National hydro policy to meet India’s power demands

By Akshay Jaitly,Shailendra Kumar Singh,Anuja Tiwari,Trilegal

The Ministry of Power (MoP) recently published the National Hydro Policy, 2008. The need for quicker harnessing of the country’s hydro potential was the stated objective for formulation of the policy.

Akshay Jaitly Partner Trilegal
Akshay Jaitly

Hydro power, also known as hydraulic or water power, is a system that converts the captured energy of flowing water into electricity. It is a renewable, efficient, non-polluting and environmentally friendly source of energy.

Overcoming India’s dire need for reliable power supplies is essential to the country’s development. According to the World Bank, power shortages and the lack of sufficient electricity severely hinder India’s economic development, affecting commercial productivity, disrupting education, contributing adversely to health problems and increasing the costs of doing business in India.

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