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Challenges posed by bankruptcy proceedings to arbitration

In the past few years, amid changes in the economic situation and accelerated adjustment of industrial structures, judicial practice of China’s insolvency laws

Resolving investigation, evidence collection dilemma of arbitration tribunals

Both commercial arbitration cases and their disputed amounts have skyrocketed across China in recent years

Arbitration of disputes over non-monetary debt contracts

Disputes arising from non-monetary debt contracts present unique challenges that require careful consideration from arbitrators

Application of deposit penalty rule

Practice and advice show courts are respecting the choices of contract parties when it comes to deposits – as long as there is a clear agreement on what the deposit is for

Rulings on claim for partial rescission of a contract

As a special form of commercial contract termination, partial rescission is a legal tool to protect the legitimate rights and interests of parties

Determining penalties in live-streaming contract disputes

This article takes a dispute over a certain live-streaming contract as an example to showcase how the amount of penalties in such cases is determined in arbitration

Procedures in event of arbitration party’s death

Procedures in event ofarbitration party’s death

Shihui strengthens dispute resolution force in Beijing

Shihui Partners has strengthened its dispute resolution force with the hiring of Guo Jingwei as a partner in the Beijing office

Defining administrative agreements for related disputes

Applying civil remedies for disputes related to the performance of administrative agreements is more in line with the essential legal relationship, which will have a more effective legal implementation

Distinguishing joint assumption of debt and guaranty in arbitration

To achieve the maximum protection for creditors’ interests in commercial transactions, it is common for a third party to assume liability for the debt

Introduction, implementation of dispute review in China

Dispute review has indeed resolved construction disputes rapidly and at low cost, but it has seen little action since its introduction in China

Judgment assesses nature of PPP agreements

This article examines how the definition of administrative agreements and the denial of their arbitrability will affect the arbitration clause in a public-private partnership (PPP) agreement

Comparing head office and branches on arbitration agreement validity

This article analyses whether such an arbitration strategy is valid in terms of contract relativity

Crisis innovation

Small wonder that the past couple of years have spawned an exciting amount of tech-related reform in China’s courts and arbitration institutions

Institutions must step up to protect arbitration ecosystem

By Donna Huang, International Chamber of Commerce

Going with the global flow: arbitration developments and practice

By Chen Fuyong, Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Centre (BAC/BIAC)

Long roots, strong branches

What role will Hong Kong and Shenzhen arbitration play as the Greater Bay Area pumps up into a dynamic hub for all things commercial?

Online platforms’ data protection obligations under PIPL

In the big data era, online platforms process a large amount of personal information

Settling disputes arising from guarantee system

The guarantee system takes the realisation of creditors’ rights as the basic aim of legislation

Validity of arbitration agreements under designated agents

The validity of arbitration agreements involving persons without, or with limited, civil capacity, are becoming an increasing focus of arbitration institutions and tribunals

Arbitrability for intra-company disputes

Intra-company disputes are usually resolved by courts in China, but the absence of special procedural rules in the Civil Procedure Law leads to time-consuming and laborious settlements

Handling disputes over convertible bonds trading

Convertible bonds generally refer to bonds issued by listed companies that are convertible into shares

Hai Run expands Beijing office with senior hires

Hai Run Law Firm has hired Bao Hua, Wang Huiping, and Zhu Wei as senior partners in their Beijing office and appointed Zhang Haidong as a consultant

Professional sports deserve professional arbitration system

By Fu Xiangyu, Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Centre

Arbitration issues involving bankrupt enterprises

By Wang Chaoqi, BAC/BIAC

Terms of reference: Theory and practice

By Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center (BAC/BIAC)

Reducing the risk of sham arbitrations

By Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Centre

Deal highlights

Thoughts on deciding an invalid contract

By Zhang Jiechao, Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center (BAC/BIAC)


2024: Spheres of influence

Legal professionals predict the key developments that will shape the Asian region in 2024

Larson Maddox

Senior Legal Counsel

Company Law amendments: highlights and shortcomings

By Wu Dong and Wang Zhengqian, Hui Ye Law Firm

Upgrading data breach prevention and response

By Kevin Duan and Hu Minzhe, Han Kun Law Offices


Compliance strategy

How consumer, retail companies can capture compliance and profits

By Quan Kaiming and Yuan Wei, AllBright Law Offices

Product-by-process claim lesson in appeal judgment

By Pravin Anand, Vaishali Mittal, and Siddhant Chamola, Anand and Anand
DSO criminal compliance obligations

New laws tighten DSOs’ criminal compliance obligations

By Ekin Zeng and Chen Yitao, AllBright Law Offices

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