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Hard Knocks

88 Law Firms provide our Annual State of the Legal Market Report for 2022

Power moves

Partners at Chinese and international law firms analyse changes under the new registration-based listing regime as the momentum shifts on going public

Reward for invention

Why India needs an inventor remuneration law to increase patent filings

Legal AI’d

Unleashing potential of generative AI across the legal profession

Eyes on the Middle East

A common vision for growth has helped the India-UAE trade relationship to scale new heights

A greater good

How law firms across the region prioritise pro bono work, sustainability, and staff welfare over profits

What’s ahead?

Our survey gathers opinions from legal professionals on their hopes in 2023

On the money

How are top law firms strategising their capital market fee structures?

The hit list

Our survey gauges the opinions of in-house counsel on their pet peeves with law firms

Crisis innovation

China’s judicial system embraces procedural and tech upgrades amid a surge in cross-border disputes

The business of billing

As clients get savvier, law firms face pressure to lower their fees

Enforcing integrity

Insolvency board makes greater use of enforcement mechanisms to ensure compliance with the bankruptcy code


General counsel hold the keys to unlocking sound investment opportunities in troubled times


Counting blessings

We reveal revenues and expansion plans of leading law firms in our annual survey

Eyes forward

The leaders of international and domestic firms in China have their eyes firmly on the prizes of the future

Condition critical

A conflict has played out before several judicial forums over the fate of Future Retail

Monkey business

The scandal that rocked the top branch of India's NSE

Hard talk

Asian in-house counsel speak their minds on law firms

Priced to please

By Luna Jin
Our annual billing rates survey reveals Chinese law firms’ fees

Hard talk

Our survey gets the candid opinions of regional in-house counsel when it comes to legal services from law firms, and they’re not pulling any punches

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Vietnam Law Firm Awards

Vietnam Law Firm Awards 2023

Asia Business Law Journal names the country’s top law firms

Indonesia top lawyers 2023

Indonesia’s top 100 lawyers

We reveal our choices for the country’s top legal experts


Hong Kong's crypto property decisionvideo

Treating crypto as property in Hong Kong insolvency regime

By Tang Chong, Helmsman
BVI fund features and benefits

Key features and benefits of a BVI professional fund

By Elizabeth Kenny and Wendy Au, Loeb Smith Attorneys

Likelihood of confusion under India’s trademark law for ‘hush’ products

By Prachi Agarwal and Aditi Srivastasa, Anand and Anand in New Delhi


Japan GC association on in-house lawyer rolesvideo

Counsel in command

Japan's GC association president shares evolving in-house lawyer roles

Indonesia best law firm-2023

Indonesia Law Firm Awards 2023


comparison of M&A laws Asia

A comparison of M&A laws

Asia M&A booms with government incentives and global investor interest. To compete, dealmakers must keep current on trends and regulations

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