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Four seas

Taking the plunge

As global uncertainty disrupts the legal workforce, Asian law firms see attrition as young lawyers switch to in-house and other lanes


General counsel hold the keys to unlocking sound investment opportunities in troubled times

Trade route revival

China explores resource investments in Central Asia and the Greater Middle East

Past the pit stop

Challenges to overcome in reinvigorating China’s outbound investment

ICC clearly

ICC Court’s new president Claudia Salomon discusses her role and the future landscape of dispute resolution in Asia

Buckle up

CRRC’s top counsel explains how to ensure overseas compliance

Outbound hard ground

Geopolitical risks impact Chinese investment

Fair prey

Regulators will step up their regulation of monopolistic behaviour

The long game

Chinese investors need far-sighted overseas IP strategy

An ounce of prevention

Your data are both precious and dangerous.

Navigating the VUCA world

MNC in-house counsel must adapt to a more turbulent world

Rising in the East

The second of our series on Africa focuses on countries in the continent's east

Hands on Africa

Part one on the continent’s longstanding partnership with China

The big picture

Exclusive interview with the UN's top legal figure

Offshore treasure

Old days of havens for tax gains replaced by rigid regulatory regimes

Think big

First in a special series on the Belt and Road initiative

Trend setter

Overseas IP issues facing Chinese companies

Your best defence

China’s exporters and the battle against global trade protectionism

Greater tax connection

CRS implications for Chinese entities

The heat is on

More fuel for the fire on global antitrust enforcement

A fraction too much friction

Chinese exporters face uncertainty amid increasing trade frictions

A big bite of apple

EU’s decision against Apple’s tax benefits

Brain Campaign

What companies need to know about exploiting foreign tech ideas

Homes away from home

Chinese real estate investment in overseas markets gathers pace

Lots more offshore

Role of offshore centres in outbound investment

Frayed trade

WTO reports impacts China-EU trade

IP world tour

Snapshots of overseas IP protection

Power hungry

China's global energy footprint

Eastern stars

New Silk Road brings China and CEE closer

Opportune road

Transacting wisely in South America

Opportunity flows

Chinese ASEAN investment mounts

New business in ancient lands

MENA investment

Gateway to experience

Find the right entrance to Europe

Offshore bound

Risks and rewards fro sailing offshore

Global reach

IP challenges abroad for Chinese investors

Game on

Familiarise your team with US corporate governance

Africa always

China invests in a long-term relationship

Revving and ready

Companies in hot pursuit of outbound M&A

Hot and cold

Forecast on investment in US and Canada

Latam goals

Is China still the region’s top player?

Clubs are trumps

Law firm associations show their hand

Head to head: A comparison of Indian and Chinese trademark law

A comparison of trademark law in China and India

World of difference

Pitfalls for IP owners heading abroad

Safe outposts

Compliant havens for offshore investment

Cherry picking

Selecting the juiciest deals in Western Europe

Global enforcers

Steering clear of proactive regulators

Roads less travelled

Better directions for African investment

Here be dragons

Outbound entrepreneurs beware the risks

Balance of power

Traditional mining dominates but the future’s renewable

CEE worthy

Navigating the region’s regulatory reefs

Beyond resources

Redefining China’s ties with Latin America

Adapt and survive

Offshore centres lift their game

Golden opportunities

How to survive in Central Asia

A fine romance

China's relationship with Africa

Outbound in full sail

Investors head for foreign shores

Want to CEE more?

Trends in central and eastern Europe

Major miners

New trends in mining and energy

American pie

Beware of fickle regulators that may leave a bitter aftertaste

Where’s the party?

Investing in Latin America offers tremendous rewards – if you can dance to regulatory rhythms that change quickly

In the driver’s seat

Sinopec's general counsel

Top-tier bargains

Europe for sale: Top-tier bargains

Europe for sale

Flying high

Central and eastern Europe, country by country

China Business Law Journal is pleased to present a country-by-country guide to investment in central and eastern Europe for Chinese companies.

Latin America, country by country

There are plenty of reasons for law firms to expand their Latin America-China practices, and many have done so.

Tango in the dark

Despite political tension and cultural misunderstanding, Chinese investment in Latin America is moving beyond natural resources and up the value chain By Alfred Romann

Weathering the storm

After coming under pressure from tax authorities in China and elsewhere, offshore jurisdictions are fighting hard for China business. George W Russell reports

Chinese cash, common law: PRC bank lending goes global

The biggest Chinese banks have ambitious global lending plans. This is creating borrowing opportunities for Chinese and international companies, and a windfall for major law firms. George W Russell and Robin Weir report


Rising Stars 2023

100 young elite lawyers for China market


The A-List 2022

After thorough editorial survey and research, China Business Law Journal presents the elite lawyers in China’s legal market

China Deals of the year 2022

Deals of the year 2022

The most exciting China-related legal transactions and disputes of 2022



Compliance management with employment conflicts of interest

By Tracy Liu and Larry Lian, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Application of service trusts

Service trusts in bankruptcy management and risk disposal

By Wang Zhenxiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Abuse of dominant market position

Determination of abuse of dominant market position

By Ryan Fang and Simon Shi, Jingtian & Gongcheng


Improving termination of employment contracts

By Chen Yu, W&H Law Firm
Remedies for rejection of reconsideration

Remedies for rejection of reconsideration applications

By Chen Zhuo and Zheng Yeye, Tian Yuan Law Firm
Using IP law to protect data

Using IP umbrella to shield data shows legal gaps

By Yang Xun and Yan Yi, Llinks Law Offices




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