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Google Leegle

Google’s director of legal operations, technology and strategy Mary Shen O’Carroll talks about emerging trends in legal technology and the future of in-house legal teams

Adopting cloud, big data and AI in supply chain-based ABS

By Liang Hua and Chen Xiuli, V&T Law Firm
How can lawyers provide a better supply chain-based ABS service by adopting cutting-edge technologies?

India in 2020: Digital transformation is key for GCs

Technology to be the buzzword at all GC discussion platforms in 2020

The AIs have it

AI's rise demands regulatory reboot

Legal Frontiers in Bermuda

Fintech, cryptocurrency regulation, and the advantages of an innovative “light touch” liquidation regime

Connecting the dots

How legaltech can help in-house counsel

Singapore law and the frontiers of technology

By Ronald JJ Wong, Covenant Chambers

Climbing is easy

Staying on top of the game is the real challenge

Why we need an AI code of ethics

As artificial intelligence is now a reality, where is the fine ethical line between us and it?

A touch of disruption

The legal sector must prepare for the growing commercialization of AI and blockchain technology

Belts, roads and robots

By Ye Xiaozhong, President, SENIOR

The future is fintech

A look at how Indian and other Asian companies are incorporating this critical technology to remain relevant




Finding middle ground

Singapore Mediation Centre chief Ban Jiun Ean offers his insights


Secrets to success

The top 10 performance-enabling habits of India’s elite lawyers

Policy tweak

Policy tweak

The Draft Data Centre Policy 2020 is much needed for the digital economy, but could benefit from single window clearance, economic incentives and protections against misuse of data

SMC Ban Jiun Ean mediationvideo

Finding middle ground

Singapore Mediation Centre’s executive director, Ban Jiun Ean, discusses the art of mediation, the impact of the Singapore Convention on Mediation, emerging trends in the sector and the possibilities for online dispute resolution


Philippines Law Firm Awards

We present the top law firms in the country

asian law firms survey

Asia Business Law Survey

Our regional survey of law firms examines the impact of the pandemic, how the legal market has persevered, and whether changes adopted by the sector will be permanent