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Liu Zunsi, Merits & Tree Law Offices

Liu Zunsi

Merits & Tree Law Offices

Tel: +86 135 2171 9292
Email: zunsi.liu@meritsandtree.com

Practice areas

Dispute resolution; Real estate and infrastructure; Bankruptcy reorganisation


Liu Zunsi is a partner at Merits & Tree, primarily engaged in litigation and arbitration dispute resolution. Liu has 15 years of experience in dispute resolution practice and has also spent many years in the commercial, financial, investment and financing, real estate and construction sectors. He has provided a full range of legal services for many professional investment companies, financial institutions (concerning banks, trusts, funds, AMCs, capital management, financial leasing, commercial factoring), large real estate companies and construction engineering units. Liu also serves many government agencies in Beijing and has been involved in the formulation of laws and regulations such as urban and rural planning in Beijing. Liu was named to The A-List of China Business Law Journal in 2018 and to Client Choice of LEGALBAND: Top 15 Litigation Versatile Practitioners in 2022.

Liu specialises in dispute resolution and has rich experience and solid theoretical background in the field of litigation and arbitration. He is proficient at handling complex legal issues and is good at finding the best solution for clients by considering their internal and external environment comprehensively. He has particular expertise in handling corporate equity disputes, betting disputes, financial lending and private lending disputes, financial leasing disputes, construction disputes, housing sales and leasing disputes, etc. He has handled hundreds of related cases.

In the field of non-litigation business, Liu is deeply engaged in the field of investment and financing mergers and acquisitions, real estate and construction engineering, and has provided comprehensive legal services for several investment companies to invest in real estate, tourism, new energy freight cars and other projects. He also provides comprehensive legal services for many real estate enterprises (real estate development, property leasing, etc.) and building construction enterprises in the whole process and the whole cycle.

Liu has extensive experience in bankruptcy reorganisation. He has represented creditors, debtors, debtors’ beneficial owners, financial debt committees, strategic investors and other entities in bankruptcy reorganisation, bankruptcy liquidation and forced liquidation projects.

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