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Australia’s foreign investment policies clarified for oil and gas sector

By Michael Sheng and James Bruining, Ashurst

Carbon farming Down Under

By Michael Sheng and Jeff Lynn, Blake Dawson

Anti-corruption developments in Australia

By Jane Ellis and IChing Lee, Blake Dawson Shanghai

Australia introduces historic carbon price mechanism

By Michael Sheng and Jeff Lynn, Blake Dawson

Enforcement of foreign judgments in Australia

By Michael Sheng and Alexandra Folie, Blake Dawson

Green light for foreign investors in South Australia

By Michael Sheng and Tanya Denning, Blake Dawson

Mining and the environment

By Michael Sheng and Jeff Lynn, Blake Dawson

Holding mining interests in Australia

By Michael Sheng and Peter Hwang, Blake Dawson

The Personal Property Securities Act and resources joint ventures

By Michael Sheng and Lionel Meehan, Blake Dawson

Acquiring listed companies by scheme of arrangement

By Michael Sheng and Marie McDonald, Blake Dawson

Investing in Australian real estate investment trusts

By Michael Wadley and Lee I Ching, Blake Dawson

Regulation of foreign investment

By Michael Wadley and Justin Shmith, Blake Dawson

Australia’s new resources tax system

By Teresa Dyson and Len Hertzman, Blake Dawson Shanghai

Can I get you another beer? Australia’s anti-corruption laws

By Michael Wadley and Lee I Ching, Blake Dawson

Formulating joint bids under Australia’s new cartel laws

By Penelope Jessup, Blake Dawson

Sustainable development obligations in Australia

By Michael Wadley and PC Feng, Blake Dawson

Understanding investment in Australian real estate

By Michael Wadley and PC Feng, Blake Dawson

Foreign Investment Review Board – recent developments

By Michael Wadley and PC Feng, Blake Dawson


Trademark cases

Trademark cases not as smooth as silk

By Manisha Singh and Shubhankar Sushil Sharma, LexOrbis

No uncertainty in multiple seat arbitration provision

By Sneha Jaisingh and Vaishnavi Rao, Bharucha & Partners
Reviewing Labour Dispatch Agreements

Key points for reviewing labour dispatch agreements

By Xiao Jianji and Chen Jing, TR Law Firm

Habeas corpus

Compliance Assessment in Geoinformation Data Trading

Assessing compliance of trading in geoinfo data products

By Wei Jie and Han Xiangli, Blossom & Credit Law Firm


Incorporation of Arbitration Clause

Reference to arbitration must be specific

By Sudeshna Guha Roy and Alabh Lal, Bharucha & Partners

Customs protection of IPRs and compliance guidance in cross-border e-commerce

By Jia Xiaoning and Ningjing, AllBright Law Offices
SEP owners' relief destination India

Is India the next big destination for relief to SEP owners?

By Pallavi Bhatnagar, Gitanjali Sharma, and Gursimran Singh Narula, Anand and Anand
Supreme Court guidelines speaking publicly about cases

Supreme court guidelines on speaking publicly about cases

By Ge-An Kathleena Salud, ACCRALAW

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