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Five firms assist SinoSynergy’s HKD1.6bn HK listing

JunHe, Dacheng Law Offices, Scihead Law Firm, Paul Hastings and Jingtian & Gongcheng advised on SinoSynergy’s USD220 million listing in Hong Kong

International arbitration v cross-border litigation: The pros and cons

By Hu Hongwei and Tan Shaoxuan, Dacheng Law Offices

Moving with purpose

What do stellar young lawyers talk about when they consider their career developments? 

China Business Law Awards (Regional Awards) 2023

China Business Law Journal identifies the leading “branch office” and “homegrown” law firms across different regions.

Dacheng’s second Henan office plugs into Luoyang legal market

Dacheng Law Offices has recently established a presence in Luoyang, marking its second branch in Henan province, following the Zhengzhou office

Smart moves

With businesses besieged on multiple fronts, Chinese and international law firms offer tips for survival

Merits & Tree to launch in Qingdao, welcomes six partners

Merits & Tree Law Offices is launching its Qingdao branch on 19 September to provide services spanning restructuring, construction and real estate

ZRCB becomes first mainland bank to issue lotus bond

DeHeng Law Offices, Dacheng Law Offices and Ashurst assisted on ZRCB issuance of USD68.6 million worth of three-year unsecured green bonds on the MOX at a 3.5% coupon rate

Dacheng delinks from Dentons

China’s Dacheng Law Offices has split from multinational law firm Dentons, bringing an end to their eight-year alliance.

Legal overview of China’s international air freight industry

By Chen Weidong and Pan Rui, Dacheng Law Offices

Damages for ship oil pollution

By Chen Weidong and Steven Zhou, Dacheng Law Offices Shanghai

Applying for the seizure of marine fuel

By Henry Lee and Jessy Wang, Dacheng Law Offices

Flying high

How to identify non-vessel operating common carriers

By Yu Feng and Yu Yaodong, Dacheng Law Offices

Another brick in the wall

By Alice Gartland

Limitation periods when goods are released without a bill of lading

By Henry Lee and Jessy Wang, Dacheng Law Offices

Brand new

Exchange controls on advance payments for exports

By Yu Feng, Dacheng Law Offices

Deposit liability insurance launched for non-vessel operating carriers

By Chen Weidong and Hu Huafang, Dacheng Law Offices

Yangshan central to Shanghai’s shipping ambitions

By Henry Lee and Jessy Wang, Dacheng Law Offices

Validity of jurisdiction clauses on bills of lading hard to gauge

By Fu Benchao, Shandong Higher People's Court; Yu Feng, Dacheng Law Offices

Getting companies out of limbo

By Wu Libei, Dacheng Law Offices

Time dispute arising from a leap year

By Zhang Dong, Dacheng Law Offices

Transferring from the OTCBB to Nasdaq

By Xiao Jinquan, Dacheng Law Offices

Determining an ‘official act’

By Wang Xin, Dacheng Law Offices

Litigation and arbitration: a war, not just a battle

By Dennis Deng and Kevin Du, Dacheng Law Offices

When a winning bidder demerges

By Xu Haiyan, Dacheng Law Offices

A guide for developers when repairing property under dispute

By Dennis Deng, Dacheng Law Offices

Choosing dispute resolution methods in a financial crisis

By Ma Jiangtao, Dacheng Law Offices


insurance enticing prospect investorsvideo

Insurance is an enticing prospect for investors

By Swathi Girimaji and Sajeev Srivatsava, Bharucha & Partners
Resolving foreign shareholder withdrawal

Resolving foreign shareholder withdrawal from Sino-foreign JVs

By Sun Shaosong and Niu Yue, Guantao Law Firm
China unlocking data potential

Unleashing data

With China having established the National Data Administration, how should enterprises respond to the central government’s regulation of data?


insurance enticing prospect investorsvideo

Insurance is an enticing prospect for investors

By Swathi Girimaji and Sajeev Srivatsava, Bharucha & Partners
urgent interim reliefvideo

No room for camouflaged urgent interim relief

By Sonam Gupta and Shiva Pande, Bharucha & Partners
Regulating insurance company management

Regulating insurance company management of salespersons

By Yan Bing and Li Wencheng, AnJie Broad Law Firm
Gender-fair language in patent law

Gender-fair language in patent law – ‘they’ over ‘he’ and ‘she’

By Archana Shanker and Priya Singh, Anand and Anand

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