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Zhang Xin, Global Law Office

Zhang Xin

Global Law Office

Tel: +86 10 6584 6676/+86 10 6584 6688
Email: zhangxin@glo.com.cn

Practice areas

Arbitration & ADR; Banking & finance; Capital markets; M&A


Zhang Xin is qualified as a PRC lawyer and an England and Wales solicitor, and obtained his bachelor and masters degrees in law from Xiamen University, as well as the LLM and PhD in law from London University. He provides legal services for Chinese and international banks and investors in relation to debt financing, corporate investment and M&A, and dispute resolution, with an extensive coverage of financing, energy, power, real estate and natural resources sectors. In the area of banking and finance, Zhang has represented most Chinese and international banks, international financial institutions and ECAs active in the market and advised on syndicated loans, project financing, structured trade financing, vessel and aircraft financing, export credit loans and financial derivatives. In the area of corporate works, Zhang has represented a number of industrial investors to invest in Chinese petrochemical, renewable energy, power, telecommunication and other traditional manufacturing sectors by way of greenfield investment or merger and acquisition. He also provides legal support to Chinese SOEs, banks, investment funds and Sinosure for their overseas investment and financing projects under the “going out” efforts. In the area of dispute resolution, he has handled a number of cases involving investment disputes, derivatives, international trade and shipbuilding and financing, and also sits as an arbitrator at CIETAC, the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration, the Xiamen Arbitration Commission and the Shanghai Arbitration Commission.

Zhang has profound knowledge in the legal and regulatory regime, product innovations and market development of financial markets (especially the China interbank market, CIBM). He has been a drafting group member for the drafting of the China Inter-bank Market Financial Derivatives Master Agreement, the Bond Repurchase Master Agreement, the Bond Lending Master Agreement and other market templates used in the CIBM, as well as a writer of the official guidelines. He also participates as a legal expert in the research and development of the first credit risk mitigation instruments (the Chinese equivalent of the CDS). He sits at the NAFMII Legal Experts Committee, Financial Derivatives Experts Committee and Trading Experts Committee, and also as a registration expert for the Interbank Bond Market Non-financial Institutions’ Debt Financing Instruments.

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