and the largest takeover of an A-share listed company in the logistics industry in China; representing ZZ Capital International (08295.HK) in its acquisition of Kingwisoft Technology, named “Top 10 M&A Deals in China of 2020” by China Bridge; and representing BesTV (600637.SH) in its merger with Oriental Pearl (600832.SH) by absorption and acquisition of target companies in multiple industries with financing of RMB10 billion.

Liang-Shuang 梁爽
Liang Shuang

Director, Managing Partner
Grandall Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 22 5899 9890
电邮 Email: liangshuang@grandall.com.cn

Key practice areas: Banking finance; Capital markets; Company law; Government legal services

梁爽系国浩律师事务所天津办公室管理合伙人、主任,1998年毕业于天津商业大学经济法学专业,现于清华大学经济管理学院工商管理专业攻读硕士研究生。她担任中华全国律师协会金融专业委员会副主任、天津市律师协会金融专业委员会主任、天津市律师协会和平区工作委员会主任、天津市和平区工商业联合会副主席;是最高人民检察院民事行政诉讼监督案件专家委员会评审专家、天津市政法委案件评查人才智库成员;曾获评全国优秀律师、入选2022年度《商法》“The A-List法律精英”、2022年度Rising Star律师新星“中国业务青年精英律师”、2022年度《商法》中国业务法律新星、《2022钱伯斯大中华区法律指南》公司/商事第二等、“IFLR1000中国”中国区域法律市场的金融和企业领域“领先律师”称号、《2021钱伯斯亚太法律指南》公司/商事第三等。


Liang Shuang is the managing partner and director of Grandall Law Firm’s Tianjin office. She graduated from Tianjin University of Commerce majoring in economic law in 1998 and is now studying for a master’s degree in business administration in the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University. She served as deputy director of finance committee at the All China Lawyers Association, director of the finance committee at the Tianjin Lawyers Association, director of the Heping District Working Committee of the Tianjin Lawyers Association, and vice chairman of the Tianjin Heping District Industry and Commerce Federation. She is on the expert committee for civil administrative litigation supervision cases of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and is a member of the case reviewer talent pool at the Tianjin Political and Legal Commission. She was awarded the National Outstanding Lawyer, recognised as a Rising Star – Young Elite Lawyer in Chine-related business in 2022 by China Business Law Journal, “2022 Chambers Greater China Legal Guide” Corporate/commercial second class, IFLR1000 China’s regional legal market in the financial and corporate field, and 2021 Chambers Asia Pacific Legal Guide’s corporate/commercial third class.

Liang is mainly engaged in non-litigation legal services such as corporate listing, major assets reorganisation, investment and financing mergers and acquisitions, equity incentives, refinancing, bond issuance, banking and finance, as well as litigation services such as major corporate commercial litigation and arbitration. At present, Liang is the legal counsel of a number of government departments and state-owned enterprises. She has provided legal services for a number of listed companies’ private offering of shares, initial public offering of shares and listed on the main board offline issuance and underwriting, and equity incentive projects. She provides special legal services for a number of companies’ public issuance of stocks to non-specific qualified investors and listing on the Beijing Stock Exchange; the preparation and establishment of a number of private investment funds, change of registration of managers, record registration and other projects. She serves as the perennial legal counsel and provider of special legal and litigation services for many banks and financial institutions, resolving bond supervision disputes, share pledge repurchase disputes, international letters of credit, international and domestic factoring, bank warranty disputes, and overseas ship mortgage registration.

Liao Fei 廖飞
Liao Fei

King & Wood Mallesons
Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Trademark; Copyright
David-Lin 林蔚
David Lin

Managing Partner

电话 Tel: +86 138 1199 8250
电邮 Email: linwei@dtlawyers.com.cn

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Competition & antitrust; Date protection; Power & energy



2017年,林蔚被CLECSS评为2017年特别推荐的杰出青年律师;2018–2022年,连续五年入选权威法律媒体《商法》评选的中国法律精英百强;2018–2022年,连续入选Legalband中国顶级律师-反垄断与竞争法、知识产权诉讼;2019年,入选知产力和IPRdaily 2019年中国优秀知识产权律师;2020年,入选Legalband客户首选:知识产权多面手15强;2021年,入选Legalband中国律师特别推荐榜15强–汽车与新能源。


David Lin has dual educational background in engineering and law. His business areas include patents, copyrights, competition & antitrust, trade secrets, and data protection. He provides intellectual property services for well-known Internet and high-tech enterprises such as ZTE, Xiaomi, Vivo, Meituan, Kingsoft, Kuaishou, and Niu Technologies. He also provides comprehensive intellectual property services for the Ministry of Transport, Peking University, Qilu Pharmaceutical, YRPG, Pingan Group and other national ministries and large commercial institutions.

In 2008, Lin represented the copyright infringement dispute of the “Struggle” TV series and became a “red flag standard” model case in the infringement of information network dissemination rights. In 2009, he represented Tsinghua University in a well-known trademark and unfair competition case, marked as a model IP case by the Beijing High People’s Court. In 2015, he represented Xiaomi in winning a case against Qihoo regarding jurisdiction objection, selected into the Annual Top 10 IP Creative Cases by Beijing courts. In 2018, his case of Xiaomi v Li’s right of reputation dispute was selected into the top ten reputation-related network model cases of the Primary People’s Court of Haidian District. In 2021, the right of information network dissemination dispute case between Youku and Baidu was selected as one of the 50 model intellectual property cases of the Supreme People’s Court in 2020, the Top 10 Cases of Judicial Protection of IP in Beijing Courts, and the Top 10 Most Valuable IP Cases in China; the first reverse behavior preservation of Xinghao Plastic’s patent case was selected as one of the Top 10 Model IP Cases of Technology in the Supreme People’s Court. In 2022, the case of infringement of computer software copyright and trade secret dispute in which he represented LinkBroad and others against Amtt was selected as one of the Top 10 Cases involving Computer Software Copyright by Beijing Intellectual Property Court, and the case of unfair competition dispute in which he represented Kuaishou against Henan PiaoDu was selected as one of the 10 Model Cases of Judicial Protection of IP by Henan High People’s Court in 2021.

Lin was named an outstanding young lawyer as recommended by CLECSS in 2017; selected into China’s Elite 100 Lawyers (PRC Firms) under The A-List by the authoritative legal media Chinese Business Law Journal for five consecutive years from 2018 to 2022; selected as a top-ranked lawyer (antitrust & competition; IP: litigation) in China by Legalband consecutively from 2018 to 2022. In 2019, Lin was selected as a top IP lawyer in China by Zhichanli & IPR Daily. In 2020, he was selected as one of Client Choice: Top 15 IP Versatile Practitioners by Legalband. In 2021, he was selected as one of Special Issue: China Top 15 Lawyers – Automotive & New Energy by Legalband.

Lin’s other statuses include:under-secretary-general of the Competition and Antitrust Law Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association; expert at the Beijing Intellectual Property Expert Database; commissioner of the Patent Law Committee of the Beijing Intellectual Property Law Research Association; and an extramural supervisor for the master’s degree at Peking University, University of International Business & Economics and Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Lin Xiaochun 林晓春
Lin Xiaochun

Director, Senior Partner
Shu Jin Law Firm
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Foreign affairs
Lin-Zhong 林忠
Lin Zhong

Managing Partner
Leadvisor Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 5283 3656
电邮 Email: zhong.lin@leadvisor.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Cross-border investment

林忠深耕法律行业30年,主办并出色完成过多起投资、并购和反垄断领域具有影响力的项目。林忠2015年获《中国法律商务》杂志(China Law & Practice)评选为“亚洲法律领先律师”,2017-2020年连续四年获中国《商法》(China Business Law Journal)评选荣列“中国法律精英100强”,2019年获法律500强(Legal 500)评选为公司并购受推荐律师。




With over 30 years’ experience in the areas of international commercial law and corporate compliance, Lin Zhong has advised many influential cases in the areas of corporate, M&A, foreign investment, IP, dispute resolution, and antitrust. In 2015, China Law & Practice rated Lin as the leading Asia lawyer. In 2019, The Legal 500 Asia Pacific rated him as recommended lawyer in the area of corporate/M&A. He was listed on the A-List in 2017-2020 by China Business Law Journal.

Lin was the deputy director of the antitrust law committee of All China Lawyers Association as well as the Competition Law Society of Shanghai Law Society. He was the head of the anti-monopoly professional committee of the Shanghai Bar Association. In 2011, he was appointed as a part-time professor at Xiamen University Law School. Currently, he is the vice chairman of Xiamen University Shanghai Alumni Association, chairman of Xiamen University Yangtze River Delta Alumni Equity Investment Association, and vice chairman of China International Investment Arbitration Forum.

In 2021, Lin founded Leadvisor Law Firm, consisting of professional lawyers with rich experience, providing advice with a rigorous attitude and outstanding professional ability. The team successfully assisted Advent International, one of the world’s largest and most experienced private equity funds, to complete the acquisition of the controlling interest of GS Capsule, assisted VASEN to complete its equity acquisition of Fastflow Group, and assisted Carecapital to complete its strategic investment in Hainan Dental Hospital.

Lin also plays an active role in social activities. He took the lead in establishing the Xiamen University Yangtze River Delta Alumni Equity Investment Association, devoted to the promotion of alumni communication. In the field of medical health, Lin initiated the establishment of Mednovation Club. Mednovation is a leading medical innovation platform with international vision, which aims to bridge overseas medical innovation, empower local device ecology, and contribute to national science and technology innovation, helping overseas medical device innovation projects to land and develop in China. These platforms will form an ecosystem with Leadvisor Law, help with the promotion of legal services and also benefit the participants from the industries.

Frank Liu 刘建强
Frank Liu

Shanghai Pacific Legal
Key practice areas: Intellectual property
Michael-Liu 刘峰
Michael Liu

Senior Partner
Dentons China

电话 Tel: +86 21 3872 2703
电邮 Email: liufeng@dentons.cn

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Dispute resolution; Corporate and M&A; Technology, media and telecommunications


刘峰曾荣获钱伯斯2022、2021亚太地区知识产权(诉讼)领域获推荐的律师;最高人民检察院民事行政检察第二期优秀专家;2022、2021、2020 The legal 500亚太地区知识产权推荐律师;ALB 2020 中国十五佳知识产权律师;《商法》2021、2020、2019年度中国市场The A-List法律精英;《亚洲法律概况》2022、2021“领先律师”;Benchmark Litigation 2022年度中国区知识产权领域“争议之星”;APAC Insider Legal Awards 2020大中华区最值得信赖知识产权专家等荣誉,办理的案件荣获2020年度《商法》杰出交易大奖。



Michael Liu is a senior partner at the Shanghai office of Dentons China. He is a senior lawyer, a senior economist, and has over 26 years of experience in legal practice. Liu specialises in intellectual property, major commercial dispute resolution and corporate compliance, and is especially adept at handling difficult and complex legal issues and providing comprehensive legal services and value-added services for clients.

Liu has won the 2022/2021 Chambers and Partners Recommended Lawyer for Intellectual Property (Litigation) in the Asia Pacific; Outstanding Expert of civil and administrative prosecution of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate; 2022/2021/2020 The Legal 500 Recommended Lawyer for Intellectual Property in the Asia Pacific; 2020 ALB Top 15 Intellectual Property Lawyer in China; 2021/2020/2019 China Business Law Journal “A-List” Legal Elite in the China Market; 2022/ 2021 Asialaw Profiles Leading Lawyer; 2022 Benchmark Litigation “Dispute Star” in the field of intellectual property in China; 2020 APAC Insider Legal Awards the Most Trusted IP Professional in Greater China, etc. One of his cases was included in China Business Law Journal’s Deals of the Year 2020.

Liu is also currently a civil and administrative expert of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the director of the Intellectual Property Rights Commission, the deputy director of Practice Dispute Mediation Commission and Disciplinary Commission of the Shanghai Bar Association, a mediator of Shanghai Economic and Trade Commercial Mediation Centre, a director of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Experimental Zone Intellectual Property Association, and has served as a member of the Expert Demonstration Commissions of the Shanghai High People’s Court numerous times. Meanwhile, he has served as an instructor for East China University of Political Science, Tongji University and Shanghai Lawyers College.

Liu has served as a legal adviser and provided legal services for dozens of large state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and institutions. He used his familiarity with company operations to improve its corporate governance structures. Moreover, Liu has represented many influential companies in intellectual property, equity dispute and debt dispute cases, and has creatively completed litigations for clients.

Tracy-Liu 刘琦
Tracy Liu

Jingtian & Gongcheng

电话 Tel: +86 21 2613 6125
电邮 Email: tracy.liu@jingtian.com

Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Labour & employment



刘琦于2019年加入竞天公诚律师事务所之前,曾在斐石律师事务所上海代表处担任合伙人,并曾在贝克·麦坚时国际律师事务所、百达国际律师事务所等大型国际、国内律师事务所工作十余年。她多次举办劳动法研讨会,且在《German Chamber Ticker》、威科、律商等多家法律媒体发表中英文文章。刘琦被世界知名法律媒体Who’s Who Legal 评选为2020年度中国劳动法领域领先律师,并被Asian Legal Business评选为“2021 ALB China十五佳女律师”。

Tracy Liu has practiced PRC law for over 15 years. She had worked in Baker McKenzie’s Shanghai office for a cumulative period of four years. She had also practiced in a leading German law firm for six years. Prior to joining Jingtian & Gongcheng, Tracy served as a partner at Fieldfisher Shanghai for nearly two years.

Tracy graduated from East China University of Politics and Law with an LLB and obtained an LLM from the University of Frankfurt. She also received a short-term law education at Yale University.

Tracy focuses on supporting multinational corporate clients on all types of employment law matters. She has been involved in both transactional and advisory work in various business sectors.

Tracy is fluent in English and Mandarin, and speaks limited German. Tracy is a member of the PRC bar. She was listed in the Who’s Who Legal 2020 – China’s Leading Business Lawyers, and was awarded 2021 ALB China Top 15 Female Lawyers.

Liu-Wen 刘问
Liu Wen

Commerce & Finance Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 755 8351 7570
电邮 Email: liuwen@tongshang.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets


刘问是通商律师事务所资深合伙人、通商所深圳办公室主任。刘问拥有超过 20年的资本市场法律服务经验,并专注于企业重组改制、境内外上市、投融资及收购兼并业务。



Liu Wen graduated from the Law School of Nanjing University with a degree of LLB in 1998 and from the Law School of Southwest University of Political Science and Law with a degree of LLM in 2002.

Liu is the senior partner of Commerce & Finance Law Offices, the director of the firm’s Shenzhen office. Liu has more than 20 years of practical experience gained through legal service in capital markets, he specialises in areas of enterprise restructuring and reorganisation, domestic listing or overseas listing (including listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, Korea Stock Exchange, Taiwan Stock Exchange), investment, financing, and M&A.

Liu has engaged in dozens of initial public offering projects of large state-owned enterprises and private companies and has participated in equity investment or asset acquisition in China on behalf of many companies, providing a wide range of legal services, including design of transaction structures, conducting legal due diligence and issuing legal opinions, preparing and negotiating transaction documents and so on. Liu has been extensively involved in various industries including banking, real estate, securities, medicine, Internet, manufacturing, education, and fintech.

With a comprehensive knowledge structure, profound legal skills and an excellent business mind in the field of capital markets, Liu analyses and controls projects accurately and efficiently, formulates the best solution to solve clients’ complicated and changeable legal issues and provides clients with high-quality legal services.

Liu-Yan 刘艳
Liu Yan

管理合伙人 ,北京
Managing Partner
Tian Yuan Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 138 0105 0739
电邮 Email: liuyan@tylaw.com.cn

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Mergers & acquisitions; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Technology, media and telecommunications



Liu Yan is a managing partner and the head of capital markets department at Tian Yuan Law Firm, with more than 20 years of extensive experience in the field of capital markets. Liu has served as a full-time member of the 13th, 14th and 15th term of the public offering review committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and a member of the listing committee of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Liu has advised on numerous industry-influential deals and transactions including domestic and overseas IPOs, M&A and restructuring of listed companies, refinancing, and bonds issuance at home and abroad. Representative deals include: CanSino Biologics’ listing on the Star Market (the first A+H vaccine stock); Beijing CTJ Information Technology’s listed on GEM; Baheal Pharma Group’s listed on GEM; Ming Yang Smart Energy’s A-share IPO; Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties’ Hong Kong IPO and privatisation project, FAW Xiali’s RMB12.1 billion major assets restructuring; Wanda Films’ RMB10.5 billion major assets restructuring; Sinomach Automobile’s RMB3.1 billion major assets restructuring; Wanda Films’ private placement; and Taiji Shares’ convertible bonds issuance.

Liu-Zunsi 刘尊思
Liu Zunsi

合伙人 ,北京
Merits & Tree Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 135 2171 9292
电邮 Email: zunsi.liu@meritsandtree.com

Key practice areas: Dispute resolution; Real estate and infrastructure; Bankruptcy reorganisation

刘尊思是植德律师事务所的资深合伙人,主要从事诉讼与仲裁争议解决业务,拥有15年的争议解决执业经验,同时在商事、金融、投融资、房地产及建筑工程领域深耕多年,曾为多家专业投资公司、金融机构(银行、信托、基金、AMC、资管、融资租赁、商业保理)、大型房地产公司及建筑工程施工单位提供全方位法律服务。刘尊思还曾服务于北京市规划委等诸多政府机关,曾参与北京市城乡规划条例等法规的制定。刘尊思于2018年被评为《商法》A-list 精英律师,2022年被评为LEGALBAND客户首选:诉讼多面手15强。




Liu Zunsi is a partner at Merits & Tree, primarily engaged in litigation and arbitration dispute resolution. Liu has 15 years of experience in dispute resolution practice and has also spent many years in the commercial, financial, investment and financing, real estate and construction sectors. He has provided a full range of legal services for many professional investment companies, financial institutions (concerning banks, trusts, funds, AMCs, capital management, financial leasing, commercial factoring), large real estate companies and construction engineering units. Liu also serves many government agencies in Beijing and has been involved in the formulation of laws and regulations such as urban and rural planning in Beijing. Liu was named to The A-List of China Business Law Journal in 2018 and to Client Choice of LEGALBAND: Top 15 Litigation Versatile Practitioners in 2022.

Liu specialises in dispute resolution and has rich experience and solid theoretical background in the field of litigation and arbitration. He is proficient at handling complex legal issues and is good at finding the best solution for clients by considering their internal and external environment comprehensively. He has particular expertise in handling corporate equity disputes, betting disputes, financial lending and private lending disputes, financial leasing disputes, construction disputes, housing sales and leasing disputes, etc. He has handled hundreds of related cases.

In the field of non-litigation business, Liu is deeply engaged in the field of investment and financing mergers and acquisitions, real estate and construction engineering, and has provided comprehensive legal services for several investment companies to invest in real estate, tourism, new energy freight cars and other projects. He also provides comprehensive legal services for many real estate enterprises (real estate development, property leasing, etc.) and building construction enterprises in the whole process and the whole cycle.

Liu has extensive experience in bankruptcy reorganisation. He has represented creditors, debtors, debtors’ beneficial owners, financial debt committees, strategic investors and other entities in bankruptcy reorganisation, bankruptcy liquidation and forced liquidation projects.

Long-Haitao 龙海涛
Long Haitao

Managing Partner
Merits & Tree Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 10 5650 0988
电邮 Email: haitao.long@meritsandtree.com

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Securitisation & structured finance; Family law and private wealth management; Investment & financing





Long Haitao is one of the founding partners of Merits & Tree Law Offices. Before establishing M&T, Long was an attorney at Zhong Lun Law Firm and a managing partner at Hawkhigh Law Firm.

Long’s main practice areas include banking and finance, PE/VC, M&A, family law and wealth management. His legal services mainly cover trust, securities dealer asset management, fund subsidiary asset management, asset securitisation, financial innovation products co-operation of bank and credit, traditional co-operation of government and credit, innovative infrastructure investment and financing, and financial risk asset disposal business. The industries involved mainly include real estate, government platforms, automobile rental, internet finance, education and training, consumer goods and retail.

The types of clients served by Long include banking and financial institutions such as joint-stock commercial banks and city co-operative banks; non-bank financial institutions such as trust companies, securities companies, fund companies, fund company subsidiaries, insurance companies and their asset management companies; private equity investment funds (including corporate funds, partnership funds and contractual funds); large state-owned enterprises; factoring companies; local financial asset exchanges, etc.

Long’s structured finance group has won the annual “Securitisation and Structured Finance” awards from leading international legal media, including China Business Law Jorunal, and he has been ranked as a top lawyer in this field for many years.

Long Yanmei 龙艳梅
Long Yanmei

Jingtian & Gongcheng
Key practice areas: M&A; Outbound investment; Cross-border investment; Energy & natural resources
Lyu-Shiwei 吕士威
Lyu Shiwei

Senior Co-partner, Director of Real Estate Department
Shandong Deheng Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 532 8387 1260
电邮 Email: lvshiwei@deheng.com

Key practice areas: Real estate; Commercial litigation; Construction engineering; Family law and private wealth management



吕士威还专注于专业学习和研究,其主编的《房地产企业常见法律问题及风险防控》一书2016年末由法律出版社出版, 2019年再版,受到业内外人士高度好评。2022年,其带领团队研究课题《市南区城市更新和城市建设疑难法律问题研究》,参考1000多个判例,最终成果28万字,获得青岛市司法局“摘星夺冠”活动一等奖。其另有多篇论文发表于国家级、省级刊物,如:《浅议开发商阶段性担保责任如何破解》获2022年全国教研优秀论文一等奖,发表于《科技新时代》2022年第1期;《众筹购房的常见模式简析》发表于《法制与社会》2016年第3期。

Lyu Shiwei, the senior co-partner and director of the real estate business department of Shandong Deheng Law firm, has been practising for 17 years. She is now the deputy director of the Real Estate Committee of Qingdao Lawyer Association, the arbitrator of Qingdao Arbitration Commission, the lecturer of the Lawyers’ Lecture Group of Shandong Lawyer Association, the off-campus practice tutor of the Master of Law of Hebei University of Science and Technology, and the practical training expert of the LLM Education Center of Ocean University of China. She has been honoured with many titles such as the Excellent Lawyer of Qingdao and the Advanced Individual of the Judicial Administration System of Qingdao.

Lyu has served in the Qingdao projects of large real estate enterprises such as Vanke, Shimao, S&P and many other large real estate enterprises in Qingdao. She has rich experience in real estate investment and financing, first-level land development, M&A, urbanisation and commercial real estate project operation and other business fields. In addition, Lyu is good at representing major and difficult litigation cases. Since her practice, she has represented hundreds of real estate litigation cases and dozens of major or difficult cases.

Lyu also focuses on professional study and research. The book Real Estate Enterprise Common Legal Issues and Risk Prevention and Control, edited by her, was published by the Law Press at the end of 2016 and reprinted in 2019, highly praised by people inside and outside the industry. In 2022, she led the team to study “the difficult Legal Issues of Urban Renewal and Urban Construction in Shinan District”, which won the first prize in the “Star Winning” activity of QDSF. In addition, many of her papers were published in national and provincial journals. For example, How to Break the Developer’s Stage Guarantee Liability won the first prize in the National Excellent Paper on Teaching and Research and was published in the first issue of New Era of Science and Technology in 2022. A brief analysis of common models of crowdfunding for house purchase was published in Legal System and Society, 2016, Issue 3.

Ma-Chenguang 马晨光
Ma Chenguang

Senior Partner
Co-effort Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 6886 5412
电邮 Email: chenguangma@co-effort.com

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Dispute resolution





Ma Chenguang has over 20 years of experience specialising in the whole process of finance and asset management, her practice area covering private equity, banking, trust, real estate financing, corporate governance and complex commercial dispute resolution. Ma is the co-author of The Lawyer’s Practice in Private Fund, published by Law Press.

Ma is also a Standing Committee member of the Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Congress, a deputy director of the Financial Professional Committee of the All China Lawyers Association, a director of the Foundation Committee of the Financial Law Research Association of the Shanghai Law Society, a director of the Foundation Committee of the Shanghai Lawyers Association, an arbitrator of the SHAC and SHIAC, and a legal counsel of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Government.

Ma represented a large number of financial institutions in dispute resolution, including disputes over VAM agreement, fund investment, trust investment, the liability of fund manager, disposal of non-performing assets of banks, etc. In the area of corporate and commercial affairs, Ma handled numerous equity and stock dispute cases, including securities false statement disputes, equity investment disputes and corporate repurchase disputes. Ma once represented a famous international trust company in a trust damage dispute, a case of particular significance in clarifying the responsibilities of various parties involved in trust channel business, which was included into the Top Ten Commercial Cases by National Courts in 2020 by the Supreme People’s Court. Furthermore, Ma represented a listed company to resolve the dispute between the company and its shareholders over a false statement, which was listed as one of the Top Ten Model Civil Litigation Cases of Securities False Statement in 2019.

As a member of the first batch of deputies to the Pudong New Area Working Group of Deputies to the Peoples’ Congress, Ma actively participated in the proposal, demonstration and effectiveness evaluation of legislation in Pudong New Area, and made suggestions on financial reform issues, which were highly valued by the government. In addition, Ma took measures to help enterprises in their fight against the covid-19 pandemic.

Ma Jingyun 马靖云
Ma Jingyun

Hiways Law Firm
Key practice areas: White-collar crime; Commercial litigation; Criminal defence of economic crimes; Dispute resolution
Ma-Yuan 马原
Ma Yuan

Leading Counsel
TianTong Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 158 0136 8068
电邮 Email: mayuan@tiantonglaw.com

Key practice areas: Intellectual property




Ma Yuan is a leading counsel and key member of IP team at TianTong Law Firm.

Ma holds a master’s degree of engineering from Tianjin University and has 15 years of experience in the field of intellectual property. Ma’s practice mainly focuses on IP litigation which covers patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition and IP contract dispute, etc. In particular, Ma is proficient at handling IP litigations involving complicated technologies. She has served as a patent examiner at the communication division of Patent Re-examination Board (PRB) of the CNIPA for approximately 10 years. Ma’s multiple professional background and devoted working spirit ensure her accurate understanding and professional judgment of the legal rules.

Ma has a strong technical background of communication. As an IP litigator, Ma served many multinational corporations, unicorns and domestic listed companies in hundreds of IP litigations in the fields of electronics, communication, automobile, new energy and the chemical industry. Ma has rich and comprehensive experience in IP litigation involving the electronics and communication industry in particular. Due to her diversified professional experience and background, she is capable of achieving the best combination of law and technology, pinpointing breakthroughs in cases by overcoming technical difficulties, and providing clients with quality services to the greatest extent.

Ma-Yunyan 麻云燕
Ma Yunyan

Senior Partner
Shu Jin Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 755 8826 5120
电邮 Email: yunyanma@shujin.cn

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Dispute resolution





Ma Yunyan graduated from the Law Department of Peking University in 1984. She joined Shu Jin Law Firm in 1994, specialising in mergers and acquisitions, securities issuance in the capital market, etc. She was employed as a member of the Listing Committee of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, a member of the first and second GEM Issuance Review Committees of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. She is currently a member of the first Municipal Committee of Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the registration system, and an arbitrator of the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration.

Ma has been practicing law for more than 20 years, focusing on capital market business, and has extensive experience in issuing stocks and bonds and mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad. She has been well received by clients and has been rated as one of China’s outstanding lawyers by well-known international and domestic rating agencies many times. Some representative projects Ma handled include: Wisesoft, Das Intellitech, SUNWODA, Hybribio Biotech, Frd Science & Technology, CIMC Vehicles, Kawin Technology, Mehow and other IPOs and listing of A-shares.

Ma also managed the IPO of Aac Technologies on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). Vanke’s B-to-H share listing on the main board of HKEX; Ningbo Shanshan shares spin-off of Fy Financial and FIRS to the HKEX H-share listing project, CIMC Group spin-off of CIMC Vehicle to the HKEX H-share listing project, and Huaxin Cement B shares to H shares project. Among them, Huaxin Cement’s B-to-H share project was rated as the 15th New Fortune most creative project.

Ma also invested in Silkroad Visual on behalf of China Culture Industry Fund; and participated in the restructuring of BGI’s infection prevention and control business sector on behalf of Songhe International Capital. Ma Yunyan assisted the listed company Boya-Bio to introduce China Resources Pharmaceutical as a controlling stakeholder. This project, as well as the domestic listing of CIMC Vehicle, were both awarded the 15th Most Creative Project of New Fortune, and recognsied in Deals of the Year 2021 by China Business Law Journal.

Catherine Miao 缪晴辉
Catherine Miao

Key practice areas: Special situations & restructuring; Corporate and M&A; Real estate and construction
Nafisa-Nihmat 乃菲莎·尼合买提
Nafisa Nihmat

Zhong Lun Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 6061 3666
电邮 Email: naifeisha@zhonglun.com

Key practice areas: Bankruptcy & insolvency; M&A; Restructuring & insolvency; Dispute resolution


乃菲莎在其执业领域拥有丰富的经验,曾主办或为多起在全国及境内外均有广大影响力的大型复杂破产重整与不良资产并购重组案件提供法律服务,如山东泉林集团等公司合并重整案、丰立集团等公司合并重整案、舟山豪舟集团等公司合并重整案、江苏爱康实业重整案、余杭金控控股重整案、Sun Edison与China Solar等项目,并致力于与各国破产业界的同仁就跨境破产重整开展国际交流与合作。作为与《破产法》同步成长起来的首批专业律师,乃菲莎在长期深耕破产业务的同时,还率先将不良资产的概念由银行不良贷款延伸至多样化的其他资产,并就不良资产向客户提供全程性、一站式法律服务,在房地产类不良资产重组并购、违约债收购、信托计划违约的收购重组领域做出了不少骄人成绩。

乃菲莎已连续多年获评钱伯斯亚太“破产与重组领域受认可律师”与《商法》“百名杰出商事律师”,并曾获评《钱伯斯大中华区指南2022》榜单潜质律师、ALB十五佳女律师与IFLR1000 2021年度最佳飞跃之星、《商法》“2016年度杰出交易”大奖。

Nafisa Nihmat is an equity partner at the Shanghai office of Zhong Lun Law Firm. Nafisa has extensive experience and expertise in the bankruptcy restructuring & liquidation, distressed M&A, out-of-court debt restructuring and pre-packaged restructuring, PR for debt crisis. She also serves as an arbitrator of Shanghai Arbitration Commission, a member of International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Professionals (INSOL International), a director of Bankruptcy Law Research Society of Shanghai Law Society, a director of Beijing Bankruptcy Law Society, a member of Bankruptcy and Non-performing Assets Committee of Shanghai Lawyers Association, a member of Publicity Committee of Shanghai Bankruptcy Administrators Association, a Lecturer at Qingdao Lawyer Institute, an expert listed in the “National Civil and Administrative Case Consulting Expert Database” of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate.

Nafisa has handled a number of complex bankruptcy restructuring and distressed M&A cases, which induced wide influence both at home and abroad, such as Shandong Tranlin Group and its 22 affiliates’ consolidated bankruptcy restructuring, Fengli Group and its 28 affiliates’ consolidated bankruptcy restructuring, Zhoushan Haozhou Group and its 11 affiliates’ consolidated bankruptcy restructuring, Jiangsu Akcome Industrial Group’s bankruptcy restructuring, Hangzhou Yuhang Financial Holdings Group’s bankruptcy restructuring, Sun Edison, China Solar, etc, and she is committed to co-operation with bankruptcy law insiders in various jurisdictions regarding bankruptcy restructuring. As an initial practitioner in the bankruptcy field and one of the lawyers who grew up with Chinese bankruptcy legislation, Nafisa is the first to extend the concept of non-performing assets from “non-performing bank loans” to other diversified assets and provides clients with a whole-ranged one-stop legal services.

Nafisa is honoured as “Recognised Practitioner – Restructuring/Insolvency (PRC Firms)” by Chambers Asia-Pacific, “The A List: China’s Top 100 Lawyers” by China Business Law Journal, “Up and Coming Lawyer” by Chambers Greater China Region Guide, “ALB China Top 15 Female Lawyers” by Asian Legal Business, “Deals of the Year 2016” by China Business Law Journal, and “Rising Star of the Year” by IFLR1000.

David Qi 祁达
David Qi

Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Arbitration & ADR; Competition & antitrust; Commercial litigation
Qiao-Zhaoshu 乔兆姝
Qiao Zhaoshu

Senior Partner

电话 Tel: +86 138 1138 4463
电邮 Email: qiaozhaoshu@dtlawyers.com.cn

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Private equity, venture capital & funds


乔兆姝曾多次荣获行业奖项,包括2015-2018年度北京市朝阳区优秀律师,2020《商法》“年度杰出交易”大奖,《商法》The A-List法律精英,IFLR2022年度亚太地区法律大奖等。



Qiao Zhaoshu graduated from China University of Political Science and Law and Central University of Finance and Economics. Her practice, spanning more than 10 years, has focused on PE investment fund, finance and capital market, securities and bond issuance, and compliance governance of state-owned enterprises and central enterprises. She has hosted and successfully completed many influential projects in the field of private equity fund, including one that won the “Annual Outstanding Transaction Award” project of 2020 Commercial Law. She also provided a full range of legal services for large private equity/securities investment institutions, domestic well-known industrial funds, family funds, and non-profit organisation funds. Furthermore, she has many years’ experience as a legal consultant for state-owned enterprises, foundations, large private enterprises and private funds. She led the team to develop perennial legal centres, legal service product lines and service manuals, provided asset structure optimisation services to state-owned enterprises, set up new product service systems, and expanded the service product lines across various industries.

Qiao has received many industry awards, including the Outstanding Lawyer of Beijing Chaoyang District 2015-2018, the Outstanding Transaction of the Year Award, Commercial Law in 2020, the The A-List of China Business Law Journal, and the IFLR Asia-Pacific Legal Award in 2022.

As a leader in professional research, Qiao has participated in the writing of many professional books on the PE industry, including the “Chinese-style Limited Partnership PE”, “Legal Perspective on Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions”, “A Look Inside the New Third Board”, and “Legal Research on Chinese-style Private Equity LP”.

In 2022, Qiao founded the WeChat public account of “Way of PE”, simultaneously launching its video account. The public account contains four sections: “PE report”, “PE dynamic”, “PE research” and “PE training”. The account continuously shares high-quality content on all working days, publishes a large number of in-depth original articles and launches the quarterly PE industry legal observation reports across chapters on legislation, judicial, regulation and market, which has received a large number of followers and won widespread praise and attention from the PE community.

Qiu-Wenyu 邱文宇
Qiu Wenyu

Managing Partner
Dehehantong Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 138 1810 0567
电邮 Email: wyqiu@dehehantong.com

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Bankruptcy & insolvency; Commercial litigation; Investment & financing




Qiu Wenyu is a managing partner of Dehehantong Law Firm, with approximately 20 years’ experience as a practicing lawyer. Qiu has comprehensive experience in areas of investment and transaction of financial non-performing loans, assets management and recovery, restructuring of large non-performing real estate projects, commercial dispute resolution, debt restructuring and M&A of listed companies.

Qiu has represented a large number of companies, institutions and investment funds. In addition to working as a lawyer, Qiu is acting as a postgraduate supervisor in Koguan School of Law of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and in China University of Geosciences in Beijing. He is also an MBA tutor in Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF).

Qiu has dual degrees in law and business, allowing him to quickly offer legal advice based on clients’ needs. He is described as “professional, responsive, experienced, and constructive” by clients, who added: “With his extensive experience in management of financial non-performing assets and M&A, Qiu managed to advise corporates promptly and effectively with deep comprehension of core issues in transaction. He focuses on what really matters for the business of his client far beyond legal expertise.”

Philip Qu 瞿哲
Philip Qu

Managing Partner
TransAsia Lawyers
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Data protection; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Technology, media and telecommunications
Jeffrey Quan 全朝晖
Jeffrey Quan

Senior Partner
ETR Law Firm
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Financial insurance and taxation; Cross-border investment and related dispute resolution
Rong-Chao 戎朝
Rong Chao

合伙人、知识产权及文化体育部负责人 ,上海
Partner, Leader of Intellectual, Media and Sports Department
Boss & Young

电话 Tel: +86 21 2316 9090
电邮 Email: rongchao@boss_young.com

Key practice areas: Competition & antitrust; Intellectual property; Technology, media and telecommunications; Entertainment & sports

戎朝在知识产权领域,涉及文化、体育、影视、娱乐、艺术品等行业,尤其在体育产业及影视娱乐领域深耕多年, 代表客户包括中超公司、CBA公司、体奥动力、NBA中国、WBA、Osports、乐视体育、华谊兄弟、国际唱片业协会、PPTV、新浪、荣信达、安乐影片、体育之窗等,曾担任中超公司、CBA联盟、央视国际、新浪、华谊兄弟等产业头部客户的常年法律顾问,诉讼方面一直主攻上述产业中涉及知识产权、竞争法专业方面的前沿、疑难、重大案件的处理。他代理了多个业内影响力极大的项目和案件,包括2016-2020年中超联赛电视公共信号制作及版权合作伙伴的项目(即价值80亿元的中超赛事转播权项目)、2008年北京奥运会新媒体直播维权案、新浪诉凤凰网中超赛事作品案、慧鱼立体科学模型作品案、“黑猫警长和葫芦娃”海报案之著作权转换性使用等,相关胜诉案例多年入选各级法院和专业机构评选的十大案例奖。



Rong Chao has been focusing on the field of intellectual property, involving culture, sports, film and television, entertainment, artwork and other industries, especially in the media and sports for many years. His clients include Chinese Football Association Super League, CBA, China Sports Media, NBA China, WBA, Osports, LeSports, Huayi Brothers Media Group, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, PPTV, SINA, ROSAT, Edko Film, and Irena. Rong has acted as legal counsel for Chinese Super League, CBA League, CCTV International, Sina, Huayi Brothers and many other high profile clients. In terms of litigation, he specialises in handling cutting-edge, difficult and major cases involving IP and unfair competition law, and has represented a number of highly influential projects and cases, including the 2016-2020 Chinese Super League TV public signal production and copyright project (RMB8 billion Chinese Super League broadcast rights project), the rights defense case in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games new media live broadcast, the case of Sina v Phoenix on Chinese Super League event, the case of fischer scientific model works, and “Black Cat and Gourd Boy” poster case of copyright transformative use. The cases above were selected into the top 10 cases by courts and professional institutions at all levels.

During his practice, Rong has received several prestigious awards. He has been awarded the 4th Shanghai Excellent Young Lawyer in 2011 and an Excellent Young Lawyer in Jing’an District in 2007-2008. He used to be a delegate of the 9th Shanghai Lawyers’ Congress and a member of the Jing’an District Lawyers Working Committee. Currently, he is the director of the Sports Law Research Institution of Shanghai Law Society, a member of the Professional Sports and Law Commission of Shanghai Bar Association. In 2021, Rong was chosen among 2021 ALB China top 15 IP lawyers.

While focusing on practice, Rong is also deeply involved in academic research. He is responsible for compiling the chapter on intellectual property rights in sports in chapter 8 of the textbook “Introduction to Sports Law” published by China University of Political Science and Law , and he is the main participant of the key decision and consultation project of the China General Administration of Sport “Research on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Media Broadcasting of National Teams”. Besides, he wrote the articles An Investigation into the Rights of Timed Online Broadcasting – Only in the Context of Cable Information Network Distribution”, “The Legal Protection of Broadcast of Sports Events in Internet Era — A Review of the First Instance of Sina Internet Information Service v Tianying Jiuzhou Network Technology”, “Research on Legal Issues of identifying Three-dimensional Model Works: A Deep Analysis of the Copyright Infringement Case of Fischertechnik”, “Discussion on the Feasibility of Competitive Athletes’ Ownership of Performer’s Rights” , which were separately published in many authoritative journals and WeChat official account, including Chinese Copyright, Electronics Intellectual Property, “Zhi Chan Li”, and “Wolers Kluwer”.

Catherine-Shen 沈晓琳
Catherine Shen

Commerce & Finance Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 10 6569 3471
电邮 Email: shenxiaolin@tongshang.com

Key practice areas: M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Real estate; Foreign direct investment





Catherine Shen is a partner at Commerce & Finance Law Offices. She has over 18 years’ experience advising clients on large scale and complex cross-border M&A and private equity transactions.

Catherine primarily handles private equity matters, cross border M&A transactions for top-tier private equity firms and leading multinational corporations. Besides traditional industries such as auto, real estate, healthcare and manufacturing, she is also experienced with M&A transactions in cutting-edge high technology industries such as AI, big data and autonomous driving.

Catherine has a particular expertise advising on cross-border transactions in the real estate sector covering a full spectrum of real estate assets such as logistics and warehouses, internet data centers, life science and other industrial parks, residential properties, shopping malls, hotels and other mixed-used commercial real estate properties. Catherine has served as the leading counsel for a number of complicated cross-border investment transactions in China’s new infrastructure sector, and was instrumental in their structuring, negotiation and implementation.

Catherine advised GIC RE in its acquisition of multiple modern logistics and warehouse facilities from JD Group at an asset value of RMB10.9 billion, which was recognized as a PRC Deal of the Year by China Business Law Journal in 2019. In addition, Catherine was rated as one of the Top 15 Female Lawyers by Legalband 2021.

Song Zhongchun 宋仲春
Song Zhongchun

Deputy Director, Director of Beijing Office
City Development Law Firm
Key practice areas: Real estate; Construction engineering; Infrastructure; Urban renewal
Su-Hui 宿辉
Su Hui

Senior Adviser
Gongcheng Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 431 8862 2986
电邮 Email: suhui@gongchenglaw.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Compliance; Construction engineering; Infrastructure



宿辉是国内招标与采购法、工程法领域的资深学者,同时在基础设施建设及投融资、政府和社会资本合作(PPP)领域积累了大量优势经验,具备提供复杂项目及项目群全过程法律服务的专业能力。他的代表性案例长春市伊通河综合流域治理项目曾获《商法》“年度杰出交易”。宿辉连续多年获得钱伯斯(Chambers & Partners)《亚太法律指南》推荐律师等荣誉。

Su Hui is a senior consultant at Gong Cheng Law Firm and holds a Juris Doctor degree. He has been selected into the PPP Expert Database of the Ministry of Finance of China. He serves as a member of the Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB), a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), and a fellow member of the China Cost Engineering Association. Su is also a member of the Architectural Economy Branch of the Architectural Society of China and a member of the Academic Committee of Jilin Jianzhu University.

Su, who is a member of the Construction Engineering and Real Estate Committee of the National Legal Association, has drafted the 2013 edition of the construction contract template. He has been employed as an arbitrator by several courts of arbitration, which were located in Shenzhen, Dalian, Changchun, and Shijiazhuang. He is also a council member of the Jilin Arbitration Commission.

Su focuses on procurement law and engineering law. He has accumulated a lot of experience in infrastructure construction, investment, financing, and public-private partnerships (PPP). He can provide professional legal services over the whole process of complex projects. His representative case, the Yitong River basin renovation project in Changchun, was selected as one of the Deals of The Year in 2017 by China Business Law Journal while Su also has been selected as the Recommended Lawyer by Chambers & Partners Asia-Pacific Legal Guide for several years.

Gary-Sun 孙刚
Gary Sun

Senior Partner
Tiantai Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6184 8272
电邮 Email: sungang@tiantailaw.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Securitisation & structured finance



Gary Sun is a senior partner and a member of management committee of Tiantai Law Firm. His major areas of practice include restructuring and M&A, private equity and venture capital, bond issuance and asset securitization, litigation and arbitration.

Since the launch of his career as a lawyer, Sun has been deeply involved in the high-tech and artificial intelligence industry, with clients mainly in the fields of advanced manufacturing, electronic information, materials and energy, and biomedicine. Sun has been dedicated to the legal services for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. He helps clients in the above-mentioned fields to properly deal with various complex legal issues during the period of start-up, development and even IPO, to protect the high-tech and innovative achievements, to regulate the operation, and to reduce the legal risks while implementing the enterprise development plan, so as to gain a competitive advantage in the market and achieve the business objectives.

Sun has served many private equity fund and venture capital Institutions. He possesses extensive experience in fund establishment and raising, fund investment, fund liquidation and dissolution and other legal services. He is able to provide a number of complex legal services and innovative solutions for various types of funds such as government guide fund, venture capital fund, S fund, etc. Sun has served as a counsel of listed companies, large state-owned enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises for years. He has served as the leading counsel for several large-scale M&A projects, and is able to ensure the successful implementation of the transactions. Sun specialises in dealing with complicated fund disputes and company disputes. He assists clients in solving disputes through a wide range of practice including negotiation, mediation, litigation and arbitration.

Jason-Sun 孙磊
Jason Sun

Senior Partner
Dentons China

电话 Tel: +86 10 5759 0571
电邮 Email: sun.lei@dentons.cn

Key practice areas: Compliance; International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Import/export legal compliance

孙磊是大成律师事务所高级合伙人,担任国际商会(ICC)国际贸易与国家援助工作组专家、北京律师协会WTO与反倾销专业委员会副主任、中国商务部贸易救济法律顾问、进出口贸易合规工作委员智库专家、无锡国际商事争端解决和知识产权服务中心专家库成员。孙磊荣获钱伯斯、Legal 500、The Best Lawyer、《商法》和Legalband等全球律师评级机构国际贸易救济领域的所有专业认可。

孙磊曾任北京WTO事务中心信息部主任。他于2008 年开始律师执业,专注于代理中国政府、企业应诉外国对华贸易救济调查,是代理中国政府应诉对华反补贴调查最具项目经验的律师之一。孙磊成功代理客户应诉美国、欧盟、加拿大、澳大利亚等国贸易救济案件,获得零税率或最低税率;同时,为客户在东南亚、墨西哥、多米尼加等国家的贸易投资中提供国别贸易救济合规法律服务。


Jason Sun is a senior partner of Dentons China, who also serves as a specialist of the ICC Task Force on International Trade and State Aid, deputy director of WTO and Anti-dumping Specialties in the Beijing Lawyers Association, MOFCOM’s legal counsel advising trade remedy matters, a think-tank expert of Import and Export Compliance Committee, and Expert member of Wuxi International Commercial Dispute Settlement and Intellectual Property Service Centre. Sun has received professional recognition in the field of international trade remedies from global Lawyer rating agencies such as Chambers, Legal500, The Best Lawyer, China Business Law Journal and Legalband.

Sun has served in the Beijing WTO Centre as director of the information department. He started his legal practice in 2008, focusing on acting for the Chinese government and enterprises in responding to foreign trade remedy investigations against China, being one of the most experienced lawyers in acting for the Chinese government in responding to the countervailing duty investigations against China. Sun successfully represented clients in trade remedy investigation cases initiated by the US, EU, Canada, Australia and elsewhere, obtaining zero or minimum tax rates. In addition, he provides trade remedy compliance legal services for clients in Southeast Asia, Mexico, Dominican Republic and other countries in their trade and investment to various countries.

Over the years, Sun has accumulated rich experience and outstanding achievements in the field of foreign legal practice such as trade remedy, especially in the US market. Cases he represented cover all procedures of the US trade remedy investigation, including initial investigation, annual review, new shipper, industry injury, sunset review, changed circumstance, anti-circumvention, EAPA, scope ruling, and CIT and CAFC proceedings. Through his years of case experience in the field of trade remedy, Sun analysed the most favourable response strategy and the optimal plan of reporting cost, sales, and subsidy data for clients. In addition, entrusted by the Shanghai Commission of Commerce, Sun designed and constructed the world’s first country trade remedy compliance self-check system for Chinese export enterprises.

Sun-Tian 孙甜
Sun Tian

DHH Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 139 1109 7497
电邮 Email: suntian@deheheng.com

Key practice areas: Compliance; Litigation & arbitration; M&A





Sun Tian received her master’s degree in international law from the East China University of Politics and Law. She is currently a partner at DHH Law Firm. Before joining DHH, Sun worked as a lawyer at a prestigious law firm and as an in-house legal counsel at a leading multinational corporation. She also engaged in investment work in a domestic listed company. Sun has a solid theoretical foundation and vast practical operating experience in the areas of compliance, litigation and arbitration, and M&A. Sun has provided legal services to many domestic and foreign leading enterprises in automotive, shipbuilding, military, communications, internet, engineering, energy, chemical, banking, and other industries.

Sun has represented dozens of complex litigation and arbitration cases, including but not limited to cases of appeal and retrial cases in high courts, as well as enforcement cases with material subject matters involved. Through the effort by Sun and her team, they have recovered losses or won hundreds of millions of renminbi for the clients they represented.

Sun has represented multinationals, foreign-invested enterprises and large Chinese state-owned companies in various cases, including compliance, litigation and arbitration, and M&A. Her professional performance has been highly recognised by clients. The case led by Sun, in which she reviewed anti-monopoly issues in a merger between China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) into China Shipbuilding Group Corporation (CSSC), was selected as one of the “Deals of the year 2020” by China Business Law Journal.

Sun is the director of the cross-border investment and M&A department at DHH. She also serves as a director of the China Pacific Society, an expert in the construction of compliance systems for foreign economic and trade enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and a co-operative master’s instructor at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

Tan-Jinghui 谭敬慧
Tan Jinghui

Director, Founding Partner
Jundu Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6586 2898
电邮 Email: tanjinghui@jundufirm.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Litigation; M&A; Real estate





Tan Jinghui is the director and founding partner at Jundu Law Firm, prior to which she was general counsel for CSCEC International. Tan holds master of law and master of structure engineering degrees, and also a training certificate as a mediator from Pepperdine University. She has 30 years of work experience in construction and real estate, a top construction legal expert.

Tan’s roles include: legal counsel of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development; a PPP expert of the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance; an executive director of the building enterprises operation and labour management branch of the China Construction Industry Association; and a specialist for the China Engineering Cost Association and the China Tendering and Bidding Association. She also serves as an arbitrator for the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Centre and more than 20 other arbitration commissions in China.

Tan has acted as a core member to draft legislation documents and standard documents for state ministries such as the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Ministry of Finance. The works she has participated in include: the Civil Code; Construction Law; Law on Tenders and Bids; Regulations on the Implementation of Tendering and Bidding Law of the State Council; Regulations on Wage Payment for Rural Migrant Workers; Measures for Administration of General Contracting of Housing Construction and Municipal Infrastructure Projects; General Contract of Construction Project (EPC); and Model Text of Project Co-operation Agreement between Government and Social Capital Cooperation (PPP) of the NDRC; Measures for the Administration of Concession for Infrastructure and Public Utilities (2013); Construction Contract for Construction Projects (Model Text 2017); and so on.

Tan led a team to provide legal services of consultation and dispute resolution for many famous construction projects, among which are: the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge; the No. 1 Citizen Service Centre Project in Xiongan New District; the Beijing New Airport; the new CCTV station; the CNPC Headquarters Building; the Bank of China Headquarters Project; and the CYL Headquarters Building Project.

Tan has provided legal services in the field of PPPs amounting up to RMB500 billion. At the same time, she has represented many difficult and complex dispute cases in the Supreme People’s Court and local high courts, using deep legal experience to achieve the desired results for her cases, gaining the lasting trust and confidence of the clients.

Tang-Meng 唐萌
Tang Meng

Senior Partner, Director of Contract Dispute Resolution Business Centre
Joint-Win Partners

电话 Tel: +86 156 1800 2308
电邮 Email: tangmeng@joint-win.com

Key practice areas: Customs and international trade; Commercial litigation; Financial dispute resolution; Administrative law and government legal affairs





Tang Meng graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in law, and graduated from Fudan University with a master’s degree in law degree in 2007.

Tang worked in Shanghai Customs for 18 years and became one of the first public customs lawyers in 2003 and one of the first “customs legal experts” in 2016. He has participated in several high-level designs related to customs affairs reform, including the amendment of Customs Law in 2000, the legislation of Provisions on the Classification and Administration of Customs in 2007, as well as the draft and release of a series of rules under General Administration of Customs and Shanghai Customs, in charge of reviewing and issuing more than 20 public announcements and operation instructions in the reform of customs supervision in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Since Tang became a social lawyer in 2016, he has dealt with a wide range of legal affairs such as foreign-related trade disputes, cross-border intellectual property protection, import and export tax disputes, real estate, mortgage and lease contract dispute, defense for conomic crimes, administrative review litigation, and provided legal services for foreign enterprises from the US, Japan, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Singapore, and Canada. At the same time, Tang is proficient in financial dispute resolution including factoring, trust, futures, and is able to provide all-round legal services that overlap of civil, administrative and criminal law.

In addition, Tang has also authored numerous research articles and conducted numerous internal and external training on the reform of customs clearance innovation, IP protection for import and export, international transfer pricing and customs valuation, the nature of smuggling, e-commerce law and cross-border trade, basis of claim rights in civil and commercial litigation, and guarantee system under civil code.

All in all, Tang is a professional lawyer with both theoretical accomplishment and practical experience.

Simon Tsi 司义夏
Simon Tsi

管理合伙人 ,北京
Managing Partner
Chang Tsi & Partners
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Intellectual property; Antitrust & competition; Dispute resolution
Frank-Wan 万波
Frank Wan

Managing Partner
Jin Mao Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 6249 6040 834
电邮 Email: wanbo@jinmao.com.cn

Key practice areas: Compliance; Data protection; E-commerce, fintech, blockchain & cryptos; Investment & financing




Frank Wan is Managing Partner of Jin Mao Law Firm. He has extensive experience in financial securities, fintech, financial leasing, commercial factoring, cybersecurity, data protection and transaction. His representative cases include legal services in the fields of non-performing asset disposal and investment, supply chain management, supply chain finance, consumer finance, cross-border payment, online, cybersecurity, data protection and transaction. The clients involve government agencies, financial enterprises, payment companies, supply chain platforms, online car hailing platforms, biomedical industry, transportation and logistics, real estate and other industries. In addition, he is a certified data protection officer by CSA (Cloud Security Alliance).

Wan now is the director of the Expert Committee of China Association of Trade in Services, an academic member of the Special Committee of Commercial Factoring of China Association of Trade in Services, a member of the Group for Promoting the Compliance Audit of Personal Information Protection in China, director of Shanghai Financial Leasing Association, Chief Supervisor of Shanghai Commercial Factoring Association, a member of Shanghai Big Data Alliance, and a director of the Shanghai Data Service Provider Association.

Wan also served as a consultant expert on civil and administrative litigation supervision cases of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, a part-time professor of East China University of Political Science and Law, an arbitrator of Shanghai Arbitration Commission, an arbitrator of Hainan International Arbitration Court, an independent director of Huaxin Securities Co., Ltd., etc. He is now the external legal adviser of Shanghai Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau and the perennial legal adviser of the Commerce Commission of Shanghai Pudong New Area.

David-Wang 王维众
David Wang

Zhong Lun Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 6061 3186
电邮 Email: davidwang@zhonglun.com

Key practice areas: Compliance; Corporate & commercial; M&A; Dispute resolution


王维众是中国上海最早一批从事涉外业务的律师之一,深耕涉外法律业务30年以上,连续被国际金融法律评论、The Legal 500、《商法》、Legal Brand、《亚洲法律概况》、Asia Law、法律媒体集团等国际权威法律评级机构评为推荐律师、法律精英、市场领袖、杰出律师等。王维众为诸多知名跨国公司客户处理各类复杂的综合法律业务,包括外商直接投资、公司业务、商业交易、跨境并购、合资合作、融资、资产重组、合规、商业信托和争议解决等。连续多年被不同国际机构评为亚洲杰出律师和并购领域推荐律师。2017年为客户以116亿美元收购亚洲物流地产巨头普洛斯提供全程中国法律服务。该交易为迄今为止亚洲最大的私募基金收购和2017年中国企业最大的跨境投资项目。



David Wang graduated from Fudan University and New York University and obtained LLB. and LLM degrees, respectively. Currently, Wang is a partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm, one of the biggest law firms in China, and leads the Investment/M&A & Corporate Governance practice group in Zhong Lun.

Wang is one of the first lawyers in Shanghai and has engaged in foreign-related legal practice for more than 30 years providing international legal services, and is skilled in representing multinational companies in various business sectors on a wide range of matters, including foreign direct investment, corporate matters, commercial transactions, cross-border M&A, joint venture, financing, reorganisation, compliance, business trust, and dispute resolution. He has been recommended by different international appraisal organisations as “Asia Leading Lawyer” and “Recommended Lawyer in M&A Area” for consecutive years. In 2017, Wang advised the clients on the USD11.6 billion acquisition of all issued and paid-up ordinary shares of Global Logistic Properties. It is so far the largest private equity buy-out deal in Asia and the largest cross-border transaction completed by Chinese entities in 2017.

Wang’s clients spread over different industries, including equipment manufacturing, automobile, logistics, financing, medical, education, hotel, steel, restaurant and catering, chemical, shipping, sports and entertainment, leasing, consulting and etc., and cover different regions in North America, Europe and Asia.

In addition, Wang has participated in many complicated domestic and international litigation and arbitration cases, and as a member of the panels of arbitrators of well-known arbitration centres both at home and abroad, Wang has participated in and resolved many international arbitration cases. Furthermore, he has also frequently served as a PRC law expert to provide expertise in foreign litigation proceedings and arbitration hearings. Wang’s many years of commercial transaction experience enables him to provide in-depth and intelligent insight when settling commercial disputes and his abundant dispute resolution experience also helps him to cultivate a strong dispute-preventing mindset when dealing with commercial transactions.

Emma Wang 王靓
Emma Wang

Senior Partner
Zhenghan Law Firm
Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Insurance & reinsurance; Project finance
Wang Jianzhao 王剑钊
Wang Jianzhao

Fenxun Partners
Key practice areas: Insurance; Structured finance; M&A; Corporate reorganisation
Wang Jihong 王霁虹
Wang Jihong

Zhong Lun Law Firm
Key practice areas: Environment; Cross-border investment; Energy & natural resources; Infrastructure
Wang Lixin 王立新
Wang Lixin

King & Wood Mallesons
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Securitisation & structured finance; Investment & financing
Owen Wang 王兴华
Owen Wang

International Partner
King & Wood Mallesons
Key practice areas: M&A; Outbound investment; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Restructuring & insolvency
Wang Yi 王祎
Wang Yi

Llinks Law Offices
Key practice areas: Insurance & reinsurance; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Investment & financing
Wang-Zheng 王正
Wang Zheng

Managing Partner
Zhenghan Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 2030 4050 / +86 135 6456 9969
电邮 Email: wangzheng@zhenghan.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Litigation; Dispute resolution

王正的执业领域为重大商业诉讼与仲裁。作为虹桥正瀚律师事务所合伙人,他长期从事高端商业争议解决领域工作,承办了大量疑难复杂、争议金额巨大的商业诉讼和仲裁案件,处理案件总额达到数百亿元,对重大商业诉讼与仲裁具有丰富经验和独到见解。他还受聘上海仲裁委员会和上海国际经济贸易仲裁委员会(上海国际仲裁中心)的仲裁员,担任上海市律师协会民商事诉讼委员会副主任、以及复旦大学、上海交通大学硕士生导师等职务。他持续多年是钱伯斯争议解决上榜律师,还获评2021年《商法》“The A-List 法律精英”、《亚洲法律杂志》2022 ALB China十五佳诉讼律师、2021年度LEGALBAND诉讼律师15强等。

Wang Zheng focuses on commercial litigation and arbitration. He is dedicated to solving cutting-edge legal issues in the field of commercial dispute resolution and has gained deep experience and profound insights. He assists clients in numerous complex litigation and arbitration cases with considerable amounts in dispute. For now, the total amount in dispute of cases represented by him amounts to more than tens of billions in RMB. He is an arbitrator at both the Shanghai Arbitration Commission and the Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission.

“He is proactive in providing advice and solutions with clients’ best interest in mind. He has good judgement of the case, giving us confidence in adjusting our solutions and our way onward,” one client observes. He is listed in Chambers (Dispute Resolution), “The A-List 2021” by China Business Law Journal, “2022 ALB China Top 15 Litigators” , and “Top 15 Litigators” awarded by Legalband 2021.

Wei Yongpeng 卫永鹏
Wei Yongpeng

V&T law firm
Key practice areas: Corporate governance; Asset restructuring; Commercial litigation; Dispute resolution
Wen Congjun 温从军
Wen Congjun

Senior Partner
AllBright Law Offices
Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Healthcare & life sciences
Wu-Dong 吴冬
Wu Dong

Director of Professional Committee on Company Law and Cross-Border Investment, Senior Partner
Hui Ye Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 5237 0950
电邮 Email: wudong@huiyelaw.com

Key practice areas: Aviation; Corporate & commercial; M&A; Foreign direct investment


2022年,吴冬荣登Chambers“公司并购”领域大中华区榜单及全球榜单,被The Legal 500 评为“公司并购领域推荐律师”,被LEGALBAND评为“公司并购领域中国顶级律师”。吴冬于2014年获方圆律政“中国十大年度律师”称号,2018年入选上海市涉外律师人才库,2020及2021连续两年获得Global Law Experts 年度中国并购律师大奖(Annual Awards of M&A Lawyer of China)并入选《商法》“The A-List 2020”中国百名法律精英榜单,2021年被LEGALBAND评为中国交易律师15强,2021年代表东航股份发行500亿日元债的项目获得《商法》“年度杰出交易奖”。



Wu Dong graduated from Northwestern University School of Law in 2008 and obtained LLM degree. He is currently a part-time master’s tutor of East China University of Political Science and Law, a director of the Education Development Foundation of East China University of Political Science and Law, a director of the alumni association of East China University of Political Science and Law, a member of the All China Lawyers Association Company Law Committee, a mediator of the CCPIT/China Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai Mediation Center, an arbitrator of the arbitration commissions in Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou, and an arbitrator of the Zhuhai and Dalian International Arbitration Courts, Deputy Director of the Company Law Committee of the Shanghai Lawyers Association (2003-2015), a member of the Political Participation Committee of the Shanghai Lawyers Association, a member of the Shanghai Xuhui District CPPCC (2012-2022), and a cross-border investment lecturer of the Qingdao Law School.

In 2022, Wu was listed in Chambers’ Greater China List and Global List of “Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions”, and was rated as “Recommended Lawyer in Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions” by The Legal 500, and “Top Lawyer in China in Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions” by LEGALBAND. In 2020 and 2021, he won the Annual Awards of M&A Lawyer of China for two consecutive years. In 2021, he was rated as one of the top 15 Chinese transaction lawyers by LEGALBAND, In 2021, the project of issuing 50 billion yen bonds on behalf of China Eastern Airlines was listed as one of the “Deals of the Year” by the China Business Law Journal.

Wu mainly provides professional legal services for the investment, acquisition and joint venture projects of many well-known enterprises, such as COMAC, China Eastern Airlines, the Paper, Uni-President, China Great Wall Assets, Dada Jingdong Home, CITIC, Founder, White Cat, Prada, Hengrui Medicine, China Tennis Association, China Datang, Sinohydro, China Hi Tech, etc. These enterprises have highly appraised his professional standards and professionalism.

Wu is also an independent director of Tian Yu Eco-Environment, a listed company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange; and Shanghai Urban Architecture Design, a listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Wu-Peng 吴鹏
Wu Peng

Senior Partner
Zhong Lun Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 5957 2288
电邮 Email: wupeng@zhonglun.com

Key practice areas: Compliance; Antitrust & competition; Dispute resolution



吴鹏现为中国法学会经济法研究会常务理事、中国国际经济贸易仲裁委仲裁员、ICC China竞争委员会副主席、中日民商法学会副会长、中国世界贸易组织研究会竞争政策与法律专业委员会专家和北京市市场监督管理局反垄断专家;吴鹏还是北京大学法学院、中国人民法学院兼职硕士导师。吴鹏热心公益,极具社会正义感和责任心,现担任中伦公益基金会理事长。

Wu Peng graduated from Peking University Law School and Kyushu National University Law School, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in law, respectively. He returned to China in 1993, and founded Zhong Lun Law Firm as a co-founding partner. He is now a managing partner and senior partner of Zhong Lun.

Wu has 30 years of practice experience. His main practice areas are anti-monopoly and competition law, cross-border investment and mergers and acquisitions, litigation, and arbitration. His long-term clients include domestic and foreign multinational companies and leading enterprises in industries such as energy and information technology. He has provided thousands of instances of legal service for hundreds of well-known multinational companies, and participated in many cases with significant social influence, such as Qualcomm’s anti-monopoly investigation case, abuse of market dominance case brought by JD against Tmall, confirmation of non-monopoly case brought by Qualcomm against Meizu, abuse of market dominance case and patent infringement case brought by Hytera against Motorola. He has rich experience in anti-monopoly investigation, litigation, merger control filing, M&A, compliance, and other fields, and can always put forward unique, innovative, and feasible views and solutions in cases, which has been highly praised by clients. In addition, Wu has good communication with regulatory authorities and judicial institutions. Over the years, he has continually participated in relevant legislation processes and seminars held by government agencies, international chambers of commerce, associations, and foreign embassies and consulates in China.

Wu is currently an executive director of the Economic Law Research Association of the China Law Society, an arbitrator of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, and the vice chairman of the ICC China Competition Committee. Wu is also a part-time master tutor at the Law School of Peking University and the Law School of Renmin University of China. Wu is enthusiastic about public welfare and has strong sense of social justice and responsibility. He is currently the chairman of the Zhong Lun Public Welfare Foundation.

Wu Xiaoliang 吴小亮
Wu Xiaoliang

Managing Partner
CM Law Firm
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Compliance; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Wu-Zifang 吴子芳
Wu Zifang

主任 ,北京
Rongtai Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 135 8169 5175
电邮 Email: wuzifang@rongtailaw.com

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Technology, media and telecommunications; Entertainment & sports




Wu Zifang is the director of Rongtai Law Firm. He has focused on the area of intellectual property infringement disputes for many years and has in-depth research and extensive practical experience in new types of cases in the context of information networks.

Wu graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a PhD. He is an adjunct professor of China University of Political Science and Law, deputy director of Network and High-tech Committee of the National Lawyers Association, director of Information Network and Telecommunication and Postal Law Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association, vice president and executive secretary of Beijing Intellectual Property Law Research Association, vice president of Hunan Copyright Protection Association, vice president of Beijing Haidian District Lawyers Association, and has been employed by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate as expert counselor of civil cases and administrative cases, legal expert of Jiangsu Province Information Network Security Association. In addition, Wu has received countless awards and honors. He has been listed in the Top 50 list of China’s Outstanding Intellectual Property Lawyers for two consecutive years, and was named as the “Top 10 Copyright Lawyers” and “Top 10 Internet (Copyright) Lawyers”. He was also the first lawyer selected as the “Elite of Haidian District” by the Haidian District Government, and selected as the first “Leading Lawyer of Haidian District”.

Wu has a professional opinion on intellectual property law and has published more than 20 articles in professional media such as China Intellectual Property Journal. He was an attorney in many high-profile cases, which have been selected as the Top 10 Cases of Competition and Monopoly Cases by Beijing Intellectual Property Court, the Top 10 Cases of Network Unfair Competition Cases by Haidian Court, the Top 10 Cases of Network Protection in China, and the Top 10 Intellectual Property Cases with the Greatest Research Value in China in 2021, the Top 10 Influential Cases of China’s New Culture and Entertainment Industry in 2021, the Top 10 Cases of Intellectual Property Judicial Protection of Beijing Courts, and the Top 10 Innovative Cases selected by Beijing High Court.

Xia Dongxia 夏东霞
Xia Dongxia

King & Wood Mallesons
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Commercial litigation; Dispute resolution; Securities compliance and litigation
Dorothy-Xing 邢冬梅
Dorothy Xing

Managing Partner
East & Concord Partners

电话 Tel: +86 10 6510 7016
电邮 Email: Dorothyxing@east-concord.com

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Capital markets



Dorothy Xing is a managing partner of East & Concord Partners, specialising in banking and finance, capital markets and securities, corporate governance and compliance. Xing has been a leader in financial and securities legal services for 28 years. She advised on China’s state-owned enterprise reforms in the first and second round and H-share listing in 1994. She undertook the overseas red-chip listing of the first private companies and IPOs of national commercial banks. Currently, she is also the legal counsel for over 10 large state-owned enterprises, listed banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Furthermore, she and her team have been frequently recommended by Chambers and Partners, asialaw Profiles, China Business Law Journal, LEGALBAND and so forth for many years.

Denning-Xu 徐宇舟
Denning Xu

Han Kun Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 21 6080 0307
电邮 Email: yuzhou.xu@hankunlaw.com

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Insurance & reinsurance; Securitisation & structured finance; Asset restructuring


Denning Xu’s areas of expertise cover financial compliance, asset management and SOEs, including the establishment of financial institutions and the issuance of financial products, utilisation of insurance funds, establishment of insurance asset management products, establishment and operation of private equity funds, institutionalised financing, ABS, issuances of bonds and DFI, etc. Xu also has over 20 years of experience in the area of state-owned assets and SOEs and takes the lead in the industry in the compliance of state-owned financial institutions, establishment and operation of state-owned funds and foreign financial business. Xu has been awarded as Leading Lawyer in the Practice Area of Securitisation & Derivatives by Legalband for six consecutive years since 2015; and Top 15 Insurance Versatile Practitioners of Legalband 2022. Xu currently serves as member of the Expert Panel of the Issuance Asset Management Association of China, vice president of State-owned Assets and Enterprises Committee of Shanghai Bar Association, master’s program instructor of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shanghai University of Political Science and Law.

Xu-Lixin 徐立新
Xu Lixin

Senior Partner, Director of Customs Legal Commitee
China Commercial Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 755 8302 5555
电邮 Email: xulixin@huashang.cn

Key practice areas: Legal compliance review for import and export trade; Solution to commodity tariff classification dispute; Customs inspection & administrative penalties; Criminal defense of economic crimes



Xu Lixin is the senior partner and director of the Customs Legal Committee of China Commercial Law Firm. Xu graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law in 1988 and obtained a master’s degree in world economics from Peking University in 1996. From 1988 to 1991, he served as an instructor in the training center of Guangdong Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and simultaneously served as an arbitrator in the bureau. From 1991 to 1998, he successively served as supervisor of case reconsideration of Shenzhen Huanggang Customs, chief assistant and deputy chief of the section of investigation and handling of smuggling cases, inspection section, supervision section, and inspection section. From 1998 to 2004, he successively served as the principal of the examination department of smuggling cases in the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Shenzhen Customs, chief of the pre-trial investigation section and assistant director of the legal affairs department. He has practiced law as a professional lawyer in China Commercial Law Firm since June 2004 and he served as chief executive partner from 2019 to 2021. At the same time he has been the director of customs legal affairs department of the firm for years. Xu is a member of the economic crime defence committee of Guangdong Lawyers Association, a member of the International & Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan work committee of Shenzhen Lawyers Association and Shenzhen Lawyers’ Union Committee. Xu has profound theoretical knowledge and experienced expertise, and his legal services cover a wide range of litigation and non-litigation fields, including customs legal affairs, criminal defense of economic crimes, corporate compliance, foreign investment, cross-border e-commerce, the supply chain and so on. Xu has remarkable insight into customs legal affairs, economic crimes and business environment. Because of his experience in arbitration and defense, Xu has provided a huge amount of clients with professional, accurate and feasible legal solutions over the years. Xu’s high standards and professional services have been widely recognized by clients and professionals in various fields.

Xu Mo 徐沫
Xu Mo

Zhong Lun Law Firm
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Xu Shengfeng 许胜锋
Xu Shengfeng

Zhong Lun Law Firm
Key practice areas: Bankruptcy & insolvency; Corporate & commercial; Litigation; Restructuring & insolvency
Xu Yu 徐羽
Xu Yu

Hylands Law Firm
Key practice areas: Bankruptcy & restructuring; Special asset disposal; Banking & finance
Yan-Guozhe 晏国哲
Yan Guozhe

Senior Partner
Jia Yuan Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 10 6641 3377
电邮 Email: yanguozhe@jiayuan-law.com

Key practice areas: M&A and reorganisation; Domestic financing; Financial legal services


Yan Guozhe is currently a senior partner and member of the management committee of Jia Yuan Law Offices, practicing in the Beijing office. Yan graduated from the Law School of Central University of Finance and Economics. He has practiced for more than two decades, with clients mainly being central enterprises, listed companies and leading enterprises in the industry. He is mainly engaged in non-litigation business in capital market and financial field, including enterprise restructuring and asset restructuring, commercial acquisition and industrial integration, IPO and refinancing in domestic and overseas capital markets, private equity investment, etc. He is especially proficient at dealing with complex asset restructuring and commercial mergers and acquisitions. After comprehensively considering legal, financial, taxation, commercial and other factors, he will take into account the demands of all parties involved in the transaction, design the optimal restructuring or M&A scheme to help clients avoid risks, solve problems and facilitate transactions in a changing and complex legal and regulatory environment. Yan has provided legal services for the successful conclusion of hundreds of restructuring projects or M&A transactions, many of great influence at home and abroad. With outstanding achievements, Yan and his team have won full trust and high praise from clients, and he has won many awards from authoritative legal media at home and abroad.

Yang-Furong 杨福荣
Yang Furong

Senior Counsel
Dentons China

电话 Tel: +86 10 5759 0554/+86 137 0109 9922
电邮 Email: furong.yang@dentons.cn

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Corporate & commercial; Real estate; Dispute resolution



Yang Furong, as a senior counsel at Dentons China and member of the Advisory Board of Experts for Supervision of Civil and Administrative Cases of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, specialises in high-value and complicated commercial litigation and arbitration cases and has in-depth expertise in overlapping criminal and civil cases. With excellent experience and performance in finance, corporate equity and governance, bankruptcy, and real estate, she serves a wide range of clients, including SOEs, central SOEs, and other well-known enterprises in financial, real estate, construction, energy, and other industries. Yang has represented them in numerous arbitration and litigation cases before CIETAC, BAC, the Supreme People’s Court, and people’s courts at various levels, with billions in cumulative disputed amount. Based on years of practice, she helps clients maximise their business goals by providing customised, actionable litigation strategies.

Yang-Xueyu 杨雪瑜
Yang Xueyu

Managing Partner
Hui Zhong Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 5639 9660
电邮 Email: yang.xueyu@huizhonglaw.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Commercial litigation; Dispute resolution



Yang Xueyu is a managing partner of Hui Zhong Law Firm’s Beijing office. She devotes her focus to international commercial, investment arbitration and cross-border litigation, with particular expertise in handling complex contentious matters involving multiple jurisdictions. Yang has advised both domestic and foreign clients in a broad range of sectors such as real estate, construction, IT, biotechnology, hi-tech, and automobiles in proceedings conducted at the ICSID, PCA, ICC, HKIAC, SIAC, CIEATC and different levels of domestic courts including the Supreme People’s Court of China.

Yang is licensed in China and the state of New York. She is an arbitrator at the HKIAC and the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration, and a specialist mediator of the Singapore International Mediation Centre.

Yang Yanning 杨燕宁
Yang Yanning

DeHeng Law Offices
Key practice areas: Aviation; Banking & finance; Capital markets; Dispute resolution;
Yang Yecheng 杨业成
Yang Yecheng

DeHeng Law Offices
Key practice areas: Aviation; Banking & finance; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Dispute resolution
Yang Yuhua 杨玉华
Yang Yuhua

Llinks Law Offices
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; M&A; Cross-border investment; Investment & financing
Yao-Jian 姚坚
Yao Jian

Jingtian & Gongcheng

电话 Tel: +86 10 5809 1022
电邮 Email: yao.jian@jingtian.com

Key practice areas: M&A; Cross-border investment; Energy & natural resources; Infrastructure


姚坚曾为众多大型国有企业和民营企业的跨境投资、并购和项目融资提供专业咨询服务,他从法律和商业的角度提出创新性项目架构解决方案的能力亦受到业界广泛认可,深受客户的信赖与肯定。姚坚入选司法部全国涉外律师人才库和北京市律师协会涉外律师人才库,曾获得“2021年度Legal 500项目与能源领域特别推荐律师”“2019ALBChina十五佳律师新星”“2019年Asialaw Leading Lawyers客户最满意律师”“2020年 Asialaw Profiles公司与并购领域领先律师”等荣誉。



Yao Jian is a partner at Jingtian & Gongcheng’s Beijing headquarters. He has been engaged in legal services for more than 15 years. He focuses on cross-border transactions, multinational M&A, infrastructure investments, mine, energy and resources investment, real-estate investment, capital market and renewable energy. He has worked in prestigious international firms and domestic firms.

Yao has provided professional services for many large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in cross-border investment, M&A and project financing. His ability to propose innovative project structure solutions from both legal and commercial perspectives has also been widely recognised by the industry and well received by clients.

As one of the most active partners in Jingtian & Gongcheng, his career experience has been enriched by the booming Chinese outbound investments, with clients in Europe, Africa, North America, Australia, South Asia and Central Asia across energy and natural resources, infrastructure construction, entertainment industry and agriculture sectors. Yao is also one of the leading lawyers to provide carbon trade (CEA, CCER) related services in China.

Yao has been selected as the member of the “National Talent Pool of Lawyers Specialising on Foreign Affairs” of Ministry of Justice, ranked as “Highly Recommended Lawyer in Project and Energy “by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2021, “China Top 15 Rising Lawyers” by 2019 Asian Legal Business, lauded as the “Most Satisfied Lawyer of the Client” by 2019 Asialaw Leading Lawyers, and named among the “Notable practitioner in Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions” by 2020 Asialaw Profiles.

Yao was admitted to the PRC Bar and New York Bar. He works in both English and Chinese.

You-Minjian 游闽键
You Minjian

Co-effort Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 5887 1657
电邮 Email: ymj@co-effort.com

Key practice areas: Data protection; Intellectual property






You Minjian is the founder of Co-effort Law Firm and leader of the firm’s IP department. His practice focuses on the fields of copyright, trademarks, patents, internet legal issues, data protection, intellectual property financing transactions, and metaverse-related issues. He is particularly good at handling legal issues in the cultural industry and internet innovation areas. He has participated in the legislations and revisions of many laws and regulations, with many of his suggestions having been adopted.

You is one of the 12 legal advisers employed by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. He also serves as the legal adviser of the publicity department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. In addition, he provides legal services to many well-known enterprises and institutions, such as Shanghai Concert Hall and Tencent.

Over 25 years, You handled many significant IP cases, many of which were widely cited. His professional capacity is marked by a list of “firsts”, including the first case of Shanghai Intellectual Property Court; and the first IP Case regarding internet big data. In 2013, he represented a trademark administrative dispute case regarding the generic name “Jin Jun Mei” and a trade secret case of SI Group, both included into the Top Ten Intellectual Property Cases of Supreme Court of that year. In 2021, he helped Shengqu Games win the case related to the licence agreement of “The Legend of Mir 2” in the Supreme People’s Court, which aroused extensive attention.

Due to his outstanding professional ability in IP, You became one of the first WIPO mediators and arbitrators from mainland China, and served as an arbitrator of the Shanghai International Arbitration Centre and the Shanghai Arbitration Commission.

In addition, You is enthusiastic about promoting public welfare. During the covid-19 pandemic, he established the first lawyer volunteer group in China to provide free legal help for the public. He donated many materials for the prevention of covid-19, and submitted many suggestions as a member of the CPPCC, most of which were adopted.

Steven Yu 余盛兴
Steven Yu

Senior Partner
Hiways Law Firm
Key practice areas: International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Cross-border investment; Foreign direct investment
Yu Yongqiang 余永强
Yu Yongqiang

Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Securitisation & structured finance
Yue Yongping 岳永平
Yue Yongping

Grandall Law Firm
Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Technology, media and telecommunications; Healthcare & life sciences
Zang Hongliang 臧洪亮
Zang Hongliang

Senior Partner
Hui Ye Law Firm
Key practice areas: Aviation; M&A; Construction engineering; Dispute resolution
Richard-Zeng 曾赞新
Richard Zeng

Zhong Lun Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 5957 2058
电邮 Email: richardzeng@zhonglun.com

Key practice areas: Insurance & reinsurance; Outbound investment; Foreign direct investment; Healthcare & life sciences



曾赞新是中华全国律师协会“一带一路律师专家库”和司法部“全国千名涉外律师人才库”的成员,连续多年被ALB, Legal 500 和Legal Band推荐,并担任中国政法大学的兼职导师。


Richard Zeng, equity partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm, has more than 20 years of practice experience. Before joining Zhong Lun, he worked at the Hong Kong office of Baker & McKenzie and Sony China.

Zeng specialises in foreign direct investment and outbound investment business and is good at designing transaction structure and solving complex problems. He has advised a number of leading multinational companies on their investments into and/or out of China, including Airbus, Fresenius Kabi, GIC, Lafarge, Sinovac, Gezhouba Group, CHEC, CICC, China Life, Taikang and Xinhua Insurance, etc.

Zeng is a member of the One-Belt One-Road Lawyers Committee and The One Thousand Lawyers for Foreign-related Matters selected by Ministry of Justice, has been continuously recommended by ALB, Legal 500 and Legal Band, and serves as part-time tutor of China University of Political Science and Law.

Zeng has made contributions to China-specific section of Doing Business in Asia Pacific, China Law Review and Caixin.

Zhan-Hao 詹昊
Zhan Hao

Managing Partner
AnJie Broad Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 8567 5966 / +86 139 1178 1654
电邮 Email: zhanhao@anjielaw.com

Key practice areas: Insurance & reinsurance; Antitrust & competition; Litigation & arbitration

詹昊在保险与再保险、反垄断法律服务领域具有良好的声誉,是少有的被钱伯斯同时在两个领域被评为第一等的中国律师。詹昊拥有北京大学的法学博士学位,还在经济学领域从事过博士后研究工作。从业二十余年以来,他办理了大量在全国甚至世界范围具有较大影响力的保险类和反垄断案件,带领团队服务于众多世界500强及全球知名企业。除钱伯斯以外,Who’s Who Legal, GCR, Legal 500, ALB China和Expert Guide连续多年将詹昊列入所推荐的中国领先保险与再保险、争议解决、竞争法/反垄断法专业律师。他还同时担任国际商会中国国家委员会竞争委员会副主席、中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会仲裁员、北京仲裁委员会仲裁员、上海国际仲裁中心、深圳国际仲裁院、香港国际仲裁中心仲裁员等社会职务。

Zhan Hao obtained a PhD in law and finished his post-doctorate research in economy. His competence in both law and economics gives him an edge in counselling on antitrust and insurance issues. In his more than 20 years of practice in law, Zhan has represented clients that include many Fortune 500 companies, and other world-renowned ones from a whole range of sectors, in many influential insurance and antitrust cases.

In addition, he has been rated as the recommended lawyer of China in the practice areas of insurance and reinsurance, dispute resolution and antitrust/competition for many years by Chambers and Partners, Who’s Who Legal, GCR, Legal 500, ALB China and Expert Guide.

He also serves as the vice chairman of ICC China Competition Commission, an arbitrator at China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Beijing Arbitration Commission, Shanghai International Arbitration Center, Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration and Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, etc.

Zhang-Baisha 张白沙
Zhang Baisha

Partner, Director of Guangzhou Office
Zhong Lun Law Firm

电话 Tel: 86 10 5957 2042/86 20 2826 1768
电邮 Email: baisha_zhang@zhonglun.com

Key practice areas: M&A; Antitrust & competition; Dispute resolution

张白沙是中伦律师事务所广州办公室合伙人暨主任,在反垄断和竞争法、诉讼仲裁、投资并购和公司治理领域的表现十分突出,连续多年荣获钱伯斯、《法律500强》、《亚洲法律概况》、Who’s Who Legal等评级机构的第一级别推荐及特别推荐。他主办的格兰仕收购惠而浦(中国)项目多法域反垄断申报以及反垄断合规获得了《亚洲法律概况》颁发的2022亚太法律大奖之年度影响力交易大奖;他代理的两个诉讼案件——“茂名混凝土企业横向垄断协议”反垄断行政处罚案、“惠州市机动车检测行业协会横向垄断协议”反垄断行政处罚案荣获最高人民法院发布的2022年度人民法院反垄断十大典型案例,后者还被选为最高院知产法庭精品裁判以及广州知识产权法院2021年十大典型案例。




Zhang Baisha is a partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm and the managing partner of its Guangzhou office. Zhang has been recognised for his outstanding achievements in antitrust and competition law, dispute resolution and M&A fields, regularly awarded as Tier 1 or special recommendation by numerous legal rating agencies such as Chambers, the Legal 500, Asialaw Profiles, and Who’s Who Legal. Galanz Group’s merger filing and antitrust compliance to acquire Whirlpool in China, in which Zhang was the leading counsel, was awarded as “Impact Deal and Case Awards” in Asialaw Awards 2022 by Asialaw Profiles. Two administrative penalty litigations, in which Zhang was the counsel for the defendant, one being a horizonal monopoly agreement between Maoming concrete companies and the other being a horizontal monopoly agreement organised by Huizhou Automobile Inspection Trade Association, were listed in the “Ten Landmark Antitrust Litigation Cases in 2022” by Supreme People’s Court. The latter case was also chosen as the “Selected Judgment” of the Supreme People’s Court and the “Ten Landmark Cases in 2021” by Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court.

Zhang has been devoted to antitrust law in both academic research and practice for more than 20 years. He has handled many influential cases, assisting clients with his insight of business models and competition in the industry and rich experience in antitrust practice, conducting in-depth competitive/economic/market strategic analysis in combination with clients’ demands. Providing a full spectrum of antitrust service, including antitrust audit and compliance system establishment, merger filing, dealing with antitrust investigation (dawn raid), and all types of antitrust litigations, Zhang helps clients to manage antitrust risks and achieve their business objectives.

As the academic partner of Research Partnership Platform on competition and consumer protection (RPP) of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and an adjunct professor at Jinan University, Zhang has taught competition law and economic analysis for more than 10 years, and has been frequently invited to speak at both national and international antitrust seminars.

In addition, Zhang is also experienced in the areas of dispute resolution and M&A/corporate governance, consecutively awarded as Band 1 Counsel in Corporate/Commercial Law by Chambers. The acquisition of Whirlpool China by Galanz, in which Zhang was the leading counsel, was included into the Deals of the Year 2021 (Cross-border) by China Business Law Journal.

Zhang Baosheng 张保生
Zhang Baosheng

Zhong Lun Law Firm
Key practice areas: Dispute resolution
Chris-Zhang 张云燕
Chris Zhang

Managing Partner, Senior Partner
Jincheng Tongda & Neal

电话 Tel: +86 21 3886 2212
电邮 Email: zhangyunyan@jtn.com

Key practice areas: M&A & restructuring; Securities & capital markets; Litigation & arbitration; Foreign-related legal services

张云燕是金诚同达律师事务所高级合伙人,美国耶鲁大学“创新学者”,主要执业领域为争议解决、并购重组、资本市场及与之相关的涉外法律服务 。她拥有法律、英语、工商管理和金融多个学历,综合能力强,曾入选中国律师排行榜100强,荣获:“律师个人三等功”;“中国涉外律师领军人才”;“2020 ALB China 十五佳女律师”;China Law and Practice 2017年“中国最佳争议解决”律师提名;ALB“2019中国客户首选律师20强”;新中国70华诞暨中国律师制度恢复重建40周年《中国法律年鉴》—2019年度优秀专业律师等荣誉;“2022年度区块链、元宇宙法治卓越服务奖”;”第十届服务贸易研究奖”学术成果征集评选活动中获选优秀成果奖。



Chris Zhang is a senior partner at Jincheng Tongda & Neal, an “Innovation Scholar” of Yale University, and the chief legal adviser of the Global Alliance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China. She served as an independent director of Anhui Fengyuan Biochemical, Anhui Aneng, Anhui Conch Cement and Jiangxi Changyun.

Chris has more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer. She holds a number of degrees in law, English, business administration and finance. She has comprehensive knowledge and strong versatility. She was selected as one of the Top 100 Chinese Lawyers, and was awarded the “Third Class Merit of Individual Lawyer” due to her outstanding performance in foreign-related legal services; nominated the Best Dispute Resolution Lawyer in China Law & Practice 2017; selected by ALB in August 2019 as “2019 ALB China Client Choice Top 20 ”; selected by the 40th Anniversary of the Celebration of New China and the Restoration of the Chinese Lawyer System – Outstanding Law Yearbook of China in 2019;she has outstanding performance in compliance in the field of digital assets in 2022 and has been awarded the 2022 Blockchain and Metaverse Rule of Law Award for Excellent Service; she was elected the Outstanding Achievement Award in the academic achievement collection and selection of “the 10th Service Trade Research Award”.

Chris has successfully represented more than 1,000 domestic and foreign litigation, commercial arbitration, major investment and capital market projects, and has long provided legal services for governments at all levels, financial institutions, international and domestic large enterprises and listed companies. Cases under her agency have been included in the Commercial Trial of the Supreme People’s Court. Her foreign-related projects have also been included in the Selection of Foreign-related Cases and the “First Batch of Ten Classic Cases of Shanghai Foreign-related Investment”. In addition, she serves as a professor or off-campus tutor in a number of institutions of higher learning.

James-Zhang 张健
James Zhang

Shihui Partners

电话 Tel: +86 10 8514 7575/+86 134 0108 5599
电邮 Email: zhangj@shihuilaw.com

Key practice areas: Capital market; Restructuring; M&A; Venture capital & private equity



James Zhang specialises in legal services related to capital market, restructuring, merger & acquisition, PE/VC. He has extensive experience in industries such as telecom, media, high-tech, healthcare, FMCG, logistics, finance, insurance, environment, real estate, shipping, energy, mining, manufacturing, etc.

Zhang has advised various state-owned companies, large-scale private companies and emerging growth companies. He has provided legal services on many influential deals, including COSCO S