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Li Hongji, Commerce & Finance Law Offices

Li Hongji

Senior Partner
Commerce & Finance Law Offices

Tel: +86 10 6563 7181
Email: lihongji@tongshang.com

Practice areas

Arbitration & ADR; Litigation; Commercial litigation; Dispute resolution


Li Hongji is the head of dispute resolution department of Commerce & Finance Law Offices. Widely regarded as a leading expert in arbitration and litigation, Li focuses on international trade, corporate, finance, real estate, and maritime. In 30 years, Li has handled extensive high-profile and influential cases, of which the majority have ended up with 100% satisfaction from clients. As an attorney, Li has represented approximately 1,000 cases. As an arbitrator, he has tried hundreds of commercial disputes. He has been consecutively acknowledged as a leading lawyer by world renowned legal ranking institutions.

Li is appraised for resolving complex legal disputes, having handled a number of significant cases. He specialises in finding out the internal logic among intricate evidence and facts, and clarifing entangled legal relationships. On such basis, Li makes a full demonstration of reasoning, formulates a reasonable plan, and puts it into motion. He is able to grasp the key issues in the dispute and development of the case, thus ultimately bringing satisfactory results to clients. In such fashion, Li leads a winning-oriented team.

Li is active not only as an attorney but also as an arbitrator. He is a panelled arbitrator in multiple major arbitration commissions. He can pinpoint issues in disputes with accuracy, clarify important details, grasp public policies and laws, and attentively apply rule of evidence, so as to maintain professionalism, impartiality and independence. Throughout the years he has tried more than 300 cases, with around 30 cases to process each year. He is appointed as the presiding arbitrator/sole arbitrator in most cases he tried. His diligence, expertise and insight has gained him high recognition from parties at dispute as well as the legal community.

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