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Li Yanhong, Zhong Lv Law Firm

Li Yanhong

Zhong Lv Law Firm

Tel: +86 139 3515 7720
Email: lyhbwy@126.com

Practice areas

Energy & natural resources; Environment; Compliance; Corporate commercial businesses


Li Yanhong is asenior partner and the director of Zhong Lv Law Firm. During her career, she has long been engaged in legal research and practice in the fields of energy and natural resources, environment, compliance, and corporate and commercial business. She has extensive experience in investment transfer of mining rights, M&A and environmental protection.

Looking back on her 20-plus years of experience, Li has advised large energy companies on complex deals such as China Resources Coal, Jinneng Holdings, Lu’an Chemical, Gemeng International, and Sinopec. For M&A, she has led a number of major restructuring projects in the energy field, such as market-oriented debt-to-equity swap and energy company restructuring.

Li has also undertaken more than 100 litigation cases, many of them high profile, including: a dispute over an equity transfer contract of an energy company in Shandong, a minority shareholder suing a coal company for damage to the company’s interests, a dispute over the termination of a contract by China Resources Company, and many other disputes in complex legal relationships, and major social impacts. In these cases, Li has recovered significant economic losses for clients, for which she has earned unanimous praise.

In addition, Li provided in-depth and professional legal services for Shanxi Energy Revolution in terms of policy consultation, legislation and investment. Since 2017, she organised four sessions of the Jinyang Energy Legal Summit Forum, inviting experts from the energy and legal sectors from all over the country to discuss the transformation of the resource-based economy and the energy revolution from multiple perspectives. Typical topics of the forum include: Energy Revolution, Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises under the Background of Carbon Neutrality. With her comprehensive knowledge structure and profound practical experience, Li enjoys the unanimous approval of peers and clients.

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