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You Minjian, Co-effort Law Firm

You Minjian

Co-effort Law Firm

Tel: +86 21 5887 1657
Email: ymj@co-effort.com

Practice areas

Data protection; Intellectual property


You Minjian is the founder of Co-effort Law Firm and leader of its IP department. His practice focuses on the fields of copyright, trademarks, patents, internet legal issues, data protection, intellectual property financing transactions, and metaverse-related issues. He is particularly good at handling legal issues in the cultural industry and internet innovation areas. He has participated in the legislations and revisions of many laws and regulations, with many of his suggestions having been adopted.

You is one of the 12 legal advisers employed by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. He also serves as the legal adviser of the publicity department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. In addition, he provides legal services to many well-known enterprises and institutions, such as Shanghai Concert Hall and Tencent.

In the past 25 years, You handled many significant IP cases, many of which were widely cited. His professional capacity is marked by a list of “firsts”, including the first case of the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court; and the first IP case on internet big data. In 2013, he represented a trademark administrative dispute case regarding the generic name “Jin Jun Mei” and a trade secret case of SI Group, both included in the Top 10 Intellectual Property Cases of the Supreme Court. In 2021, he helped Shengqu Games win the case related to the licensing agreement of The Legend of Mir 2 in the Supreme People’s Court, which attracted extensive attention.

Due to his outstanding professional ability in IP, You became one of the first WIPO mediators and arbitrators from mainland China, and served as an arbitrator of the Shanghai International Arbitration Centre and the Shanghai Arbitration Commission.

In addition, You is enthusiastic about promoting public welfare. During the covid-19 pandemic, he established the first lawyer volunteer group in China to provide free legal help for the public. He donated many materials for the prevention of covid-19, and submitted many suggestions as a member of the CPPCC, most of which were adopted.

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