Cayman Islands helps investors avoid unnecessary taxation


The economies of the developed Western world, with few exceptions, are projected to continue to experience very low or zero growth for the foreseeable future and this, together with the accumulation of massive debts and social commitments to their populations, have created opportunities for investment.

China, with careful planning and infrastructure development, is projected to become the world’s leading economy by 2020, and to continue a growth rate in excess of three times that of the current rate of most Western economies. China’s amazing success in the past 30 years continues to create wealth and opportunity for Chinese companies and individuals to acquire assets at very reasonable valuations on a globalised basis.

Michael Alberga
Michael Alberga

Careful planning

The acquiring of assets outside of one’s territory requires careful consideration and planning. In many countries and regions, including the US and Europe, there are complicated income tax and inheritance tax statutes, many of which are extremely prejudicial to non-nationals.

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Michael Alberga is the managing partner at Travers Thorp Alberga in the Cayman Islands. He can be contacted on +1 345 949 0699 or by email at