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Finding a face that fits: The art of choosing a law firm

With more law firms in the market than ever before, how can a company choose the right one?

Real estate funds grow despite new controls on residential property

The development of real estate funds in China has gathered momentum in 2010, and more are in the pipeline

Symbolism matters

Peter Mandelson served as the European Union’s trade commissioner from 2004 to 2008, during which time he was responsible for the EU’s trade negotiations with China. Here he writes for China Business Law Journal on the developing relationship between the EU and China and the need to fight protectionism

Getting companies out of limbo

By Wu Libei, Dacheng Law Offices

To preclude competition, use the word ‘exclusive’

By Harry He, AllBright Law Offices

Mergers in Japan: the legal options

By Hiroshige Nakagawa, Anderson Mori and Tomotsune

Saffola and Sundrop in an oily dispute

By Manisha Singh Nair, Lex Orbis

Managing a corruption investigation in China

By Anthony Pacheco and Keith Butler, Proskauer

Search and seizure guidelines assist in battle against IP piracy

By Manisha Singh Nair, Lex Orbis Intellectual Property Practice

Foreign investment controls and M&A in Japan

By Hiroshige Nakagawa, Anderson Mori and Tomotsune

Formulating joint bids under Australia’s new cartel laws

By Penelope Jessup, Blake Dawson

Subrogation in shipping disputes

By Yu Feng, LC & Co

Court jurisdiction and hierarchy in IP cases explained

By Wang Yadong and Gao Song, Run Ming Law Office

China’s anti-commercial bribery legislation and enforcement

By Kenneth Kong, Martin Hu & Partners

National treatment for Hong Kong companies in CDM projects

By Harold van Kooten, Baker & McKenzie

When a winning bidder demerges

By Xu Haiyan, Dacheng Law Offices

Takeover bids for Japanese listed companies

By Hiroshige Nakagawa, Anderson Mori and Tomotsune

Sustainable development obligations in Australia

By Michael Wadley and PC Feng, Blake Dawson

Disputes over demurrage and detention charges

By Henry Lee and Steven Zhou, LC & Co

Compensation for breach of contract by a franchisor

By Harry He, AllBright Law Offices

Collection of evidence in software copyright infringement cases

By Wang Yadong and Li Min, Run Ming Law Office

Shifting the burden of proof

By Xiahou Songjie, Dacheng Law Offices

Tort Law clarifies environmental liability

By Beatrice Schaffrath and Zhang Danian, Baker & McKenzie

Enforcement of IP rights in imports: the dual SIM saga

By Manisha Singh Nair, Lex Orbis

Latin American infrastructure ripe for Chinese investment

By Samantha Hu and Chad Purdie, Diaz Reus & Targ

Acquiring Japanese companies through legal restructuring proceedings

By Hiroshige Nakagawa, Anderson Mori and Tomotsune

Understanding investment in Australian real estate

By Michael Wadley and PC Feng, Blake Dawson

Judicial rules on the release of goods without a bill of lading

By Li Feng and Steven Zhou, LC & Co.

The Bi Feng Tang case: What do franchise fees really mean?

By Harry He, AllBright Law Offices

The PRC Anti-unfair Competition Law and intellectual property protection

By Wang Yadong and Lu Lei, Run Ming Law Office

Switch of domicile by foreign enterprises (2): approvals and procedures

By Martin Hu and Kenneth Kong, Martin Hu & Partners

Copenhagen – the start of a new phase of global climate change negotiations

By Paul Curnow and Zhang Danian, Baker & McKenzie

A guide for developers when repairing property under dispute

By Dennis Deng, Dacheng Law Offices


Rising Stars 2023

100 young elite lawyers for China market


The A-List 2022

After thorough editorial survey and research, China Business Law Journal presents the elite lawyers in China’s legal market

China Deals of the year 2022

Deals of the year 2022

The most exciting China-related legal transactions and disputes of 2022


Photovoltaic industry IPO review focus

Key focus in IPO reviews for photovoltaic industry

By Zhou Tao and Zhao Yao, Grandway Law Offices
Exceptions determining functional features

Exceptions in determining functional features

By Geng Yunfeng, Wan Rui Law Firm

Compliance risks of enterprises from administrative monopoly

By Zhan Hao and Zhu Libo, AnJie Broad Law Firm


China's ESG regulatory moves

Force of nature

With rapidly escalating ESG awareness and evolving policies, China is embracing a robust wave of green investment


Reviewing Corporate ESG Disclosure Guidelines

By Li Yipu and Yue Yi, Han Kun Law Offices
Avoiding forced labour risks in international trade

Forced labour: avoiding the risk in international trade

By Patrick Gu and Theo Ju, Llinks Law Offices

Improving termination of employment contracts

By Chen Yu, W&H Law Firm

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