It’s easy to feel lost when sifting through piles of rules and regulations for what you need to achieve compliance in China’s complicated market. Expert tips can be a great help, so we asked some of those experts for useful guidance on key compliance issues.

The central government’s close watch on corruption is a major challenge, especially for state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in China. Senior SOE managers need to be alert to the main risks, including defective corporate governance, overstated revenues and frequent connected transactions.

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Practitioner’s perspectives
Jeffrey Quan and Rose Mo is a trainee at Guangdong ETR Law Firm
Issues of corruption and anti-corruption in Chinese state-owned enterprises
Jeffrey Quan and Rose Mo, Guangdong ETR Law Firm
Parry Zhou Hemin and Han Shu haoliwen
Vital tips for importers and exporters in trade compliance management
Parry Zhou Hemin and Han Shu, HaoLiWen Partners
Deng Youping and Zhao Bolun Jingtian & Gongcheng
Hiring of post-retirement age workers and work-related injury insurance regulations
Deng Youping and Zhao Bolun, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Tony Mancini and Sinéad Leddy KPMG’s Guernsey office
Offshore Tax Strategies – Guernsey
Tony Mancini and Sinéad Leddy, KPMG’s Guernsey office