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Fan Xiangyu

Tahota Law Firm

Tel: +86 10 8586 5151
Email: xiangyu.fan@tahota.com

Practice areas

Intellectual property; Criminal defense; Dispute resolution; Corporate law


Boasting technical knowledge in numerous fields, Fan Xiangyu once served as a patent examiner at the China National Intellectual Property Administration.

Fan specialises in IP non-litigation and litigation matters; criminal cases; representation in civil and commercial litigation cases, including dispute resolution involving patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyright, and unfair competition; patent application, invalidation, and re-examination and trademark-related cases; as well as criminal defence and criminal risk avoidance.

Fan has years of experience in providing trade-secret-related legal services, achieving strong results in many cases on proprietary technical and commercial information he has handled, in particular numerous cases where he found success by leveraging his knowledge in chemical engineering.

Fan represented SZ DJI Technology in a patent invalidation case (Case No. 5W109789), selected as one of the “Top Ten Patent Re-Examination and Invalidation Cases in 2016”; represented LG Display in its patent ownership dispute with a Japanese joint-stock company, chosen as one of the “Model Cases on the 5th Anniversary of Beijing Intellectual Property Court”; and represented Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment China in a patent infringement dispute with the US company Veeco, named a “Top Ten Model IP Case in Shanghai in 2017.”

Fan has represented clients in many high-profile patent cases. Among them was Sogou’s RMB260 million lawsuit against Baidu over patent infringement and invalidation, in which he successfully helped Sogou defend the validity of many of the patents under dispute. He represented Meizu in a standard-essential patent infringement and invalidation case with Qualcomm, where he built a strong case for the invalidation of Qualcomm’s patents, helping Meizu gain the initiative in the subsequent patent licensing negotiations.

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