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Agreement to sell does not transfer proprietary rights

The Supreme Court of India upheld possessory rights in the Ghanshyam v Yogendra Rathi property dispute, clarifying that an agreement to sell does not transfer proprietary rights

Ankur Singh, Riddhima Murjani now partners at Samvad

Principal associates Ankur Singh and Riddhima P. Murjani have been promoted as partners at Samvad Partners

Judging retirement

Retirement from work, or full-time work, is something that happens to everyone. For some people, retirement from the work that constitutes their main career in life is mandatory once they reach a certain age

Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan assists merger of two warehouse PSUs

Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan (LKS) advised public sector undertaking (PSU) Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) acquire the business of counterpart Central Railside Warehouse Company (CRWC) via a slump sale

Navigating commercial disputes in India

By Sumeet Kachwaha and Ankit Khushu, Kachwaha & Partners

No one likes the idea of having to dispute outside one’s known territories. However, when a corporation takes on a global footprint, it needs to anticipate being dragged into litigation in unfamiliar waters

IP protection in India for Japanese businesses

By Joginder Singh and Rajeev Kumar, LexOrbis

India is the second-largest country in the world by population, the world’s largest democracy, and the largest English-speaking nation in the world

Transfer of right to use: analysis in a federal structure

By Kumar Visalaksh and Shailesh Gadre, Economic Laws Practice

Jurisdiction of a court in arbitration proceedings

By Krrishan Singhania and Ranbir Krishan,Singhania & Co

High costs for careless drafting of clauses

By Krrishan Singhania, Singhania & Co

Enforcing arbitration awards in India

By Nishant Malhotra,Titus & Co

Using the right arbitration law offers many advantages

By Abhixit Singh and Durgesh Singh,Titus & Co

Tax concessions favour revival of loss-making units

By Baljit Singh Kalha and Durgesh Singh,Titus & Co

Arbitral awards and ‘public policy’

By Abhixit Singh and Durgesh Singh,Titus & Co

Compulsory notification of M&A deals

By Baljit Singh Kalha and Jasman Boparai,Titus & Co

Multi-level marketing is illegal, state courts say

By R S Mittal and Jasman Boparai, Titus & Co

Acquiring an outsourcing business may impact PE

By Baljit Singh Kalha, Niranjan Raj, Titus & Co

Enforcing foreign judgments in India

By Niranjan Raj, Titus & Co


legal risk control corporate investment financing projects

Legal risk control in corporate investment, financing projects

By Wen Junqi, DOCVIT Law Firm
General counsels Key Qualities Law Firms

The X Factor

Amid strategic shifts, general counsel are reviewing law firm relationships and prioritising selection factors


Influence marketing on investment decisionvideo

The influence marketing has on investment decisions

By Vandana Pai and Hardik Dave, Bharucha & Partners
smoother aircraft runway under new billvideo

Aircraft lessors hope for a smoother runway under new bill

By Sudeshna Guha Roy and Jyotiranjan Nayak, Bharucha & Partners
Issues of D&O liability insurance policy

Typical issues of D&O liability insurance

By Wan Jia and Zhu Bingjing, AnJie Broad

Likelihood of confusion under India’s trademark law for ‘hush’ products

By Prachi Agarwal and Aditi Srivastasa, Anand and Anand in New Delhi

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