China Cinda first test of Chinese debt on Channel Islands exchange


Channel Islands Securities Exchange (CISE) recently listed China Cinda Finance (2014) II as the exchange’s first debt issue with the ultimate parent company coming from mainland China.

“There has been a stock exchange in the Channel Islands since 1998 but in late 2013 it was restructured and rebranded as the Channel Islands Securities Exchange. Today, there is a total market capitalization of £345 billion [US$529 billion] from the 2,000 listed securities, which comprise trading companies, investment vehicles and specialist debt,” Fiona Le Poidevin, the CISE’s chief executive officer, told China Business Law Journal.

China Cinda Finance (2014) II issued three series of notes on CISE, with a total principal amount of US$500 million, to life insurance companies, securities firms, asset managers and other investors.

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