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Indian Law Firm Awards 2023

We recognise the ingenuity and achievements of the country’s top law firms

Founding partner Akshay Jaitly rejoins Trilegal

Akshay Jaitly, a co-founder and former partner of Trilegal who retired from the partnership in 2020 after relocating to France, has rejoined the firm as an equity partner in New Delhi

Power to all, coal to none

By Akshay Jaitly and Rachika A Sahay, Trilegal

Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill, 2010

By Akshay Jaitly, Yamini Jaishankar and Sairam Sanath Kumar, Trilegal

National solar mission guidelines

By Akshay Jaitly and Aniket Prasoon, Trilegal

Viability gap funding in key infrastructure sectors

By Akshay Jaitly, Amar Narula and Aniket Prasoon, Trilegal

Association of persons: transparency at last

By Akshay Jaitly and Amar Narula, Trilegal

Government sees new round of proposals for oil pricing

By Akshay Jaitly, Rachika Sahay and Govind Nair, Trilegal

National solar mission has potential to shine

By Akshay Jaitly and Anuja Tiwari, Trilegal

Benefits to be gained from infrastructure sharing

By Akshay Jaitly, Shailendra Kumar Singh and Anuja Tiwari, Trilegal

CDM benefit sharing: a need for clarity

By Akshay Jaitly, Shailendra Kumar Singh and Anuja Tiwari, Trilegal

PPP projects face increased accountability

By Akshay Jaitly, Rachika Sahay and Varun Nair, Trilegal

Freedom of contract in PPP projects

By Akshay Jaitly, Sakya Singha Chaudhri and Nayantara Nag,Trilegal

Proposed amendments to the Land Acquisition Act

By Akshay Jaitly,Shailendra Kumar Singh and Anuja Tiwari,Trilegal

Stimulating Indian infrastructure growth

By Akshay Jaitly and Ameya Khandge,Trilegal

3, 2, 1 … lift off for nuclear power

By Akshay Jaitly,Sameer Guha,Nayantara Nag,Trilegal

National hydro policy to meet India’s power demands

By Akshay Jaitly,Shailendra Kumar Singh,Anuja Tiwari,Trilegal

Potholes discovered in public-private road projects

By Akshay Jaitly,Dinesh Pardasani and Mrinal Ojha,Trilegal

Going green: The clean development mechanism

By Akshay Jaitly and Shailendra Kumar Singh,Trilegal

Government invites bids for oil exploration licences

By Akshay Jaitly,Shailendra Kumar Singh,Sameer Guha,Trilegal

Oil and gas exploration auctions delayed

By Akshay Jaitly,Trilegal

New airport regulator flies into view

By Akshay Jaitly,Trilegal

Metro projects move ahead at full steam

By Akshay Jaitly, Trilegal

Contractual anatomy of a wind power project

By Akshay Jaitly and Nishant Beniwal, Trilegal

The increasing attraction of wind power

By Akshay Jaitly and Nishant Beniwal, Trilegal



Identifying and prosecuting internal fraud

By Song Tangyin, Anli Partners
Google's Service Fee


Government halts Google Play’s delisting of Indian apps amid dispute over service fees


Evolving Tax Treaty Landscape in India

Anti-avoidance may be anti-Mauritius investment

By Seema Kejriwal and Pranoy Goswami, BMR Legal
energy renewable regulatory developments

Energy laws update

Online Game False Advertising

Legal risk analysis of false advertising of online games

By Jeff Yang, Wang Jing & GH Law Firm
Indonesia-A-list-lawyers-2024-winner list

Indonesia’s top lawyers

We reveal our choices for the country’s top legal experts

Court Verdict on Hershey's Trademark Infringement Case

Hershey’s v. Atul Jalan: Scope of ‘first sale’ doctrine in TM infringement

By Manisha Singh and Malyashree Sridharan, LexOrbis


Roll-up Vehicles in India

Roll-up vehicles driving early-stage investments

By Swathi Girimaji and Sachit Ram, Bharucha & Partners
Incorporation of Arbitration Clausevideo

Reference to arbitration must be specific

By Sudeshna Guha Roy and Alabh Lal, Bharucha & Partners

Customs protection of IPRs and compliance guidance in cross-border e-commerce

By Jia Xiaoning and Ningjing, AllBright Law Offices
SEP owners' relief destination India

Is India the next big destination for relief to SEP owners?

By Pallavi Bhatnagar, Gitanjali Sharma, and Gursimran Singh Narula, Anand and Anand

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