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Anli adds overseas investment partner in Beijing headquarters

Foreign-related practice expert Feng Caihong, previously a consultant at King & Wood Mallesons, has joined Anli Partners’ Beijing headquarters as a partner

A battle of wits

China is emerging as a leader in legaltech as it reforms and modernises its legal frameworks

Jurisdictional issues in factoring contract disputes

By Hua Ping, Anli Partners

China Business Law Awards 2023

China Business Law Journal reveals its top performing law firms of 2022

Anli Partners appoints Beijing partner in litigation and arbitration

Partner Yuwen Hongyan, a specialist in litigation and arbitration of the wealth management sector, left King & Capital Law Firm to join Anli Partners

Crisis innovation

Small wonder that the past couple of years have spawned an exciting amount of tech-related reform in China’s courts and arbitration institutions

China Business Law Awards 2022

China Business Law Journal reveals the law firms that have excelled in the past year

Hai Run expands Beijing office with senior hires

Hai Run Law Firm has hired Bao Hua, Wang Huiping, and Zhu Wei as senior partners in their Beijing office and appointed Zhang Haidong as a consultant

Hindrances to data compliance in large enterprises

By Raymond Wang and Alex Luo, Anli Partners


Building an infrastructure superhighway

The legal and regulatory challenges holding back a promising infrastructure sector

Legal risks in equity financing of startups

Early management of legal risks in startup equity financing

By Zou Chunpeng, DOCVIT Law Firm

HK voluntary code for data provider ESG rating

By Rossana Chu, Yang & Yang Solicitors


Insights from judicial interpretation of labour disputes (Part II)

By Shaw Zhao and He Yanling, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Greatest gift to humankind or its biggest threat

Greatest gift to humankind or its biggest threat

By Mathew Chacko, Aadya Misra, Ada Shaharbanu and Ritika Acharya, Spice Route Legal
Larson Maddox

Compliance Director


Compliance strategy

How consumer, retail companies can capture compliance and profits

By Quan Kaiming and Yuan Wei, AllBright Law Offices

Product-by-process claim lesson in appeal judgment

By Pravin Anand, Vaishali Mittal, and Siddhant Chamola, Anand and Anand
DSO criminal compliance obligations

New laws tighten DSOs’ criminal compliance obligations

By Ekin Zeng and Chen Yitao, AllBright Law Offices

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