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M&A and equity specialist Dennis Yeung jumps to Yang & Yang

Akin's Beijing closure prompts senior counsel Dennis Yeung to join Yang & Yang Solicitors as partner

HK voluntary code for data provider ESG rating

By Rossana Chu, Yang & Yang Solicitors

Ex-managing partner of EY’s HK legal arm moves to Yang & Yang

Rossana Chu, former managing partner of EY’s LC Lawyers in Hong Kong, joins Yang & Yang Solicitors, planning a tie-up with East & Concord

Closure on cards for Winston Hong Kong, LC Lawyers next year

Winston & Strawn's Hong Kong office, along with LC Lawyers, a global EY member, to close early next year

The A-List 2023-24: Visionaries

The A-List 2023-24: Legal leaders and influential lawyers in China's legal market

HK updates Securities and Futures Ordinance

By Rossana Chu and Jacky Chan, LC Lawyers

Hong Kong’s proposed company re-domiciliation regime

By Rossana Chu and Jacky Chan, LC Lawyers

Hard knocks

How did China’s legal market fare in the locked down year of 2022? Our annual survey, featuring 88 leading law firms, reveals the answers

Smart moves

With businesses besieged on multiple fronts, Chinese and international law firms offer tips for survival

Employee share option plans in Hong Kong

By Rossana Chu and Jacky Chan, LC Lawyers

White Paper sheds light on China’s ESG requirements

By Rossana Chu and Jacky Chan, LC Lawyers

What’s ahead?

We gathered opinions from legal professionals on their hopes and plans for this year, and what they have done to survive the past tumultuous years

China rules dampen Big Four’s appetite for law firm links

Despite the retreat of the “Big Four” international accountants from the legal sector last year in China  almost all Chinese affiliated law firms have closed mainly due to regulatory compliance, says a former partner

Eyes forward

The leaders of international and domestic firms in China have their eyes firmly on the prizes of the future

What does it take to be a top lawyer?

Our A-List lawyers share strategies for success

Common omissions in HK-listed companies’ annual reports

By Rossana Chu and Lynndy Jia, LC Lawyers

Setting up a family trust in Hong Kong

By Rossana Chu and Jacky Chan, LC Lawyers

Managers take note of Hong Kong employment law updates

By Rossana Chu and Jacky Chan, LC Lawyers

Terminating an employee and relevant payments in Hong Kong

By Rossana Chu and Jacky Chan, LC Lawyers 

Why should companies consider legal managed services?

By Rossana Chu and Jacky Chan, LC Lawyers

Mandatory, voluntary offers under HK takeover and merger code

By Rossana Chu and Ricky Ho, LC Lawyers


Compliance strategy

How consumer, retail companies can capture compliance and profits

By Quan Kaiming and Yuan Wei, AllBright Law Offices

Product-by-process claim lesson in appeal judgment

By Pravin Anand, Vaishali Mittal, and Siddhant Chamola, Anand and Anand
DSO criminal compliance obligations

New laws tighten DSOs’ criminal compliance obligations

By Ekin Zeng and Chen Yitao, AllBright Law Offices

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