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Based on research conducted by China Business Law Journal, the following are the 200 elite lawyers for China practice (including 100 practitioners of Chinese law and 100 international lawyers committed to China-related businesses), and their key practice areas. Click here to read the full report.

Detailed biographies and contact information, where provided, were written by the lawyers themselves and have not been independently verified.

View the lists of China’s Elite 100 Lawyers (PRC Firms), China’s Elite 100 Lawyers (Foreign Firms).






The A-List is based on extensive research conducted by China Business Law Journal. To identify the elite lawyers for the Chinese market, we turned to thousands of in-house counsel in China and around the world, as well as partners at Chinese and international law firms, and asked them to tell us which lawyers should make the cut.

Nominations were received from professionals at a wide range of Chinese and international companies, law firms and other organizations.

The final list that we have produced reflects the nominations received combined with the China Business Law Journal editorial team’s years of collective experience in documenting and analyzing China’s legal market.

All private practice lawyers for the China market were automatically eligible for inclusion in the nomination process, and there were no fees or any other requirements for entry into that process. The names and photographs of all A-List lawyers are published on the pages that follow.

In addition, each A-List lawyer was given the opportunity to include their biography and contact details, for which a publishing fee was charged.

It is important to note that while the compilation of the A-List was based solely on independent editorial research, the biographies and contact details that appear alongside many of the listings have been written by the winning lawyers and the content has not been independently verified by China Business Law Journal.

Chai Jie, Tian Yuan Law Firm 柴杰
Chai Jie

Senior Partner
Tian Yuan Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 5776 3883
电邮 Email: chaijie@tylaw.com.cn

Key practice areas: M&A; Outbound investment; Power & energy; Project finance





Chai Jie is a senior partner at Tian Yuan Law Firm. He obtained his LLB from Peking University and – after being honoured with a scholarship – his LLM from Tulane Law School.

Before joining Tian Yuan, he was counsel for Metallurgical Corporation of China, serving as general manager of its legal department. In the 1990s, the Chinese government appointed him to the Compensation Working Group advising the nation’s citizens and companies in their claims for damages suffered from the Gulf War before the UN.

Chai’s practice covers a wide range of outbound and inbound transactions, including cross-border M&A, FDI, ODI, acquisition finance and project finance matters, and he has extensive experience providing legal advice on investment into and development and construction of major power, mining and natural resources projects, as well as experience across a wide range of other industries.

He frequently advises both Chinese and foreign companies, financial institutions and export credit agencies on transactions relating to the Belt and Road Initiative.

Some of the significant transactions he advised on have won Deal of the Year awards from CBLJ, including: China Yangtze Power on its USD3.59 billion acquisition of Peruvian entities (including Luz del Sur) from Sempra Energy through an auction process; Sinohydro on the 730MW ECA-backed combined cycle power plant project in Iraq; CTG International on the USD1.8 billion KAROT hydropower project in Pakistan, developed on a BOOT model with project finance provided by China Eximbank, China Development Bank, IFC and Silk Road Fund; CECEP Windpower on the acquisition and development of white rock wind farm in Australia; China Huanqiu Contracting and Engineering on a USD355 million ECA-backed oil refinery project in Iraqi Kurdistan; CWE International on the acquisition, finance and development of hydro projects in Brazil; and CWE International on a 360 million euro (USD406 million) acquisition of EDP Renewables’ wind power assets in Portugal.

Having studied trade controls and sanctions at Tulane, Chai is familiar with national security issues, export controls and sanction regimes, and has advised Chinese companies and lectured at Peking University School of Law on these topics.

Spring Chang, Chang Tsi & Partners 苍雨春
Spring Chang

Founding Partner
Chang Tsi & Partners
Beijing/Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +86 10 8836 9999
电邮 Email: SpringChang@changtsi.com

Key practice areas: IP prosecution; Litigation & dispute resolution; IP commercial; Commercial law

苍雨春是铸成律师事务所创始合伙人,知识产权业务负责人。在创办铸成律师事务所前,苍雨春曾在美国Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu 律师事务所、国家计划委员会、中国国际贸易促进委员会专利商标事务所工作。苍雨春是北京市律协评选出的北京市优秀律师,连续多年被Chambers 亚太评为“中国知识产权一等律师”,在知识产权领域能获此殊荣的仅两名律师。2020和2021年苍雨春连续被World Trade Review评为“Global Leader”。


Named the World’s Leading Intellectual Property Lawyer by Chambers and Partners, founding partner Spring Chang is a razor-sharp IP attorney who has advised and represented hundreds of major electronics, consumer, pharmaceutical, apparel and jewellery companies in the Chinese market, as well as Chinese companies overseas. Chang is well known for representing Best Buy in a precedent-setting trademark case that prompted China’s Supreme Court to re-evaluate the kinds of evidence to consider in IP decisions.

She has been regularly ranked as the only trademark lawyer in the Band 1 tier of Chambers and Partners’ Chinese legal listings – the publication praises her “great judgment” and “wealth of experience in serving well-known multinationals”. Chang has earned an international reputation for creativity and efficiency during more than two decades of practice.

One of the most influential IP attorneys in the world, Chang has been representing hundreds of the world’s leading firms in a wide array of business sectors including consumer products, apparel, electronics, pharmaceuticals and jewellery. Her razor-sharp judgments as well as extensive know-how in trademark and design patent law provide clients with tailored legal solutions in a rapidly changing Chinese market.

Recognised as an Elite Practitioner by Asia Law Leading Lawyers as well as one of the Influential Women in IP and Best Women Lawyers in China by WIPR and Thomson Reuters ALB, Chang is also a competent public speaker and lecturer who has been invited constantly by renowned legal associations worldwide such as INTA, AIPLA, AIPPI, PLI and ABA to share her knowledge and insights with global legal experts.

Chen Fu, Commerce & Finance Law Offices 陈浮
Chen Fu

Commerce & Finance Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 10 6563 7181
电邮 Email: chenfu@tongshang.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Banking & finance; Corporate & commercial; Litigation

陈浮是北京市通商律师事务所资深合伙人,主要从事诉讼和仲裁争议解决业务,擅长公司、合同、金融、私募投资、企业清算与不良资产处置、知识产权保护、商事诉讼与仲裁、刑事辩护(经济犯罪领域)等业务领域;至今已处理诉讼、仲裁案件及非诉项目700余件,其中包含多个争议金额大、法律关系复杂、社会影响大的案件。陈浮曾为或正在为众多国内外著名金融机构、跨国公司、大型国有企业、民营企业等提供法律服务。陈浮荣膺LEGALBAND 2021年度十五强创新律师、ALB 2020年中国十五佳诉讼律师。陈浮与通商争议解决团队多次被Chambers、ALB、Legal500等知名法律评级机构评为争议解决头部团队及律师。



Chen Fu is senior partner of Commerce & Finance Law Offices. Chen has extensive experience in commercial litigation and arbitration, especially in areas of corporate business, contract, finance, private investment, liquidation and disposal of non-performing assets, intellectual property, as well as criminal cases (economic crime).

He has provided professional legal services in more than 700 litigation, arbitration and non-litigation cases, many with complex legal relations and great social impact. The clients Chen represented include famous financial institutions, multinational corporations, large domestic enterprises and chambers of commerce. He was awarded to the Top 15 innovative lawyers by Legalband in 2021 and the Top 15 litigation lawyers by Thomson Reuters ALB in China in 2020. The disputes resolution team at Commerce & Finance Law Offices has also won the top team awards from Chambers, ALB, Legal 500 and other well-known legal rating agencies on many occasions.

Chen received his LLM at China University of Political Science and his LLB from Beijing Jiaotong University. Chen has constantly engaged in advanced studies, including a postgraduate course in economics at the University of International Business and Economics (private equity investment), a visiting scholar project at the Law School of the University of Washington, and a study programme at the International Arbitration Law Society in Paris.

Chen sits as an arbitrator of CIETAC, a mediator of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade/Mediation Centre of the China Chamber of International Commerce, an arbitrator of the Nanjing Arbitration Commission, Weifang Arbitration Commission, Qingdao Arbitration Commission and Baotou Arbitration Commission. He serves as a member of the civil procedural law professional committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association.

Chen has for many years been an adjunct instructor of Beijing Jiaotong University and University of International Business and Economics. He is the author of A Lawyer’s Practical Guide to Civil and Commercial Litigation (Law Press) and the Civil litigation chapter in Basic Skills of a Lawyer’s Practice (Peking University Press), which is the designated textbook for the national training for practising attorneys certificate.

James Chen, Zhuoxin Law Firm 陈健斌
James Chen

Director and Founding Partner
Zhuoxin Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 20 3941 6888
电邮 Email: j.chen@zhuoxinlaw.com

Key practice areas: Cross-border restructuring, insolvency and liquidation; Foreign-related litigation and arbitration; Foreign direct investment; Outbound investment




Since graduating from Sun Yat-sen University with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1994, James Chen has endeavoured in the legal profession for more than 27 years and has worked and studied in the UK, the US and Spain. He specialises in FDI, M&A, outbound investment, foreign-related restructuring, cross-border liquidation and foreign-related litigation and arbitration. In addition, Chen has provided legal services to several Sino-foreign joint ventures, wholly owned foreign enterprises and other PRC enterprises regarding their establishments, daily operations and M&A. Chen is also adept at providing professional legal opinions to clients in terms of commercial activities and business operations. He is currently a legal consultant to many well-known foreign-invested enterprises.

As project director, Chen has positively participated in many large-scale cross-border liquidation and reorganisation projects for overseas and Hong Kong-listed enterprises. Besides, he is experienced in representing clients in many large-value commercial arbitration and litigation cases regarding investment or trade disputes between foreign enterprises and PRC enterprises, some of which are even listed entities from Hong Kong and other countries. Chen has been selected as one of the lawyers in the talent pool of China’s 1,000 Lawyers on foreign-related matters by the National Ministry of Justice; as a leading lawyer on international practice and “Belt and Road” cross-border practice by the All China Lawyers Association, and as a leading lawyer on international practice by the Guangdong Lawyers Association. He has been ranked among the top 10 Guangzhou Foreign-related Lawyers by the Guangzhou Lawyers Association. He has also been ranked among the Guangzhou Law Society’s top 10 Young and Middle-aged Legal Experts. He currently practices as an arbitrator in many arbitration commissions, for example, Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, Shanghai Arbitration Commission, Ningbo Arbitration Commission, Wuhan Arbitration Commission, Shanghai International Arbitration Center and Zhuhai Court of International Arbitration.

Apart from the plentiful achievements in his law career, Chen holds many social positions, including vice-president of the Guangzhou Lawyers Association, vice-president of the lawyer branch of the Guangzhou New Social Stratum Association, deputy director of the Guangzhou Digital Finance Association, etc.

Justin Chen, PacGate Law Group 陈亦工
Justin Chen

Managing Partner
PacGate Law Group

电话 Tel: +86 10 6530 9989 x808
电邮 Email: jchen@pacgatelaw.com

Key practice areas: Private equity & venture capital; Securities & capital market; Investment funds; M&A



陈亦工连续多年被LEGALBAND评为“私募股权投资与风险投资”律师(2015-2021)、“科技、媒体与通信”律师(2016-2018);入选《商法》“The A- List 法律精英中国业务优秀律师”名册(2018-2021)。他所创建的百宸律师事务所也多次被钱伯斯评选为“私募股权与风险投资推荐律所”;被汤森路透旗下《亚洲法律杂志》多次评为“中国十佳精品律所”;多次被LEGALBAND评选为“私募股权投资与风险投资中国顶级律所”“医疗与生命科学中国顶级律所”“科技、媒体与通信中国顶级律所”“网络安全与数据合规中国顶级律所”“中国卓越法律雇主大奖最佳中型律师事务所”,并被其评为“2020年度最佳精品律师事务所”;被中国风险投资研究院评为“2019年度中国最佳私募股权投资中介服务机构(律所)TOP10”;被《亚洲法律概况》评为“2022年度投资基金领域重点推荐律所”;被《商法》评选为“2020互联网及电商卓越律所”“2020消费品及零售卓越律所”,并多次登上其评选的“私募股权/风险投资卓越律所”,以及“医疗、制药及生命科学卓越律所”榜单。

Justin Chen Yigong, founder and managing partner of PacGate Law Group, has practised for more than 20 years in the fields of private equity and venture capital, securities and capital markets, investment funds, M&A, and company law, providing legal services to hundreds of startups in China and America’s Silicon Valley, and representing numerous venture capital funds.

Chen mainly provides legal services for business transactions between China and the US, and advises clients on international financing, corporate M&A, joint investment, technology licensing and transfer, intellectual property protection, and other commercial matters.

He has served as the president of the Beijing University Alumni Association in Silicon Valley, is one of the founders of the Huayuan Science and Technology Association in the US, and is active in the field of venture capital investment in China and the US.

Chen graduated from Peking University with a BSc in Biochemistry. He obtained his master’s degree in Biochemistry and his JD from the University of Iowa. He is admitted to practise in California and is a registered patent attorney.

Chen was recommended as a Private Equity Investment and Venture Capital Leading Individual (2015-2021), as well as a Technology, Media and Communications Leading Individual (2016-2018) by Legalband, and selected in The A-List – China’s Top 100 Lawyers by China Business Law Journal (2018-2021). PacGate Law Group, which he founded, was selected as: Recommended Practitioner in Private Equity & Venture Capital by Chambers and Partners for years; Top 10 China Firms to Watch by Asian Legal Business; Leading Firm in Private Equity & Venture Capital, Technology, Media & Telecom, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Cybersecurity & Data Compliance; Employer of Choice: Best Midsize Law Firm in multiple years, and 2020 Best Boutique Firm by Legalband; 2019 China’s Best Private Equity Investment Intermediary Agency (Law Firm) Top 10 by China Venture Capital Research Institute; Asialaw Profiles and Leading Lawyers 2022 Edition in Private Equity by Asialaw Profiles; and awarded by China Business Law Journal as an Outstanding Law Firm in Internet & E-commerce (2020), and in Consumer Products & Retail (2020), as well as its repeated recognitions as an Outstanding Law Firm in Private Equity & Venture Capital, and in the category of Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences.

Summit Chen, Dentons 陈峰
Summit Chen

Senior Partner

电话 Tel: +86 21 5878 5888
电邮 Email: chen.feng@dentons.cn

Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Banking & finance; Litigation; Private equity, venture capital & funds




Summit Chen is a deputy to the 15th Shanghai People’s Congress, and also a deputy to the 11th Communist Party of China Shanghai Congress, a distinguished professor at the Lawyer’s College of ECUPSL, part-time master tutor at Fudan University Law School, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, vice president of the Belt and Road legal research committee of the Shanghai Law Society, vice president of the Case Law Research Association of the Shanghai Law Society, an arbitrator at CIETAC, SHIAC and the SAC, and an independent director of J.P. Morgan Securities (China).

Chen Wei, JunHe 陈伟
Chen Wei


电话 Tel: +86 10 8553 7988
电邮 Email: chenwei@junhe.com

Key practice areas: M&A; PE investment; ICT and communication infrastructure; Overseas listing

陈伟于 2004 年加入君合律师事务所,现在君合北京总部执业,已有近18年从业经历。





Having worked with a “China magic circle” law firm for 18 years, Chen Wei has rich experience in the areas of M&A, PE/VC investment and capital markets. She also has extensive industry knowledge in the TMT space – especially ICT and communications infrastructure such as data centres, cloud services and satellite services, financial services and life sciences.

Chen has represented many multinational companies, PE and buyout funds and SOEs in a variety of industries including telecoms/internet, energy, real estate, financial services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, aviation, mining, automobiles and manufacturing.

She has also handled a great number of high-profile and complex projects. Chen’s structure design and drafting strength, as well as good business sense make her services valuable to clients.

Chen has established herself as an innovative attorney in challenging projects. She was, for example, creative and diligent in guiding a multinational company to smoothly and successfully close a share deal in China in RMB in mid-2011, when the relevant regulations were confused as they had only been recently established.

In recent years, Chen has represented various clients to invest in, buy out or operate communications infrastructure projects such as data centres, cloud services, satellite services and network resources. Having served the satellite communications industry for years, Chen is not only familiar with the complicated legal environment but also has a good understanding of the commercial side to the industry. Since early 2000, Chen has been representing investors and operators in data centre and cloud service transactions and has accumulated rich experience in this field. After initially assisting a foreign client to invest in a leading Chinese data centre operator using the VIE structure, she has represented many foreign and domestic clients to purchase or operate data centre projects in all first tier IDC business cities in China as well as most important capital cities at provincial level. By providing full service covering aspects of investment, acquisition, financing, construction and operation in this area, she has earned broad recognition as a leading legal professional in the IDC industry.

Chen Xiangyong, Wang Jing & Co 陈向勇
Chen Xiangyong

Managing Partner
Wang Jing & Co
Key practice areas: Insurance & reinsurance; International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Litigation; Shipping
Cheng Xiaofeng, Jingtian & Gongcheng 程晓峰
Cheng Xiaofeng

Jingtian & Gongcheng

电话 Tel: +86 10 5809 1009
电邮 Email: cheng.xiaofeng@jingtian.com

Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Competition & antitrust; Data protection

程晓峰是竞天公诚律师事务所的合伙人,自2011年起任北京大学法学院兼职课外导师。程晓峰于1999年获得北京大学法学和经济学双学士学位,其后分别于2002年获得美国南佛罗里达大学犯罪学硕士学位、于2003年获得哥伦比亚大学法学硕士学位。程晓峰拥有中国和美国纽约州律师资格,并拥有近20年的律师执业经验,在境内外并购重组、私募基金投资、中国企业海外上市、反垄断、外商直接投资、教育、医疗、TMT与互联网、网络安全与数据合规、能源以及银行金融等领域拥有十分丰富的实践经验。程律师近期入选LEGALBAND“ 2021年度风云榜:交易律师15强”榜单,并连续多年在LEGALBAND中国顶级律师排行榜名列前茅。

Cheng Xiaofeng is a partner at Jingtian & Gongcheng and has served as adjunct professor at Peking University Law School since 2011. Cheng graduated from Peking University in 1999 with an LLB and BA in Economics. Subsequently, he obtained an MA in criminology from University of South Florida and an LLM from Columbia University Law School.

Cheng has qualified to practise law in both China and New York State, and has nearly 20 years of practice experience. He has extensive experience in domestic and offshore M&A and restructuring; PE fund investment; offshore listing for Chinese companies; antitrust; foreign direct investment; education; medical and hospital; TMT and internet; network security and data compliance; energy; and banking and finance sectors. Cheng was recently listed on the Legalband 2021 Power List: Top 15 Transaction Lawyers, and was listed on the Legalband Chinese Top Ranked Lawyers list for many years.

Ken Dai, Dentons 戴健民
Ken Dai


电话 Tel: +86 21 5878 5888
电邮 Email: jianmin.dai@dentons.cn

Key practice areas: Antitrust & competition; Data protection & cybersecurity; Compliance & government regulatory; Dispute resolution



戴健民于2013年荣列“浦东新区十大杰出青年律师”;并曾于2014年和2017年入选国际知名刊物《亚洲法律杂志》(Asian Legal Business)评选的“最受客户青睐的中国20强律师”;2017被Asialaw评为2016中国竞争法领域“领先律师”;2020年被Who’s Who Legal评为反垄断与竞争法领域的“推荐律师”;2022年被Who’s Who Legal评为数据与隐私保护领域的“推荐律师”。

在社会活动方面,戴健民是亚洲竞争协会(Asia Competition Association)的理事,也是上海市法学会竞争法研究会的理事。戴健民目前还是上海交通大学,浙江理工大学和上海对外经贸大学的兼职硕士生导师。

Ken Dai is co-chair of the practice group for antitrust and competition within Dentons China. As one of the first lawyers practising antitrust law in China, he has more than 13 years of experience in this field. Ken leads his team in providing a full range of legal services for many multinational companies and large domestic enterprises in the area of antitrust, including: antitrust investigations; antitrust compliance; merger filings; private antitrust litigation; and intellectual property and legal issues related to antitrust. His clients cover mainly: the automotive industry (including spare parts); life sciences; high-tech; fast-moving consumer goods; and the chemical industry.

Dai is also one of the first lawyers advising clients in the field of data protection in China. Since 2012, he has provided “one-stop” legal services to many clients in the areas of data and privacy and cybersecurity involving legal business model assessment, establishment of data compliance programs, cross-border data transfer, and data leakage response. Especially in 2021, with the enactment of Personal Information Protection Law and Data Security Law, Dai has led the team in providing comprehensive legal support on data compliance to more and more clients, covering numerous sectors of retail, luxury, healthcare, financial services, automotive, consulting, high-tech and trading of premium spirits.

Dai was listed as one of the Top 10 Outstanding Young Lawyers in Pudong New District in 2013; one of the Top 20 Clients’ Most Favoured Chinese Lawyers by the internationally renowned magazine Asian Legal Business in 2014 and 2017. He was named by Asialaw Profiles as one of China’s Leading Lawyers 2016, and by Who’s Who Legal as a Recommended Lawyer in antitrust and competition law in 2020 and a Recommended Lawyer in data protection and privacy in 2022.

Dai is a council member of the Asia Competition Association and of the competition law committee of the Shanghai Law Society. Also, he is an adjunct professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and Shanghai University of International Business and Economics.

Fang Rong, Han Kun Law Offices 方榕
Fang Rong

Han Kun Law Offices
主要执业领域:REITs与ABS; 房地产; 基础设施PPP;政府采购
Key practice areas: REITs and ABS; Real estate; Infrastructure PPP; Government procurement
Fei Ning, Hui Zhong Law Firm 费宁
Fei Ning

Managing Partner
Hui Zhong Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 5639 9588
电邮 Email: feining@huizhonglaw.com

Key practice areas: Dispute resolution; International investment; International trade; Investment arbitration



Fei Ning is managing partner at Hui Zhong Law Firm, specialising in commercial litigation and arbitration. He has represented clients in hundreds of commercial litigation cases before PRC courts at various levels, up to the Supreme People’s Court.

Fei is an arbitrator at Chinese and international arbitration institutions, including CIETAC, Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA), International Court of Arbitration of the ICC (ICC Court), HKIAC, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, and the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board. He is also a member of the SCIA advisory committee and vice chair of the IPBA dispute resolution and arbitration committee.

Fei has participated in arbitral proceedings administered by the HKIAC, SIAC, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and London Court of International Arbitration as arbitrator, counsel or expert witness. Leading professional institutes have ranked Fei as one of the top dispute resolution lawyers in China. He has also been frequently invited as a keynote speaker at prestigious international conferences.

Fu Yangyuan, Jia Yuan Law Offices 傅扬远
Fu Yangyuan

Senior Partner
Jia Yuan Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 21 6045 2660
电邮 Email: fuyangyuan@jiayuan-law.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Private equity venture; M&A; Corporate & commercial




Fu Yangyuan is senior partner and the co-principal of financing business of Jia Yuan Law Offices, and is now a member of the securities business research committee of the Shanghai Bar Association. She mainly specialises in capital markets, private equity ventures, M&A, and corporate and commercial.

Fu has more than 15 years of practical experience gained through legal service in capital markets. She has been in charge of the domestic and foreign listing projects of dozens of enterprises and many private equity venture projects, and she is highly recognised by customers, peers and the market with her excellent legal service quality and problem-solving ability. Fu is one of the few commercial lawyers running through both the trading side (investment, financing and M&A) and the exiting side (domestic and foreign listing and M&A of listed companies), and is experienced in the complex information disclosure rules involved in both domestic and foreign listings, overall listing and equity carve-outs and dual listings, since her focus on investment and financing, M&A and domestic and foreign capital markets over the past 15 years.

Fu also has an in-depth understanding and practical experience of projects related to healthcare, semiconductor integrated circuits, consumption, information technology and the automobile industry. She has led many well-known benchmarking projects including Tigermed’s A- and H-share listings; SAIC’s non-public offering; Amlogic’s A-share listing on the STAR market; Microport’s equity carve-out; and MedBot’s H-share listing. With her comprehensive knowledge structure, profound professional skills and excellent business mind in the field of capital markets, Fu can analyse projects accurately and efficiently, and formulate the best solution strategy for complicated and changeable practical problems so as to maximise the interests of customers and ensure legal services of high quality.

Bill Gao, Landing Law Offices 高锖
Bill Gao

Senior Partner
Landing Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 136 0161 4215
电邮 Email: qiang.gao@landinglawyer.com

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Unfair competition; Cybersecurity and data protection; Dispute resolution





Bill Gao is the head of the intellectual property department of Landing Law Offices, and the firm’s youngest managing partner. In addition to IP, his practice focuses on unfair competition, cybersecurity and data protection, as well as dispute resolution.

After graduating from East China University of Political Science and Law, Gao began his legal career at Dentons in Shanghai in 2010. He has been practising law for more than 11 years, with extensive theoretical and practical experience in intellectual property rights, unfair competition, international civil and commercial disputes, and non-litigation fields. His clients are mainly in telecommunications, media, entertainment, and technology.

He has handled more than 200 litigation and arbitration cases related to intellectual property rights and unfair competition for domestic and overseas clients, involving trademarks, patents, copyright, trade-secrets protection, domain names, franchises, and technology transfer and development disputes, as well as other contract and infringement cases.

Gao’s speciality is in handling important and complex intellectual property rights dispute cases related to the internet and high-tech fields.

He has handled civil and administrative litigation related to intellectual property rights in courts at all levels, and a large number of litigation and arbitration cases in, among others, Beijing Intellectual Property Court; Beijing Internet Court; Guangzhou Internet Court; Shanghai High People’s Court; Shanghai Intellectual Property Court; China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission; WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center; National Arbitration Forum (NAF); Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (HKIAC).

Gao also has extensive practical experience in non-litigation fields such as corporate intellectual property strategy, brand operation and management, and provides non-litigation services to many famous internet technology companies as a retained long-term legal counsel on intellectual property strategy, network safety, data compliance, etc.

Gary Gao, Zhong Lun Law Firm 高俊
Gary Gao

Equity partner
Zhong Lun Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 6061 3575
电邮 Email: gaojun@zhonglun.com

Key practice areas: Compliance & regulatory; Litigation & arbitration; M&A and corporate governance; Corporate / foreign direct investment

高俊是中伦律师事务所上海办公室的合伙人,也是事务所合规部门负责人。高俊自1990年进入法院工作,曾担任刑事法官。1995年,高俊取得中国律师资格并开始执业。高俊多次荣获国际权威法律评级机构的奖项及荣誉,包括The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2021领先律师:监管与合规、The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2020领先律师:监管与合规。在国际权威法律评级机构Chambers & Partners公布的《钱伯斯亚太指南2021》《钱伯斯亚太指南2020》《钱伯斯亚太指南2019》和《钱伯斯亚太指南2018》榜单中,高俊在“公司调查/反腐败”领域连续多年获得推荐,他还先后荣获《亚洲法律概况》2022年度合规领域卓越律师、《商法》(China Business Law Journal)“2020年度杰出交易”、China Law & Practice(《中国法律商务》)“2017年度合规律师”大奖。此外,高俊还入选《商法》China Business Law Journal)授予的“The A-List 法律精英”2019榜单,获得亚洲法律杂志(ALB)“2016 ALB Client Choice Top 20 Lawyer(2016年客户首选20强律师)”荣誉称号,被钱伯斯亚太评为2013年亚洲领先商业律师并在“争议解决”领域获得推荐。



Gary Gao is a partner and head of the compliance and regulatory group of Zhong Lun Law Firm, with more than 25 years experience as a practising lawyer. Having earned his LLM in the UK, Gao’s working languages are both English and Chinese.

Before being admitted to the PRC Bar in 1995, he worked as a criminal judge in a district court in Shanghai from 1990. Gao was recommended as a Leading Individual in Compliance & Regulatory in both the 2020 and 2021 The Legal 500 Asia Pacific and recognised in corporate investigation/anti-bribery by Chambers Asia-Pacific for four years since 2018. Besides these, Gao was honoured as the 2022 Distinguished Practitioner in Regulatory by Asialaw Profiles, for the Deal of the Year 2020 and The A-List China’s Elite 100 Lawyers 2019 by China Business Law Journal, the 2017 Regulatory & Compliance Lawyer of the Year by China Law & Practice, the 2016 Client Choice Top 20 Lawyer by ALB and Asia’s Leading Lawyers for Business of Dispute Resolution by Chambers Asia-Pacific 2013.

More than two decades of experience in compliance and international dispute resolution have given Gao an intimate understanding across the whole operation of enterprises, a keen understanding of international business skills and the pitfalls and traps in negotiations, as well as rich experience dealing with company compliance.

He has assisted numerous multinational enterprises, institutions and large domestic enterprises in different industries with comprehensive compliance issues, including handling cross-border governmental investigations, defending clients in criminal proceedings, preparing and dealing with related disputes, conducting internal compliance investigations involving management staff, initiation of criminal procedures and dealing with employment termination, as well as providing compliance training services to management, employees and business partners.

In addition, Gao is an experienced and skilled litigator capable of handling complex, cross-border litigation as well as sophisticated commercial disputes. He has rich experience in foreign arbitration, litigation, mediation and negotiation, is familiar with the strategic planning of dispute resolution in multiple jurisdictions, the application of the law (especially relating to common law), and the collection, screening and rules of proof of cross-border evidence. In particular, Gao is good at dealing with disputes involving corporate equity, partnership private equity investment, procurement contracts, cross-border mergers and acquisitions and insurance claims, among others.

Gao Lei, V&T Law Firm 高磊
Gao Lei

V&T Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 156 1144 1106
电邮 Email: gaolei@vtlaw.cn

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Real estate




在房地产、建设工程与基础设施领域,高磊先后为中外客户的数十个PPP (BOT、TOT)、EPC及开发项目提供全过程或专项法律服务,项目涵盖的领域包括境内外的城市更新、产业园区、特色小镇、田园综合体、文化旅游、公路桥梁、轨道交通、体育场馆、河道治理、养老基地、医院学校等。高磊还参与了包括国家博物馆、国家体育馆、中央电视台新台址以及冬奥会速滑馆等在内的诸多地标性建筑和国家重点工程的法律服务。

Gao Lei is a partner at V&T Law Firm where he is director of the firm’s real estate and infrastructure department, head of its young lawyers working committee and sits on the executive committee of the firm’s Beijing office.

In private equity investment funds, Gao has provided full-process legal services for about 100 investment and financing projects in recent years. He has been deeply involved in the establishment and registration of funds, product transaction structure design, registration and filing with regulatory authorities, compliance verification, drafting, reviewing and negotiation of transactional documents, information disclosure and other services.

In M&A, Gao has rich experience in representing both purchasers and sellers, providing legal services for dozens of equity mergers and asset acquisition projects from real estate-related ABS/ABN and REITS-like structures, both at home and overseas.

In the fields of real estate, construction engineering and infrastructure, Gao has provided full-process or special legal services for dozens of PPP (BOT, TOT) and EPC projects for Chinese and foreign clients – including highways, bridges, rail projects, sports venues, hospitals and schools. Gao also provided legal services for many landmark buildings and national key projects, including the National Museum, the National Stadium, and the Skating Hall of the Winter Olympics.

Gao serves many clients, including Fortune 500 companies, large state-owned enterprises, and government agencies such as China Communications Construction Co; Sinochem Energy; Beijing Investment Group; China Merchants Ping An AMC; Go High Capital; Jinmao Capital; CR Asset; SDIC RE Asset; China Innovative Capital Management; Juxin Pacific (Citic); Agile Group; Kardan Land China; Ping An Asset Management; Ping An Trust; Ping An Real Estate; Shen Wan Hong Yuan Group; Military-civilian Integration Industry Fund; Jinbao Industrial Fund; TBEA Grou; Bank of Suzhou; and Zhuzong Group.

Gao Xiang, AllBright Law Offices 高翔
Gao Xiang

AllBright Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 21 6263 8383 / +86 150 2124 7609
电邮 Email: gaoxiang@allbrightlaw.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Corporate & commercial; Intellectual property; Litigation


Gao Xiang represents and advises many well-known Chinese and foreign clients, including Fortune 500 multinationals, on a variety of IP, dispute resolution and corporate matters. Gao specialises in complex IP litigation, with a focus on patent infringement, including matters in relation to standard-essential patents (SEPs), misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark infringements and unfair competition.

Gao has a wide range of experience in R&D and technology collaboration, IP licensing, IP acquisition and management, commercial transactions and collaboration, open source software (OSS) and other non-contentious and transactional matters. He has also been representing many clients in complex contract, corporate and commercial litigations and arbitrations. His practice covers diverse industries including telecommunications, semiconductors, electronics, software, industrial engineering and automation, and the automotive industry.

Guan Jian, Globe-Law Law Firm 管健
Guan Jian

Managing Partner
Globe-Law Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 139 1158 1825
电邮 Email: guanjian@globe-law.com

Key practice areas: WTO and international trade



Guan Jian is a managing partner of Beijing Globe-Law Law Firm with more than 16 years’ experience in the field of WTO and international trade. He has represented the Chinese government and enterprises in a number of WTO dispute settlement cases and trade remedy investigations. He has, on behalf of relevant Chinese chambers of commerce, participated in many international economic and trade friction cases, including the US 301 investigation, special 301 investigation and WTO compliance review on China.

Guan has represented many well-known Chinese companies in more than 100 trade remedy investigations initiated by, and a number of trade sanction compliance projects concerning; the European Union; the United States; Canada; India; Australia; Thailand; Indonesia; Malaysia; South Korea; Japan; Brazil; Vietnam; Pakistan and Mexico, among others. Guan works closely with his clients in: iron and steel; chemicals; textiles; food; biology; medicine; electronics; daily necessities; photovoltaics; and electro-communications.

Guan Jianjun, Grandall Law Firm 管建军
Guan Jianjun

Managing Partner
Grandall Law Firm
Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Outbound investment; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Meph Gui, Global Law Office 桂佳
Meph Gui

Global Law Office
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Intellectual property; Litigation
Guo Chunfei, Tiantai Law Firm 郭春飞
Guo Chunfei

Senior Partner
Tiantai Law Firm
Key practice areas: Competition & antitrust; Intellectual property; Litigation; Technology, media and telecommunications
He Fang, JunHe 何芳
He Fang

Key practice areas: Inbound investment; M&A; Outbound investment; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Hong Liang, Zhihe Partners 洪亮
Hong Liang

Founding Partner
Zhihe Partners

电话 Tel: +86 21 6107 1599
电邮 Email: hongliang@zhihepartners.com

Key practice areas: Corporate business; Government affairs and stated-owned enterprises, Real estate and infrastructure; Public legal affairs




Hong Liang is the founding partner of Shanghai Zhihe Law Firm. His law practice focuses on the areas of corporate business, government affairs and state-owned enterprises, real estate and infrastructure construction, and government public legal affairs. In addition, he has also been practising in capital markets, corporate compliance, data security, and dispute resolution, amassing a wealth of experience.

Hong graduated from the Chicago Kent School of Law, and obtained a master’s of business administration from Fudan University and a bachelor’s degree from East China University of Political Science and Law. He used to work for the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and the Hong Kong stock exchange. He also serves as an arbitrator for SIETAC, SAC, secretary general of the company law research committee of the ACLA, director of the government affairs research committee of the Shanghai Bar Association, a part-time professor of East China University of Political Science and Law and Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, a member of the All-China Youth Federation Standing Committee and secretary-general of the legal sector working committee.

Hong has been awarded Chambers and Partners’ best corporate/commercial lawyer awards many times. He was selected to the first batch of Leading Lawyers in Cross-Border Legal Services by the Ministry of Justice and was selected to the Foreign-Related Legal Talents of the Shanghai Law Society. He has participated in the largest central urban area renewal project in mainland China, has flexibly used various financial instruments in infrastructure construction, large-scale construction projects and other key projects, and has played an important role in the mixed ownership reform for an e-commerce enterprise in mainland China.

Hu Gaochong, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm 胡高崇
Hu Gaochong

Zhonglun W&D Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6440 2232 7097 / +86 135 8187 4331
电邮 Email: hugaochong@zlwd.com

Key practice areas: Corporate & contract dispute; Labour & employment





Hu Gaochong is a partner of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm based in Beijing. He is mainly engaged in civil and commercial dispute resolution, and labour and employment legal service.

Hu is experienced in handling corporate and contract disputes in the field of civil and commercial dispute resolution. He has represented corporate clients in dealing with disputes such as equity transfer agreement, directional release agreements, loan agreements, sales agreements, commission agreements, and infringement of trade secrets.

Hu specialises in the field of labour law, including recruitment, performance management, dissolution and termination of labour relations, mass layoffs, non-competition and stock option incentive disputes. He has provided long-term legal advice to state-owned enterprises, foreign entities and internet companies, especially related to labour employment.

Hu has served a wide range of clients including Xiaomi; Meituan; ByteDance; Tencent; Momo; Jinshan Cheetah Technology; Gulfstream HNA (Beijing); Culiu Technology; China National Chemical Corporation; Guokai Securities; CDB New Energy Technology; Cinda Securities; Minsheng Securities; Bonna-Agela Technologies; and Condair Corporation.

Before joining Zhonglun W&D, Hu worked at another famous domestic firm as a full-time lawyer and partner. After post-graduate school, he served as a judge/chief judge, handling more than 1,000 labour dispute cases involving contract disputes, tort, labour contract termination, disputes over remuneration and disputes over non-compete clauses and service period, etc.

Hu Zhengzheng, Jingtian & Gongcheng 胡铮铮
Hu Zhengzheng

Jingtian & Gongcheng
Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Ramon Huang, Hui Ye Law Firm 黄春林
Ramon Huang

Senior Partner
Hui Ye Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 5237 0950
电邮 Email: ramon.huang@huiyelaw.com

Key practice areas: Cybersecurity & data compliance; High-tech & culture media


Ramon Huang mainly provides comprehensive legal services in network and data compliance, emerging technologies and entertainment & culture. Now he is the senior partner of Hui Ye Law Firm and deputy director of the internet and information technology business research committee of the Shanghai Bar Association. Moreover, Huang serves as the practice mentor in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and East China Normal University. He has recently published a monograph named Law and Practice on Cyber and Data Governance in China and has been recommended as a leading lawyer in the industry by a number of internationally renowned rating agencies.

Huang Wei, Tian Yuan Law Firm 黄伟
Huang Wei

Managing Partner
Tian Yuan Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 5776 3888
电邮 Email: hwei@tylaw.com.cn

Key practice areas: Competition & antitrust; Compliance; Data protection; Litigation


黄伟已连续六年被“钱伯斯”评为中国“竞争法/反垄断领域”卓越律师,连续七年被《 商法》评为“100位中国业务优秀律师”(The A List),连续七年被“LEGALBAND”评为中国“反垄断与竞争法”领域第一梯队律师,被“ALB”评为“中国15佳诉讼律师”。


Huang Wei is managing partner of Beijing Tian Yuan Law Firm, secretary general of the anti-monopoly committee of the All China Lawyers Association, deputy director of the foreign affairs committee, an arbitrator of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, and the first China expert of the competition committee of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Huang has been recognised as an outstanding lawyer in China’s competition law/anti-monopoly field by Chambers for six consecutive years, The A List by China Business Law Journal for seven consecutive years, first-tier lawyer in China’s anti-monopoly and competition law by Legalband for seven consecutive years, and one of the Top 15 Litigation Lawyers in China by ALB.

Huang has rich experience in competition law fields such as anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition and has advised in a number of landmark cases. For example, the first anti-monopoly case heard by the Supreme Court (representing Tencent against Qihoo 360 and winning the “3Q War”); the first judicial review of vertical monopoly administrative sanctions; the first case on the arbitrability of monopoly dispute; the first anti-monopoly lawsuit in the pharmaceutical industry; representing JD.com against Alibaba in the “Choose One From Two” case on abuse of market dominance; the anti-monopoly lawsuit between Qualcomm and Apple; China’s first foreign-related anti-monopoly investigation (LCD panel case); the first anti-monopoly investigation on intellectual property abuse (IDC case); the anti-monopoly investigation against Qualcomm; the anti-monopoly investigation against the world’s top three DRAM manufacturers; the anti-monopoly investigation against the world’s top three music labels, among others.

Huang has also provided merger filing legal services to clients in dozens of industries, including automobiles, semiconductors, consumer electronics, wireless communications, medicines, chemical industry and energy, and has provided competition law compliance services to multiple multinational enterprises and large state-owned enterprises.

Huang Yaping, Guantao Law Firm 黄亚平
Huang Yaping

Managing Partner
Guantao Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6657 8066
电邮 Email: huangyp@guantao.com

Key practice areas: Corporate; Capital market; Investment & finance; Fund



黄亚平的部分代表性客户包括:中国中电国际信息服务有限公司、深圳中电投资股份有限公司、法国斯伦贝谢公司、金融街控股股份有限公司 、香港中旅(集团)有限公司、长江实业(集团)有限公司、花旗环球金融亚洲有限公司、深业集团公司、中国移动通信集团广东有限公司深圳分公司、中粮信托有限责任公司、四川双马水泥股份有限公司、深圳市兴森快捷电路科技股份有限公司、深圳市景旺电子股份有限公司、民森投资有限公司、广州三孚新材料科技股份有限公司、四会富仕电子科技股份有限公司、广东骏亚电子科技股份有限公司、深圳市路维光电股份有限公司等。

Huang Yaping received her LLB in economic law from China University of Political Science and Law. She has been working as a lawyer since graduation. Huang is a senior partner of Guantao Law Firm, and the managing partner of its Shenzhen office.

Huang specialises in corporate, finance and securities legal affairs. She has nearly 30 years of experience in capital markets practice, and has extensive experience in the areas of domestic and overseas offerings and listings, restructuring, M&A, and corporate investment and financing. She was once nominated as a candidate for the 17th IEC member of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Huang has served as a director of the Shenzhen Lawyers Association, an executive committee of Shenzhen Female Lawyers Association and a vice director of the securities legal committee of the Guangdong Lawyers Association.

Huang’s representative clients include: China Electronics International Information Service; Shenzhen CEI Investment; Schlumberger; Financial Street Holding; China Travel Service (Holdings) Hong Kong; Changjiang Industrial (Group); Citigroup Global Markets Asia; Shenzhen Branch of China Mobile Communications Corporation Guangdong; Cofco Trust; Sichuan Shuangma Cement; Shenzhen Xingsen Express Circuit Technology; Shenzhen Jingwang Electronic; Minsen Investment; Guangzhou Sanfu New Material Technology; Sihui Fushi Electronic Technology; Guangdong Junya Electronic Technology; and Shenzhen Luwei Optoelectronic.

Ji Xuefeng, Anli Partners 纪雪峰
Ji Xuefeng

Anli Partners

电话 Tel: +86 139 2076 7226
电邮 Email: jixuefeng@anlilaw.com

Key practice areas: Outbound investment; Litigation; M&A





Ji Xuefeng, director of Anli Partners (Tianjin), has been awarded numerous honours, such as Leading Talents of Chinese Foreign-related Lawyers by the Ministry of Justice and the All China Lawyers Association, one of the Top 10 Excellent Attorneys in the Belt and Road Initiative by Legal Daily, and China’s Top 15 Regional Leading Lights by Legalband.

She has been retained as legal counsel and also provided special legal services on projects for many large financial institutions, well-known international and domestic enterprises, government departments, and business associations. At the same time, she serves in many social positions, such as a member of the committee of the Tianjin Lawyers Association, an invited expert of the Research Center of Globalization Legal Issues of China University of Political Science and Law, and a member of the expert committee of the International Economic Law Research Association of the Beijing Law Society, for example.

For many years, she has adhered to the focus of improving business legal capabilities, and has established her professional image as an elite female attorney in the new era. Having accumulated a wealth of experience in areas such as corporate and commercial, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, foreign-related and financial legal services, she has been highly praised by clients.

Having a dual educational background in English literature and law, Ji is familiar with international legal rules, and has a strong ability to manage comprehensive and complex legal services, and can skillfully use professional knowledge to conduct legal analysis and solve various complicated commercial legal issues in both English and Chinese. Because of her outstanding performance, she was selected by the All China Lawyers Association to study at the Hamburg University China-EU School of Law in Germany and again at the American Society of International Law in the United States.

Ji is able to overcome any obstacles to sort out complicated contracts and gain an edge over the opposing party. Innovative thinking is her secret to winning. As a leading talent of Chinese foreign-related attorneys, she has won the trust of clients with her diligence and professionalism, and demonstrated her confidence as a Chinese attorney.

Jia Hongwei, Long An Law Firm 贾红卫
Jia Hongwei

Senior Partner
Long An Law Firm
Key practice areas: International commercial dispute resolution; Contract law; Corporate law; M&A and reorganisation
Jia Weiheng, Qin Li Law Firm 贾维恒
Jia Weiheng

National Managing Partner
Qin Li Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 2316 6903
电邮 Email: weihengjia@qinlilegal.com

Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Compliance; Corporate governance; Labour & employment


Jia Weiheng is licensed to practise law in China, New York State, and US federal courts. He has practised law in China, the US, and Japan for over 20 years. His focused practice areas are cross-border M&A, enterprise compliance, and labour law. Because of his rich international experience, Jia not only practises law regularly in Chinese, Japanese and English but also facilitates and assists clients in completing complex transactions among parties of diverse cultural backgrounds.

In the practice area of enterprise compliance, Jia is one of a few compliance experts and independent monitors recognised by multilateral banks, such as the World Bank Group. As a labour law lawyer, he specialises in complex cases, such as massive lay-offs, labour unions, and top executive replacement.

Jia Xiangming, Zhongzi Law Office 贾向明
Jia Xiangming

Zhongzi Law Office

电话 Tel: +86 10 6625 6818
电邮 Email: jiaxiangming@zhongzi.com.cn

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Capital markets; Litigation; Private equity, venture capital & funds



Jia Xiangming is the senior partner of Zhongzi Law Office Beijing. He holds an LLM. Jia began to practise law from 2001, with a long-term focus on capital markets, finance and investment, and sophisticated civil and commercial arbitration and litigation. His major clients include large central SOEs and financial institutions, being a legal expert in the legal service providers lists of the headquarters of State Power Investment Corporation, Ansteel, China Railway Group, China North Industries Group and other SOEs, and a counsel to many public companies and large corporations. He serves as a part-time master’s supervisor at Beijing Jiaotong University, and a member of VC & PE legal expert committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association. He currently holds several other positions.

In the past five years, the team led by Jia has represented several SOEs and large corporations and successfully resolved a large number of civil and commercial disputes for them, with a combined value of several billion RMB, creating profits or recovering losses worth of more than RMB1 billion (USD157 million). For several consecutive years, Jia orchestrated a number of refinancings, major asset restructurings, back-door listings, and mixed-ownership reform projects on behalf of SOEs and listed companies, with more than RMB50 billion financed in total. Among these projects, some are considered as benchmarks for SOE financing.

James Jiang, Yuanda China Law Firm 江海
James Jiang

Yuanda China Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 6105 0559
电邮 Email: JJiang@YuandaWinston.com

Key practice areas: Compliance; Data protection; Litigation; M&A





James Jiang is the equity partner and corporate head of Yuanda China Law Offices based in Shanghai. Jiang focuses his practice on corporate legal services, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution. He is a licensed lawyer in China and New York, and is an adjunct professor at East China University of Politics and Law.

Jiang has represented numerous clients in many cross-border legal matters, which cover corporate investment, financing, and intellectual property rights protection. He has also assisted many multinational companies in handling high-profile regulatory compliance matters in various industries by proposing, negotiating, and achieving solutions for government investigation, internal investigation and potential criminal liability.

He is currently the deputy director of the healthcare practice committee of the Shanghai Bar Association, and commissioner of the Shanghai Food and Drug Safety Research Institute.

James received his Bachelor’s Degree in law from Shanghai International Studies University, and received master’s in law degrees from both the University of Amsterdam and New York University.

Jin Chengfeng, TianTong Law Firm 金成峰
Jin Chengfeng

TianTong Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 189 1186 2059
电邮 Email: jinchengfeng@tiantonglaw.com

Key practice areas: Bankruptcy & insolvency; M&A





在公司清算业务领域,金成峰全面参与了辽河石油勘探局子公司清理项目,并为三星(中国)投资有限公司、大连三荣化学有限公司、STX大连集团、美国苹果公司(Apple Inc.)等外商投资企业提供专项法律服务。

Jin Chengfeng, a partner of TianTong Law Firm and graduate of Renmin University of China, specialises in bankruptcy reorganisation and has had a successful legal career for more than 10 years. His practice focuses on reorganisation, and debt and asset restructuring. Before joining TianTong, Jin worked for King & Wood Mallesons for a number of years.

Jin has carried out bankruptcy reorganisations for many listed companies, large enterprise groups and unlisted public companies including Dongbei Special Steel; Shanghai Chaori; Chang Jiang Shipping Group Phoenix; Huludao Zinc Industry; Jincheng Paper; Shandong Helon; Sichuan Golden Summit; Xi’an Hongsheng; Jinhua Chlor-Alkali; Shanghai Huayuan; Hebei Baoshuo; and Heilongjiang Longdi.

Jin has extensive experience in debt and asset restructuring. He has provided services to clients such as Sinosteel Group Corporation; STX Corporation; Shandong Hi-Speed Road&Bridge (originally Dandong Chemical Fibre); and Shanxi Coal International.

Jin was also involved in the liquidation of subsidiaries of Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau, and provided special legal services for foreign-funded enterprises like Samsung (China) Investment, STX Dalian Group and Apple Inc.

Radar Lei, Zhilin Law Firm 雷志刚
Radar Lei

Director, Managing Partner
Zhilin Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6409 7019
电邮 Email: radar.lei@zhilinlaw.com

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Litigation & arbitration; Finance & capital Market







Radar Lei has been in practice as a lawyer since 2004. He has the qualifications of Chinese lawyer and patent attorney. Lei has both a juris master degree from China University of Political Science and Law and an engineering bachelor of materials from Lanzhou University. Lei specialises in intellectual property, investment and financing and dispute resolution.

Lei founded Beijing Zhilin law firm in 2011, and he is listed in the Top 15 Managing Partners of Legalband.

In the field of dispute resolution, he specialises in civil and commercial dispute resolution and intellectual property litigation. He has provided solutions for many well-known enterprises in China and abroad. Lei’s representative achievements include a series of landmark IP cases, such as the patent dispute between Posco of South Korea and Nippon Steel Sumikin Co; Xiaomi Technology Beijing Overseas Intellectual Property Rights Protection Assistance Project; copyright and unfair competition cases regarding Shenzhen Tencent’s games; the second instance case of the invalid trademark of Supor; the identification of famous trademarks of “Gu Jian Qi Tan” and “Chao Pin San”; and the retrial of Dongfeng trademark OEM in the Supreme People’s Court.

Lei is an expert for the Chinese State-owned Property Exchanges Association, the people’s mediator for the People’s Mediation Committee for Intellectual Property Disputes PPAC (part-time) and a lecturer of the Zhongguancun Entrepreneurship Forum.

Lei’s other achievements include: best patent litigation lawyer in 2017, the top 10 patent lawyer of 2018 and the most influential person in IPR for 2019. He is also a part-time tutor for postgraduates at China University of Political Science and Law and China Union University and visiting professor at the Law Training Center of China Behavioural Law Association.

Lei is the author of Review and Analysis on Typical Cases of Patent Infringement Disputes.

Li Chunyi, Zhongzi Law Office 李春谊
Li Chunyi

Zhongzi Law Office

电话 Tel: +86 10 6625 6419 / +86 135 0130 1178
电邮 Email: lcy@zhongzi.com.cn

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Compliance; Intellectual property; Litigation




Li Chunyi has been in legal practice since 2002, and has many years of experience and expertise in the areas of IP and commercial dispute resolution. He has represented clients in numerous litigations, arbitrations and other dispute resolution proceedings, and has assisted in a number of influential trademark administration cases, copyright protection and anti-unfair competition cases which have been highly praised and widely recognised by clients.

He has served as legal counsel for over 30 clients, providing a full range of compliance and risk control services in commercial, data, cybersecurity, employment, tax, personal information and other areas. His clients are mainly concentrated in the financial, insurance, government, data economy, TMT, transportation, healthcare, culture and sports sectors.

He is also an adjunct professor of China University of Political Science and Law, an adjunct graduate supervisor of Capital University of Economics and Trade, an arbitrator of Beihai Court of International Arbitration, and writes an opinion leader column on Sina Finance.

Darren Liang, Shihui Partners 梁宏俊
Darren Liang

Shihui Partners

电话 Tel: +86 21 2043 7566 / +86 138 1765 2019
电邮 Email: lianghj@shihuilaw.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds



梁宏俊被著名法律评级机构LEGALBAND评为2021年度LEGALBAND客户首选:新锐合伙人15强、被界面新闻评为“界面金榜100 强”2020年度新锐律师、被LEGALBAND评为2021年度、2020年度中国顶级律所排行榜资本市场领域顶级律师,并获评《商法》The A-list 2019百位中国业务优秀律师,还曾入选著名法律评级机构LEGALBAND 2016年度中国律界俊杰三十强榜单。梁宏俊还被清科集团旗下沙丘大学、东沙湖基金小镇等知名机构聘请为法律课程导师,同时具备上市公司独立董事资格。

Darren Liang specialises in inbound and outbound capital markets, mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, venture capital and private equity transactions across a wide range of industries, including integrated circuits and semiconductors, life sciences and healthcare, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, and corporate services (SaaS), high-tech, Internet, e-commerce, new retail, cultural entertainment and many other fields.

Liang worked in Han Kun Law Offices and Llinks Law Offices before joining Shihui. Darren is also one of the teachers of Zero2IPO Group and Sandhill College’s legal courses, and is qualified as an independent director of an A-share listed company.

Darren was listed in Legalband 2021 Top 15 Rising Partners, 2020-2021 Top 15 Capital Markets Versatile Practitioners as well as the 2016 China 30 Under 30 Ranking, and recognised in The A-List 2019: China’s Elite 100 Lawyers by China Business Law Journal.

Lin Wei, Dare & Sure Law Firm 林蔚
Lin Wei

Managing Partner
Dare & Sure Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 138 1199 8250
电邮 Email: linwei@DareSure.com

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Competition & antitrust; Date protection; Power & energy



2017年,被CLECSS评为2017年特别推荐的杰出青年律师;2018年-2020年,连续三年入选权威法律媒体《商法》评选的中国法律精英百强;2018年-2021年,连续入选LEGALBAND中国顶级律师——反垄断与竞争法、知识产权诉讼;2019年,入选知产力和IPRdaily 2019年中国优秀知识产权律师;2020年,入选LEGALBAND客户首选:知识产权多面手15强;2021年,入选LEGALBAND中国律师特别推荐榜15强——汽车与新能源。


Lin Wei has a comprehensive educational background in engineering and law. His business areas include patents, copyrights, competition and antitrust, trade secrets and data-protection. As a leading attorney, he defended Sinovel in actions brought by American Superconductor for copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation in which the claimed damage (RMB3 billion, USD470 million) is so far the highest in IP litigation between China and the United States.

In addition, he provides intellectual property services for well-known internet and high-tech enterprises including ZTE; Xiaomi; Vivo; Meituan; Alibaba; Kingsoft; Kuaishou; and Niu. He also provides comprehensive intellectual property services for the Ministry of Transport, Peking University, Qilu Pharmaceutical, YRPG, Ping An Group and other national ministries and large commercial institutions.

In 2008, Lin acted in the copyright infringement dispute of the “Struggle” TV series, which became a typical case of the “red flag standard” in the infringement of information network dissemination rights. In 2009, he represented Tsinghua University in a well-known trademarks and unfair competition case, which was marked as a typical IP case by the Beijing Higher People’s Court. In 2015, he represented Xiaomi in winning a case against Qihoo regarding jurisdiction objection, which was selected into the Annual Top 10 IP Creative Cases by Beijing courts. In 2018, his case involving Xiaomi v Li’s reputation right was selected into the top 10 typical cases of its type by the Haidian court. The copyright dispute between Youku and Baidu in which he acted was selected as one of the 50 Typical IP Cases by the Supreme People’s Court in 2020, the Top 10 IP Cases of Beijing Courts, and the Top 10 IP Cases with the Most Valuable Research Value in China. The first reverse behaviour preservation ruling in the patent case of Xinghao Plastic represented by him was selected as one of the Top 10 Technical IP Cases of the Supreme People’s Court in 2020.

Lin was named as the outstanding young lawyer recommended by CLECSS in 2017. He was selected as one of the A-List – China’s Top 100 Lawyers by Chinese Business Law Journal for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020. Selected as a top-ranked lawyer in antitrust and competition, IP litigation in China by Legalband for consecutive years from 2018 to 2021. In 2019, Lin was selected as the top IP lawyer in China by Zhichanli & IPRdaily. In 2020, he was named as Client Choice: Top 15 IP Versatile Practitioners by Legalband. In 2021, he was selected as one of Special Issue: China Top 15 Lawyers – Automotive & New Energy by Legalband.

Frank Liu, Shanghai Pacific Legal 刘建强
Frank Liu

Pacific Legal
Key practice areas: Intellectual property
Leon Liu, Yuanda China Law Firm 刘晨光
Leon Liu

Yuanda China Law Firm
Key practice areas: Environmental; Labour & employment; Privacy & data securty; White-collar crime
Liu Jianwei, Zhong Lun Law Firm 刘建伟
Liu Jianwei

Equity partner
Zhong Lun Law Firm
Key practice areas: International trade & bilateral investment treaties
Michael Liu, Dentons 刘峰
Michael Liu

Senior Partner

电话 Tel: +86 21 3872 2703
电邮 Email: liufeng@dentons.cn

主要执业领域:知识产权;企业与商业;诉讼; 通信、媒体和科技
Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Corporate & commercial; Litigation; Technology, media and telecommunications

刘峰是大成律师事务所的高级合伙人和知识产权部负责人,在知识产权领域拥有近25年的执业经验。刘峰曾荣获钱伯斯2021亚太地区知识产权(诉讼)领域获推荐的律师、2021和2020年度The legal 500 亚太地区知识产权推荐律师、ALB 2020 中国十五佳知识产权律师、《商法》2020和2019年度中国市场“The A-List”法律精英、《亚洲法律概况》2022和2021年度“领先律师”、APAC Insider Legal Awards 2021和2020 年度大中华区最值得信赖知识产权专家、2018-2019年度中国知识产权诉讼精锐团队TOP10、2015-2018年度“上海市优秀律师”提名奖、第一届至第五届“陆家嘴法治人物奖”等荣誉。



Michael Liu is a senior partner at Dentons Law Offices in Shanghai and heads the IP Group there. He has nearly 25 years of experience in the intellectual property area. He has won the 2021 Chambers and Partners Recommended Lawyer for Intellectual Property (Litigation) in the Asia Pacific; 2021 & 2020 The Legal 500 Recommended Lawyer for Intellectual Property in the Asia Pacific; 2020 ALB Top 15 Intellectual Property Lawyer in China; 2020 & 2019 China Business Law Journal A-List Legal Elite in the China Market; 2022 & 2021 Asialaw Profiles Leading Lawyer; 2021 & 2020 APAC Insider Legal Awards the Most Trusted IP Professional in Greater China; 2018-2019 China Intellectual Property Litigation Elite Team TOP10; 2015-2018 Shanghai Outstanding Lawyer nomination award; and first to fifth Lujiazui Forum Legal Individual Award, among others.

Liu is a civil and administrative law expert of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate; the director of the intellectual property committee of the Shanghai Lawyers Association; director of the Shanghai Intellectual Property Service Industry Association; a member of the Intellectual Property Research Association of the Shanghai Law Society; mediator of the Shanghai Economic and Trade Commercial Mediation Center; a member of the Intellectual Property Association of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone; and has repeatedly participated in expert argumentation as a member of the Shanghai High People’s Court expert demonstration committee. At the same time, Liu also served as a tutor for the Shanghai Jiaotong University KoGuan School of Law, the Lawyer School of East China University of Political Science and Law and the Shanghai Lawyer School.

Liu has served as legal counsel for dozens of large state-owned enterprises, institutions and foreign-funded enterprises, and has provided legal services. He has repeatedly acted in company equity disputes, debt disputes, and intellectual property cases involving trademarks, patents, copyright, and unfair competition, and has successfully completed litigation for clients. Liu has used his familiarity with companies’ operations and intellectual property protection to design intellectual property protection programs for enterprises, improve their corporate governance structure, and standardise operations, and has won “well-known trademark” for many enterprises through administrative and litigation methods, which has enhanced the brand influence and popularity of those companies.

Liu Yuxuan, Tiger Partners 刘煜暄
Liu Yuxuan

Managing Partner
Tiger Partners

电话 Tel: +86 10 8588 7306
电邮 Email: liu.yuxuan@tigerpartners.cn

Key practice areas: Commercial litigation and arbitration; Financial investments and corporate equity; Real estate and construction projects; Gaming, sports, media and entertainment



刘煜暄曾被《亚洲法律杂志》(Asian Legal Business)誉为“争议解决领域的耀眼新星”;并入选《商法》(China Business Law Journal)40位2021中国业务法律新星(Rising Stars 2021 Top 40)榜单、Benchmark Litigation China 2021北京地区争议解决推荐律师榜单;荣获2021年度LEGALBAND中国顶级律师排行榜 “争议解决·诉讼”领域的“后起之秀”、《亚洲法律概况》(Asialaw Profiles)2020年度中国法律市场“争议解决”领域“知名律师”等荣誉称号。

Liu Yuxuan is the managing partner of Tiger Partners, a member of the commercial arbitration committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association, and Sichuan Arbitration Research Center. Liu had over 12 years of practising experience in dispute resolution. Before founding Tiger Partners, he worked for several top Chinese law firms, including Fangda Partners, King & Wood Mallesons and Zhong Lun Law Firm.

Liu specialises in high-end civil and commercial litigation and arbitration, both domestic and foreign. His practice areas cover commerce and transactions; private equity; corporate equity and control; finance; media and entertainment; and real estate and construction, among others.

Liu has handled hundreds of civil and commercial litigations and arbitrations and has keen insight and rich experience in resolving difficult and complex high-end civil and commercial disputes. Since founding Tiger Partners, Liu has represented leading enterprises in different industries, investment institutions with over RMB100 billion (USD15.7 billion) in assets under management, and large listed companies inside and outside of the PRC to handle disputes over balance supplementary agreements, equity transfers and repurchases, corporate control, project construction contracts, etc. The total amount at stake in these cases exceeds billions of RMB, and the vast majority of them were comprehensively won or settled with absolute dominance.

Liu was featured by Asian Legal Business as An Up-and-Comer in Dispute Resolution and identified in the list of Top 40 Rising Stars 2021 by China Business Law Journal and 2021 Recommended Lawyers for Dispute Resolution in Beijing by Benchmark Litigation China. Liu was also recommended as a Leading Individual in dispute resolution litigation in the list of 2021 China Top Ranked Lawyers by Legalband, and a Notable Practitioner in dispute resolution in China Legal Market 2020 by Asia Law Profiles.

Liu Zhenguo, DeHeng Law Offices 刘震国
Liu Zhenguo

Managing Partner
DeHeng Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 755 8828 6488
电邮 Email: liuzg@dehenglaw.com

Key practice areas: Capital Markets; M&A


刘震国曾于深圳市税务局、国信证券股份有限公司等各种机构从事法律事务工作,具有复合型的学术和工作背景。刘震国擅长公司治理、发行股票、并购重组及投融资法律事务。执业以来,刘震国多次被商法(China Business Law Journal)、钱伯斯、IFLR1000《国际金融法律评论》、《亚洲法律杂志》(ALB)、Legal Band、《法律500强》(The Legal 500)等多家知名法律评级机构在公司商事、证券与资本市场、公司并购等业务领域进行重点推荐。


Liu Zhenguo is a managing partner of DeHeng Law Offices, the director of the firm’s Shenzhen office and director of DeHeng Charity Foundation. Liu is now a deputy to the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress, a member of the legal affairs committee of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen People’s Congress, member of the 7th executive council of the Shenzhen Law Society and was recognised as a Guangdong outstanding lawyer, elite talent in Luohu District, Shenzhen.

Liu previously worked in law at various institutions and companies including the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Guoxin Securities, with both an academic and working background. Liu has been highly recommended several times in the corporate and commercial, capital markets, equity and M&A areas by well-known legal rating agencies including China Business Law Journal, Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide, IFLR1000 Guide, ALB, Legalband and The Legal 500.

Liu acted as counsel for important M&A deals including but not limited to Ping An Insurance (Group) investing in Shenzhen Development Bank, and China Resources Group’s purchase and restructuring of China Huayuan Group, Huayuan Pharmaceuticals, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, and Double-Crane Pharmaceuticals. Liu’s team also participated in significant IPOs, acting as PRC legal adviser to the companies, including Smoore International Holdings’ listing on Hong Kong’s main board; the spin-off in Hong Kong of Country Garden Services from Country Garden; and that of Poly Property Development from Poly Development Holdings Group, and their listing, also on Hong Kong’s main board.

Long Yanmei, Jingtian & Gongcheng 龙艳梅
Long Yanmei

Jingtian & Gongcheng
Key practice areas: Joint ventures; M&A; Outbound investment; Power & energy
George Lu, Lanbai Law Firm 陆胤
George Lu

Chief Partner
Lanbai Law Firm
Key practice areas: Labour & employment
Ma Qiang, Haiwen & Partners 马强
Ma Qiang

Haiwen & Partners

电话 Tel: +86 10 8564 0759
电邮 Email: maqiang@haiwen-law.com

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Anti-unfair competition


马强近期取得行业荣誉主要如下:(1)《世界商标评论》2020:商标确权金榜律师、商标诉讼银榜律师;(2)MIP《管理知识产权》:IP STAR:知识产权之星(2013-2020);(3)钱伯斯亚太:高度推荐的知识产权诉讼律师(2014-2020);(4)《亚洲法律杂志》ALB:十五佳知识产权律师(2018)。




Ma Qiang heads the trademark practice of Haiwen & Partners. He has been practising in trademark, copyright, anti-unfair competition and other IP laws for two decades. He is skilled in consulting on trademark prosecution strategy as well as protection and enforcement of trademark rights. He is highly experienced in intellectual property litigation matters, especially in connection with brand protection, recognition and protection of well-known trademarks, overseas trademark protection strategy, and IP enforcement.

Ma has been named an IP Star by MIP, Highly Recommended IP Litigation Lawyer by Chambers Asia Pacific, WTR1000 Recommended Litigation Lawyer in China, and Global Leader by WTR, and has many other awards. Lawsuits handled by him have been ranked by the Supreme People’s Court and Higher People’s Courts as Annual Top 10 Cases and as a Classic Case and awarded by the Quality Brands Protection Committee as the Yearly 10 Best Practices.

Ma has frequently been invited to give speeches and presentations on Chinese IP law and practice by IP organisations including INTA, IPO, AIPPI, USPTO, CTA and NYIPA. He has published many articles in professional law reviews and periodicals.

Ma qualified to practice law in China in 1999 and is a member of the Chinese Bar Association. He is deputy director of the Beijing Bar Association’s trademark law committee. He is also a member of the trademark reporter committee of INTA, and a committee member of AIPPI China. He is also an adjunct professor at two famous law schools.

Ma graduated from Renmin University of China and obtained an LLB in 1999. Later, he obtained an LLM from Peking University and an SJD from Renmin University. He also graduated from George Washington University with an LLM in IP law.

Qi Zhaobo, Hai Run Law Firm 戚兆波
Qi Zhaobo

Hai Run Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6521 8678
电邮 Email: qizb@myhrtr.com

Key practice areas: Real estate and construction engineering; Finance and investment; Commercial litigation and arbitration



Qi Zhaobo’s main practice areas are real estate and construction engineering, finance and investment, commercial litigation and arbitration. He has been deeply involved in the field of commercial dispute resolution for more than 20 years, from which he has accumulated extremely rich practical experience and became one of the lawyers with outstanding performance in the field.

In 1996, Zhaobo graduated from the Economic Law Department of Zhongnan University of Political Science and Law. He worked as a full-time lawyer in Shandong and was awarded Outstanding Lawyer three times in a row, which attracted the attention of the industry. He was admitted to Tsinghua University for a master’s of law in 2002. After graduation, he joined Beijing Jincheng Tongda Law Firm. In the decade since, he has represented a large number of commercial litigation and arbitration cases.

He has won favorable positions for customers in complex disputes, including arbitration cases involving securities investment disputes of RMB200 million (USD31 million), and pledge cases involving charging rights of up to RMB14 billion. After joining Hai Run Tian Rui Law Firm, Qi handled a lot of business in the field of construction engineering and real estate. He represented the Air Force Research Institute and other construction units in handling difficult construction project disputes, and provided legal support for several large construction units.

Qi has published academic articles in professional media such as People’s Court, Legal System, Fangyuan Magazine and other well-known public channels such as Trial Research and Law Reader Library.

In terms of social activities, Qi is a member of the Beijing Economic Law Society and a member of the Chinese Law Society. He has served as a joint tutor for the master of laws at Tsinghua University, is a member of the 9th and 10th construction engineering professional committee of the Beijing Bar Association, and has served as a listed company independent director. He is now serving as a part-time arbitrator of Beihai International Arbitration Court, Baotou Arbitration Commission and other institutions.

Philip Qiao, East & Concord Partners 乔焕然
Philip Qiao

Merits & Tree Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 137 0131 9197
电邮 Email: philip.qiao@meritsandtree.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Bankruptcy & insolvency; Compliance; Litigation



《商法》(China Business Law Journal)将其评为2020年度中国市场100位“The A-List 法律精英”之一。LEGALBAND将其评为“2021年客户推荐15强律师(汽车与新能源行业)”之一。

Since graduating from the Law School of Peking University two decades ago, Philip Qiao has specialised in foreign arbitration and litigation. He has appeared before various arbitral institutions including SIAC, HKIAC, CIETAC and BAC, as well as before the Supreme People’s Court. He also serves as an arbitrator at the Hainan International Arbitration Court.

In his practice Qiao has focused on the TMT industry and has provided legal services to clients such as Microsoft, Didi Taxi, Meituan and SenseTime. He is also an expert in bankruptcy derivative dispute resolution and has been involved in projects that exceeded RMB5 billion (USD785 million). In addition, cross-border compliance is also one of his specialities, and he has handled legal practice under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Export Administration Regulations and Data Security Law of the PRC.

In 2020, China Business Law Journal rated him as one of the A-List of Top 100 Legal Elites in the Chinese Market. In 2021, Legalband rated him as one of the China Top 15 Lawyers – Automobile & New Energy.

Qiao Zhaoshu, DOCVIT Law Firm 乔兆姝
Qiao Zhaoshu

Senior Partner

电话 Tel: +86 138 1138 4463
电邮 Email: dkt06@dtlawyers.com.cn

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; Corporate governance; Private equity, venture capital & funds


Qiao Zhaoshu is a senior partner of Beijing Docvit Law Firm. She has a master’s degree in law from the China University of Political Science and Law. Her main practice areas are private equity investment and mergers and acquisitions. She has great depth of experience in these fields, and adheres to the principle of professionalisation, standardisation and differentiation during her whole career. She strives to keep legal services close to customers’ business needs, providing clients with constructive, comprehensive solutions and accurate legal opinions.

Qiao participated in the writing of professional books, such as Insight Into National Equities Exchange and Quotation (NEEQ), Limited Partnership of PE in China and Legal Perspective of M&A. She has also published many research articles about private equity and investment and M&A.

Qiao provides legal services for a wide range of clients, including large state-owned enterprises, listed companies, start-ups and fast-growing companies. These cover the areas of finance; high-tech; transportation; energy; medical treatment; biology; culture; food; restaurants and hotels. In addition, she is also an advocate for the standardisation of legal services and public welfare legal services. She has also provided free legal services for public welfare organisations such as foundations for a number of years.

Philip Qu, TransAsia Lawyers 瞿哲
Philip Qu

Managing Partner
TransAsia Lawyers
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Data protection; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Technology, media and telecommunications
Jeffrey Quan, ETR Law Firm 全朝晖
Jeffrey Quan

Senior Partner
ETR Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 20 3718 1230
电邮 Email: qzh@etrlawfirm.com

Key practice areas: Capital market; Financial insurance and taxation; Cross-border investment and related dispute resolution



Jeffrey Quan has been a full-time legal practitioner since 1988, studied at the Graduate School of China University of Political Science and Law, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law and William & Mary Law School in the United States, receiving LLMs in China and the United States. He was recognised as a senior counsel by the Guangdong Department of Justice and Guangdong Department of Personnel.

As early as 1992, Quan obtained qualifications for securities legal services from the Ministry of Justice and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). In 1998, he was admitted as a Chinese Certified Tax Agent from the State Administration of Taxation. Subsequently, the CSRC and the National Accounting Institute China awarded Quan a certificate of accreditation of competence to be a board secretary and independent director of a listed company.

Quan and his team, as PRC counsel for the issuers or underwriters, have participated in and successfully completed several domestic, cross-border restructurings and IPO projects for enterprises of varying sizes, and have helped domestic and foreign companies issue various types of bonds or notes at home and abroad.

At the same time, Quan has provided legal services to several corporate and investment funds in areas like refinancing, restructuring and M&A. In addition, he has carried out very focused performances in large and medium-scale project financing permits, domestic and foreign equity, and asset and tax restructuring. These involved industries including large-scale real estate, construction and property management, large and medium-sized insurance services, information technology, film and TV, petrochemicals and mining, light industrial products and paper products manufacturing, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing. Quan has worked in the Hong Kong and Guangzhou offices of well-known Hong Kong law firms, as well as accounting companies.

Rao Yao, HHP Attorneys-At-Law 饶尧
Rao Yao

HHP Attorneys-At-Law
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Data protection; M&A; Outbound investment
Song Zhongchun, City Development Law Firm 宋仲春
Song Zhongchun

Deputy Director
City Development Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 5239 3690
电邮 Email: szc7676@163.com

Key practice areas: Litigation; Project finance; Real estate; Natural resources & infrastructure

宋仲春,上海市建纬律师事务所副主任、建纬(北京)律师事务所主任,同时担任中国房地产业协会资产证券化研究中心副主任,中国仲裁法学会仲裁与调解专业委员会专家委员,杭州、南昌、赣江国家、长沙、 台州、哈尔滨、廊坊等多家仲裁机构仲裁员。曾多次获评钱伯斯建筑工程领域上榜律师、ENR/建筑时报最值得推荐的中国工程法律60位专业律师等多项荣誉。


与此同时,宋仲春曾参与多项重大课题研究,并参编多本在行业内具有广泛影响力的重要书籍,例如《建设工程合同签订与风险控制》、《建设工程施工合同(示范文本)(GF-2013-0201) 使用指南》、《法院审理建设工程案件观点集成》、《法院审理房地产案件观点集成》等。

Song Zhongchun is deputy director of City Development Law Firm and director of its Beijing office. He also serves as deputy director of the Asset-backed Securities Research Center of the China Real Estate Association, an expert in the arbitration and mediation expert committee of the China Academy of Arbitration Law.

Song is also a practising arbitrator for various arbitral institutions, including the Hangzhou Arbitration Commission, Changsha Arbitration Commission and others. With a good reputation in construction law, Song has been recognised by multiple authoritative ranking entities as one of the top construction and infrastructure lawyers in China, including Band 3 in that field by Chambers & Partners for the past 10 years.

As a specialist lawyer with extensive practice experience in non-litigation and dispute resolution services in infrastructure, construction, real estate, real estate finance and urban renewal, Song provides expertise for numerous Fortune 500 companies, including China Vanke; China Jinmao; Golden Arch (China); Shanghai Construction Group; Shanghai Tunnel Engineering; and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. The scope of assignments he serves includes infrastructure investment, construction and operations, industrial plot development, urban regeneration, PPP projects, life circle construction, construction claims and dispute resolution, legal risk prevention, standard contracts for companies, hotel projects and others.

In addition, Song has participated in a number of significant research projects for the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and published several works with a wide influence in the field, such as Construction Contract Signing and Risk Control, Construction Project Construction Contract (Demonstration Text) (GF-2013-0201) User Guide, Integration of Viewpoints on Court Trial of Construction Cases, Integration of Viewpoints on Court Trial of Real Estate Cases, etc.

Sun Wei, Commerce & Finance Law Offices 孙溦
Sun Wei

Commerce & Finance Law Offices
Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Vincent Sun, Young-Ben Law Firm 孙伟
Vincent Sun

Han Kun Law Offices

电话 Tel: +21 60800399
电邮 Email: wei.sun@hankunlaw.com

Key practice areas: Commercial dispute resolution & arbitration; Finance; Equity investment

孙伟律师,原本事务所创始合伙人,2022年2月因事务所合并加入汉坤律师事务所,系华东政法大学和美国杜克大学(Duke University)法学硕士(L.L.M.)。孙伟律师于2007年组建原本;2010年取得美国纽约州律师执业资格;2014年荣获上海市“十佳优秀青年律师”;2016年入选中华全国律师协会“中国涉外律师领军人才”;2018年入选司法部全国千名涉外律师人才库。


Mr. Sun is a founding partner of Shanghai Young-Ben Law Firm. He joined Han Kun Law Offices in February 2022 due to the merger between Young-Ben and Han Kun. He has the LL.M. degree from Duke University and East China University of Political Science and Law. In 2010, he was admitted to practice in New York State, USA. In 2014, he was awarded as Top Ten Outstanding Young Lawyers in Shanghai Municipality. In 2016, he was awarded as Chinese Leading Lawyer on International Practice by All China Lawyers Association. In 2018, he was selected into the Talent Pool of China’s 1,000 Lawyers on Foreign-related Matters by National Ministry of Justice.

Mr. Sun specializes in Commercial Dispute Resolution and Arbitration; Finance; Equity Investment. Mr. Sun currently served as the Panel of Arbitrators of SHIAC, SHAC and HAC; Member of International Matters Committee of SBA; Member of Expert Panel of Issuance Asset Management Association of China; Off-Campus Mentor; Independent Director and so forth.

Tan Jinghui, Jundu Law Firm 谭敬慧
Tan Jinghui

Director, Founding partner
Jundu Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6586 2898
电邮 Email: tanjinghui@jundufirm.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Litigation; M&A; Real estate




Tan Jinghui has been devoted to the construction and real estate industry for more than 30 years. Before going into practice she was general counsel for a major SOE. She has represented clients before the Supreme Court and High Courts in many second instances and retrial cases, winning and saving billions in value for clients.

As a veteran arbitrator, she has been very active in major arbitration courts such as BAC and CIETA and handled more than 200 cases, in many of which she acted as the chief arbitrator. Her arbitration cases involve hotels, highways, building plazas, commercial real estate, transit-oriented development (TOD) in many different jurisdictions including the PRC, Hong Kong, Sweden, Tanzania and Italy.

Tan has advised on legal issues in landmark construction projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge; Xiongan New Area Service Center; China Zun Tower; Peking Xing International Airport; CCTV Tower; CNOOC Tower; Bank of China Tower; New Poly Plaza; and Vanke Beijing Commodity House, to name just a few. Her clients include many major SOEs in construction and real estate as well as energy and infrastructure.

As a key expert on the panel for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, China Tendering and Bidding Association and China Construction Project Cost Management Association, Tan participated in the legislation process of many important laws, regulations and model texts in construction, tender and bidding, and PPP projects, which have influenced the lives and careers of millions of people.

Tan has been recognised by major rating agencies in the legal industry all over the world, such as Chambers, ALB and Benchmark Litigation as a leading lawyer in construction/real estate and a top litigator in the PRC.

Apart from the above achievements, she is also a philanthropist. She gave free lectures to universities and high schools, made donations to universities and contributed pro bono hours for the China Construction Association and China Construction Education Association.

Tan holds a master of laws degree from China University of Political Science and Law and a master of engineering degree from Tongji University.

Jackson Teng, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm 滕云
Jackson Teng

Senior partner
Zhonglun W&D Law Firm
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Corporate & commercial; Litigation; M&A
Tian Xiaofeng, Boss & Young 田小丰
Tian Xiaofeng

Boss & Young

电话 Tel: +86 21 2316 9090
电邮 Email: tianxiaofeng@boss-young.com

Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Antitrust & anti-unfair competition; Intellectual property; Advertising


田小丰具有长期的政府工作和执法经验,他在竞争法和反垄断调查、数据合规、反商业贿赂、广告法合规、商业政策合规、价格合规、商标侵权、商业秘密保护、消费者权益保护等方面具有丰富的经验。 田小丰为多家500强企业提供合规审查服务,代理多家知名企业应对政府调查,为多家著名企业提供包括反垄断、反不正当竞争、数据合规、广告、知识产权等在内的竞争政策咨询和争议解决代理等法律服务。



Tian Xiaofeng studied at Harvard Law School as a visiting scholar from 2011 to 2012, and later in Fudan University, where he received a juris doctor degree in international law. Tian worked in Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau for a number of years. Before joining Boss & Young, he was an attorney in the Beijing office of Zhong Lun Law Firm, one of the most prestigious law firms in China.

With his long service in governments and law enforcement departments, Tian is well experienced in antitrust/competition investigations; data compliance; anti-commercial bribery; advertising law compliance; commercial policy compliance; price compliance; trademark infringement; trade secret protection and consumer rights protection.

Tian serves as a perennial legal adviser for a number of domestic and foreign top 500 enterprises, providing compliance review services for these well-known corporations. He has also assisted a large number of clients in response to government investigations, providing legal services on competition policy consultation and dispute resolution, including anti-monopoly, anti-unfair competition, data compliance, advertising and intellectual property rights.

David Wang, Zhong Lun Law Firm 王维众
David Wang

Equity partner
Zhong Lun Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 137 0169 3282
电邮 Email: davidwang@zhonglun.com

Key practice areas: M&A; Corporate & commercial; Litigation; Compliance


王维众是中国上海最早一批从事涉外业务的律师之一,深耕涉外法律业务27 年以上,其为诸多知名跨国公司客户处理各类复杂的综合法律业务,包括外商直接投资、公司治理、商业交易、跨境并购、合资合作、合规、融资、资产重组、商业信托和争议解决等。连续多年被不同国际机构评为亚洲杰出律师和并购领域推荐律师、并入选中国司法部全国千名涉外律师人才名单。2017 年为客户以116 亿美元收购亚洲物流地产巨头普洛斯提供全程中国法律服务,该交易为迄今为止亚洲最大的私募基金收购和2017 年中国企业最大的跨境投资项目。



David Wang earned his LLM from New York University after graduating from Fudan University with an LLB. He is now a partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm, one of China’s very top law firms, where he leads the investment/M&A and corporate governance practice group.

Wang was one of the first lawyers in modern Shanghai to engage in foreign-related legal practice, giving him more than 27 years of experience in providing international legal services and as a result he is skilled in representing multinational companies in various business sectors on a wide range of matters including foreign direct investment, corporate, commercial transactions, cross-border M&A, joint ventures, compliance, financing, reorganisation, business trusts and dispute resolution, among others.

He has been recommended for consecutive years by different international appraisal organisations as a Leading Asia Lawyer and a Recommended Lawyer in M&A. In 2017, Wang advised clients on the USD11.6 Billion acquisition of all the issued and paid-up ordinary shares of Global Logistic Properties – the largest private equity buyout in Asia and the largest cross-border transaction completed by Chinese entities in 2017.

Wang advises clients across a wide range of industries, including equipment manufacturing; automobiles; logistics; consumer goods; financing; medical; education; hotels; steel; restaurants and catering; chemicals; shipping; sports and entertainment; leasing; and consulting. His assignments also cover different regions in North America, Europe and Asia.

As a member of the panel of arbitrators of well-known arbitration centers both at home and abroad, including SIAC, HKIAC and SHIAC, Wang has participated in and resolved many international arbitration cases. In the meantime, he has also been called on many times to provide PRC law expert opinion in foreign litigation proceedings and arbitration hearings. Wang’s many years of commercial transaction experience enable him to provide deep and incisive insight when settling commercial disputes, and his abundant litigation and arbitration experience also help him to cultivate a strong dispute-preventing mindset when dealing with commercial transactions.

Wang Fuchun, Ganshang Law Firm 王福春
Wang Fuchun

Founding Partner, Director
Ganshang Law Firm
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Project finance
Jason Wang, Global Law Office 王悦
Jason Wang

Global Law Office

电话 Tel: +86 10 6584 6627
电邮 Email: wangyue@glo.com.cn

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Bankruptcy & insolvency; Litigation; Real estate




Jason Wang Yue is a partner of Global Law Office based in Beijing. His practising areas involve hospitality; banking; securities; trust; PE/VC; real estate & infrastructure; manufacturing; environment; education; and TMT, etc. Wang has been honoured in The A-List – China’s Elite 100 Lawyers by China Business Law Journal for three consecutive years; recommended as a Leading Individual in Dispute Resolution and Real Estate/Construction by Legal 500 Asia Pacific; Client Choice Top 20 Lawyers in China by Asian Legal Business; and a Leading Individual in Dispute Resolution and Hospitality of China by Legalband.

Jason specialises in the hospitality industry with solid experience to provide a full range legal service on various hotel management projects. He has advised various leading international hotels regarding hundreds of hotel management projects in China. Furthermore, he also has in-depth expertise in dispute resolution being able to handle complex litigation and arbitration matters in the field.

Wang Jin, Han Kun Law Offices 王瑾
Wang Jin

Han Kun Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 10 8525 5542
电邮 Email: jin.wang@hankunlaw.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Private equity and venture capital; M&A; Corporate and commercial




Wang Jin joined Han Kun Law Offices in September 2014, prior to which she practised law for nine years at Jingtian & Gongcheng, where she was made a partner in 2012. Wang specialises in offshore public offerings (including Hong Kong and US capital markets), private equity and venture capital investment, mergers and acquisitions, corporate establishments and restructurings, foreign investment and corporate compliance.

She has acted as PRC legal adviser for almost 40 overseas listing projects, having completed listing, reorganisation, M&A, private equity and venture capital transactions totalling billions of US dollars. Her clients cover a broad range of industries: internet; telecommunications; information technology; automobiles; energy; retail; customer goods; healthcare; biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; intelligent manufacturing; heavy industry; mining and agriculture.

Wang is knowledgeable about PRC industrial policies, corporate structures, capital operations, investment and project management. She has been selected as one of the Top 15 capital markets versatile practitioners in China by Legalband in 2021.

She received an LLB and a bachelor’s degree in economics in 2002 from Peking University. In 2005, she obtained an LLM in commercial law from the University of Edinburgh.

Wang Shuhan, Eternal Glory Law Office 王书瀚
Wang Shuhan

Equity Partner and Chief Representative of Qingdao Office
Eternal Glory Law Office

电话 Tel: +852 5878 1668 / +86 137 9198 1179
电邮 Email: 13791981179@139.com

Key practice areas: Government & public policy; Land development and infrastructure construction; Corporate & commercial; M&A



Wang Shuhan is equity partner and chief representative of Eternal Glory Law Office (Qingdao) and dean of the executive committee of the Qingdao Office. His practice concentrates on government and public policy, land development and infrastructure construction, corporate and commercial, and mergers and acquisitions.

Wang has nearly 20 years of practice experience and due to his outstanding achievements, he was listed as one of the Top Talents in Qingdao, one of the Top 10 Public-interest Lawyers in Qingdao, and one of the Outstanding Young Lawyers in Shandong Province. He was also selected to participate in the Youth Leadership Training Camp held by the National Law Association.

Wang has provided services for a great many government authorities and agencies, such as the Qingdao Municipal Government, Qingdao Municipal State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Qingdao Municipal Market Regulation Bureau, Qingdao Jiaodong Airport Economic Zones’ Management Committee, and the DaGuHe Tourist & Holiday Resort Management Committee. In addition, Wang has provided services for Qingdao International Airport Group, Qingdao Metro Group, Qingdao Energy Group, Qingdao Water Group, Vanke, Poly Group, Longfor, China State Construction, China Overseas Land & Investment Group, Citic Real Estate Group and numerous other enterprises, gaining recognition and trust from his clients through his performance.

In academic research, Wang has not only published more than 10 papers in several national authoritative journals, such as Reference and Guide to Enforcement, and Comparative Civil Procedural Law Review (2006), but also contributed to several books that related to litigation trial techniques and international tax risk prevention.

In recent years, Wang has been appointed by several universities as an external research tutor. In legislative research, Wang assisted Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport with its relevant legislation from 2019 to 2021.

Wang Zheng, Zhenghan Law Firm 王正
Wang Zheng

Zhenghan Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 2030 4050 / +86 135 6456 9969
电邮 Email: wangzheng@zhenghan.com

Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Litigation


Wang Zheng focuses on commercial litigation and arbitration. As the managing partner in the firm, he focuses on solving cutting-edge legal issues in the field of commercial dispute resolution and has gained deep experience and profound insights.

He assists clients in numerous complex litigation and arbitration cases – often involving much controversy. To date, the total amount in dispute of the cases represented by him exceeds tens of billions of RMB. He is both an arbitrator of SIETAC and SAC.

“He is proactive in providing advice and solutions with clients’ best interests in mind. He has good judgement about cases, giving us confidence in adjusting our solutions and our way forward,” one client observes.

Wang is listed for dispute resolution by Chambers and recognised as a Top 15 Litigation Lawyer by Legalband in 2021.

Wei Xin, Ricc & Co 卫新
Wei Xin

Founder, Director
Ricc & Co

电话 Tel: +86 21 5109 6488 108
电邮 Email: weixin@ricc.com.cn

Key practice areas: Dispute resolution; Entertainment & sports; Investment & financing; M&A




卫新担任上海市体育局及多家体育企业的法律顾问,参与《上海市体育赛事管理办法》《常态化疫情防控办赛指引》等立法、产业管理、行业改革工作,办理东方体育中心、徐家汇体育公园、虹桥临空体育公园等项目,为《上海市体育健身行业会员服务合同示范文本》的出台提供专家意见,并积极承办多个决策咨询研究项目。在其带领下,星瀚律师事务所荣登《商法》(China Business Law Journal)“传媒、娱乐及体育”榜单(Media, entertainment, sports)。


Wei Xin is the founder and principle lawyer of Ricc & Co. He is an adjunct professor of East China University of Political Science and Law and an arbitrator of the Shanghai Arbitration Commission. He specialises in legal services for commercial disputes and has served a large number of clients in the entertainment, sports, internet, technology and medical industries.

Wei is skilled at handling complex commercial dispute resolutions in the areas of corporate equity, financial investment and trade financing. Cases he acted on include: the dispute between Mr Shi and shareholders of Sheng’ao Corporation, which resulted in Shi being awarded RMB400 million (USD63 million); the bonded warehouse dispute between Jinan Iron and Steel and Industrial Bank, with the result of winning an award of RMB200 million for the client; and the equity dispute resolution and compulsory liquidation project of Jiangsu Xinghua Guardian Real Estate Company.

In the entertainment and sports industry, Wei has provided legal services for many well-known institutions such as Han Han (Tingdong Films), Bilibili, Ctrip Entertainment and Rainbow Chambers Singers, among others. He has provided whole-process legal services for many films, including The Continent, Duckweed, Pegasus, Only Fools Rush In and Wild Grass. Wei is also the legal counsel for Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and several sports enterprises, and participates in legislation, industrial management and industrial reform. Under his leadership, Ricc & Co is listed on media, entertainment, sports by China Business Law Journal.

Sam Wong, Wang Jing & GH Law Firm 黄山
Sam Wong

Senior Partner
Wang Jing & GH Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 20 3864 1888
电邮 Email: hs@wjngh.cn

Key practice areas: Urban renewal; Corporate governance; Commercial litigation; Real estate and construction

黄山于2008年创办广悦律师事务所,先后荣获ALB颁发的2014年中国十佳成长律师事务所(China’s Fastest Growing Law Firms)大奖、十五家最值得关注的律师事务所(Firms to Watch)等称号,并被提名参选2014年广东年度律师事务所(Guangdong Law Firm of the Year)以及2014年最具潜力律师事务所(Rising Law Firm of the Year)等年度大奖,2015、2016年连续两年入围《亚洲法律杂志》ALB的“年度中国最具潜力律师事务所”和“年度最佳中国南部律师事务所大奖”两项提名,2016年和2019年获ALB颁发的“最佳雇主奖”的荣誉称号,2021年入围《亚洲法律杂志》中国沿海区域法律大奖“年度南部沿海地区律师事务所”等9项大奖。现时,广悦律师事务所的业务领域已经涵盖房地产与建设工程、争议解决、投资并购与税务、海事海商、涉外投资、商业刑事、银行与金融、互联网与高新技术、知识产权等九大领域。


In 2008, Sam Wong established Grand & Holders Law Firm. During 11 years under his leadership, Grand & Holders boosted its prestige and was awarded honours by Asian Legal Business as China’s Fastest Growing Law Firm and Rising Law Firm of the Year in 2014, and Employer of Choice in 2016 and 2019. Additionally, Grand & Holders was successively nominated for ALB China Law Awards in 2015 and 2016 as Rising Law Firm of the Year and South China Law Firm of the Year.

Grand & Holders now focuses on nine core practice areas: Real estate and construction; dispute resolution; investment M&A and taxation; commercial crime; maritime and admiralty matters; foreign investment; finance and banking; internet and new technology; and intellectual property. Wong has significant experience in the real estate sector, including the investment, development and financing of real estate projects and properties.

As a pioneer of urban renewal in southern China, Wong has led over half of the key urban renewal projects in Guangzhou. He is now a legal counsel for several government offices, such as the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, and some key city projects. In recognition of his excellence in providing outstanding and professional legal service, Wong has been named vice-president of the Guangzhou Lawyers Association, director of the Guangdong Lawyers Association’s real estate and construction committee, deputy to the Tianhe District People’s Congress (Guangzhou), arbitrator of the China Maritime Arbitration Committee, and adjunct professor of the Law School of South China Normal University.

Bill Wu, Hairuo & Partners 吴卫义
Bill Wu

Managing Partner
Hairuo & Partners

电话 Tel: +86 139 1756 4000
电邮 Email: wu.weiyi@hairuopartners.com

Key practice areas: Family law and private wealth management; Civil and commercial dispute resolution; Corporate & commercial






As managing partner of Hairuo & Partners, Bill Wu has nearly 20 years of solid legal professional knowledge as well as rich practical experience in litigation practice. Before Joining Hairuo & Partners, Wu was a partner in Zhonglun and Jingtian & Gongcheng and other famous domestic law firms.

Wu has acted in thousands of civil and commercial litigation cases, and can quickly understand clients’ demands and respond with proposed litigation strategies and working ideas, then help to protect the rights of the client with his deep legal knowledge and superb trial skills. Wu excels at marriage and inheritance disputes, private wealth management for high-net-worth individuals and family governance businesses, and he also works as the personal legal adviser of many entrepreneurs.

Wu is director of the marriage and family business committee of the Shanghai Lawyers Association and an instructor of master’s students in East China University of Political Science and Law. He has published six books including Family Business Succession – the Legal Reef and Solution and Equity Division and Inheritance of Public Listed Companies.

Some of Wu’s notable performances include: dealing with a divorce dispute on behalf of a son of a major shareholder of a listed company, involving four domestic and overseas listed companies (valued at more than RMB5 billion (USD780 million); providing family wealth management services for a private enterprise’s shareholders, including but not limited to the drafting of wills and marital property agreements, and the design of family trusts; providing pre-marital wealth planning for the second generation of a mainland entrepreneur, including drafting pre-nuptial agreements and wills, etc.; represented the founder of an internet company in handling a corporate deadlock and optimising the corporate governance structure after the divorce of the spouse; participating in setting up a family asset trust in Singapore for a domestic property developer; providing an overall family wealth protection and inheritance service for the founders of a well-known Chinese internet recruitment website, including but not limited to drafting wills and establishing family trusts.

Wu Xiaoliang, CM Law Firm 吴小亮
Wu Xiaoliang

Managing Partner
CM Law Firm
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Wu Ye, King & Wood Mallesons 吴晔
Wu Ye

King & Wood Mallesons

电话 Tel: +86 755 2216 3339
电邮 Email: wuye@cn.kwm.com

Key practice areas: Foreign direct investment; Corporate M&A; Private equity & fund; Cross-border investment





Wu Ye specialises in FDI, corporate M&A, private equity and funds, cross-border investment and general corporate matters.

With his in-depth understanding and extensive experience in investment, M&A and general corporate matters (including industry policies, corporate structure, capital operation, financial planning, investment and project management etc.), Wu has provided comprehensive legal service for years regarding investment and financing, M&A and restructuring, operations and regulations and other transactions for various multinational companies, SOEs, private enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises and investment institutions.

His practice covers a wide range of business sectors such as infrastructure; manufacturing; real estate; wholesale and retail; logistics; energy and power; transportation; high-tech; pharmaceuticals; telecommunications; environmental protection; fast moving consumer goods; and network technology.

Wu has advised a number of multinational companies on establishing equity joint ventures, co-operative joint ventures, wholly foreign owned enterprises or representative offices, and also provided legal services to them on daily operations, business development, transformation and dissolution and liquidation in China. He has also provided full legal services for various domestic enterprises in their outbound investment and acquisitions, and has also provided perennial or daily legal services to many renowned enterprises in both domestic and overseas markets.

Wu has also accumulated extensive experience in PE and fund investment, infrastructure PPP projects, restructuring of state-owned enterprises, and corporate and business compliance areas. Especially in the railway transportation field, Wu has represented well-known foreign investors in a number of milestone urban metro PPP projects.

Wu graduated from Fudan University with an LLB degree and then from the University of Sheffield with an LLM. Wu has approximately 20 years’ experience in professional legal services and currently serves as the lead partner of the corporate practice team of KWM’s Shenzhen office.

Xie Yong, Jin Mao Partners 谢勇
Xie Yong

Founding Partner
Jin Mao Partners
Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Capital markets; M&A; Real estate
Xing Keke, Yuanhe Partners 邢科科
Xing Keke

Managing Partner
Yuanhe Partners
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR
Xu Lixin, China Commercial Law Firm 徐立新
Xu Lixin

Senior Partner, Chief Executive Partner
China Commercial Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 755 8302 5555
电邮 Email: xulixin@huashang.cn

Key practice areas: Legal compliance for import/export; Commodity tariff classification dispute; Customs inspection & administrative penalties; Criminal defence of economic crimes




Xu Lixin is senior partner and chief executive partner of China Commercial Law Firm Guangdong. Xu graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law in 1988 and obtained the on-the-job master’s degree of world economics of Peking University in 1996.

From 1988 to 1991, he served as an instructor in the training center of the Guangdong Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and simultaneously served as an arbitrator in the bureau. From 1991 to 1998, he successively served as supervisor of case reconsideration of Shenzhen Huanggang Customs, chief assistant and deputy chief of the section of investigation and handling of smuggling cases, inspection section, supervision section, inspection section. From 1998 to 2004, he successively served as the principal of the examination department of smuggling cases in the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Shenzhen Customs, chief of the pre-trial investigation section and assistant director of the legal affairs department.

He has practised law as a professional lawyer in China Commercial Law Firm Guangdong since June 2004 and now he is senior partner and chief executive partner of the firm. At the same time he has been the director of customs legal affairs department of the firm for years.

Xu is a member of economic crime defence committee of the Guangdong Lawyers Association, member of International & Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan work committee of the Shenzhen Lawyers Association and Shenzhen Lawyers’ Union Committee as well as a director of the Finance Department.

Xu has profound theoretical knowledge and expertise, and his legal services cover a wide range of litigation and non-litigation fields, including customs legal affairs; criminal defence of economic crimes; foreign investment; cross-border e-commerce; the supply chain, and others. Xu has deep insight into customs legal affairs, economic crimes and the business environment. Because of his experience in arbitration and defence, Xu has provided a large number of clients with professional, accurate and feasible legal solutions over the years. Xu is especially good at handling smuggling crimes. He has accumulated rich practical experience in criminal defence of smuggling and economic crimes.

Xu Qiang, Tahota Law Firm 许强
Xu Qiang

Senior Partner
Tahota Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 131 8618 2033
电邮 Email: qiang.xu@tahota.com

Key practice areas: Corporate business; Project investment; Real estate and construction; Commercial dispute resolution


目前以许强为核心的律师团队正为 中国航空油料股份有限公司西北公司(世界500强)、太奥地产集团(幸福林带、韩南韩北村整体改造项目主力开发商)、大秦建设集团有限公司(西安民企100强)、陕西纵横建设有限公司(西安民企100强)等多家机构提供专业服务。善于根据客户个体特质、案件实际情况,结合具体法律实施等,提供差异化的可操作性律师服务方案,拥有丰富的执业经验、执业技巧及地缘性人脉等资源。

Xu Qiang is a member of the management committee and senior partner of Tahota’s Xi’an office. He graduated from Northwest University of Political Science and Law and passed the first national judicial examination in 2002. After that, he entered the legal industry and has been working as a lawyer ever since. He was a senior partner of Shaanxi RenHeWanGuo Law Firm before, which was the largest law firm in Xi’an.

In 2018, Xu and several well-known local lawyers, including the chairman of Xi’an Lawyers Association, Yao Ziqi, acted as the backbone of the establishment of Tahota’s Xi’an office. Since its establishment, the number of practitioners at the office has exceeded 100, a remarkable achievement, especially in the northwestern region.

Xu was awarded the title of Top 10 Young Lawyers in celebration of the restoration of the lawyer system and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Provincial Lawyers Association. In the past two decades of practice, he has led his team to focus on legal services in the areas of corporate governance, project investment, real estate construction, and litigation agency in major commercial cases. At present, Xu and his team provide professional services for plenty of well-known business giants, such as the Northwest Company of China National Aviation Fuel (Fortune 500); Taiao Real Estate Group (the main developer of the Fortune Forest Belt); Daqin Construction Group (Xi’an Top 100 Private Enterprises); Shaanxi Zongheng Construction (Xi’an Top 100 Private Enterprises), and many others.

Xu is adept at providing differentiated and operable lawyer service plans based on the individual characteristics of clients, the actual situation of the case, combined with specific legal implementation, etc. He also has rich practice experience, practice skills, and well-connected personal network.

Yang Xun, Llinks Law Office 杨迅
Yang Xun

Llinks Law Office
Key practice areas: Data protection; Intellectual property; Licensing & franchising; Life science regulatory matters
Ye Fang, AllBright Law Offices 叶芳
Ye Fang

Senior Partner
AllBright Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 21 2051 1655
电邮 Email: amyye@allbrightlaw.com

Key practice areas: Investment &finance; M&A; Cross-border services; Dispute resolution




叶芳入选全国律协涉外律师领军人才库、上海市涉外律师人才库,荣获“上海市青年五四奖章”(2017)、被评为“陆家嘴十大杰出青年”、 2016ALB《亚洲法律杂志》“中国最佳女律师”、 首届“上海青年金才”、第六届“浦东新区十大杰出青年律师”等。叶芳还担任华东政法大学兼职硕士生指导教师、北京外国语大学法学院客座教授,她热心公益,资助了多个学校奖学金,为上海慈善之梦等慈善组织提供公益法律服务。“不问西东、做光做盐”是她的人生格言。

Ye Fang, PhD in law, is a senior partner of AllBright Law Offices (mainly based in Shanghai). She obtained four law degrees in China and the US and is an expert type lawyer. She provides legal services, such as cross-border M&A, investment and financing, and foreign-related dispute resolution for many foreign banks, financial institutions, investment institutions, MNCs and well-known IPs.

Ye has deeply participated in and supported many major reform measures of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and has been interviewed by mainstream media many times to give professional interpretations on the key points of policies and laws, system reforms and innovations in the free trade zones. Now she serves as the legal consultant of the Free Trade Zone Administration of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Management Committee (three consecutive terms), and is director of the Free Trade Zone committee of the Shanghai Bar Association.

Ye’s main clients include well-known financial or investment institutions including DBS, Bank of China, Lianhe Investment Co, etc., MNCs such as Zespri China, Master Kong Holdings, Pepsi China and UNQ Holdings. She also advises SOEs and government agencies including: PetroChina; China Communications Investment; Shanghai Lingang New Area Aviation Industry Development; the Shanghai Housing Administration; and the Shanghai Sports Bureau. In addition, Ye’s clients include famous academic institutions and celebrity entities, such as the Shanghai Theatre Academy and the Bruce Lee Foundation.

Ye was selected into the National Bar Association’s Leading Foreign Lawyers Talent Pool and Shanghai Foreign Lawyers Talent Pool. She won the Shanghai Youth May 4th Medal (2017); was named Lujiazui Top 10 Outstanding Youths, 2016 ALB Asian Law Magazine China’s Best Female Lawyer, the first Shanghai Youth Finance Talent, the sixth Pudong New Area Top 10 Outstanding Young Lawyers, among others. She also serves as a part-time master’s academic adviser in East China University of Political Science and Law, and is a visiting professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University Law School.

She is enthusiastic about public welfare: funded a few school scholarships, provided pro bono legal services to charitable organisations such as Shanghai Charity Dream. “East to West, being light and salt,” is her motto.

You Minjian, Co-effort Law Firm 游闽键
You Minjian

Co-effort Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 5887 1657
电邮 Email: ymj@co-effort.com

Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Intellectual property; Litigation; Technology, media and telecommunications





You Minjian is founding partner of Shanghai Co-effort Law Firm LLP and the leader of Co-effort’s IP department. His practice focuses on the fields of copyright, trademarks, patents, IT law, internet legal issues, corporate finance, and intellectual property financing transactions. He is particularly skilled at handling legal issues in the cultural industry and internet innovation areas. He has participated in the drafting and revisions of many laws, such as the Copyright Law, Computer Software Protection Regulations, and the Patent Law.

You’s career contains many legal milestones, such as the first anti-trust dispute case in China – Shusheng v Snda Network; the sole winning case of the China Anti Rogue-software Alliance – infringement involving Henbang Secretary software; the first online game case in China – a copyright infringement litigation between Shenzhou Aomei and CGA; the first software end-user case in China – Discreet Logic Inc v Shanghai Duidian Cultural Communication; the first software criminal and infringement case regarding the Windows system – the Tomato Garden case; the first criminal case of trade secrets infringement in China; the first IP case in China’s shipbuilding industry; the first Shanghai Intellectual Property Court case; and the first IP case regarding big data.

Many cases represented by him were widely cited. In 2013, he represented a trademark administrative dispute case regarding the generic name “Jin Jun Mei” and a trade secret case of SI Group, both of which were listed as the Top 10 Intellectual Property Cases of the Supreme Court for that year. In 2016, he successfully represented ACTOZ to win an injunction against Wemade Entertainment, which was one of 2016’s Most Valuable Intellectual Property Judgments. In 2017, You won an unfair competition case against Baidu, which was selected as one of China’s 10 most influential internet IP cases for 2014-2016. The second-instance of this case was selected as one of the Chinese Bar Association’s top-10 IP cases. In 2019, he successfully defended the copyright infringement case of the “Flying Tigers” flight jacket, which attracted great public attention.

Yu Peng, DOCVIT Law Firm 余鹏
Yu Peng

Senior Partner

电话 Tel: +86 182 1094 6909
电邮 Email: 285914978@qq.com

Key practice areas: Construction engineering; Infrastructure; Compliance of state-owned enterprises; Major commercial dispute resolution

余鹏是道可特律师事务所高级合伙人。他的主要执业领域是建筑工程、基础设施建设、重大商事争议解决。他在中国内地有13年的行业和专业执业经验。2007年至2014年在央企建筑企业合约部门、法务部门任职,熟悉建设工程企业特点,拥有良好的建设工程行业背景。先后被中国交通企业管理协会评为“全国交通运输企业先进法律工作者”“全国第六届交通运输企业优秀法律顾问”,2020年荣登商法“The A-List法律精英 2020年100位中国业务优秀律所名单”。


Yu Peng is a senior partner of Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm. His main practice areas are construction engineering and infrastructure, compliance of state-owned companies and commercial dispute resolution. He has 13 years of law-practice experience in mainland China. From 2007 to 2014, Yu worked in the contract departments and legal affairs departments of large state-owned construction enterprises.

He is well-known for his wealth of experience of the characteristics of construction enterprises. He was recognised as an Outstanding Lawyer of China Communication and Transportation Enterprises and an Outstanding Legal Adviser of the 6th National Communication and Transportation Enterprises by the China Association of Communication Enterprise Management. He was also identified by China Business Law Journal as one of China’s elite lawyers – a member of the A List 2020.

Yu used to work in Wuhan and Tianjin, and is now in Beijing. Since the beginning of his career, he has been deeply engaged in the construction and engineering area and provided professional legal advice for many state-owned construction enterprises. He has profound experience in civil/commercial dispute resolution, especially in the construction engineering field. Yu worked in the basic department of the construction enterprise before becoming a lawyer.

Since becoming a lawyer, he has gained deep experience of construction sites in order to provide legal services for his clients. His clients cover 31 cities, provinces and autonomous regions across the country. He has participated in civil/commercial litigation and arbitration in 150 cities, which has given him a good reputation among his clients.

Yu Rong, Hylands Law Firm 俞蓉
Yu Rong

Hylands Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6502 8935
电邮 Email: yurong@hylandslaw.com

Key practice areas: Entertainment, media and sports; Technology and data compliance; Intellectual property; Dispute resolution




Yu Rong is a partner at Beijing Hylands Law Firm. Her law practice concentrates in the areas of entertainment, media and sports, technology and data compliance, intellectual property and dispute resolution.

She has not only a solid legal background but also rich experience and insight into business and markets. Therefore, she is able to provide practical and effective solutions to Chinese and foreign clients from both legal and business perspectives. Moreover, she is particularly proficient in handling complex and difficult cases of dispute resolution.

Yu has rich experience in entertainment, media, policy research and financing in the internet industry, projects involving film; television; cinema; cinema chains; performance; music and brokerage; corporate investment and financing; corporate operations; cybersecurity and data compliance, etc. She has long served as a legal consultant for many film and TV studios and internet corporations and has gained a high reputation in the TMT field, performing program design and/or transaction assistance for foreign investment in China’s film and internet market. She provides many film studios with comprehensive services including: long-term planning; program design; business carding; business restructuring; equity/debt financing arrangement; and transaction facilitation in independent IPOs; participation in M&A of listed companies; and new OTC market listing.

Yu has also been involved in a large number of IP protection cases and litigation in the areas of copyright, trademark unfair competition. Over the past 20 years of practice, Yu has won the praise and trust of her clients for her professional and dedicated services.

Yu has served many well-known culture, entertainment and internet companies and talents, such as Alibaba Pictures; Youku; Huayi Brothers; Dongshen Future; Daylight Entertainment; Emperor Entertainment; Happy Pictures; Aim Media; Huang Xiaoming; Gao Yuanyuan; Ning Jing; Zhou Xun, among others.

While creating value for her clients, Yu also organises various entertainment law forums to conduct research on emerging legal issues, and is committed to promoting the construction and development of China’s culture and entertainment industry from the perspective of legal compliance.

Yun Dahui, Hylands Law Firm 云大慧
Yun Dahui

Hylands Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6502 8888
电邮 Email: yundahui@hylandslaw.com

Key practice areas: Private client; Project finance; Succession planning (family office)

云大慧是浩天信和律师事务所合伙人,财富规划团队负责人,20多年执业承办了金融机构、央企、国企及家族企业多项重大复杂案件和项目,有丰富的资本市场、公司事务、家族信托等领域的经验,深受客户信任和赞誉。被国际金融理财标准委员会中国委员会聘请为私人银行家认证培训师,中国人民大学法学院校外导师、 北京外国语大学、韩国首尔科学综合大学院兼职教授,艺术金融博士生导师。2019 年 7 月获得《亚洲法律杂志》(ALB)2019年度客户首选律师奖;2019 年度《商法》The A-List精英律师;《钱伯斯亚太 2021》“家族财富与传承”领域获重点推荐。著有《艺术品投资法律风险防范》《家族财富管理与传承法律实务》和《财富管理与传承》。

Yun Dahui, a partner of Hylands Law Firm, is head of the family wealth group and a certified CPB trainer for FPSB China who has been practising for more than 20 years and represented state-owned enterprises and family enterprises in many complex cases. Yun has intensive experience in capital markets, corporate affairs and family trusts. She has been an external lecturer for Renmin University of China, a part-time professor of Beijing Foreign Languages University and Seoul National University of Science and Technology.

Yun was recognised as a Client Preferred Lawyer in 2019 by ALB, A-List lawyer of the year 2019 by China Business Law Journal, and an attorney for the family wealth management and succession section of Chambers Asia Pacific 2021. She is also the author of Legal Risk Prevention in Art Investment, Legal Practice in Family Wealth Management and Succession and Wealth Management and Succession.

Zhan Hao, AnJie Law Firm 詹昊
Zhan Hao

Managing Partner
AnJie Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 8567 5966 / +86 139 1178 1654
电邮 Email: zhanhao@anjielaw.com

Key practice areas: Insurance & reinsurance; Antitrust & competition; Litigation & arbitration

作为安杰律师事务所的主任合伙人,詹昊在保险与再保险、反垄断法律服务、诉讼与仲裁领域具有良好的声誉。2021年詹昊成为少有的、被钱伯斯(Chambers & Partners)同时在两个领域被评为第一等的中国律师。从业二十余年以来,詹昊办理了大量在全国甚至世界范围具有较大影响力的保险类和反垄断案件。除钱伯斯以外,Who’s Who Legal、GCR、Legal 500、ALB China和Expert Guide连续多年将詹昊列入所推荐的中国领先保险与再保险、争议解决、竞争法/反垄断法专业律师。


Zhan Hao obtained his PhD in law from Peking University and completed his post-doctoral research on economics. In his more than 20 years practising law, Zhan has represented clients, including many blue chip and Fortune 500 companies, from a wide range of sectors in many influential insurance and antitrust cases.

In addition, Zhan has been rated as a recommended lawyer in China in the areas of insurance and reinsurance, dispute resolution, and antitrust/competition for many years by Chambers and Partners, Who’s Who Legal, GCR, Legal 500, ALB China, and Expert Guides.

He is also vice chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce Competition Commission and serves as a regional ambassador for China. He is an arbitrator with CIETAC, BAC and the HKIAC, among other arbitral institutions.

Chris Zhang, Jincheng Tongda & Neal 张云燕
Chris Zhang

Managing Partner, Senior Partner
Jincheng Tongda & Neal

电话 Tel: +86 131 6272 3333 / +86 139 5517 6766
电邮 Email: zhangyunyan@jtnfa.com

Key practice areas: M&A & restructuring; Securities & capital markets; Litigation & arbitration

张云燕是北京金诚同达律师事务所高级合伙人、管理合伙人,第十一届、十二届全国青联委员,美国耶鲁大学“创新学者”;先后担任安徽丰原生物化学股份有限公司(丰原生化)、安徽四创电子股份有限公司、安徽省皖能股份有限公司、安徽海螺水泥股份有限公司、江西长运股份有限公司的独立董事;华安证券内核组成员。1997年通过律师资格考试,开始从事专职律师工作。拥有法律、英语、工商管理和金融多个学历,知识全面,综合能力强,曾入选中国律师排行榜100强。因个人涉外法律服务业绩突出,被授予“律师个人三等功”,中华全国律师协会授予“中国涉外律师领军人才”称号;2017年获得China Law and Practice 2017年“中国最佳争议解决”律师提名;2019年8月当选ALB“2019中国客户首选律师20强”;新中国70 华诞暨中国律师制度恢复重建40周年《中国法律年鉴》——2019年度优秀专业律师;当选China Business Law Journal《商法》“2020 The A-List 法律精英”;“2020 ALB China十五佳女律师”;2021年当选The Legal 500 亚太地区“争议解决”领域推荐律师。

Chris Zhang is a member of the 11th and 12th National Youth Federation, an Innovation Scholar of Yale University, and the chief legal adviser of the Global Alliance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China. She serves as an independent director for a number of listed companies, and is a member of the internal assessment group of Hua’an Securities.

Zhang has over 20 years professional experience. She holds a number of degrees in law, English, business administration and finance. She was selected as one of the Top 100 Chinese Lawyers, and was awarded the Third Class Merit of Individual Lawyer due to her outstanding performance in foreign-related legal services; nominated the Best Dispute Resolution Lawyer in China Law & Practice 2017; selected by ALB in August 2019 as 2019 ALB China Client Choice Top 20; selected by the 40th Anniversary of the Celebration of New China and the Restoration of the Chinese Lawyer System Outstanding Lawer Yearbook of China in 2019; 2020 ALB China Top 15 Female Lawyers; China Business Law Journal 2020 The A-List lawyer.

James Zhang, Shihui Partners 张健
James Zhang

Shihui Partners

电话 Tel: +86 134 0108 5599 / +86 10 8514 7575
电邮 Email: zhangj@shihuilaw.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Restructuring; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds



张健曾入选《商法》评选的百位中国法律精英(The A-List),也是《亚洲法律杂志》评选的中国律师新星。同时张健获得了权威评级机构The Legal 500亚太地区重点推荐,并入选Legalband中国顶级律师排行榜。

James Zhang specialises in legal services related to capital markets, restructuring, mergers & acquisition, and PE/VC. He has extensive experience in industries such as telecoms; media; high-tech; healthcare; FMCG; logistics; finance; insurance; environment; real estate; shipping; energy; mining; and manufacturing.

Zhang has advised various state-owned companies, large-scale private companies and emerging growth companies. He has provided legal services on many influential deals, including; Cosco Shipping’s acquisition of Orient Overseas (International); China Merchants Bank’s RMB33.8 billion (USD5.31 billion) A+H share rights issuance; the spin-off and listing of Hutchison Whampoa’s real estate business; and the merger of China CNR Corporation and China CSR Corporation.

These deals have been honoured on multiple occasions by ALB, China Business Law Journal and other renowned legal rating agencies. In 2020, Zhang advised on the secondary listing of JD.com in Hong Kong, which was the world’s second-largest IPO of the year.

Zhang was named among China’s Elite 100 Lawyers by China Business Law Journal, and among China Rising Lawyers by Asian Legal Business, and highly recommended by the Legal 500. He is also in the list of Top Ranked Lawyers of Legalband.

Zhang Liguo, Grandway Law Offices 张利国
Zhang Liguo

Chief Partner
Grandway Law Offices
Beijing/Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +86 10 8800 4200
电邮 Email: zhangliguo@grandwaylaw.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds




As Beijing Grandway Law Offices’ chief partner, Zhang Liguo is a well-known legal expert in China’s securities and capital markets. He is a member of the First Listing Committee of the Shanghai Stock Exchange START Market, an expert consultant of the asset-securitisation committee of the Asset Management Association of China, a member of the Council of the National Fund for Technology Transfer and Commercialisation, sits on the 11th Beijing Lawyers Association board of supervisors, is a director of the board of supervisors of the Beijing Dongcheng District Lawyers Association, CPC deputy secretary of the Beijing Dongcheng District Lawyers Association, and director of the Beijing Legal Aid Foundation.

As one of the first lawyers to establish law firms and obtain the professional qualification of securities legal business granted by the Ministry of Justice and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Zhang has helped hundreds of enterprises complete various projects such as stock issuance, mergers and restructuring, additional issuance, rights issues, the establishment of securities investment funds and equity incentives over the past more than 20 years.

He has been providing all-round legal services for enterprises. In addition, Zhang is an internal audit member of several securities firms and an independent director of many companies. He has participated in drafting and revising several laws, regulations and normative documents in securities and is recognised in the industry.

His profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience allow him to effectively help clients deal with and solve various difficult and complex legal problems. He can also provide companies with valuable professional and practical advice on their operations and management, financial systems and development strategy, winning the trust of clients and associated organisations.

Zhang Lixia, Huamao & Guigu Law Firm 张丽霞
Zhang Lixia

Founding Partner
Huamao & Guigu Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 8489 1919
电邮 Email: zhanglixia@hmgglaw.com

Key practice areas: Commercial dispute resolution; Insurance & reinsurance; Trust & fund; Construction engineering







Zhang Lixia is the director and a founding partner of Huamao & Guigu Law Firm.

Zhang received her LLB from China University of Political Science and Law, and her SJD and LLM degrees from the University of International Business and Economics. She also received an EMBA from Tsinghua University and was a visiting scholar at New York University’s School of Law.

Zhang started her career in 1987. Her main areas of practice are international and domestic commercial arbitration and litigation, especially on disputes related to corporations, trusts, investment funds, real estate and construction engineering. Her innovative strategies have even influenced legislative and judicial approaches towards the PE industry. Her commercial sense on deal structure achieved the clients’ purposes as well as protecting the assets of stated-owned-enterprises.

Reflecting her legal professionalism and performance, Zhang has been serving as a deputy to the 15th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, as president of the Haidian Lawyers Association, representative and director of the All-China Lawyers Association, vice president of the China Academy of Arbitration Law, and co-chair of Women in Arbitration by HKIAC, among others. In addition, she has been recognised as a National Outstanding Lawyer, Haidian District Golden Medal Lawyer, Outstanding Communist Party Lawyer at the national level, and one of the 1,000 National Lawyers expert in foreign-related matters by the Ministry of Justice.

Zhang is also dedicated to legal education. She is a visiting professor and gives lectures on arbitration law at Peking University, China University of Political Science and Law, University of International Business and Economics, and Sun Yat-sen University.

Zhang has served as an arbitrator for major arbitral institutions since 1995, including CIETAC, HKIAC, BAC and SCIA. She has heard thousands of cases in international trade and finance as well as company and joint venture disputes, in which the disputed amount in hundreds of cases was more than USD100 million.

Combining the rich experiences in representing cases and serving as arbitrator, Zhang brings a comprehensive perspective to managing assignments. She earnestly considers the needs of the clients, participates actively in developing these and accurately strikes at and resolves the pain point.

Lynn Zhang, Han Yi Law Offices 张凌
Lynn Zhang

Han Yi Law Offices
Key practice areas: Banking & finance; E-commerce, fintech, blockchain & cryptos; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Zhang Wenliang, Guantao Law Firm 张文亮
Zhang Wenliang

Senior Partner
Guantao Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6657 8066
电邮 Email: zhangwl@guantao.com

Key practice areas: Corporate; Security; Asset restructuring; M&A and corporate asset management


张文亮在为A股上市公司提供法律服务方面具有丰富的经验,包括国检集团(603060)、华光新材(688379)、国投电力(600886)等A股首次公开发行及再融资项目;中国石油(601857)、大唐电信(600198)、金隅股份(601992)等上市公司并购重组项目,并担任国投电力(600886)、国新健康(000503)、国检集团(603060)、金融街控股(000402)等多家上市公司的常年法律顾问,获誉2018年度The Legal 500资本市场推荐律师。

Zhang Wenliang is a senior partner of Guantao Law Firm. He graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree in law. He has been practising law for 20 years. He is mainly engaged in corporate, securities, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and corporate asset management. He is also a member of the state-owned assets legal committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association.

Zhang has extensive experience in providing legal services to listed companies, for instance, on initial public offerings and refinancing of companies such as CTC, Huaguang and SDIC; on mergers and acquisitions of companies such PetroChina and DTT; and he serves as legal adviser of companies including Financial Street, CTC and SDIC. Zhang has been honoured as a recommended lawyer of The Legal 500 for capital markets in 2018.

Zhang Xinyang, Commerce & Finance Law Offices 张新阳
Zhang Xinyang

Managing Partner
Commerce & Finance Law Offices

电话 Tel: +86 10 6563 7181
电邮 Email: zhangxinyang@tongshang.com

Key practice areas: New economy; Private equity; M&A; Capital markets




Andrew Zhang Xinyang is a managing partner of Commerce & Finance Law Offices, and joined the firm in 2007. Zhang’s practice areas include new economy industry, private equity, mergers & acquisitions as well as capital markets.

Over the decades, Zhang has been dedicated to China’s new economy industry, and has extensive experience in multiple areas of the field, including e-commerce; artificial intelligence; big data; cloud computing; IoT; sharing economy; new retail; cultural entertainment; intelligent hardware; knowledge economy; and internet healthcare.

Zhang is a leading PRC lawyer who has been widely recognized in China’s new economy industry. He has been involved in numerous landmark deals that have had deeply influential impacts on the relevant markets, and changed and shaped the layout of the market in the new economy industry.

Zhang Ying, JunHe 张颖
Zhang Ying


电话 Tel: +86 10 8553 7614
电邮 Email: zhangying@junhe.com

Key practice areas: Corporate and M&A; Private equity; Real estate; Outbound investment




Zhang Ying has more than 20 years of experience practising Chinese law, focusing on corporate, M&A and private equity transactions. Since joining JunHe, Zhang has been involved in a number of high-profile M&A deals (both inbound and outbound), private equity transactions and general corporate matters, involving real estate, manufacturing, healthcare, high-tech and the financial sector, among others.

Zhang was in 2004 seconded to work with the legal department of Itochu Corporation in Tokyo and in 2011 with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz in New York. Before joining JunHe, she worked with the legal department of a national financial institution in China.

Zhang graduated from Columbia Law School, and is qualified to work in both China and New York. She is a frequent speaker on Chinese legal issues at international and national conferences.

Zhang Yuanyuan, Lifang & Partners 张媛媛
Zhang Yuanyuan

Lifang & Partners
Key practice areas: Intellectual property
Lucy Zhao, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm 赵冰凌
Lucy Zhao

Equity partner
Zhonglun W&D Law Firm
Key practice areas: Competition & antitrust; Corporate & commercial; Inbound investment; Theme park and entertainment
Zhao Menghan, Yenlex Partners 赵梦晗
Zhao Menghan

Founding Partner, Managing Partner
Yenlex Partners
Key practice areas: Joint ventures; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Technology, media and telecommunications
Zhao Tingkai, Hai Run Law Firm 赵廷凯
Zhao Tingkai

Senior Partner, Chair of the International Business Department
Hai Run Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6521 8658 / +86 186 0079 9869
电邮 Email: zhaotk@myhrtr.com

Key practice areas: Domestic and overseas IPOs; Merger, acquisition and reorganisation; Fund operation and management; Cross-border investment and financing




Zhao Tingkai is a senior partner of Hai Run Law Firm. He is a commercial lawyer with more than 20 years of practice experience.

Zhao obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in business administration. He has qualifications in the securities and fund industries and independent director qualifications. He is a member of the venture capital and private equity professional committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association, a lawyer in the Beijing Foreign Lawyer Talent Pool and a distinguished expert of Qingdao Lawyers College.

Zhao has considerable experience handling general corporate matters, including advice on corporate governance and capital market strategies. He has served as legal counsel for nearly 40 listed companies. He is also skilled at settling commercial cases and litigation, a bank credit case he settled was published in the Gazette of the People’s Court as a typical case by the Supreme People’s Court.

Paul Zhou, SGLA Law Firm 周波
Paul Zhou

Senior Partner
SGLA Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 21 6836 1233 / +86 138 1704 2269
电邮 Email: paul.zhou@sgla.com

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Insurance; Corporate & commerce


Paul Zhou is a senior partner of SGLA Law Firm’s Shanghai office. He has more than 20 years’ practice experience in the insurance, banking and finance, and corporate and commercial fields. His practice in banking and finance focuses on investment fraud, commercial litigation, corporate finance, regulatory, restructuring and insolvency. He advises the insurance market on policy issues, contract certainty, product development, compliance, reinsurance, and frequently acts for insurance companies on a range of contentious matters.

Zhou has been recognised as a leading lawyer in insurance by many international rating institutions. He assists more than 20 enterprises from various industries in their corporate and commercial matters with his full skill set of project investment and financing. As an arbitrator at CIETAC, SAC, SHIAC, CMAC, he has participated in hundreds of arbitration cases over company equity, asset management, funds, trust, insurance, real estate and construction.

Zhou Zhiming, Guantao Law Firm 周知明
Zhou Zhiming

Executive Partner
Guantao Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 10 6657 8066
电邮 Email: zhouzm@guantao.com

Key practice areas: Commercial litigation and arbitration; Corporate & commercial





Zhou Zhiming is the executive partner of Guantao (Shanghai) Law Firm and a member of the management committee of Guantao Law Firm.

With his legal practice focusing on commercial litigation and arbitration, Zhou has deep experience and an outstanding track record in dealing with commercial disputes in areas such as finance, corporate equity and governance, and real estate, among others. He is the director of the civil and commercial litigation committee of the Shanghai Bar Association.

Zhou is also an arbitrator with the Shanghai International Arbitration Centre and Shanghai Arbitration Commission, and a mediator with the Shanghai Commercial Mediation Centre, etc.

His clients include large enterprises and multinational companies in the financial, real estate, retail and media industries. One of the cases Zhou successfully acted on was selected to the Gazette of the Supreme People’s Court, and his viewpoints were accepted as the guiding legal basis for judicial review of disputes of this type. Zhou also represented a client in the first case applying the new Securities Law, winning a comprehensive victory in the Shanghai Financial Court. As chief arbitrator, he conducted Shanghai’s first online arbitration case, which was selected by the Ministry of Justice as one of the top 10 cases in fighting the pandemic and ensuring the resumption of work and production.

More than 20 years of practice has provided Zhou with excellent knowledge and skills to master trial procedures. He represented Shanghai in the National Lawyers Debate Competition and won the top grade gold award, and he has long served as the coach of Shanghai lawyers debate team. Zhou has received awards and honours including National Excellent Lawyer, Shanghai Oriental Grand Lawyer (Fourth term), and Top 10 Excellent Youths of Shanghai Judicial Administration System (First term).

Catherine Zhu, Sunshine Law Firm 朱宏文
Zhu Hongwen

Partner, Head of International Practice, Managing Partner of Shanghai Office
Sunshine Law Firm
Key practice areas: Energy & natural resources; Project & infrastructure; International investment, M&A
Zhu Huafang, TianTong Law Firm 朱华芳
Zhu Huafang

TianTong Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 177 0124 8698
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Key practice areas: Commercial litigation & arbitration

朱华芳系中国人民大学民商法学硕士,中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会、上海国际仲裁中心等多家仲裁机构仲裁员,拥有近20年的法律风险管控、处理境内及涉外商事诉讼和仲裁案件的经验。在《钱伯斯全球》(Chambers Global)和《钱伯斯亚太》(Chambers Asia-Pacific)2020年度和2021年度榜单中,入选“争议解决:仲裁”领先律师名录,并连续被《商法》评为2019年度和2020年度100位中国业务优秀律师(The A-List)。




Zhu Huafang is a senior partner at TianTong Law Firm, head of the Domestic Arbitration Team, an arbitrator of CIETAC, SHIAC and several other arbitral institutions. She has almost 20 years of experience in managing legal risks and handling domestic and foreign-related commercial litigation and arbitration matters.

Zhu specialises in high-value and complex commercial litigation and arbitration cases. Her clients include many state-owned enterprises and financial institutions. She has represented them in numerous arbitration and litigation cases before CIETAC, BAC, SCIA, SHIAC, the Supreme People’s Court, and people’s courts at various levels, most of which have resulted in satisfactory outcomes.

Before joining TianTong, Zhu served as the deputy general manager of Sinochem Group’s legal department, where she gained extensive knowledge of both the business and legal aspects of various sectors including energy, chemical industry, real estate, finance and agriculture. She has more than 10 years’ experience at the forefront of legal work in company equity, M&A, listing and bond issuance, international trade and state-owned property rights transactions. This experience enables Zhu to understand and respond to the needs of her clients quickly and accurately and to design the most suitable dispute resolution plans from the perspectives of both an outside lawyer and an in-house counsel, which has helped her build the trust of her clients.

In addition, Zhu is dedicated to the research and promotion of arbitration. As the host and chief commentator of the “Arbitration Circle” column in TianTong’s WeChat channel “TianTong Dispute Resolution Circle”, she has published over 50 articles focusing on various issues in arbitration, including the widely acclaimed annual series on judicial review of arbitration in China, from 2018-2020, and the Annual Review on Commercial Mediation in China (sponsored by BIAC), the Research Report on Private Equity Disputes, and The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Performance of International Sales Contract and Possible Measures, which was sponsored by CIETAC.

Zhu Ning, Chance Bridge Law Firm 朱宁
Zhu Ning

Managing Partner
Chance Bridge Law Firm
Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Securitisation & structured finance
Zhu Xiaohui, Tian Yuan Law Firm 朱小辉
Zhu Xiaohui

Director, Managing Partner
Tian Yuan Law Firm

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电邮 Email: zhuxh@tylaw.com.cn

Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Healthcare & life sciences




Zhu Xiaohui is the director and managing partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm.

With more than 20 years experience, Zhu focuses on investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions and capital markets.

Zhu has handled many influential projects and is especially good at handling major and complex investment, restructuring and structural adjustment assignments on behalf of state-owned enterprises, including capital market and M&A projects for Sinochem; Beijing State-owned Capital Operation and Management Company; Syngenta Group; Beijing Capital Agribusiness & Food Group; China Jinmao; Citic Construction Investment; and Far East Horizon.

Steven also serves or served as a supervisor of Beijing Private Equity Association, a member of the Beijing Listing Advisory Committee, an outside director of Beijing Capital Highway Development Group and part-time professor at Law School of China University of Political Science and Law.

Zou Wen, Gen Law Firm 邹雯
Zou Wen

GEN Law Firm

电话 Tel: +86 755 8369 9865
电邮 Email: zouwen@genlaw.com

Key practice areas: Dispute resolution; Bankruptcy and restructuring



Zou Wen focuses on complex intellectual property litigation, crisis management and criminal prosecution matters. She served on the Shenzhen Intermediate Court for over a decade with deep expertise adjudicating criminal and IP disputes.

Since joining private practice, Zou has advised many multinational corporations, leading tech firms on criminal and civil matters involving trade secrets and achieved positive results, including obtaining preliminary injunctions and compulsory measures in highly challenging cases. Zou also represents clients in patent litigation involving medical devices and standard essential patents. Her practice also extends to advice on China aspects of cross-border litigation, including discovery and service-related issues. She counsels domestic and international renowned enterprises on the protection and enforcement of core trademarks, domain names and other rights and interests.

Bai Yong, Clifford Chance 柏勇
Bai Yong

Partner, Head of the antitrust practice in Greater China
Clifford Chance

电话 Tel: +86 10 6535 2286
电邮 Email: yong.bai@cliffordchance.com

Key practice areas: Competition & antitrust; Telecommunications, media and technology; Outbound investment; Inbound investment



柏勇涉猎的工作和行业类型十分广泛,包括多项备受瞩目的全球交易,如辉瑞与艾尔建价值1600 亿美元的合并以及通用电气向丹纳赫出售生物制药业务(交易价值214 亿美元)。他还为可口可乐、通用电气、汉高和家乐福等跨国公司以及熙维资本(CVC)、合众集团(Partners Group)、璞米资本(Permira)和Affinity 等私募股权基金的中国境内投资,以及为中国国有企业的重组,如中国化工集团和中化集团的合并、中国船舶工业集团与中国船舶重工集团的合并,以及中国宝武钢铁集团对马钢集团和太钢集团的收购提供咨询建议,上述交易都涉及多个司法辖区的大量申报工作。

此外,柏勇还为中国投资者的境外交易,如中粮集团对Noble Agri(来宝集团)和Nidera 的收购等提供咨询建议,该交易涉及多个司法辖区共计约30 项申报。柏勇还为制药、物流、科技和汽车零部件领域客户的反垄断调查和宽大申请以及区域和全球客户的合规和监管工作提供咨询建议。

柏勇被《钱伯斯亚太》评为“领先律师”,被Who’s Who Legal 评为“全球领袖”和“未来领袖”,并被《法律500 强》评为“明日之星”。

Bai Yong is a partner in Clifford Chance’s antitrust practice and head of the antitrust practice in Greater China. Before joining the firm, he worked for the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (Mofcom). Bai is a member of the expert committee of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME).

Bai has unrivalled experience and knowledge of the competition law landscape within China, based on his experience working within Mofcom, followed by over 10 years’ experience advising domestic and multinational corporations on antitrust and regulatory matters.

In addition, over the past couple of years he has also worked in the firm’s London and Brussels offices, where he gained first-hand experience of the practice of competition law in these jurisdictions. As a result, Bai is one of the very few lawyers in the market able to give Chinese clients advice on global competition law issues from a Chinese perspective.

Bai covers a wide range of work and industry types, including high-profile global deals such as Pfizer’s USD160 billion merger with Allergan and GE’s USD21.4 billion disposal of its biopharma business to Danaher. He has also advised on inbound investment into China for multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola, GE, Henkel and Carrefour, and PE funds such as CVC, Partners Group, Permira and Affinity; restructuring of Chinese state-owned enterprises, such as the merger between Sinochem and ChemChina, the merger between China Shipbuilding Corporation and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and China Baowu Steel Group’s acquisition of Magang Group and Taiyuan Iron & Steel Group, which all involved numerous filings across multiple jurisdictions; outbound deals by Chinese investors, such as Cofco’s acquisitions of Noble Agri and Nidera, which involved approximately 30 filings across multiple jurisdictions; antitrust investigations and leniency applications for clients in the pharmaceutical, logistics, technology and auto parts sectors; and compliance and regulatory work for regional and global clients.

Bai has been recognised by Chambers Asia-Pacific as a Leading Individual, Who’s Who Legal as a Global Leader and Future Leader, and by Legal 500 as a Next Generation Partner.

Richard Battaglia, Steptoe & Johnson 柏富
Richard Battaglia


电话 Tel: +86 10 5834 1041 / +1 312 577 1232
电邮 Email: rbattaglia@steptoe.com

Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Compliance; White-collar crime; Export controls

柏富(Richard Battaglia)帮助跨国公司制定切实可行的合规政策和程序,以高效和有效地满足美国、英国和国际反腐败法律,包括美国《反海外腐败法》和英国《反贿赂法》,以及反洗钱法规、经济制裁和出口管制的要求。凭借多年的公司内部律师经验,柏富为客户提供内部合规计划和项目制定、合规培训以及合规项目实施方面的建议。他还就内部调查、反腐败、经济制裁尽职调查以及与第三方关系、合资企业、并购相关的合同条款提供建议。柏富是世强律师事务所北京办公室的管理合伙人。

Richard Battaglia helps multinational companies develop workable compliance policies and procedures to efficiently and effectively satisfy requirements of US, UK, and international anti-corruption laws, including the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act, and AML regulations, economic sanctions, and export controls. With his many years of in-house experience as background, Battaglia advises clients on internal compliance planning and program development, compliance training, and implementation of compliance programs. He also provides advice on internal investigations, anti-corruption, and economic sanctions due diligence and contract provisions in connection with third-party relationships, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. Battaglia serves as the managing partner of Steptoe’s office in Beijing.

Sam Boyling, Pinsent Masons 柏山
Sam Boyling

Partner, Joint Head of Office (China)
Pinsent Masons
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Litigation; Power & energy; Real estate
Jack Cai, Eversheds Sutherland 蔡亦铭
Jack Cai

Eversheds Sutherland
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Inbound investment; Labour & employment; M&A
Eric Carlson, Covington & Burling 柯礼晟
Eric Carlson

科文顿· 柏灵律师事务所
Covington & Burling
Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Compliance; International trade & bilateral investment treaties; White-collar crime
Freeman Chan, Cleary Gottlieb 陈旭升
Freeman Chan

Cleary Gottlieb
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A and joint ventures; Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; Private funds
Raymond Chan, Wilkinson and Grist Solicitors 陈志坚
Raymond Chan

Managing Partner
Wilkinson and Grist
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Corporate & commercial; Data protection; Mergers & acquisitions
Rico Chan, Baker McKenzie 陈伟国
Rico Chan

Baker McKenzie
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Construction; Real estate; Data centre services
Roy Chan, DLA Piper 陈承元
Roy Chan

Senior Partner
DLA Piper
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Corporate & commercial; Insurance & reinsurance; M&A
Vivien Chan, Vivien Chan & Co 陈韵云
Vivien Chan

Founding Partner
Vivien Chan & Co.
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Inbound investment; Intellectual property; Mergers & acquisitions; Technology transfers
Chang Ya-Chiao, Winston & Strawn 张亚樵
Chang Ya-Chiao

Winston & Strawn
Key practice areas: E-commerce, fintech, blockchain & cryptos; Intellectual property; Litigation; Technology, media and telecommunications
Charles Chau, Jones Day 周致聪
Charles Chau

Jones Day
Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +852 3189 7268
电邮 Email: cchau@jonesday.com

Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Private equity, venture capital & fund; Capital markets; M&A



在并购和投资业务领域,周致聪长期代表中国金融机构 (包括国有和民营) 处理企业上市前和上市后投资项目。在2017年加入众达之前,周致聪曾代表中国北车股份有限公司处理其与中国南车股份有限公司之间价值260亿美元的合并交易,这是首次由两家同时在香港和上海上市的公司之间进行合并。他还曾代表中国公司处理其在美国和欧洲的境外收购事宜。


Charles Chau has 20 years of experience in advising clients on M&A, capital markets (including listings and securities placement), securities regulatory compliance, joint ventures, and other commercial transactions across Hong Kong, mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region, covering a wide variety of industry sectors including life sciences, TMT, real estate, banking and financial services, retail and manufacturing.

On the capital markets side, Chau has worked on many IPOs and securities placement transactions including: (1) the IPOs of Sinopharm Group; China CNR Corporation; China Citic Bank; Guodian Technology & Environment Group; GenScript Biotech Corporation; China Everbright Water; CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping; Tokyo Chuo Auction; Sino-Ocean Land; China VAST Industrial Urban Development; China South City; BBI Life Sciences; China Paradise Electronics; Kingsoft Corporation; Maoye International; and Christine International Holdings; (2) the share placements of Evergrande Real Estate; GenScript Biotech Corporation; Sinopharm Group; Guangzhou R&F; Sino-Ocean Land and Zhejiang Glass; and (3) the A+H rights issue of China Citic Bank.

Chau also represented clients in the cornerstone investment of companies to be listed, involving companies such as CMGE Technology Group, Ganglong China Property Group, Ye Xing Group Holdings, Fulu Holdings and Red Star Macalline Group.

On the M&A and investment side, Chau has been advising leading Chinese financial institutions (state owned and private) on their pre-IPO and private investment public equity (PIPE) transactions. Prior to joining Jones Day in 2017, Chau acted for China CNR Corporation in its USD26 billion merger with CSR Corporation, which was the first merger of two companies listed in both Hong Kong and Shanghai. He has also represented Chinese companies on outbound acquisitions in the US and Europe.

Chau has been repeatedly ranked as a leading individual in the areas of M&A or equity capital markets by Chambers Asia-Pacific, Legal 500 Asia Pacific, and International Financial Law Review 1000.

Joey Chau, Kirkland & Ellis 周荔尔
Joey Chau

Kirkland & Ellis
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Joint ventures; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Chen Bi, Minter Ellison 陈苾
Chen Bi

Minter Ellison
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Chen Weiheng, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 陈炜恒
Chen Weiheng

Wilson Sonsini
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate governance; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Chen Xiaoshan, DLA Piper 陈晓山
Chen Xiaoshan

DLA Piper
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Litigation; Shipping
Alan Chiu, ELLALAN 赵之威
Alan Chiu

Managing Partner
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Data protection; E-commerce, fintech, blockchain & cryptos; Intellectual property; Technology, media and telecommunications
Janney Chong, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain 庄怡
Janney Chong

Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; Corporate governance; M&A
Ronny Chow, Deacons 邹繁沾
Ronny Chow

Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Compliance; M&A
Constance Choy, Sidley Austin 蔡学雯
Constance Choy

Sidley Austin
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; M&A; Real estate
Paul Christopher, Mourant 柯保罗
Paul Christopher

Managing Partner
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Rossana Chu, LC Lawyers 朱静文
Rossana Chu

Managing Partner
LC Lawyers
Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +852 2629 1768
电邮 Email: rossana.chu@eylaw.com.hk

Key practice areas: M&A; Capital markets; Restructuring & insolvency; Private equity, venture capital & funds


朱静文屡获殊荣,包括获《全球法律专家》推选为(2021-2022)年度唯一认可香港区兼并与收购领域的“推荐律师”; 获《亚洲法律》卓越客户服务推选为香港区资本市场领域“卓越客户服务最高评价律师”(2021); 获China Business Law Journal《商法》推选为2020年A-List法律精英100位“中国业务优秀律师(外资律所)”之一; 获《国际金融法律评论1000》评为(2021-2022)资本市场:股权、私募股权、兼并与收购、重组与破产清算领域亚太区“高度推荐领先律师”及(2015-2020)金融及企业法领域亚太区“高度推荐领先律师”; 于2019年获 Lexology与国际律师事务所联合全球客户选择大奖颁授年度资本市场香港法域“客户选择律师”; 也于2019年入围《欧洲货币法律媒体集团》重组与破产清算领域亚洲商法女性大奖。


朱静文获聘任为中国广州仲裁委员会仲裁员,也是英国特许公认会计师公会附属成员。朱律师获多家知名国际法律刊物邀请接受访问,于专栏撰文为不同法律领域研究做出贡献,并成为Lexology 2021年第一季及第二季“具影响力法律作者”。

Rossana Chu is managing partner of LC Lawyers. With more than 22 years of legal experience and deep knowledge and skills, she represents multinational and Chinese corporations, financial institutions, funds, families and individuals in their domestic and overseas financial and commercial legal matters.

Chu is an accolade-winning practitioner. She has been named as a Recommended Attorney by Global Law Experts (GLE) as its only recommended M&A law representative in Hong Kong (2021-2022); recognised by Asialaw Client Service Excellence as the highest rated lawyer to work with in capital markets in Hong Kong (2021); recognised as one of the A-List – China’s Elite 100 Lawyers (Foreign Firms) by China Business Law Journal (2020); named as a Highly Regarded Leading Lawyer in capital markets: equity, M&A, private equity and restructuring and insolvency (2021-2022) and a Highly Regarded Leading Lawyer in financial and corporate law (2015-2020) by IFLR1000; named as the winner in capital markets for Hong Kong at the Client Choice Awards (2019) by Lexology and International Law Office; and shortlisted for restructuring and insolvency (2019) by Euromoney Legal Media Group Asia Women in Business Law Awards.

Chu was named Commended External Counsel of the Year 2017 by the In-House Community. As the lead partner in a large-scale M&A transaction, she led her team in winning Takeover Deal of the Year 2016 from Lawyer Monthly. She was also recognised as an Up and Coming practitioner in the area of private equity: buyouts (international firms) in China by Chambers Asia-Pacific (2008-2013).

Chu is an arbitrator of China Guangzhou Arbitration Commission. She is also an affiliate member of association of the Chartered Certified Accountants of the United Kingdom. Chu has been interviewed by Legal500 (2020), ALB Managing Partner Roundtable Feature (2019, 2020), ALB Journalist (2020), ALB M&A Rankings Awards (2021), China Business Law Journal’s Chinese Outbound Investment Report (2021) and Market Pulse (2021). She contributed to the research in different legal aspects by writing specialised articles, and she was named by Lexology as a legal influencer in Q1 and Q2 of 2021.

Chu Yang, Davis Polk 褚洋
Chu Yang

Davis Polk
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate governance; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Heidi Chui, Stevenson, Wong & Co 徐凯怡
Heidi Chui

Stevenson, Wong & Co.
Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +852 2533 2540
电邮 Email: heidichui.office@sw-hk.com

Key practice areas: Banking & Finance; International arbitration; Litigation & disputes resolution; Healthcare




徐凯怡擅长处理涉及公司的争议,包括但不限于股东争议、衍生诉讼、有关不公平损害的呈请以及董事或高级管理层违反受信责任的相关事宜。徐凯怡经常代表各大银行、金融机构、上市公司、董事、高级管理层、股东和投资者,处理公司事务、召开年度和临时股东大会、涉及罢免董事或高层主管、挪用资产的案件、调查不当交易行为、欺诈行为等申请紧急禁制令。她曾处理不少备受瞩目的经典大案,如中国山水水泥集团有限公司 (一宗涉及超过2600名被告人的案件)。


徐凯怡于2016 年荣获Lexology 颁授Client Choice 香港区最佳诉讼律师奖,并获Asian Legal Business提名为“年度最佳争议解决律师”(2017, 2019 & 2020年) 及“年度最佳女律师”(2017, 2020 & 2021年)。徐律师亦获Asialaw Profiles颁授“银行金融” (2018 & 2019年) 及“诉讼及争议解决”(2018 – 2022年) 领域之“顶尖律师”。

Heidi Chui heads the banking and finance, and litigation and dispute resolution departments of Stevenson, Wong & Co. She previously served as the internal legal adviser of several Chinese banks.

Chui specialises in commercial litigation, international arbitration and dispute resolution. She frequently assists banks, borrowers, insurance companies, property management companies, funds, listed companies and financial institutions. Chui is experienced and adept at providing legal advice on asset tracing, mortgage litigation, corporate takeovers, enforcement of judgments, winding-up of companies and receivership.

In addition, she provides legal advisory services for cases adjudicated in mainland China, taking the role of expert witness on Hong Kong law, and is experienced in cross-border litigation and international arbitration. She also specialises in handling matters relating to default of payment and commercial fraud, assisting liquidators, receivers, official receivers, creditors and other professionals in charge of insolvency and bankruptcy matters in relation to debt restructuring and cross-border asset tracing.

She is strong in handling disputes involving companies, including but not limited to shareholder disputes, derivative actions, petitions relating to unfair prejudicial conduct, breach of fiduciary duties by directors or senior management. She acts for banks, financial institutions, listed companies, directors, management teams, shareholders and investors in urgent applications regarding affairs of the company, holding of AGMs and EGMs, removal of directors or senior executives, misappropriation of assets, investigations relating to irregularities in corporate transactions and fraudulent conduct. She had acted in high profile and landmark cases, including the saga of China Shanshui Cement Group (a complex litigation case involving over 2,600 defendants).

Heidi also handles insurance matters including medico-legal issues, regulatory matters, personal injury and insurance litigation claims on behalf of insurance companies. She advises healthcare professionals and hospitals on clinical negligence claims and complaints. She also advises insurers on policy-related issues and defence of claims.

Chui was the winner of the Client Choice Award – Hong Kong’s Litigation practice organised by Lexology in 2016. She was nominated by Asian Legal Business for Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in 2017, 2019 and 2020, and Woman Lawyer of the Year in 2017, 2020 and 2021. She has also been recognised as a distinguished practitioner in banking and finance (2018 and 2019) and dispute resolution (2018-2022) by Asialaw Leading Lawyers.

Simon Cooke, Latham & Watkins Simon Cooke
Latham & Watkins
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Corporate finance
Peter Corne, Dorsey 孔宏德
Peter Corne

Professional Arbitrator and Mediator, and Adjunct Professor NYU Shanghai

电话 Tel: +86 13818183382
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Corporate & commercial; Environment; M&A

孔宏德(Peter Corne)拥有英格兰及威尔士、香港和澳大利亚的律师执业资格。他常驻上海,从1996年到2021年在国际律师事务所执业(从2006年开始担任管理合伙人)。


孔宏德是上海国际仲裁中心、上海仲裁委员会/香港国际仲裁中心、新加坡国际仲裁中心、大韩商事仲裁院、深圳国际仲裁院及地区内其他7家仲裁委员会仲裁员。他曾担任上海自由贸易区仲裁法庭首起仲裁案的首席仲裁员。孔宏德是中国首个专业商事调解机构(上海经贸商事调解中心)的调解员之一,同时担任上海经贸商事调解中心环境、自然资源和矿产委员会负责人。2015年孔宏德帮助两家外资企业解决了在上海自贸区的首宗调解。他也一直在协调上海经贸商事调解中心与美国全球著名的争议解决机构JAMS ADR的关联合作,并帮助制定规则,加固最近成立的上海经贸商事调解中心—欧盟知识产权局上诉委员会联合调解机制平台。孔宏德在澳大利亚、日本和中国接受教育,可以使用英文、普通话和日语作为工作语言。

Qualified to practise in England & Wales, Hong Kong and Australia, Peter Corne is based in Shanghai where he practised in international law firms from 1996 until 2021 (from 2006 as managing partner). He specialises in Chinese corporate, commercial and climate change practice, and now focuses on international arbitration and mediation, with a sub-focus on disputes and solutions related to climate change. Corne is adjunct professor at NYU Shanghai, where he teaches courses on international mediation and arbitration, a lecturer and trainer of Chinese lawyers in international arbitration and mediation in the Shanghai Bar Association pilot programme, and a guest professor at East China University of Political Science and Law, where he teaches climate change law.

Corne is on the panels of the Shanghai International Arbitration Commission (SHIAC), Shanghai Arbitration Commission, Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration as well as seven other arbitration commissions around the region.

He was presiding arbitrator over the first arbitrations held within the Arbitration Court established by the SHIAC within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ). Corne is on the panel of China’s first professional commercial mediation body, the Shanghai Commercial Mediation Centre (SCMC), where he heads its environmental, natural resources and mining committee. He resolved the first mediated dispute between two foreign companies in the FTZ in 2015. He has also been instrumental in helping the SCMC become affiliated with the US-based world renowned dispute resolution institute, JAMS ADR, and in the formulation of the rules underpinning the recently launched SCMC-EUIPO Co-Mediation Mechanism Platform. Educated in Australia, Japan and China, Corne works in English, Mandarin and Japanese.

Carlo D'Andrea, D'Andrea & Partners 代开乐
Carlo D’Andrea

Founder, Managing Partner
D’Andrea & Partners

电话 Tel: +86 21 6218 7350 821
电邮 Email: c.dandrea@dandreapartners.com

Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Corporate governance; Intellectual property; M&A

代开乐(Carlo D’Andrea)是德恩瑞律师事务所的创始人和管理合伙人,德恩瑞在中国、意大利、越南、印度、阿联酋设有办公室。代开乐毕业于意大利特拉莫大学法学专业,之后在罗马LUISS大学获得企业顾问硕士学位,以及南京师范大学中文学习文凭。他是意大利律师协会会员。



代开乐也是罗马LUISS大学法学院的国际组织兼职教授。他主持播客 “全球视野——与Carlo D’Andrea的私人谈话”,经常作为国际商业和法律事务的发言人参加国际活动和会议,并撰写了在中国、越南、印度和白俄罗斯投资的法律实务指南。

Carlo Diego D’Andrea is founder and managing partner of D’Andrea & Partners with offices in China, Italy, Vietnam, India, the UAE, and a Russia desk. Graduated in law from University of Teramo in Italy, D’Andrea subsequently obtained his master’s degree in corporate advisory at LUISS University in Rome and a diploma in Chinese studies at Nanjing Normal University. He is a member of the Italian Bar Association.

Based in China since 2005, he is a renowned international lawyer with extensive experience in a full range of legal services to multinational companies investing in major developing economies. He mainly assists companies with cross-border mergers and acquisitions, assistance in ODI/FDI, relocation projects and intellectual property rights protection.

Currently, he also holds the position of national vice president at the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, after four years of being chairman of the board of the EUCCC Shanghai chapter.

He is also an adjunct professor of international organisations at the faculty of law of LUISS University. He hosts the podcast “Global Vision – Private Chat With Carlo D’Andrea”, regularly participates in international events and conferences as a speaker on international business and legal matters, and is the author of books on investments in different countries such as China, Vietnam, India and Belarus.

Fan Jiannian, Gide Loyrette Nouel 范建年
Fan Jiannian

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Joint ventures; M&A; Outbound investment
Bowie Fung, CFN Lawyers 冯宝仪
Bowie Fung

Founding Partner
CFN Lawyers
Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +852 2114 2195 / 9037 2080
电邮 Email: bowie.fung@cfnlaw.com.hk

Key practice areas: IPO; Corporate and M&A; Capital market; Compliance and regulatory

冯宝仪是陈冯吴律师事务所的创始合伙人。在企业融资及资本市场范畴拥有逾20年的工作经验, 当中包括处理上市项目、企业重组、收购合并、合资公司组建、私募股权、中国有关的商务事宜、企业管治、监管合规、内控、公司秘书事宜及其他一般商业法律事务。

冯宝仪的法律事业开始于胡关李罗律师行,其后在礼德齐伯礼律师事务所 (Reed Smith Richards Butler) 担任高级律师的工作。冯宝仪亦曾在香港上市的蓝筹公司中银香港工作,其间对上市公司的日常业务管理及运作有深入体验及实质经验。



Bowie Fung is a founding partner of CFN Lawyers. She has 20 years of extensive experience in corporate finance and capital markets, covering initial public offerings, corporate restructuring, M&A, joint venture formation, private equity, China-related corporate and commercial matters, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, internal control, company secretarial matters, and other general commercial legal matters.

Fung’s legal career started with Woo Kwan Lee & Lo, and she further pursued her path by taking up a senior lawyer role at Reed Smith Richards Butler. Bowie also worked at BOC Hong Kong, a blue-chip listed company in Hong Kong, where she gained her insight and practical experience in daily business management and operations in a listed company.

In 2013, together with her peers from reputable international law firms, Fung founded CFN Lawyers, which was ranked third among Hong Kong law firms in terms of number of IPOs listed in Hong Kong in 2017 and 2018. CFN established an association with Broad & Bright, a renowned PRC law firm, since 2014. On 1 September 2021, Broad & Bright and another renowned PRC law firm, Anjie Law Firm, announced their merger to take effect in 2022. After the merger, Anjie & Broad & Bright will, together with association firms in Hong Kong, maintain offices in seven cities across the country, i.e. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Haikou and Nanjing, with a team of over 500 legal professionals and support staff.

Fung was in the first batch of lawyers who passed the 2021 Examination for Hong Kong Legal Practitioners to Practise Law in the Greater Bay Area.

Michael Gagie, Maples Group 高麒志
Michael Gagie

Asia Managing Partner
Maples Group
Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; M&A
Geng Ke, O’Melveny 耿科
Geng Ke

Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A
Ulrike Glueck, CMS China 邬丽福
Ulrike Glueck

CMS 中国
Managing Partner
CMS China
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Joint ventures; M&A; Restructuring & insolvency
Bruno Grangier, Leaf 柯陆宁
Bruno Grangier

Founder, Managing Partner

电话 Tel: +86 21 6233 7226
电邮 Email: b.grangier@leaf-legal.com

Key practice areas: M&A; Private equity; Joint ventures; Complex negotiations

柯陆宁(Bruno Grangier)系立辅律师事务所创始人,作为一名法国律师,其自2004年起即开始在华工作。


Leaf is a law firm created by Bruno Grangier, a French lawyer based in China since 2004.

Grangier has worked for major international law firms in Shanghai, in Hong Kong and Paris. From these experiences, he has gained extensive local and cross-border experience in transactions across China, conducting M&A operations in China, joint ventures with both private and public partners, supporting the creation of Asian distribution networks for European brands and structuring their investments for successful implantation in Asia.

Katie Graves, Withers Katie Graves
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Private client; Taxation
Paul Guan, Kirkland & Ellis 管荣
Paul Guan

Kirkland & Ellis
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Joint ventures; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Real estate
Peter Huang, Skadden 黄小霈
Peter Huang

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Joint ventures; M&A; Outbound investment
Rex Hung, Grandall Zimmern Law Firm 孔庆志
Rex Hung

Grandall Zimmern Law Firm
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Corporate investment & financing; Overseas listing; Bank credit; Restructuring
David Lamb, Conyers 林大维
David Lamb

Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Joint ventures; M&A; Restructuring & insolvency
Hilary Lau, Herbert Smith Freehills 刘恺信
Hilary Lau

Herbert Smith Freehills
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: M&A; Outbound investment; Power & energy; Shipping
Gilbert Li, Linklaters 李承轩
Gilbert Li

Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; M&A; Outbound investment
Li Haiping, Skadden 李海平
Li Haiping

Key practice areas: Capital markets; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Technology, media and telecommunications
Li Lianjun, ReedSmith Richards Butler 李连君
Li Lianjun

Reed Smith
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Litigation; Shipping
Nan Li, Tian Yuan Law Office (Hong Kong) 李竟弘
Nan Li

Tian Yuan Law Firm
Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +852 6473 1521
电邮 Email: nan.li@tylaw.hk

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Private equity, venture capital & funds



Nan Li is a partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm (TYHK). Prior to joining TYHK, Li was an equity partner and the chief representative of the Beijing office of an international law firm. He focuses on public and private securities offerings, cross-border mergers and acquisitions and private equity investments.

Li was recognised as a leading capital markets lawyer by various prestigious rankings, and earned client recognition for being “expert in finance and mergers and acquisitions”. Li is “proficient in foreign and Chinese law, and has a deep understanding of customer business”, and is “a lawyer of sound judgment and great diligence and carefulness,” clients said.

Li obtained his LLB from China University of Political Science and Law and an LLM from University of Pennsylvania Law School. He was admitted to practise in Hong Kong and New York.

Paul Li, Zhong Lun Law Firm (London office) 李诚容
Paul Li

Zhong Lun Law Firm

电话 Tel: +44 7702 605 278
电邮 Email: paulli@zhonglun.co.uk / paulli@zhonglun.com

Key practice areas: Aviation; Banking & finance; Outbound investment; Shipping

作为一位在上海出生、长大并在中英两国从业逾20年的英国执业律师,李诚容(亦称Paul Li)律师专长于银行和金融有关业务。

李诚容曾在中英两国的多家名誉卓著的国际性律师事务所(包括一家 “魔圈所”)以及一家在交通运输领域全球领先的银行供职。目前,李诚容是中伦律师事务所伦敦分所的合伙人。中伦所是首家在欧洲成立分所的中国顶尖律所,李诚容主管中伦伦敦的银行与金融部门。他为几乎所有在英国的中资金融机构以及众多其他领先的国际性金融机构和公司就其各种类型的跨境交易提供过建议和帮助。


As an English qualified solicitor born and raised in Shanghai and practising law in both China and the UK for more than 20 years, Li Chengrong (aka Paul Li) specialises in banking and finance related work.

Li has worked for some reputable international law firms (including a magic circle law firm) and a world leading transportation bank. He is currently a London-based partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm, the first top-tier Chinese law firm to have set up its European branch, and heads the banking and finance department in London. He has advised nearly all the Chinese financial institutions in the UK and numerous other leading international financial institutions and companies on various types of cross-border transactions.

Other than banking and finance related areas, Paul has extensive experience in handling or advising on matters or disputes arising from or in connection with outbound and inbound investments, securitisation and financial products, distressed assets and international trade.

Lesli Ligorner, Morgan Lewis 李蕾思
Lesli Ligorner

Morgan Lewis
Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Compliance; International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Labour & employment
Ray Liu, Dorsey 刘思锐
Ray Liu

Global Partner, Managing Partner of Beijing Office

电话 Tel: +86 10 8513 5988 / +86 188 1114 8822
电邮 Email: liu.ray@dorsey.com

Key practice areas: Cross-border dispute resolution; Cross-border investigations, government enforcement and compliance; Cross-border investment and international trade; Capital markets and M&A




Ray Liu is a global partner and the managing partner of Dorsey’s Beijing office, qualified to practise in the State of New York, and has achieved the PRC legal qualification and the securities practice qualification. Liu focuses on high-stakes cross-border dispute resolution, US litigation, international and foreign-related arbitration, cross-border investigations (government or criminal) and compliance matters. His practice areas also include: cross-border investment and international trade; capital markets; foreign direct investment; general corporate and M&A; PE; technology commerce; and intellectual property rights. Liu advises clients in a wide variety of sectors including: banking and finance; insurance; asset management; TMT; intelligent manufacturing; medical and bio-tech; pharmaceutical; food and agriculture; chemicals and materials; mining and energy; and infrastructure.

Before joining Dorsey, he worked for the legal department at the New York City branch of a major Chinese bank.

Liu has represented in a number of high-profile US litigations, international arbitrations, criminal and government investigations, overseas compliance matters, cross-border transactions and negotiation matters that have earned him great praise and deep trust from his central-government-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises, unicorn and public companies, prestigious multinational and high-profile individual clients. For instance, he represented a major creditor in the chapter 11 US bankruptcy case filed by Jia Yueting. He represented major international Chinese banks in high-profile anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing cases, and managed and completed one of the largest US e-discovery and document review projects to date in China. He represented a major Chinese international insurance company, and its insureds, in numerous major product liability, wrongful death and coverage cases in North America. He represented a Chinese company and its executives in a US securities litigation, and (in the first such case) helped the company and its executives obtain a complete dismissal of the lawsuit, and also collect damages and legal fees from the plaintiff firm. He also represented leading Chinese academics in filing an amicus brief in the high-profile Vitamin C antitrust litigation case before the US Supreme Court.

Liu is frequently invited to attend and deliver keynote speeches at major international investment, economic and legal forums and seminars, and is involved in teaching at Chinese bar associations, and in continuing legal education courses in the US. He is also frequently interviewed by the People’s Daily, CGTN and The New York Times newspapers, and invited to comment on US-China legal and economic issues that are widely covered by mainstream media.

Ray graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School, and China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). He received CUPL’s Outstanding Alumni Award, and is an adjunct tutor of the Master of Laws School and Business School of CUPL and a director of the CUPL International Law School Alumni Association.

Shepard Liu, Milbank 刘秀生
Shepard Liu

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; M&A; Power & energy; Project finance
William Liu, Linklaters 刘克诚
William Liu

Asia Managing Partner
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets
Liu Xiao, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan 刘骁
Liu Xiao

Quinn Emanuel
Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Arbitration & ADR; Litigation; White-collar crime
Liu Zhen, Gunderson Dettmer 刘真
Liu Zhen

Gunderson Dettmer
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate governance; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Hank Lo, Stevenson, Wong & Co 劳恒晃
Hank Lo

Partner, Head of Corporate Finance
Stevenson, Wong & Co.
Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +852 2533 2552
电邮 Email: hanklo.office@sw-hk.com

Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Corporate & commercial; Corporate finance

劳恒晃是史蒂文生黄律师事务所的合伙人及企业融资业务主管,擅长于资本市场、企业融资和收购合并等业务领域。劳恒晃有丰富的执业经验,曾多次参与首次公开招股项目,为香港交易所主板和创业板的发行人、保荐人、承销商等提供顾问服务。同时,他也协助不少上市公司处理不同类型的企业融资交易,并担任私募基金、创业投资基金及香港上市公司的顾问,协助他们投资或退出相关的企业 (尤其以中国大陆所在地的企业为主)。


代表性项目包括:针对广州一地标性写字楼的收购项目向一家美国台湾人投资集团提供法律意见,由此 引发中国首个财产抵押立法的通过,并为随之而来的中国房地产行业的快速发展铺就道路;针对中国一家主要的互联网服务提供商的一项复杂的、旨在吸引外商投资的公司重组提供法律意见,而当时中国严格限制外国投资者对该产业的投资;该项重组最终促成知名境外投资者的投资和之后一家香港蓝筹股上市信息技术公司的收购。该投资架构随后被大多数寻求在香港和美国纳斯达克海外上市的中国互联网公司所采用。


劳恒晃于1997年加入史蒂文生黄律师事务所,并于1989年、1995及1996年分别于香港、新加坡、英国及威尔斯取得事务律师执业资格。他在2019 年度国际咨询专家大奖被评为年度香港企业融资律师。

Hank Lo, partner and the head of corporate finance at Stevenson, Wong & Co, specialises in capital markets, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions. He has significant experience advising issuers, sponsors and underwriters on initial public offerings on both the main and GEM boards of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong; advising publicly listed companies on a broad range of corporate finance transactions; advising private equity funds, venture capital funds and Hong Kong-listed companies on their investments in and exits from companies with an emphasis on China. He also advises companies in mainland China on matters including property transactions, foreign investment and initial public offerings in other overseas stock markets.

Representative matters:

  • Advising an American Taiwanese investment group on its acquisition of a landmark office building in Guangzhou, triggering the passing of the first property mortgage legislation in China and paving the way for the subsequent rapid development of the real estate sector in China.
  • Advising a leading internet service provider in China in a complex corporate reorganisation to attract foreign investments at the time when this industrial sector was very restrictive for foreign investments in China, which resulted in investments by prominent foreign investors and a subsequent takeover by a blue-chip IT company listed in Hong Kong. The investment structure was subsequently adopted by most of the China internet companies seeking overseas listing in Hong Kong and Nasdaq.
  • Advising a real estate developer on its initial public offerings in Hong Kong with a market capitalisation exceeding USD1.5 billion, through various vertical integration and numerous fund raising exercises, the group’s market capitalisation has grown to more than USD4 billion in less than a decade, with an annual turnover of over USD18 billion and a spun-off listed subsidiary in the property management sector.
  • Advising the no.1 brand tissue paper company in China in its initial public offering in Hong Kong and assisting it to diversify into a full-range personal-hygienic products company through a series of mergers and acquisitions, enabling it to achieve a market capitalisation of about USD2.5 billion within 10 years of its IPO and subsequently to consolidate the business of a Fortune 500 company’s operation to become a leading group in the personal hygiene sector in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Assisting a group of PRC clients in identifying and acquiring a marble mine in China, overseeing the successful listing of the mining concessions on Hong Kong’s main board when the company was still in its exploitation stage with no profits and revenue and subsequently advising on the disposal of a controlling stake of the listed company together with the mining concession, all completed within three years of assets acquisition.

Lo joined the firm in 1997 and was admitted to practise as a solicitor in Hong Kong (1989), Singapore (1995) and England and Wales (1996). He has also been recognised as the A-List China’s Elite 100 Lawyers by the China Business Law Journal in 2019, 2020 and 2021, and Corporate Finance Lawyer of the Year in Hong Kong at the International Advisory Experts 2019 Awards.

Loh Wai Yue, Ince & Co 劳玮裕
Loh Wai Yue

Ince & Co
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Litigation; Shipping
Vicky Lord, Harneys 罗孝琪
Vicky Lord

Managing Partner

电话 Tel: +86 21 2030 7818
电邮 Email: vicky.lord@harneys.com

Key practice areas: Litigation; Insolvency & restructuring; Trusts and estates; International arbitration

罗孝琪(Vicky Lord)是衡力斯律师事务所上海办公室管理合伙人,也是备受推崇的英属维尔京群岛和开曼群岛跨境商业诉讼律师。罗孝琪是上海诉讼、重组及破产团队负责人,代表客户处理超高价值及高知名度的英属维京群岛和开曼群岛跨境商业纠纷,经常为客户赢得重大诉讼。



Vicky Lord is the managing partner of Harneys Shanghai office in the PRC and is a highly regarded litigator in cross-border commercial cases in the British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands. As head of Harneys Shanghai litigation, restructuring and insolvency team, she obtains significant wins for clients in ultra-high-value, high-profile BVI and Cayman commercial disputes with cross-border elements.

Lord often acts as a specialist BVI and Cayman litigation co-counsel for PRC and US listed companies for IPOs in contentious scenarios. She has a wealth of experience in Cayman Islands s238 privatisations and BVI take-privates, as well as schemes of arrangements, acting company side to secure wins for clients. She has a proven track record of significant wins in shareholder and board-room disputes for new economy and tech companies.

Lord is listed as a next generation lawyer for offshore in Legal 500, an asset recovery specialist and Thought Leader in Who’s Who Legal. She also won Deal of the Year 2020 from China Business Law Journal for her work leading Wang Jing’s case against WeRide in the Caymans.

James Lu, Cooley 陆海波
James Lu

Shanghai/San Diego

电话 Tel: +86 21 6030 0603 / +1 858 550 6101
电邮 Email: jlu@cooley.com

Key practice areas: Life science; Technology; Emerging companies; M&A




James Lu is a co-founder of Cooley’s Shanghai office and the head of its corporate practice. He focuses on Asia-related corporate and securities transactions, including foreign direct investment, venture capital financing, private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions and public offerings. He also has broad experience advising clients on complex cross-border commercial transactions involving unique structures and contractual arrangements designed to comply with legal requirements in multiple jurisdictions, including licensing, joint venture, manufacturing and distribution arrangements in the life sciences and high-tech industries in Asia. Lu is a frequent speaker at local and international conferences and has spoken extensively on topics relating to Asia’s venture capital and capital markets environment.

Prior to joining Cooley, Lu held marketing management and business development positions in the life sciences industry. He focused on commercialisation and had more than a decade of experience working with scientists and technology transfer professionals to transform ideas into successful products.

Lu holds a JD (summa cum laude, valedictorian, Order of the Coif) from the University of San Diego School of Law, a master of science degree in biochemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a bachelor of science degree in biology from the University of Science and Technology of China. He is registered to practise in California and before the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Lyu Mengyu, Kirkland & Ellis 吕梦宇
Lyu Mengyu

Kirkland & Ellis
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Compliance; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Ethan Ma, Orrick 马宇峰
Ethan Ma

Key practice areas: Intellectual property; Litigation; Technology, media and telecommunications
Ian Mann, Harneys Ian Mann
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Litigation; Restructuring & insolvency
Anthony McKenzie, Carey Olsen 麦安腾
Anthony McKenzie

Managing Partner and Head of Corporate
Carey Olsen

电话 Tel: +65 6911 8311
电邮 Email: anthony.mckenzie@careyolsen.com

Key practice areas: Banking and finance; Corporate; Investment funds; Listing services

麦安腾(Anthony McKenzie)是凯瑞奥信新加坡办公室管理合伙人以及亚洲公司业务负责人。他就开曼群岛、英属维尔京群岛(BVI)和百慕大群岛法律提供意见,他在跨多地域管辖的公司、商事及融资交易项目方面具备丰富的经验,包括兼并与收购、合资公司设立、担保及非担保融资计划、优先股发行以及资本市场交易等。他在为客户提供关于开曼群岛受监管以及非监管的投资基金架构、设立以及维护相关法律建议上也具备丰富的经验。

麦安腾被Legal 500、IFLR1000、Chambers Global以及 Chambers亚太评为年度领先离岸律师,入选Asian Legal Business 2019年亚洲客户服务的离岸客户优选名单。客户评价他说“他提供的法律意见非常可行。他秉承积极的态度为交易的顺利开展提供建议”。他也荣登《商法》“中国法律精英100强”(境外律所)榜单,成为中国法律业务A-List成员。

麦安腾曾任职于安理国际律师事务所伦敦和澳大利亚分所,以及Maples集团的开曼办公室。在此之前,他曾在澳大利亚的克莱顿·尤治(Clayton Utz)律师事务所工作。

麦安腾 具有以下国家/地域的律师资格:

  • 2002年,澳大利亚执业律师资格
  • 2006年,英格兰和威尔士律师资格
  • 2007年,开曼群岛执业律师资格
  • 2014年,英属维尔京群岛执业律师资格
  • 百慕大群岛执业律师资格。

Anthony Mckenzie is the managing partner of our Singapore office and the head of our corporate practice in Asia. He advises on Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Bermuda law and has a broad range of experience in corporate and commercial and finance transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, secured and unsecured financing arrangements, preference share issues, IPOs and capital markets transactions.

He regularly advises financial institutions, sponsors and borrowers on leveraged and acquisition finance, syndicated lending, structured finance, fund finance and secured and unsecured general corporate lending.

He also has significant experience in advising clients on the structuring, formation and maintenance of regulated and unregulated investment funds in the British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands.

Mckenzie is ranked as a leading offshore lawyer by each of The Legal 500, IFLR1000, Chambers Global and Chambers Asia-Pacific. He is recognised by Asian Legal Business in The 2019 Offshore Client Choice List for client service in Asia, with clients describing him as “extremely approachable with a can-do attitude to providing the advice needed to get transactions over the line”. He has also been identified by China Business Law Journal as one of China’s Elite 100 lawyers (Foreign firm) – a member of the A-List of China’s legal profession.

Mckenzie was formerly with Allen & Overy LLP in London and Australia and Maples and Calder in the Cayman Islands. Before that he worked for Clayton Utz in Australia.

Mckenzie was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Western Australia and the High Court of Australia in 2002, as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 2006, as an attorney-at-law in the Cayman Islands in 2007, as a solicitor of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (British Virgin Islands) in 2014 and is enrolled as a registered associate in Bermuda.

Callum McNeil, Walkers Callum McNeil
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Arbitration & ADR; Bankruptcy & insolvency; Litigation; Restructuring & insolvency
Tony Mou, Hogan Lovells 牟光栋
Tony Mou

Hogan Lovells
Key practice areas: Corporate governance; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Technology, media and telecommunications
Raymond Oh, Sidley Austin 胡志桦
Raymond Oh

Sidley Austin
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Ouyang Dan, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 欧阳丹
Ouyang Dan

Wilson Sonsini
Beijing/Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +86 10 6529 8308
电邮 Email: douyang@wsgr.com

Key practice areas: Capital markets; Corporate governance; M&A; Private Equity



欧阳丹在律师界荣获多项殊荣及广泛认可,被汤森路透《亚洲法律杂志》评为2021中国十五佳女律师、被国际金融法律IFLR1000评为 2021年度高度推荐杰出律师、被《钱伯斯全球及亚太法律指南》评2021年度股权资本市场推荐律师、获得《中国法律商务》2020年度国际律所年度律师(Dealmaker of the Year) 荣誉奖、入围《亚洲法律杂志》2020、2021年度交易律师 (Dealmaker of the Year) 国际律所、被《商法》选评为2019、2020年度The A-List“中国法律精英”,被The Legal 500评为亚太区股权资本市场2019、2020年度“推荐律师”。

欧阳丹的代表项目包括:在腾讯音乐的美国首次公开发行中代表腾讯;在时代天使科技有限公司33.48亿港元的香港首次公开发行中代表发行人;在海伦司国际控股有限公司30.61亿港元的香港首次公开发行中代表发行人;在中国光大银行30亿美元的全球发行和首次公开发行交易(2013年香港规模最大的 IPO 项目)中代表超过十个承销;在容联云通讯3.68亿美元的首次公开发行中代表发行人;在跟谁学2.08亿美元的美国首次公开发行以及2.89亿美元后续发行(中国教育公司赴美上市最大项目)中代表瑞信和德意志银行;在天境生物4.18亿美元的私募配售融资中代表天境生物,是近年来最大的私募配售融资之一。

Ouyang Dan is a partner in the Beijing and Hong Kong offices of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, where she leads the capital market practice in the Greater China group. Ouyang has extensive experience with US and Hong Kong equity offerings, Rule 144A and Reg S bond offerings, and private equity and M&A transactions. She has represented corporate clients across a range of industries including technology, healthcare, new energy, entertainment and consumer, in more than 120 IPOs and follow-on offerings in the US and Hong Kong.

Ouyang graduated from Peking University, holds a master’s of arts degree from Cornell University and juris doctor from Cornell Law School. She is qualified to practise in New York and Hong Kong.

Ouyang was ranked as one of China’s Top 15 Female Lawyers by ALB China and recognised as a recommended capital markets attorney by Chambers Asia-Pacific, both in 2021. She was ranked as one of China’s Elite 100 Lawyers (Foreign Lawyers) by the China Business Law Journal in both 2019 and 2020. Ouyang was recognised as a recommended capital markets attorney by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific in both 2019 and 2020, and was selected as a finalist in the Dealmaker of the Year (International) category of the ALB China Law Awards 2020 presented by Asian Legal Business. She was also recognised as an honoree for International Dealmaker of the year 2020 by China Law & Practice.

  • Represented Tencent in Tencent Music’s global offering and IPO.
  • Represented issuer in Angelalign Technology Inc’s HKD3.35 billion (USD430 million) global offering and IPO.
  • Represented issuer in Helens International Holdings’ HKD3.06 billion global offering and IPO.
  • Represented more than 10 underwriters in China Everbright Bank’s USD3 billion global offering and IPO, the largest Hong Kong IPO in 2013.
  • Represented issuer in Cloopen Group Holding’s USD368 million global offering and IPO.
  • Represented Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank in GSX Techedu Inc’s USD208 million US IPO, the largest US IPO among China-based education companies and in GSX’s USD289 million US follow-on offering.
  • Represented IMab in its USD418 million Private Investment in Public Equity deal, one of the largest PIPE deals in recent history.
Michael Padarin, Carey Olsen 彭德贤
Michael Padarin

Managing Partner
Carey Olsen
Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +852 3628 9006
电邮 Email: michael.padarin@careyolsen.com

Key practice areas: Banking and finance; Corporate; Investment funds; Regulatory

彭德贤(Michael Padarin)的业务主要专注于私募投资基金的设立、运营和重组,主要包括私募股权和风险投资基金,及其相关基金发起人。





Michael Padarin’s practice concentrates on the formation, operation and restructuring of private investment funds, primarily private equity and venture capital funds, and their related fund sponsor vehicles.

Padarin also represents early and later stage companies in a range of industries, including fintech, life sciences and technology, in relation to private financings, listings, cross-border investments and other M&A transactions.

Padarin lived and worked in the Cayman Islands before returning to Hong Kong and has a wealth of experience dealing with inbound and outbound China deals. He specialises in Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Bermuda law.

Prior to joining Carey Olsen, Padarin was a partner in the global investment funds group of another offshore firm based in the Cayman Islands for seven years, having previously spent over four years in its Hong Kong office.

Padarin was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2002, a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 2012, a solicitor of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court of the British Virgin Islands in 2012, as an attorney-at-law in the Cayman Islands in 2012 and is enrolled as a registered associate in Bermuda.

Nicholas Plowman, Ogier 包乐文
Nicholas Plowman

Hong Kong
Key practice areas: M&A; Private equity, venture capital & funds; Real estate; BVI and Cayman law
Andrew Powner, Haldanes 鲍安迪
Andrew Powner

Managing Partner
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; Defence; Litigation; White-collar crime
Nicholas Poynder, Holman Fenwick Willan 彭德
Nicholas Poynder

Holman Fenwick Willan
Key practice areas: Litigation; Shipping
Linda Qiao, Rajah & Tann Singapore 乔丽娜
Linda Qiao

Senior International Counsel
Rajah & Tann
Key practice areas: M&A; Cross-border direct investment; Hospitality; Restructuring & insolvency
Andrea Randall, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain 尹安琦
Andrea Randall

Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Labour & Employment; Data protection; Dispute resolution; Litigation
Mark Reed, Stephenson Harwood 李义德
Mark Reed

Stephenson Harwood
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Compliance; Restructuring & insolvency
Everton Robertson, Maples Group 艾宏通
Everton Robertson

Maples Group
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Banking & finance; Capital markets; Corporate & commercial; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Michael Sheng, Ashurst 盛冕
Michael Sheng

Managing Partner
Key practice areas: Inbound investment; Joint ventures; M&A; Outbound investment
Timothy P. Stratford, Covington & Burling 夏尊恩
Timothy P. Stratford

科文顿· 柏灵律师事务所
Covington & Burling
Key practice areas: International trade & bilateral investment treaties; Public policy and government affairs
Jay Tai, Proskauer 戴之协
Jay Tai

Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Corporate & commercial; Joint ventures; Outbound investment; Private equity, venture capital & funds
Virginia Tam, K&L Gates 谭敏亮
Virginia Tam

K&L Gates
Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +852 2230 3535
电邮 Email: virginia.tam@klgates.com

Key practice areas: M&A; Corporate; Capital markets




Virginia Tam, a partner in K&L Gates’ Hong Kong office, has more than 20 years of experience in representing clients in cross-border transactions in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, and Los Angeles. Her practice includes representing Chinese businesses in outbound acquisitions and assisting financial institutions and corporate clients with private equity investments across the Greater China region. She also represents US and Hong Kong listed companies, private equity and venture capital funds, and financial institutions.

She regularly advises clients on US securities law and Hong Kong listing rules-related issues, and has substantial experience working on a broad range of matters in this area, including private and public acquisitions, private investment in publicly traded equities (PIPEs), pre-IPO investments, joint ventures, capital market exits, and privatisations.

Tam delivers seminars regularly at law societies, academic institutions and professional organisations covering a wide range of topics, such as alternative business structures, the success and failure of law firms, venture and private equity financing, and US securities laws. She is the author of the Hong Kong chapter of International Mergers and Acquisitions, a multi-volume treatise published by Wolters Kluwer. She also regularly publishes articles in trade journals covering practice management-related topics, as well as issues concerning the privatisations of US-listed Chinese companies and distressed mergers and acquisitions in Hong Kong.

Tam is licensed to practice New York and Hong Kong law. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences, Yale University with a master’s degree in physics and Columbia Law School with a doctor of jurisprudence. Her native language is Chinese. She speaks Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese.

David Tang, K&L Gates 汤光宇
David Tang

Managing Partner, Asia
K&L Gates
Beijing/Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +86 10 5817 6000 / +852 2230 3500
电邮 Email: david.tang@klgates.com

Key practice areas: M&A; Corporate governance

汤光宇是高盖茨律师事务所亚洲业务的管理合伙人。他在大中华地区拥有四十多年的交易经验,主要执业领域为外国投资、跨境融资、兼并与收购及房地产投资。汤光宇曾在1995年至1999年期间担任Preston Gates & Ellis(该所为高盖茨律师事务所的前身)的管理合伙人。汤光宇被《最佳律师》(Best Lawyers)、《商法》(China Business Law Journal)和其他法律指南评为杰出律师。

在社会活动方面,汤光宇现在是美国对外关系理事会成员,也曾是美国法律研究院理事会成员、美中关系全国委员会董事、布莱克莫尔基金董事及国家亚洲研究局董事。 他曾担任美国律师基金会主席、英美不动产协会主席及大西雅图地区商会主席。在2002年至2008年期间,他曾兼任旧金山联邦储备银行董事,并于2006年至2008年期间兼任主席。



David Tang is the managing partner, Asia for K&L Gates and his law practice focuses on the areas of foreign investment, cross-border financings, mergers and acquisitions, and investments related to real estate. He has more than 40 years of transactional experience in the Greater China market. Tang was managing partner of Preston Gates & Ellis LLP from 1995–1999, a predecessor law firm to the formation of K&L Gates. He is recognised in Best Lawyers and China Business Law Journal, among other directories.

Among his activities, Tang is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, has been on the Council of the American Law Institute, the boards of the National Committee on US-China Relations, the Blakemore Foundation and the National Bureau of Asia Research, and a former chair of the American Bar Foundation, Anglo American Real Property Institute and Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce. He served on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco from 2002-2008 and as its chair from 2006-2008. He chairs the American Bar Association committee on trade in international legal services, was a member of the ABA House of Delegates and other ABA committees and is on the visiting committee of the UW Jackson School. Tang holds an AB (magna) from Harvard University; a JD from Columbia University; and a certificate from The Hague Academy of International Law.

Vivien Teu, Dentons Hong Kong 张慧雯
Vivien Teu

Dentons Hong Kong
Hong Kong

电话 Tel: +852 2533 3682
电邮 Email: Vivien.teu@dentons.com

Key practice areas: Ass